Thursday, September 28, 2017

HUGH HEFNER'S LEGACY:  HE HELPED TO MAKE US                                          MORE LIKE.........

"There is no pornography in Germany.....there is art.......every last hair, every last detail...."

                             Journalist Howard K. Smith-"Last Train From Berlin"

Hugh Hefner started "Playboy" at a time when there were strict "obscenity laws" in the United States.

Total nudity was banned in movies, magazines and other media of the time etc. etc.  Violations of the law could lead to fines and or jail time.

His nude photos of Marilyn Monroe in the first issue were rather tame shots that focused on the side of her body.

It would take more than a decade for laws to change with Hefner himself in court once and the jury unable to reach a verdict.

But eventually legal arguments that included the notion that total nudity was "art" and not something "dirty" would prevail.

There was "freedom" to look at naked people in general and to gaze on the most intimate parts of women's bodies fully displayed in Playboy centerfolds and eventually in all kinds of media with nothing left to imagination.

Americans would enjoy the "freedom" that Germany enjoyed during the 1930's when nude art was officially sanctioned.    Once in Munich naked women were paraded on floats during an art festival in the city.

Howard K. Smith. who observed Germany as a student and reporter wrote in his book "Last Train From Berlin" published in 1942 that this art was designed to promote sex so more Germans would be produced from it.

German children were told in sex education classes that sex was OK inside marriage or outside.
If an unmarried girl got pregnant and gave birth, the state would help take care of the child (sound familiar).

I remember as a child seeing a large photo in "Life" magazine showing "Der Fuhrer" himself in an "art museum" of Nazi Germany gazing upon a graphic painting of a man and woman with all details fully illustrated.

Often people accuse other people of "being like Nazis" or "being like Hitler" because of their politics or religion but in my humble opinion "being like Nazis" or "being like Hitler" is something one is like when they stare at detailed images of naked people.

Hefner helped "lead the way" to enable millions around the world to have Hitlerian experiences over and over again and again.


"But more important for the donors who put up the money and the corporatists who put up the money your day of reckoning's coming too.... the corporatist, donor, consultant, K Street, lobbyist, influence peddler, politician class, Washington DC.    Seven of the nine richest counties in the country surround it.....Its a business model that works, cause every year they get to spend 4.2 trillion dollars of your money that's going to be a burden on your kids and grandkids and great grandkids....they know the price of everything but the value of nothing'."

Steve Bannon speaks at Roy Moore rally on September 25th, 2017

There it is, the truth about our political system.   The corporatists Bannon describes are part of what Nigel Farage has defined as a corporatist system-the combining of big banks, big business and big government into one.

Peter Hitchens has described multinational corporations as "more powerful than sovereign governments".

But I thought our political system was about "Democrats versus Republicans",  "Right versus Left"?

To a lot of people it is.   I used to think it was but the notion of big business conspiracy always lurked there and for a while I thought the big banks and big business were pro-Communist when the "Cold War" was going on.   The notions of Robert Welch and the John Birch Society seemed to be right.

But those ideas faded as Ronald Reagan was president and the Soviet Union began to die out.

Its taken time for the dust to settle and for a harsh realization that conservative plans for smaller government I expected from Republicans were not going to happen.


Because big corporations need a welfare state to spare them the burden of paying higher wages and more benefits to employees.    But the system works for them only if they don't pay the bill for it and someone else does.

Now we come to "Climate Change".   They say Steve Bannon was influential in getting  you to get the United States out of the Paris Accord.   And good for Bannon. 

 What Paris will mean for our northern neighbors in Canada are massive new taxes on utility bills to "save the planet" but all that extra money will fill the welfare state coffers while allowing business to have 'carbon credits' and continue to enjoy the low 15 percent corporate tax rate.

I hope people are starting to get it, what "Climate Change" really is about.   The emotions of our liberal friends about the environment are manipulated and the Democrats push through a scheme that taxes little people's utility bills while giving big corporations "carbon credits" for their carbon emissions.

The Democrats are bought and paid for by big business to benefit them while suckering Progressive-Left voters.

And the Republicans argue that it needs modification while others say "Climate Change" is real because they too are bought by big corporations, others denounce "Climate Change" but don't act to reverse the Paris Accord.   But Bannon gets it and they say he got you to back away from Paris.

Of course the biggest corporatist scheme that your election election threatened was the importation of cheap labor into the USA under the banner of "immigration" legal or illegal.

The more people you add to the workforce, the less you have to pay them.  Its simple as that.

The sucker bait for Conservatives from the GOP Establishment that wants to protect its big business donors is "border security".

Behind "border security" is the entrance of cheap labor through visas with "H1" designations, many of the younger DACA entrants joining the workforce etc. etc.   That's the back door RINO Democrat Uniparty Corporatist way.

Please get the wall built but also shut off the valve of cheap labor entering this country through the back door.   Roy Moore spoke during his debate with Luther Strange about getting the Army down on the border as a stopgap for now.   That's in idea to implement.

Another  thing Judge Roy Moore brought up during his campaign was the notion of a balanced budget speaking positively of Senator Rand Paul's notion of balancing it.

Paul Ryan leads the way constantly raising our national debt ceiling to keep the business and banking community happy with an expensive welfare state and a financial burden passed onto future generations.

Members of the your cabinet like Tom Price, now resigned from HHS, and Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke are among those who have voted to make Paul Ryan Speaker of the House.  Supporting Ryan is just plain unacceptable.   For constantly driving our country into debt, Ryan should be considered as disloyal to his country as some NFL player or owner kneeling during the national anthem.

 I don't see how Price and Zinke's appointments among others were ever consistent with a promise to "drain the swamp" in Washington.

The Corporatists need big government spending and debt to take the burden off their backs for taking care of low wage workers in the country.    In healthcare, the Obamacare "markets" are a scheme to take the burden of health care coverage off their backs.

Corporatists are linked into professional sports like those billionaire NFL owners you've butted heads with this week.

Back in 2014 the NFL was pressuring Arizona to back away from a religious freedom law to protect people who dissent from gay marriage.  Sure enough back then Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill.

Other states had religious freedom bills and backed off under big business pressure like Indiana where then Governor Mike Pence (you may know him) backed down.

America should be a country where religious people who have convictions about sex and marriage shouldn't lose their jobs or businesses because of those convictions.   Its what our founders would have wanted.

But the Corporatists have another idea and I see Republicans backing down in the face of the pressure.

Good news came the day of the special election  in Alabama with Tennessee Senator Bob Corker's  decision not to run for re-election.  Corker is the man  who put Boeing and Airbus ahead of his own country's best interests and the interests of Israel working in concert with Barack Obama on the Iran nuclear deal.

Glenn Beck has expressed his concerns that Steve Bannon is trying to destroy the Republican Party in the aftermath of Judge Moore's victory in Alabama with plans to promote challengers to Republican incumbents in other states and anti-establishment GOP candidates in general.

Beck focused on Ted Cruz obsessively early last year and I guess Glenn's decision to stop Trump was a decision to help the Republican Establishment rather than oppose it.

Glenn should consider this.  Conservatives of all stripes, fiscal ones, social ones, immigration ones and the list goes on have watched over the decades as the Republican Party has made promises and failed to deliver.

Last century, African-Americans listened to promises from the Democrat Party about "civil rights" and saw no delivery of improvement in the race situation in this country

This led to Dr, Martin Luther King's efforts in the early 1960's that culminated May 2nd and 3rd, 1963 in Birmingham with six and seven year old children distracting Bull Connors cops so adults could break through police lines.   Then an enraged Connor unleashed dogs and water cannon on teenage protesters and shot off his mouth on nationwide television igniting a national racial rebellion.

This massive outpouring of protest cooled by JFK's  death posed a direct threat to Democrat Party unity, a threat to the Kennedy Administration's political future.   MLK became an enemy who threatened to destroy the Democrat Party, actually being called a "despicable man" by President Kennedy's widow in a January 1964 audio interview.

Well, I guess that puts Steve Bannon in the company of someone Glenn Beck expressed great admiration for.    At least Bannon still works inside the electoral process but others think more needs to be done.

When Ammon Bundy decided to take a stand in Oregon that was portrayed as some violent rebellion back in January 2016  (the jury found him "Not Guilty")  Beck walked away and put the political game and stopping your candidacy, the candidacy of Donald J. Trump first.   In fact  you too walked away from this matter saying the protesters should stop.

The wrongs of big government that get bigger from deeper debt to the wrongs done to farmers and ranchers out West by its crushing power should be front and center issues of  "We the People" saying "No More".

Instead the Jeff Sessions endorsed prosecutor in Nevada continues to pursue kangaroo court trials with the connivance of  a judge.  Trials where self-defense or the defense of others among many others things are banned from any use by the defendants and their lawyers.

Mr. President, you  need to pardon many people associated with the Bunkerville case and you need to pardon the Oregon ranchers who's cause Ammon Bundy took up last year (Dwight and Steven Hammond).

Now the punchline so to speak.

In 2005 Jeb Bush failed to save the life of Terri Schiavo in Florida.  Some local judge issued her death sentence.   His supporters have argued this over the years with a favorite defense being:  "Do you want him to lose his job?"

Consider Judge Roy Moore, who stood up for what he believed in not going along with federal court orders twice and being removed from his job twice.

Well, there's your choice, are you ready to implement the agenda you were elected to implement and take risks listening to "We the People" out here and answer concerns mentioned here and others beyond them with some meaningful action that really changes things.

I understand President Richard Nixon first suggested that you run for the office of President of the United States.

Mr. Nixon's "law and order" speeches and those of his subordinates like Vice President Spiro Agnew against biased media in this country distracted the grassroots voters while liberal policies were implemented including the establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency and OSHA.

Do not repeat the mistakes of past Republican presidents.

The political system is failing because its about two parties doing the same thing to please big business and big banks.    The only option is real change that will offend and cause those powerful forces to consider your removal from office at the very least.

Otherwise we have to consider what Dr. Martin Luther King had to do as an option to stop the insanity leading this nation to ruin.


Tuesday, September 26, 2017


The headline is a direct quote from pretrial documents  filed by Acting US Attorney Stephen Myhre ahead of the third Bunkerville Standoff trial set to begin October 10th.

Again the federal government, the Department of Justice under the authority of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is seeking to restrict the use of the  First and Second Amendment by the seven defendants facing trial.  

Myrhe and his prosecution team seek to prohibit any discussion at any time during the trial from opening arguments to closing arguments, cross examination etc. etc etc. of matters like self-defense or defense of others, defense of property, the behavior of Bureau of Land Management agents, any references to mistreatment of cattle and the list goes on and on.

The list of matters the federal prosecutors wants banned from the trial includes the results of the Oregon Standoff trial where defendants Ammon and Ryan Bundy were acquitted, any references to the punishment the defendants may receive if convicted, any references to the outcome of the two previous trials.

Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Payne, Peter Santilli, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler will all be tried at the same time.    The first five men for the first time with Parker and Drexler set to be tried a third time.

(Update:  Cliven Bundy is appearing in federal court on Wednesday September 27th to ask that he be allowed to represent himself because his current lawyer will not make the case he directed and seems afraid of the court.)

Friday, September 22, 2017



In separate filings, lawyers for Cliven and Ryan Bundy have withdrawn from their defense.

The lawyer for Ryan Bundy, who is a standby counsel, since Ryan Bundy intends to defend himself at next month's scheduled trial like he did in last year's Oregon Standoff trial says Bundy has used offensive language.

Both men along with five others are set to go on trial October 10th.

This may suggest that both men intend to be their own lawyers and defend themselves at their trial.

Ammon Bundy's attorney will be J. Morgan Philpot associate of his main defense attorney at the Oregon Standoff trial, Marcus Mumford.

Todd Engel, who was convicted of two of the ten counts he was charged with at the First Bunkerville Standoff trial, will be sentenced at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas on December 22nd at 9am.

This will the last day of court before Christmas.

This sentencing date may also occur after conclusion of the third Bunkerville Standoff trial that starts October 10th.

Some other things.

Ryan Bundy is unable to attend his pretrial hearings because he won't submit to body cavity searches when being taken back and forth to court.   Bundy's wife calls it "molestation".    The "body cavity search" involves among other things men and women touching and or manipulating their private parts.

Ryan and Ammon Bundy have done media interviews making phone calls from prison in recent days.

Videos are posted at the "JGrady" account on You Tube.


".....hold them by the nose, kick them in the a** and give them hell all the time....."

             General George S. Patton Jr. speech to soldiers during World War II

General Patton never got the chance to run for public office, but another West Point graduate who served in the Vietnam War has run for public office and been elected multiple times.

Now he wants to be the next US Senator from Alabama.

Roy Moore went into action and minced no words in his debate.

He called for deployment of the Army to the southern border while the details of "the Wall" are worked out.

Moore, a  former prosecutor, laid out the case that appointed Senator Luther Strange is mixed up big time with the enemies of the man whose name Strange used  in vain during the debate, President Donald J. Trump.

He spoke at the beginning of the debate in part:

"...In just about four days the future course of our nation, of our politics in America may well be determined.....Every pundit, editorialist, special interest group, lobbyist in Washington DC is watching to see what happens in the state of Alabama in regards to this race.  Will an elitist Washington Establishment with unlimited millions of dollars... somebody had said 30 million in special money be able to control the people of Alabama....."

Some samples of Judge Moore's comments during the debate:

"I  know that Mr. Strange has been a lobbyist, what he told you....he got Hyundai here and that's what a lobbyist does, represents people, special interests.......My opponent, on the other hand has been a professional lobbyist for over 23 years......He earned 6.674 million dollars during the nine year period from his lobbying disclosure form from 1999 until 2008.....I say he's been a professional lobbyist because for over 23 years he maintained a condo worth over half a million dollars at 801 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC., about six or seven blocks from the Capitol of our country.... What do lobbyists do.  They represent special interests.  Luther Strange, on behalf of Russell Corporation, urged Congress to pass CAFTA (Central America Free Trade Association).  It cost the United States over 4,240 jobs, gone to Mexico and Honduras......You don't get rid of lobbyists in the swamp by sending them to the United States Senate..."

I guess you can say Luther Strange is more of a  Washington DC ''swamp creature" than a "Make America Great Again" guy.

Another dead give away as to Senator Strange's real "home" came at the beginning of the debate when Strange acknowledged his wife's absence because of the birth of a grandchild.  Strange said that his wife was '"in Washington".

Judge Moore who said during the debate "I haven't been allowed to get close to the President", has invited President Trump to join him on Saturday for a rally.

Governor Sarah Palin spoke at a rally after the debate in support of Judge Roy Moore saying:

"He was deplorable before deplorable was cool....are you ready to send the loudest message that you can send to DC at this time.  The loudest message to "the swamp".   Are you ready to tell them "Here Comes the Judge"?

Thursday, September 21, 2017


"We are in the grip of a soft totalitarianism which is no less deadly for being soft. Instead of threatening people with prison for having the wrong opinions, it threatens them with unemployment.  If we actually had labor camps and midnight arrests, and state censors sitting in newspaper offices and TV studios, people might notice what was going on.  As it is, they just wonder why everything gets worse and worse and nobody does anything about it."

Peter Hitchens "Mail on Sunday" column September 10, 2017

What Peter Hitchens writes about from his own vantage point in the UK applies to this side of the Atlantic and the Western World in general.   We live under a "soft dictatorship".

If you have the wrong opinion, you risk losing your job.   And quite often, you do lose your job.

One visible victim of this process is Judge Roy Moore.   Moore lost his job twice.  He was removed as Alabama's Chief Justice for putting a Ten Commandments monument in the Supreme Court building and refusing to obey a federal court ruling against it.   Recently he was again removed as Chief Justice after being elected a second time for interdicting a federal district court ruling on gay marriage in Alabama.

The recent hostility to President Trump's condemnation of violence from all sides in Charlottesville and refusal of anyone with one notable exception in  the White House to stand with him in noting the violence of the left-wing elements there speaks volumes as to the kind of "soft totalitarianism" we live under.

In order to force his conformity to this totalitarianism, a joint resolution of the Uniparty (Democrat and Republican) members of Congress was sent for his signature to roundly condemn racists, KKK, neo-Nazis for violence while ignoring the left-wing Antifa violence.

One White House aide agreed with President Trump, Steve Bannon.  But Bannon resigned and now he's supporting Roy Moore over Luther Strange in the primary runoff election next Tuesday.

And when you think that no one else in the White House would share President Trump's accurate observation about events in Charlottesville, that includes Vice President Mike Pence.   Pence is campaigning in Alabama for Luther Strange.

No surprise here.

Pence bowed to the corporatist business elites over a religious freedom bill back in 2015 when he was Governor of Indiana.

Other governors like Bob Jones University graduate Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas followed suit.
Last year Georgia's Governor Nathan Deal, another Republican vetoed a bill specifically designed to protect religious institutions that objected to gay marriage, leaving private business free of any obligations.

In North Carolina, Governor Pat McCrory  vetoed a bill to allow public officials to opt out of gay marriage as a matter of conscience.  McCrory then switched gears to oppose transgender access to restrooms and the corporatists took him out sure enough at election time.

Lets not forget what the Republican "Conservative" legislature in Texas did last month when a special session was called to pass "bathroom protection legislation" to deal with transgender access.    Nothing, absolutely nothing as the effort fizzled.

All of this because of the "soft dictatorship' fueled by major corporations, banks that are as Mr. Peter Hitchens has pointed out in a video presentation "more powerful than sovereign governments'.

Former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley pointed out in an interview with a religious magazine that he could not support Judge Roy Moore's interdiction of gay marriage in Alabama when Moore asked him to help out of fear for the jobs of Alabamians.

Yes, the "soft dictatorship" threatens not just the jobs of individuals, but the jobs of large groups of people in political subdivisions that refuse to bend the knee to political correctness as defined by them.

These same business interests are also the forces of the "Cheap Labor Express" who are the arch enemies of President Donald J. Trump  but big supporters of appointed Senator Luther Strange hoping to take out Roy Moore in next Tuesday's election.

By the way President Trump's campaign rally appearance for Luther Strange has been moved to Friday night from Saturday, a sure sign the White House wants to bury publicity about his "Strange support".

Tonight at 5:30 the debate in the Lincoln-Douglas style between Judge Moore and Senator Strange.

A debate watch party is being held at Union Train Station in Montgomery with a rally afterwards including speakers Governor Sarah Palin, Congressman Louis Gohmert and former White House aide Sebastian Gorka.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


"Go ahead and hate your neighbor, Go ahead and cheat a friend, Do it in the name of heaven, You can justify it in the end, There won't be any trumpets blowing come the judgement day, On the bloody morning after one tin soldier rides away"

                                                 "One Tin Soldier" song-"The Legend of Billy Jack" movie

When Ammon Bundy launched the Oregon Standoff protest on January 2, 2016 he took action in the name of 'loving thy neighbor' as in the jailed ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, imprisoned as terrorists with a five year mandatory sentence for lighting a backfire to protect their land.

What they got was a massive law enforcement response and propaganda labeling the protesters as "extremists" and "armed militia" "militants" etc.

It was a federally led effort launched by the Obama Administration Justice Department and the FBI but cooperated with by Oregon' Governor Kate Brown and fully cooperated with by Oregon State Police and local sheriffs from Harney County's Dave Ward to other Oregon sheriffs who sent assistance to help with efforts to crush the peaceful protest.

When Sheriff Glenn Palmer of Grant County suggested negotiations and the release of the Hammonds from prison the other sheriffs in Oregon came out openly in support of suppressing the protest, setting the stage for violence from the law enforcement side against protesters who remained peaceful the whole time they protested.

Then on January 26th the murder of LaVoy Finicum with the firing of the first shots by an FBI agent, startling LaVoy Finicum and leading to Oregon State Police snipers opening fire. Ryan Bundy was also injured during the "felony traffic stop".

A shooting team from Deschutes County, Oregon Sheriff's office led by Sheriff Shane Nelson exonerated the Oregon police in the killing of Finicum, but found out that FBI agents covered up for their agent who opened fire.

Yesterday, Sheriff Shane Nelson was in Portland at a meeting with Attorney General Jeff Sessions saying as quoted by "Oregon Live" reporter Maxine Bernstein "I'm thrilled he's coming out and listening to local law enforcement....."I'm impressed".

Also meeting with Sessions was Oregon US Attorney Billy Williams whose office prosecuted the Oregon Standoff defendants with a first trial that failed to convict "leaders' and a second rigged trial that brought some convictions.

Williams's office also violated the First Amendment rights of blogger Gary Hunt by getting a federal judge to find Hunt and contempt and force removal of his posts on FBI informants at the Oregon Standoff protest from the Internet.

Williams, the Obama Administration appointed US Attorney, remains in place kissing up to Sessions in support of his "sanctuary cities" policy.

There are too many bootlickers in this story, people who were  just following orders like they did in Nazi Germany many years ago, like local law enforcement in Oregon willingly becoming part of a murderous federal operation to suppress peaceful protesters protesting the injustice done to Oregon ranchers.

The notion that the only wrong to be prosecuted in connection with the Oregon Standoff is the lying of the FBI agent who fired the first shot is ludicrous,

There is a need for accountability when it comes to the Justice Department officials involved, the FBI, state and local authorities-law enforcement involved in the , murder, injury, prosecution, persecution and violation of First Amendment rights of Oregon Standoff protesters and supporters.

Donald Trump was elected to change things in Washington and reverse the wrongs of the Obama Administration like those done in Oregon and Nevada in connection with the Oregon Standoff and Bunkerville Standoff protests?

Mr. Sessions does not seem inclined to address the wrongs done in either case, even praising the Constitution shredding Acting US Attorney in Las Vegas, Steve Myhre leading the Bunkerville prosecutions.

Monday, September 18, 2017



When he was interviewed on "60 Minutes" recently, former White House strategist Steve Bannon cited Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as a great enemy of President Trump, even greater than House Speaker Paul Ryan.

McConnell's Super PAC and allied interests have relentlessly dumped millions into Alabama to fuel a  massive  media campaign to smear Judge Roy Moore and prevent him from winning the runoff election next Tuesday.

One ad claims Moore does not support President Trump's notion of a wall on the southern border, even though Moore has publicly said he fully supports President Trump including "the Wall".

As we all learned from the 2016 Republican primary season, the countless debates served one purpose.   They were designed to destroy candidates not approved by the Republican Establishment and ended up  being a gauntlet  designed to destroy Donald J. Trump.

Appointed Senator Luther Strange's efforts to push Roy Moore into debates recently were all couched in high sounding language with the implication that Moore didn't want to debate.

For Moore, it was important that a debate not be a rehash of the nasty and destructive formats used against Donald Trump during last year's presidential campaign.

Moore  called for a 'man to man' debate with his opponent.

In the end, Moore got Strange to agree to a Lincoln-Douglas type debate with no biased moderators or reporters in the picture, just the two candidates stating their cases.   That debate is set for Thursday at 5:30 Central Time in Montgomery.

On Saturday, President Trump will speak at a rally for Strange in Huntsville.

Last weekend the president tweeted his support for Strange saying that "Big Luther"..."gets things done".

The tenor of President Trump's message bore no resemblance to other tweets or speeches he has made in recent years.

The notion that a candidate "gets things done" is the tired old argument of the Republican Establishment insiders when faced with  conservative outsider challengers.

The last days of the campaign are also being marked by mainstream media reporting that attempts to portray Roy Moore as everything from a religious fanatic to a racist.

The reporting is as twisted as its ever been reminding me of an infamous incident during the 1964 campaign for the White House.   That's when the 'CBS Evening News' aired a story by reporter Daniel Schorr on a visit to Germany by Senator Barry Goldwater.

Goldwater visited an old military friend and talked about the 'good old days'.   CBS actually reported that Barry Goldwater (whose ancestors were Russian Jews) was praising Nazi Germany.

Its getting that low and lower for media coverage of Roy Moore right now and in the days ahead.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


The Associated Press is reporting that Dan Love, who was the lead federal agent at the 2014 Bunkerville Standoff,  is no longer employed by the Bureau of Land Management.

A  report on Love was released last month regarding his misconduct that included giving rare artifacts to friends and mishandling evidence and getting tickets from organizers of the annual "Burning Man" festival.

BLM agents were used to drive members of Love's family around the festival site.

Love ordered emails destroyed at the federal agency as well.

Assistant US Attorney Steven Myhre, lead Bunkerville prosecutor,  and US District Judge Gloria Navarro have prevented defense lawyers from bringing up Dan Love in the Bunkerville trials.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Court documents have been filed by Acting US Attorney and lead prosecutor in the Bunkerville Standoff case, Steven Myhre, ahead of the third Bunkerville Standoff trial set to begin with jury selection on October 10th.

Myhre states his intention to add various "experts" to testify at the upcoming trial of five key defendants and two defendents found not guilty on most charges after their first two trials.

A photograph and video "expert" will testify as to who was holding weapons in the pictures and videos presented at the trial.

Social media "experts" will testify about the meaning of You Tube videos and Facebook posts related to the standoff protest.

Another witness will testify about the meaning of "public lands".

The government will have plenty of time and "experts" to use at great expense to the taxpayers, but will the defense be allowed to present its case or will it again be censored by Mr. Myhre with the connivance of Judge Gloria Navarro.

On October 15th another "Stand" event will be held in Las Vegas with Cliven Bundy's wife Carol and political activist Roger Stone at The Veil Pavilion.   Tickets to the event will go on sale soon.

Stone says he will again call upon President Trump to pardon the 19 people arrested in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff. 

Thirty-eight Republican legislators from Idaho have written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a copy being sent to President Trump demanding bail for Idaho residents jailed in connection with Bunkerville like Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (two of the man facing trial next month).

The jailing of the Bunkerville defendants without bail as if they were terrorists is absurd.

My sense of the people involved in these protests like the Oregon Standoff and the Bunkerville Standoff before that is that we are dealing with people who have the mentality of Billy Jack (violence used in self-defense) and the life experience of Mahatma Gandhi (non-violence responded to by authorities with violence). 

A few crazy groupie types that did show up included a large number of people who were actually informants for the FBI.

If this country is going to jail people like Billy Jack or Mahatma Ghandi as if they were terrorists,, its just more proof we aren't a free country, that our country needs people to raise their voices for Constitutional freedom and standards.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions claim he isn't taking sides in the case after praising the leadership of the Constitution wiping Steve Myhre in this case is beyond belief.

The federal government's intention in these cases is to separate fiction from fact and perpetrate a sinister notion of humble and simple people defending property rights against the forces of big government that have gone far from the limitations imposed by the founders in the U.S. Constitution.