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The Canadian Justice Ministry made its decision Friday to move forward with extradition proceedings against Chinese business executive Meng Wanzhou.     Meng, the chief financial officer of the Huawei telecom firm, is wanted in the United States on various charges including technology theft, obstruction of justice and fraud linked to violation of sanctions on Iran.

The Canadian judicial system will have the final say on her extradition to the US.

President Trump says he's asked China to remove all tariffs on US agricultural products in light of the progress being made in trade talks.  That message tweeted by the President Friday evening.

The Republican Lieutenant Governor in Idaho attacked for her support of Bunkerville Standoff prisoner Todd Engel.

Janice McGeachin posted a picture of herself on Facebook with two Idaho III Percent members dressed in prison garb.   The Anti-Defamation League alleged that the III Percent men were making an "extremist" sign with their hands.  Left-wing activists claimed it was racist.

McGeachin told her side of the story Friday.   In part she said:

"I took a photo with two Second Amendment supporters who were here to support Todd Engel, an Idahoan who was treated unjustly by the court system for standing up for our fundamental rights as Americans....The photo was intended to show support for Engel and nothing more.  To claim otherwise is ridiculous....."

Engel is one of three men imprisoned in connection with standoff near Bundy Ranch in Nevada in April 2014.    They got their sentences before evidence proving innocence was uncovered in the case causing a federal judge to dismiss charges for other defendants based on the misconduct of federal prosecutors.

Hundreds came to the defense of the Bundy Family after federal law enforcement attacked family members and federal law enforcement snipers were deployed around the ranch posing a threat to Cliven Bundy and his family.

Week 16 of the Yellow Vests protests in France today.  The number of protesters was up last weekend.  Protests today in Paris and Bordeaux among other places.   An international protest of Yellow Vests in Lille.   There's also been a ban on protest in the center of Rennes.

President Emmanuel Macron speaking of the need for "calm" while officials of his government spread the notion of horrible things caused by the Yellow Vests.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner lamenting the degradation of 75 percent of the speed camera system in France by protests, no doubt causing a great "loss of revenue".

Another Friday of protest in Algeria.  For two weeks in a row demonstrations against that country's president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.   Bouteflika wants a fifth term as president which appears to have triggered the protest.

He is paralyzed following a stroke in 2013 and has not spoken in public for seven years.   Earlier the week the president traveled to Switzerland for medical treatment.

Twelve were reported injured in the protests as police resorted to attacking protesters with tear gas.

Bangladesh has told the UN Security Council it cannot accept any more Rohingya Muslim refugees from the neighboring country of Myanmar, formerly Burma.

The country's foreign minister pointing the finger of blame at Myanmar for failing to help repatriate the Muslim refugees back to the majority Buddhist country.

It says people don't want to return there because they don't feel safe.

Myanmar says its been fighting Islamic terrorism but Muslim nations and other nations friendly to wealthy Arab Muslim nations in the Western world including the US have said the Rohingya are being mistreated by Myanmar.     In some cases there have been accusations of "ethnic cleansing" by the majority Buddhist population.

Sanctions imposed by the United States on six Venezuelan government military and police officials for their involvement in preventing humanitarian aid getting into the country.

US Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams says the pressure will continue to be ratcheted up on the Maduro regime in the name of promoting democracy in the country.

And Interim President Juan Guaido, touring Latin America countries currently, vows to return to Venezuela soon with humanitarian aid.

"Of course I hold North Korea responsible for Otto's mistreatment and death"

"I never like being misinterpreted"

President Trump setting the record straight on Twitter Friday after media reports surfaced from his comments at the post-summit news conference in Vietnam.

Following the persistent media coverage of President Trump's comments in Vietnam the family of Otto Warmbier who ended up "brain dead" following North Korean detention, came out with their concerns based on media reports about the President's comments.

"The Washington Post" doing a bit of backtracking in its reporting on the encounter between pro-President Trump students and anti-Trump demonstrators in Washington DC back in January.

The "Post" has put out an editor's note on its coverage noting it was not able to find evidence backing up some of the assertions in its early reporting of what happened.

The family of one of those students, Nick Sandmann, has filed a 250 million dollar defamation suit against the "Post".

And a defamation suit has been filed in Poland against NBC journalist Andrea Mitchell.   She is accused of breaking a Polish law that says one cannot defame Poles as collaborators with the Nazis during World War II.

Mitchell in her reporting on the recent Warsaw summit on the Middle East spoke of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising as one against "the Polish and Nazi regime".

The Polish organization filing the suit wants an on-air correction.

More at this link.....HERE

And there's been a space launch from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.   The SpaceX company Falcon 9 rocket with its demonstration capsule lifted off at 249 am Eastern time this morning.  That capsule designed to carry humans but is just carrying a test dummy named "Ripley" for this flight.

The capsule to reach the International Space Station tomorrow.

And that's the way it really is on this Newsdump Saturday morning, March 2nd, 2019.

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