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Its redacted, but now there's something out there that the world can look at and draw its own conclusions about regarding the conclusions of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's report.

Mueller said no Russian collusion with President Trump's 2016 campaign but was not so conclusive regarding obstruction of justice in the case.

This provided an opening for Democrats and other critics of President Trump to pounce on.

Its been the President's persistent contention that there was:

"No collusion, No obstruction"

in the case.

Wikileaks created an easy to read downloadable, text-searchable copy of the Mueller Report.


Many reactions to report but one linked to Wikileaks.

Journalist Glenn Greenwald who worked with Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who now lives in Russia,  noted that Paul Manafort was not involved in visits to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

This is a tweet Greenwald sent out Thursday about the inaccurate reporting of "The Guardian" newspaper in the UK.


Greenwald appeared with Tucker Carlson on Fox News Thursday night noting that media outlets:

"constantly fed each other conspiracy theories and told each other they were on the right track"

and Greenwald also said:

"Donald Trump broke the brains of a lot of people, particularly people in the media who believe that telling lies, inventing conspiracy theories, being journalistically reckless, it's all justified...."




In Brooklyn, New York a judge dismissing a court challenge to mandatory measles vaccinations in neighborhoods with large Orthodox Jewish populations.

There's been a large measles outbreak in the New York area after an unvaccinated child returned from a trip to Israel.   More than 300 people have been infected.

Both city authorities and authorities in suburban  Rockland County moving with emergency plans requiring vaccinations in the face of religiously based objections to vaccination.

People who cannot prove vaccination must be vaccinated or face a 1-thousand dollar fine.

The big Newsdump event of the week Thursday with release of the redacted report of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller into matters related to President Trump.

Congressional leaders got it first, then it was released through the Justice Department's website.

More on this story in a separate post........LINK

Protest bans in Paris for Yellow Vests demonstrations Saturday with Notre-Dame Cathedral added to the usual list of banned locations like the Champs-Elysees.

In France Thursday a day to honor firefighters who fought Monday night's blaze at the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

President Emmanuel Macron receiving 270 of the 400 firefighters at the presidential palace and announcing that they will receive a gold medal.

A public ceremony held Thursday afternoon in their honor.

Was the fire at Notre-Dame something other than an accident?   Was it an attack?    French politician Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, leader of the Gaullist Doubt France Party, took heat for suggesting the notion  Tuesday morning when he said "We live in a crazy country?" but again broached the topic Thursday.

Interviewed on BFM-TV he said in part:

"I simply asked a question in the morning.....Do not we have a right to know, anyway, in the 21st century, a say,  'we want to know what happened?'".

United Kingdom Independence Party leader Gerard Batten tweeted Thursday: 

"875 churches vandalized in France in 2018.  And yet when Notre-Dame goes up in flames there is minimal analysis of the possible causes in the MSM & it is immediately said to be an accident.   Maybe, but I would expect to see intense speculation in the media"

In Northern Ireland a 29 year-old journalist was shot dead during rioting in Derry (Londonderry) Thursday night.    The rioting followed police raids on homes in the area.   The murder called a "terrorist incident" with "dissident republicans" blamed.

Lyra McKee was gunned down amidst a confrontation that included firebombs being thrown at police land rovers in the area.

In Minneapolis, the trial of Minneapolis Police Officer Mohamed Noor, charged in the July 2017 shooting death of Australian Justine Damond continued this week.     Thursday Officer Noor's partner that night, Matthew Harrity, testified.   More from ABC in Australia.....LINK

The government backed by the United Nations and ostensibly the United States in Libya says there is "silence" from international allies in the face of a military advance on the small part of Libya it controls.

The "Wall Street Journal" reported last week that Saudi Arabia pledged millions to support General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army which is pressing the attack against the Government of National Accord.

GNA Prime Minister Fayez el-Serraj says people in his part of Libya:

"frustrated by the silence of the international community"

He warns about the danger of ISIS terrorism because of the fighting.

Fayez el-Serraj also accused France of persistent support for the LNA opposition forces and there are claims that French military drones carried out airstrikes on GNA forces near Tripoli early Thursday morning.

The "Southfront" website reports that close Saudi ally the United Arab Emirates is providing military support for the LNA.

US military forces in Libya were quickly removed from the country when General Haftar began his offensive a few weeks ago.


A senior North Korean official says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is an impediment to talks between the United States and North Korea.

Kwon Jong Gun, director of the American affairs department of the Foreign Ministry  in issued a statement saying in part:

"Pompeo, US Secretary of State, is talking nonsense"

North Korea wants someone to replace Pompeo in negotiations.

The United States announcing new sanctions on three left-wing ruled Latin American countries Wednesday.    Cuba targeted with a decision to allow US citizens to sue Cuban businesses operating on properties seized by the Cuban government.

The US is also moving to limit any travel to Cuba other than for family visits and to limit money transfers to Cuba.  The US notes Cuba's involvement in propping up the Maduro government in Venezuela.

Nicaragua's Vice-President Laureano Oretga Murillo, wife of President Daniel Ortega, sanctioned by the US for money laundering and corruption.   Also targeted in relation to Nicaragua is Bancorp, a bank said to be involved in money laundering operations related to Nicaragua.

Venezuela's Central Bank also being sanctioned by the United States along with its Director.

In Japan Thursday the Supreme Court rejecting an appeal of the detention of former Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn after his fourth arrest.    Tokyo District Court approved an extension of his detention through Monday.

More from Japan's Kyodo News Agency.......HERE

Facebook banning a dozen individuals and organizations in the UK described as "far-right" claiming they "spread hate".   The British National Party, the English Defense League among the groups.  Ex-BNP leader Nick Griffin and EDL founding member Paul Ray among the individuals.

"praise and support for the groups or named individuals would no longer be allowed"

on Facebook according to the BBC.

"....there is no constitutional difference between WikiLeaks and the New York Times..."

That's the opinion of legal scholar Alan Dershowitz.

Commenting on the case against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in "The Hill", Dershowitz notes he offered legal advice to British lawyers defending Assange some years ago and that the Justice Department's decision to go after Assange for computer hacking is an attempt to get around the First Amendment's protection of journalists.

Dershowitz's opinion piece is at the link......HERE

Israel closing crossings into Gaza and Palestinian areas in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) for the Passover holiday,    From Friday through Saturday April 27th only humanitarian and exceptional cases will be allowed through crossings.

In the African nation of Mali, the Prime Minister and his cabinet resigning amidst ethnic violence in the country.    Much of the country's northern population driven to the south and living near different ethnic groups because of Al-Qaeda jihadists control of the north.

In South Africa 13 reported dead after part of a church collapsed Thursday night.   Heavy rains may have been responsible for the collapse at a Pentecostal church in Kwazulu-Natal province.

Three famous mountain climbers are presumed dead after an avalanche in Canada.   Americans Jess Rosskelley and Austrians David Lama and Hanjorg Auer were trying to climb the east face of Howse Peak on the Icefields Parkway in the Banff National Park.

And that's the way it really is as we come into Friday morning April 19th, 2019 Good Friday.

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Steve Taylor brought a cutting edge to Contemporary Christian Music that was too sharp and edgy for many but with "To Forgive"  alludes to Pope John Paul II and his meeting in prison with the man who tried to kill him, Mehmet Ali Agca.

It is said that life is 10 percent what happens to us and 90 percent how we react to it.

So much pain and death is remembered in anniversaries this week from Waco and the FBI assault on the Branch Davidians in 1993 on April 19th, the Oklahoma City federal building bombing on April 19th, 1995 and the Columbine High School massacre on April 20th, 1999, the 20th anniversary this year.

This notion of "domestic terrorist" that led to FBI violence in Oregon in 2016 again going after peaceful people seeking justice.     LaVoy Finicum killed with Ryan Bundy injured January 26, 2016.

LaVoy's widow visited the site this week and spoke with a child who was sent out from compound during the siege.


That centurion said that there was nothing wrong with Jesus, that government guy in the uniform as I recall Good Friday and reading about it.

And liberals and progressives tells us not to fear and hurt people who are different from us, point taken.

But that applies in a 360 degree direction and the fear of others from a leftward direction leading to government violence has application to in places like Waco and Oregon in 2016, not to mention Bunkerville in 2014.


The hate crimes police knock on doors in the UK and fine and or jail people for what they think because a mob is afraid and angry like the one that said "Free Barabbas" in that story in the Bible.


British politics off in the distance but for now a story to tell and appropriate music.

Law enforcement spread fear far and wide about 18-year old Sol Pais.    She was obsessed with the Columbine murders twenty years ago and in Colorado.   Schools shut down in panic.   Sol Pais took her own life before the SWAT team could "LaVoy" her, so to speak.

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More after 145 am Eastern...…


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"Rinky Dink" is one way of describing the weapons test from North Korea which still is not going back to the belligerent stance, at least not yet.

The media in its need to trash Trump game, that's the way the game works.

I voted for Donald Trump, but he's not my god and he's certainly not someone to be demonized or discredited as the mainstream media attempts to do with North Korea reporting.

To British politics and the rise of the Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, designed to contest European Parliament elections on May 23rd and only those elections.

The latest polling shows for those May 23rd European Parliament elections:

Brexit  Party    27%
Labor               22%
Conservative    15%
Green               10%
UKIP                 7%
Change UK        6%
SNP/Plaid          4%
Other                  1%

Farage has got this thing going talking about "shaking up the establishment" but I have seen otherwise from Nigel on occasion like the retweet of Governor Phil Bryant's glowing endorsement of open borders, cheap labor Cindy Hyde-Smith for US Senate in Mississippi last year.

And while Nigel was not happy with the publication ban when Tommy Robinson was arrested, Farage had no problem with Robinson's arrest for reporting about a child sex abuse ring involved in crime on an industrial scale.

Farage has talked about the collusion of big banks, big business and big government as in corporatism but he disdains the working class blokes who support UKIP and denigrated them.

Farage is not supporting the people being prosecuted and persecuted under the hate crimes laws in the UK who are rallying to support UKIP instead.

UKIP is drawing in the internet activists to its side.

Carl Benjamin (aka "Sargon of Akkad") is one such person running as a candidate for UKIP.





Attorney General William Barr stepping up for a news conference at 930 am Thursday morning as the redacted version of Robert Mueller's report is released.

The former President of Peru, Alan Garcia, committed suicide Wednesday when police came to arrest him in a corruption case.   Garcia among a group of former presidents and prominent politicians accused of taking bribes from a Brazilian construction company.


Jared Kushner, presidential son-in-law had something to say about "Deal of the Century".   That plan to settle Israeli-Palestinian differences.  Talk of a  May 15th announcement too early a date.  Have to wait until the end of Ramadan is the word.


Also on Israel National News, a story from a Saudi newspaper claiming the Lebanese foreign minister met a top Israeli official.    Lebanon on the mind of Israel with Syria's Assad still in power, the plot against him failing,  and the need to isolate Iranian influence and the Hezbollah missile threat in Lebanon.     Story at the link......HERE

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Heading for the end here and I see a Nigel Farage tweet that reads in part:

"The lurch towards extremism has destroyed UKIP"

Yes and that's what they said about UKIP when you led it or something like that in a similar vein.

People like Carl Benjamin ("Sargon of Akkad") get 200,000 plus views on You Tube videos and that's something your radio show videos never did on You Tube, Nigel.

There's divisions out there and in the end I wish UKIP led   by Gerard Batten, Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party and the For Britain Movement led by Anne Marie Waters well.   

The last by-election in Wales the FBM got most of one percent of the vote and a party supporting veterans in the UK got just over two percent.

It was announced this week in the UK that yet another British soldier will be tried for a killing in Northern Ireland way back in this case 1972.

UKIP expressing its deep concern about the matter.

Well off we go and when I got depressed in my drunken stupor of the past I changed my religious leanings to include "Contemporary Christian Music" around 1980 and moved away from my country music obsession of the 1970's.

Amy Grant recorded this song in the 1980's and it has currency today as I see it.   It reflects where I am at in sobriety in this moment. 

Good Bye.   God Bless.

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"No Collusion-No Obstruction!"

A tweet from President Trump repeating his consistent message since Robert Mueller's report was delivered to Attorney General William Barr, a message he's repeated countless times.

The Special Prosescutor's report set for release in a redacted form on Thursday.

Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he's received many congratulatory messages from Arab leaders since his election victory last week.

Netanyahu now has enough support from smaller religious, political and financial conservative political parties to command a majority in the 120 seat Knesset (Parliament).

Women's rights activists seeking to end the male guardianship system in Saudi Arabia are due back in court in Riyadh.    They were arrested last May and charged with various offenses including spying.

One of the activists,  Loujain al-Hathloul, told her brother that she was shocked  and waterboarded with the torture being supervised by Saud al-Qahtani, a close confidant of Crown Prince Mohammed bin-Salman.

Saud al-Qahtani threatening her with rape and murder according to what she told her brother.

The public and reporters are barred from the court proceedings against the women.


More on this story from the BBC Security Correspondent Frank Gardner......LINK

As expected a veto from President Trump of legislation to shut down US support for the war Saudi Arabia leads in Yemen.     A war that has killed many civilians through both warfare and other means with shortages of food and medicine triggered by it.

The legislation passed the Democrat controlled House and passed the Republican controlled Senate with support from Republican senators.

An extensive probe underway into the cause of the blaze at Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris with 50 people assigned.

An accident is the suspected cause as extensive renovation was on to the cathedral at the time of the disaster.

There are an alert for a fire in the building at 620 pm local time Monday but nothing was found at first.   After a second alert at 643 pm the fire was detected and firefighters were summoned to the scene.

The spire and wooden interior destroyed with the outside structure intact.   Some of the art works inside the cathedral were rescued from it.   And Tuesday the very top of the spire was recovered.

President Emmanuel Macron was set to speak about reforms in response to the Yellow Vests protests Monday night but now next Monday night at 8 pm he will speak.

For now Macron aspires to Notre-Dame be rebuilt, more beautiful, within five years.   Some French business leaders have already pledged 340 million dollars for reconstruction efforts.

In Canada's energy rich province of Alberta, the left-leaning New Democratic Party ruling for the last four years .  Premier Rachel Notley won with around 40 percent of the vote amidst a division of business elites from social and libertarian conservative voters.

But Tuesday night the election results showing the new unification of business elites and conservatives called the "United Conservative Party" victorious with 55 percent of the popular vote to the NDP's 32 percent.   The UCP winning 63 seats and the NDP the other 24 in the provincial legislature.

The new premier of Alberta will be longtime Canadian politician Jason Kenney.

Spain's election board banning the anti-mass immigration Vox Party from participating in a televised debate ahead of the April 28th General Election.

Vox, described in mainstream media as "far-right", was set to debate with the four major political parties in the country.

Vox is currently polling at 11.8 percent of the popular vote, it got only .2 percent in the last election.

That would give Vox from 30-34 seats in Spain''s lower house of parliament, the Chamber of Deputies.

Another election story, the polls closed following Indonesia's General Election with 20,000 national and local seats contested plus the presidency.   Incumbent Joko Widodo and ex-general Prabowo Subianto facing off.    While some preliminary flash results are expected the official results of the electoral commission will not come until next month.


Sources supporting the UN backed Government of National Accord in Libya say civilian areas of Tripoli were shelled with rockets by General Khalifa Haftar's Libyan National Army early Tuesday morning, but there were no casualties.

The air forces of both sides reported active in the fighting with claims from both sides of success on the ground.

The UN Refugee Agency says 18-thousand civilians have been displaced by the fighting.

In London, 290 arrested so far for sitting down and blocking key locations in the city center including Waterloo Bridge.    The "Extinction Rebellion" protest is fearful of climate change and demands zero carbon emissions by 2025.

In Louisiana, the church arson suspect is now charged with hate crimes.    There is no bail for 21-year old Holden Matthews, held in connection with burning three black churches.   Matthews made videos of the fires according to authorities and videos of news reports about them with his face superimposed.    A fire marshal says it looked he was going to set another fire.

Also mentioned in the media is Matthews listening to "black metal" music.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton speaking at the State Department Wednesday about US policy towards left-wing ruled countries in Latin America, Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela.   Bolton already saying US citizens will be able to sue in US court for property seized by the Cuban government.

A Vice-President of the Nicolas Maduro regime in Venezuela says military intervention is coming from the US, Colombia and Brazil.

Delcy Rodriguez claimed the three nations intend military intervention and will "commit crimes against humanity".

The US, Colombia and Brazil are among the more than 50 nations that recognize National Assembly President Juan Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela.

The first Red Cross aid shipment has arrived in Venezuela where there are shortages of both food and medicine.

The Russian Black Sea Fleet monitoring a US destroyer, the USS Ross, that entered the Black Sea.  On the shores of the Black Sea are a number of nations including Russia and Ukraine.  More from Russia's Tass News Agency......LINK

The polling data for this Sunday's presidential runoff election in Ukraine shows a wide lead for comedian-actor Volodymyr Zelensky over incumbent President Petro Poroshenko.    The poll concluded Sunday gave  Zelensky 72 percent of the vote to Poroshenko's 25 percent.    Two percent saying they will spoil their ballots.

China's economic growth surpassing expectations in the first quarter of 2019,  January to March growth at 6.4 percent.   There was a projection of 6.3 percent growth for those months.

He was a songwriter involved in songs like Tom Jones "Delilah" and Engelbert Humperdinck's "The Last Waltz".    Les Reed is dead at 83.    More on this story from the BBC.....LINK

And that's the way it really is on this pre-holiday Newsdump Week, Wednesday morning April 17th, 2019.

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The whole world watching France tonight.

The plan in France earlier today was that President Emmanuel Macron was going to speak tonight at 8pm in France to lay out his response to grievances expressed in his "great debate" town hall meetings.

The whole town hall meeting scheme Macron's way of dealing with Yellow Vests protesting the gasoline taxes imposed in the name of saving the planet, the tax rates that favored the wealthy and private companies given concessions over the highways and setting up toll booths ("highway robbery").

But as I understand Macron was backing away from his plans late in the day even before what happened around 650 pm, 1250 pm in the Eastern US.

The outbreak of fire at a great national symbol of France, the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

The collapse of the roof and spire, the gutting of the building with the structure saved.

Government officials up to and including President Macron appearing on the scene.    Support from President Trump and other leaders like Gerard Batten of UKIP tweeted.

From inside France Marine Le Pen of the National Rally supporting the firefighters in her first tweet, sorrow at the damage in the second.

An English translation of her latest tweet:

"It took all the courage of the soldiers of the fire to save the tunic of St. Louis and the crown of thorns, and to preserve the structure of Notre Dame.    One of them is seriously injured.   The whole Nation is proud of #ParisFirefighters."


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The train keeps on moving down the track tonight on what is a pre-holiday Newsdump Week with the "redacted version" of the Robert Mueller report being dumped out Thursday.

Real things happening in the real world from Syria more shelling by jihadists from Idlib Province.

The former Al-Qaeda forces with their new HTS name killing 11 according to the Russian center in Syria.

More on this from Russia Tass News Agency.....TASS-SYRIA SHELLING

The Israeli air strike Friday night to the west of Aleppo in Hama Province with dozens injured using F-35's from Lebanese airspace.

Now word that US F-35's are going to the United Arab Emirates across from Iran.    Iran's Revolutionary Guards now considered a terrorist group by the US which is legal justification for military attacks.

More after 145 am Eastern....


'Back with you and more to come in moments....There's a meeting in Paris by officials related to the Notre-Dame fire at 2 am here, 8 am in Paris.     They will discuss the stability of the cathedral following the blaze that gutted the interior and took down the spire of the cathedral but spared the exterior structure.

More on the way......

Reading some of the English translations of BFM-TV text I read that some works of art from inside Notre-Dame Cathedral that were saved were taken to Paris City Hall and they will eventually be transferred to the Louvre.

I just saw something related to Iranian sanctions on Israel National News.  The US said to be upset with Poland because the state shipping company has registered six Iranian oil tankers under the Polish flag.

Of course as you watch those rising prices at the gas pump, remember that sanctions on Iran and Venezuela's oil exports help to make that possible.   I'm just explaining for informational purposes.

Here's the Arutz Sheva Israel National News story......US MULLS POLAND SANCTION OVER HELP FOR IRAN

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That Linda Ronstadt sound I heard via country music radio in the 1970's as she covered Smokey Robinson with "Tracks Of My Tears".....


OK, all these Democrats running for President and my gut instinct is this.    These folks like Beto O'Rourke and Pete Buttigieg and the list runs longer and longer all being "thrown up against the wall to see if they stick".

The Dems are like the GOP in 2016.    In their case to stop anything too far Left in general but desperate to stop Bernie Sanders and get the acceptable or "electable" candidate Joe Biden over the top.

That desperation to stop Trump in 2016 was so sickening from the Bush crowd and the use of Fox News and Megyn Kelly back then.    Where is she today?   And Roger Ailes is gone to eternity after losing his job in the sexual harrassment scandal.

Fox News Channel was something Ailes turned into the "Fox Chick Channel: Breast and Leg".

I apologize for any offense caused.

But I saw a video of Jessica Savitch with David Letterman back around 1980 explaining that when she wore a skirt on an open set she deliberately used heavy duty tape to keep her legs together.

Here it is August 11, 1982 with Letterman and its around 2:15 into the video....JESSICA SAVITCH ON LATE NIGHT


The fire at Notre-Dame in Paris now completely under control, the investigation underway with questioning of construction workers who were onsite already underway.    A strong belief in the notion of a construction related accident.   The fire started in an attic.

Back to Jessica Savitch, she died a tragic death in the early 1980's drowning with her dog and a boyfriend, the car backing over the side into raging waters.    She resorted to drugs, had multiple relationships with men one after the other.

Back to Fox News.   I still remember the day I was watching Gretchen Carlson, ironically, awarded so much money in a sexual harassment suit.    Carlson dressed in some tight dress and I said to myself   "I can't watch this anymore" and it was a major moment in my turn away from the lust and resentment breeding media exemplified by Fox News.

All they do is set people up for the next act of intoxication in their lives IMHO.

I'll attest to that being my expericence......

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Offers of help in the millions of dollars coming in to fix the Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris.   The government saying there is a meeting on a reconstruction plan underway now.

Voters in Ukraine choose the next president in the runoff this Sunday with incumbent Petro Poroshenko using drug testing challenges and debating an empty podium to stop the comedian-actor Volodymyr Zelensky who is the favorite to win.

Israel National News now saying that Prime Minister Netanyahu has the support of enough smaller parties reaching the magic number of 61 seats in the Parliament (Knesset) to form a new government.

And life is a journey, not a destination.   Its a one day at time, one minute at a time, proposition.

My journey brought me to my go to music of the 1980's, Contemporary Christian Music.

I don't identify with evangelistic or "Conservative Christianity" anymore but there's nothing wrong with the Higher Power and so on.    Heck, as Keith Green wrote and sang ("How Can They Live Without Jesus") if "you've been burned" by some acting in God's name "the Lord's not the one to blame".

Jamie Owens-Collins sang this song that reminds me not to turn back to doing wrong to myself or others.

Have a good day hope you find the next right thing to do.

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Sunday, April 14, 2019



The Russian monitoring center in Syria reports three separate shelling attacks by jihadists in the north.     Towns in Latakia, Idlib and Aleppo provinces shelled Friday and Saturday.

Pro-government sources in Syria say 23 wounded in an Israeli airstrike late Friday night in northern Syria's Hama Province.    Three of them said to be members of the Syrian military.

A long range rocket launcher reported destroyed at Umm Haratyn, but the wounded reported in the town of Masayaf where a scientific research center, school of accounting and college of management were said to have been destroyed.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke Sunday at an event in Jerusalem for the families of fallen solders saying:

"We will continue to act on all fronts"

Talks between Netanyahu and conservative and religious party leaders are scheduled following last week's elections as the process of forming the next government gets underway.

The Finnish election Sunday and as is the usual case many parties getting a chunk of the vote.    The party currently leading the government, the Center Party repudiated in the election falling to 13.8 percent of the vote.

The Social Democrats finished first with 17.7 percent of the vote and their leader Antti Rinne, will attempt to form the next coalition government in Finland.   He has 40 seats in the 200 seat parliament.

The nationalistic Finns Party came in a close second at 17.5.    The Finns Party called "far right" by the mainstream media.   39 seats won by the Finns Party.   Finns Party leader Jussi Halla-aho  had urged a vote "for some borders" in the campaign.

Many other parties splitting the vote with this being the first time in a century that no political party gained more than 20 percent of the vote.

Many parties objecting to having the Finns Party in government.

The British political scene shaking up in recent polling for the European Parliament elections now on for May 23rd as Prime Minister Theresa May continues to delay Brexit until she can get agreement on help from the Labor Party to force through her plan called "fake Brexit" and a "sellout" by opponents.

Parties fully supporting a complete and total withdrawal from the European Union now command at least 29 percent of the popular vote.    The traditional Brexit party, UKIP, at 14 percent with Nigel Farage's vehicle for his re-election to the EU Parliament Brexit Party showing at 15 percent.

The Labor Party stands at 24 percent with the Conservatives at 16 percent and the Liberal Democrats at 8 percent.      The Green Party has 8 percent and the new anti-Brexit Change UK party at 7 percent of the vote.

Not mentioned in the polling a third pro-Brexit force the For Britain Movement which scored 1 percent of the vote in the recent by-election at Newport West in Wales.

Week 22 of the Yellow Vests in France with a 31-thousand demonstrators estimate from the government and 80,000 from the Yellow Vests for Saturdays demonstrations.

Toulouse was a center of protest on Saturday with "black blocs" infiltrating the demonstration and police using water cannon and tear gas.

Monday night at 8 pm  President Emmanuel Macron will announce his steps to respond to the grievances of protesters with tax cuts a possibility.

But protest organizers are not impressed with Macron's nationwide town hall meetings and any proposals he might offer.

The call for a major protest next Saturday in Paris is out and it looks like the Yellow Vests protests will continue with Week 23 across France.

In Sudan, the now ruling military council is beginning to round up former members of the regime of President Omar al-Bashir.    The council says it wants opposition forces that continue to protest in the streets for a new kind of government to name the next prime minister.

President Trump's daughter Ivanka on a tour of Africa.    Ivanka Trump's focusing her tour on visits to business enterprises run by women and on women's participation in the workforce.    Taxpayer dollars are being spent in Africa by the US Agency for International Development as part of a  Women's Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) initiative.

Tiger Woods winning his first major golf tournament in 11 years, the Masters in Augusta, Georgia Sunday.   It was Tiger's fifth Masters win.

And a message from the Bundy Family on the fifth anniversary of the Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch April 12, 2014.

Ammon Bundy telling supporters among other things that:

"Bundy Ranch remains one of the freest places on earth.   Why do I say such a thing?   Because my father is willing to claim the rights established by our forefathers through prior appropriation and beneficial use over 140 years ago...…

…...the American people have been duped into believing that our rights are maintained in the courts or in the houses of Congress.  I say today that this idea is incorrect.  Rights have never been maintained in the courts, in fact they are usually diminished there.   Rights are maintained on the principles of claiming them, using them and defending them....."

While key defendants were freed because of evidence hidden by the prosecutors of a surveillance camera and snipers being used by the federal government, three men are in prison because of Bunkerville.

They are Jerry Delemus, Todd Engel and Greg Burleson.    Delemus forced into a plea deal before the evidence was revealed with Engel and Burleson convicted in rigged trials before the evidence was revealed.

And that's the way it really is on this Monday morning April 15th, 2019 as we enter the Newsdump week before Easter.

Saturday, April 13, 2019


Music Links:

Okay starting off with some country music links tonight Tanya Tucker with the big song that launched it for her in 1972.

I listened to country music radio a lot in the 1970's and heard a lot of great songs from Tanya back then.

George Jones singing "White Lightning" and wow what a song about "pappy" and his "still" taking on the "G-Man Team" and "The Revenuers" or federal law enforcement.   "G-Men" is  a term applied to the FBI.

Nowadays you know "Comedy Central" runs the FBI and I'm serious.    They got the FBI involved and got Avi Yemeni, a journalist who works to Tommy Robinson's TR News. trying to continue his expose of anti-Semitic rants from some comedian named Jim Jefferies stopped at LA International Airport and banned from the United States.

The notion was that Yemeni was a threat to Jefferies.

Well you can follow things on Avi Yemeni's Twitter page at the link......AVI YEMENI TWITTER

Israel just had its election last Tuesday with Benjamin Netnanyahu's Likud on top and close behind a new large political party called Blue and White, as in the colors of Israel's flag.

"Maariv", an Israeli newspaper, reported Friday that President Reuven Rivlin was going to ask for a formation of a "unity" government between the two big parties.

Blue and White ran against Netanyahu so hard and the big elephant in the room of Israeli politics remains the three indictments against Netanyahu in the corruption cases.

One strategy Netanyahu could employ is to get the right-wing parties together into a government and push legislation through to annul his indictments.

If Israel ends up with the two big parties in a "unity government" watch out Judea and Samaria.  Much fear and concern about "Deal of the Century" with Donald Trump and Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia the big players but the 'details man' son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Are Jews being sold out to create a Palestinian state?

But getting back to Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, their liberal notions get a going over from Ann Coulter in another one of her columns as she reviews a new book about "Javanka".

Author Vicky Ward writing "Kushner Inc." with "Greed Ambition Corruption" on the cover.

You can read it at the link:


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And Peter Hitchens offers his outspoken views in a video interview posted in recent days.

"The Conservative Party ought to be doomed long ago"

"I've entirely given up politics.  I believe politics to be a complete waste of time.  I believe the country is finished and there's nothing else to be said about politics..."

Hitchens is saying at the beginning of this video in the first six and half minutes with his expectations of a strong totalitarian state on the way.

A whole hourlong interview at the link....PETER HITCHENS INTERVIEW: POLITICS AND POETRY

Peter Hitchens and his late brother Christopher Hitchens, both disagreed about the notion of a Higher Power with Peter identifying as a Christian and Christopher as an Atheist.

They disagreed on the wars launched in the aftermath of 9/11 as well with Christopher Hitchens an enthusiastic supporter of the wars and Peter Hitchens much more cynical about them noting the brutality involved.

Also helping to expose the ugliness of the warfare were people like Chelsea Manning and Julian Assange.

Assange, a journalist and a publisher, is targeted by the almighty federal criminal justice machine with its rigged system and a 98 percent conviction rate as attested to by Ammon Bundy and Nigel Farage.

I wanted to share my post on Free Republic on a thread dealing with Assange:

"Its related to Chelsea Manning Wikileaks is saying but regardless my view is that the whole post 9/11 policy of our country was fouled up and caused harm to our military killing some, maiming others and PTSDing even more.

The USA policy since 9/11 done by Bush big time and Obama in a softer way is in favor of Saudi Arabia's interests and not those of the USA.

In other words, we have done the bidding of the nation of the Al-Qaeda movement and 15 of the 19 terrorist hijackers and pretending that things are otherwise continues to this day"

Julian Assange may have a bunch of left-wing supporters who blame Trump but I guess Assange has my back too and we have to get past the tribalism Peter Hitchens mentions in that video I just linked to.

Keep up on the matter with the Wikileaks Twitter page.....LINK-WIKILEAKS TWITTER

As for President Trump he praised Wikileaks in 2016 when they had those John Podesta-Hillary Clinton emails out but in the wake of the arrest Trump says:

"I know nothing"

I don't know Mr. President but you're supposed to do TV wrestling like Vince McMahon, not Sgt. Schultz on "Hogans Heroes".....

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And back to the here and now.

The "Wall Street Journal" reporting Friday that the Libyan National Army forces of General Khalifa Haftar in Libya were offered millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia just before launching their assault on Tripoli and Government of National Accord there.

Here is more on the military activity.....SOUTHFRONT-LIBYA

An Israeli airstrike in Syria Friday night and more details on that.....SOUTHFRONT SYRIA 

And in Sudan the transition of government underway also welcome as far as Saudi Arabia is concerned.   Saudi government sources telling "Al Arabiya" news channel this and here is the report by the Russian news agency Tass…..SUDAN-SAUDI ARABIA

Good Night.  God Bless.   Hope what you're doing is sober and sane.

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31,000 protesters estimated by the government this week, just over 80,000 by the Yellow Vests.

In Paris the authorities gave 5000 as the number of protesters.   The police stopped and checked people 9473 times in Paris according to their figures.    They made 27 arrests there. 

In among the protesters the leader of the Left political party in France, Jean-Luc Melenchon of "France Insubordinate".   Melenchon tweeted he was there to defend "public freedoms" and the "right to protest"

In the north at Lille more than 1000 Yellow Vests, prohibited from demonstrating in the city center.  Video link........ LILLE YELLOW VESTS WEEK 22     Police used tear gas on them in the end.

1,300 Yellow Vests were in Bordeaux with a large contingent of police surrounding them. Video at the link.....BORDEAUX WEEK 22 YELLOW VESTS

In Strasbourg, one of the places that the European Parliament meets, some 650 Yellow Vests with signs like "Macron Dismissal" and "Frexit + RIC" referring to leaving the European Union and to the "Citizen Initiative Referendum".

Tear gas and water cannon used in Toulouse, which was designated at the "captial" of the Yellow Vests for the 22nd week of protests.    The protest there infliltrated by the "black blocs" of anarchists.  Video Link........TOULOUSE WEEK 22 YELLOW VESTS

A longer video of events in Toulouse today nearly three hours.....WEEK 22 YELLOW VESTS TOULOUSE FULL VIDEO

Speaking at a meeting on Saturday, Marine Le Pen of the National Rally, France's leading opposition politician says that President Emmanuel Macron sees the Yellow Vests as "bullets" to be dodged and "dead weight" to be put behind him.   BFM-TV video at the link......MARINE LE PEN ON MACRON AND YELLOW VESTS 4/13/2019

Macron will lay out policy in response to the Yellow Vests in the days ahead as the political campaign for the European Parliament elections next month moves into higher gear.

Video links below.....



Friday, April 12, 2019



The protesters are back on the streets this Saturday after seeing their numbers thinned out a bit last Saturday, a rainy day across much of France.     The government counted fewer than 22-thousand while the Yellow Vests themselves counted just over 97-thousand.

One incident last week is leading to a complaint from the government in the city of Forbach, France in the Moselle region.    A European flag was taken down from its mast and replaced by a Yellow Vests flag, with the European flag being burned.

500 Yellow Vests had gathered in Forbach for a protest.

Protest restrictions in center city and shopping areas in many French cities including Paris and the Champs-Elysees.   The protest ban in Paris also includes the presidential palace and the National Assembly.


French Socialist politician Segolene Royal expresses the opinion that those protesting a this point in time are no longer Yellow Vests.

Perhaps a reference to the anarchists, "black blocs", that show up dressed in black sometimes with masks and begin attacking buildings and fighting police.

Marine Le Pen of the National Rally has suggested that the government enables the "black blocs" in some cases.

But my sense from the various videos from the towns and cities in recent weeks suggest that sincere Yellow Vests are showing up to protest against the taxes, rules, regulations imposed on them by government and they are looking for real reform and change.


BFM-TV this morning pointing to Toulouse as the site of a major protest with a soundbite from a leader of the "Independent Yellow Vests".

We shall wait to see how things develop in the hours ahead.


The procession in Paris gets underway at 12 Noon today, earlier we had thought that would be 11 am.

The new law that took effect Thursday in France makes concealment of the face in protests a crime with a one year prison term and a fine of more than 16,800 dollars.


Video from earlier of the Yellow Vests assembling in Toulouse.....TOULOUSE WEEK 22 YELLOW VESTS ASSEMBLE

Protesters seen on BFM-TV from Paris getting ready to move out at 12 Noon.


Yellow Vests media-video producer Jerome Rodrigues, injured in the eye by a police flash bang round in a Paris protest some weeks ago, appeared at a Friday night Yellow Vests rally in Dunkirk, France   FRIDAY NIGHT YELLOW VESTS-DUNKIRK last night.....


Here is the live Sputnik video feed from Paris with video expected anytime now. 


Video on BFM-TV showing protesters in Toulouse and Paris.....The Yellow Vests procession underway now in Paris.

More after 7am Eastern US.......


The "black blocs" as in anarchists and police confronting each other in Toulouse.


A calmer procession underway in Paris and here is a one hour video from Toulouse earlier as today's protest got underway.....



Live video from Toulouse....YELLOW VESTS PROTEST TOULOUSE 4/22/2019

There was a rally in Toulouse followed by flash bang rounds and tear gas from the police at the Yellow Vests.   BFM-TV saying the rally in the Jean Jaures district was not announced in advance, making it an illegal gathering.   Other peaceful protesters but a clear presence of the anarchist "black bloc" crowd in Toulouse.

Some people said to be moving into the area in the center of the city where protests are banned.

In Paris a peaceful procession in the streets with slogans critical of the government of President Emmanuel Macron and the European Union.


Video (43 minutes) of Yellow Vests on motorcycles in Lyon today.....MOTORCYCLE YELLOW VESTS-LYON WEEK 22

That's it for now more tonight.

Video link below.....




At the top of the Newsdump this morning.

An Israeli airstrike in Syria overnight.

The Syrian state news agency says six members of the Syrian military wounded and some buildings hit.

Weeks ago launchers for the S-300 air defense system were shown by an Israeli satellite company, ISI, to have become operational in the area.

The air strike launched from Lebanese airspace.

More on this story from "Southfront" at the link...….SOUTHFRONT-ISRAELI AIRSTRIKE SYRIA

North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-un says he's open to a third summit meeting with President Donald Trump.

The state media reported on a speech where Kim said that a "fair" and "mutually acceptable" agreement was needed between the US and North Korea.

Kim added that in spite of demands he considered unreasonable at the recent summit in Vietnam, he has a good personal rapport with Trump.

President Trump got some good news about the border situation Friday.   A three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals overturning a federal district judge's ruling that suspended a rule to send asylum seekers back to Mexico while their cases are considered in the United States.

While for now the asylum seekers can be sent back to Mexico, the court asked for written arguments from lawyers on both sides.   The three judges will issue a more permanent ruling later.

A product recall Friday from the toy maker Fisher-Price.

Nearly five million Rock 'n Play sleepers for babies.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission put out word on its website that 30 infants had died in the sleeper model since its release some 10 years ago.

These tweets from the Party of Brexit's leader Friday.   United Kingdom Independence Party leader Gerard Batten offered up this assessment of the situation:

"Farage's party is just a vehicle for him.   It is not a real political party.  Its only purpose is to re-elect him.   His party is a Tory/Establishment safety valve..."

"......The MSM will promote the Brexit Party because it is a Tory/Establishment safety valve...."

Its was a big mainstream media story Friday as Nigel Farage launched his "Brexit Party" with a strong appeal and the strong involvement of people usually associated with the Conservative Party.

They are opposed to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit policy and see  itas a betrayal of the Leave vote in the 2016 referendum.

The first official Brexit Party campaign rally in Birmingham Saturday.

In the Julian Assange matter more than 70 MP's in the UK signing a letter urging Home Secretary Sajid Javid to extradite Assange to Sweden instead of the United States.

The argue that Javid needs to "stand with the victims of sexual violence".

In Sweden Assange has been accused of rape and he was initially arrested in the UK because of that.

But when Assange was out on bail he fled to the Ecuadorian embassy fearing extradition to the United States.

The International Criminal Court has decided not to probe any war crimes committed by US military forces in Afghanistan.

An ICC lawyer-investigator recently had their US visa revoked by the State Department,

Week 22 of the Yellow Vests protests in France Saturday and in spite of restrictions in city centers and shopping areas, nationwide demonstrations planned from Strasbourg in the east to Lyon in the south and of course a procession in Paris gets underway at 12 Noon.

Breaking News post at the link......HERE

More than 100 arrests Friday in Algeria as police attacked protesters with water cannon and tear gas.

Protesters want the new president Abdelkader Bensalah out saying his is part of the ruling elite associated with the former president.

In Sudan Friday the head of the military council that replaced President Omar al-Bashir stepping down as crowds in the streets objected to the military taking control for two years before allowing a civilian government saying the old regime's leaders were still in charge.

Defense Minister Lt. Gen. Awad Ibn Auf named Lt. General Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan as his successor.

The "Wall Street Journal" reporting that Saudi Arabia pledged to give the eastern Libyan leader General Khalifa Haftar millions of dollars days before Haftar launched his offensive against Tripoli.

Thousands fleeing their homes in the southern suburbs of Tripoli, Libya Friday amidst gunfire and explosions.

The Libyan National Army forces of the east fighting the Government of National Accord forces around the former international airport, no longer used.

Reuters reports 75 killed in the fighting according to the United Nations including 17 civilians with 323 wounded.

Twenty are dead and 30 wounded in a terrorist attack on an open market in Pakistan's southwestern Baluchistan province.   A bomb was hidden in a bag of potatoes.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imram Khan condemned the attack and ordered an investigation.

The Muslim island nation of Brunei has responded to concern from the United Nations about the implementation of Sharia law in the country including stoning to death for homosexuality and adultery.

Brunei's Foreign Minister Erywan Yusof says the strict Islamic code is about prevention, not punishment.

Yusof contends that the threshold for evidence will be high and  insists the punishments will be rare.

More on this story from the BBC......BBC-BRUNEI SHARIA LAW

A man in an electric wheelchair set himself on fire in front of the White House Friday afternoon.

A Secret Service tweet said:

"A male subject operating an electronic wheelchair-type scooter lit his outer jacket on fire while sitting along Pennsylvania Ave. outside the North Fence Line..."

The man taken to a local hospital and treated for first degree burns.  CNN told by a Secret Service spokesperson that the man is believed to have mental health issues and was not a threat to the President.

And that's the way it really is on this Newsdump Saturday morning, April 13th, 2019.

Thursday, April 11, 2019



Julian Assange arrested at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London Thursday after his asylum was revoked.    Assange arrested on an extradition request from the US related to the case involving Chelsea Manning.

The indictment against Assange was unsealed in the United States Thursday.

British Home Secretary Sajid Javid tweeted in part:

"....I can confirm Julian Asaange is now in police custody and rightly facing justice in the UK....No one is above the law..."

The "no one is above the law" talking point repeated by Prime Minister Theresa May speaking to the House of Commons.

The Leader of the Oppposition, Jeremy Corbyn, says the British government should oppose Asaange's extradition to the United States.

Gerard Batten, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, decried Assange's initial arrest in the UK years ago under a European Arrest Warrant part of the UK's entanglement with the European Union.    Batten said that deportation to Australia would have been a better option.

Supporters of Assange contend his work exposed the murder of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan and is protected by the First Amendment's "Freedom of the Press" clause.

The talking point for the US Justice Department in promoting its prosecution of Assange is that his journalistic work involved hacking a computer.

There was a Breaking News post earlier......JULIAN ASSANGE BREAKING NEWS

Ecuadorian authorities have arrested a man described as being "close" to Assange as he tried to leave the country.   The man arrested said to be a Swedish software developer.

A reporter for British activist Tommy Robinson's "TR.NEWS" website detained at Los Angeles International Airport.      Avi Yemini was questioned for six hours by the FBI and is now facing deportation.


President Donald Trump offered no criticism of the British Prime Minister when he tweeted about Brexit late Wednesday night.

Trump tweeting in part that its:

"Too bad that the European Union is being so tough on the United Kingdom"

Public opinion increasingly restless with many saying her constant delaying of Brexit now pushed back to October 31st confirms that she does not want it.     Others saying her Brexit plan is a "fake Brexit" and a "sellout" to the EU and still others going so far as to denounce Mrs. May as a "traitor".

In the House of Commons Thursday MP Bill Cash of the Conservative Party said in part during Prime Minister's Question Time:

"Does the Prime Minister appreciate the anger that her abject surrender last night has generated across the country, having broken 100 times promises not to extend the time....does she not admit that this withdrawal agreement undermines democracy, the constitutional status of Northern Ireland, our right to govern ourselves, control over our laws and undermines our national interest, would she resign?"

A poll taken before her latest extension agreement with the EU, shows support for May's Conservative Party sharply dropping.

The April 2nd to 5th BMG poll put the Conservatives down 10 percent to 29 percent.   The opposition Labor Party lost support going down to 31 percent.     The new anti-Brexit Change UK Party at 8 percent, the Liberal Democrats at 8 percent as well.

In the pro-Brexit camp, UKIP showing at 7 percent with the Brexit Party being formed by Nigel Farage showing 6 percent.

Farage will formally launch the Brexit Party in a series of rallies with the first in Coventry Friday.

In Sudan the military moving to remove President Omar al-Bashir from power Thursday.   Troops moving into the presidential compound.

Protesters who have been on the streets of the country in recent months gathered in even greater numbers today and even looted some offices of the government's intelligence agency.

The country's defense minister appeared on television to say that Bashir will be arrested and taken to a 'safe place'.

Defense Minister Awad Mohammed Ahmed Ibn Auf also said there will be a three month state of emergency and a two year transition period to a new government led by a military transitional council.

He said that human rights will be respected and asked that citizens tolerate security measures that will be put into place.

But protest leaders asked people to stay put because they say the military is part of the corrupt Bashir regime and protests continued in defiance of a 10 pm curfew Thursday night.

On Friday the military issued a statement saying that solutions will come from the people in the streets but that the military will not allow any chaos.

In France, a decree published Thursday containing the new stricter anti-protest law designed by President Emmanuel Macron's government to suppress the Yellow Vests protests.   The law already passed the legislative branch of France's government.   The country's Constitutional Court excising a provision the would have allowed individuals to be specifically banned from protest.

Meanwhile, demonstrations again banned Saturday on the Champs-Elysees in Paris and at other key buildings for Week 22 of the Yellow Vests protests.   Bans also in Rouen and Lyon and other towns involving city centers and shopping areas.  Yellow Vest.s planning to rally and march in Paris with a major rally set for the city of Toulouse.

A Friday night rally set for the northern town of Dunkirk by the Yellow Vests.

A report in Israel Friday that President Reuven Rivlin will ask Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu to form a national unity government with former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz's  Blue and White Party before other options are explored.

This report from the Israeli newspaper "Maariv".

The final results of Israel's General Election on Tuesday have been published by the Central Elections Committee.    They show the Likud Party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu leading with 36 seats in the 120 seat parliament.    The main opposition Blue and White Party was at 35 seats.

Ex-Pope Benedict has linked liberal sexual attitudes of the 1960's to the clergy sex abuse problem in the Roman Catholic Church.    Benedict's views mirror those of many conservatives in the church who often disagree with the current Pontiff, Pope Francis, on many matters.

His views expressed in a 55-hundred word letter published in a German Catholic magazine,

The contract of a rugby player in Australia is being terminated because of an Instagram post about gay people and others expressing conservative religious sentiments.

Israel Folau posted that "hell awaits" gay people and he also posted that:

"drunks, liars, fornicators, thieves, atheists and idolators"



and that:

"only Jesus saves"

Folau made similar comments on Twitter and the Australian rugby statement says:

"the expectation of him as a Rugby Australia and NSW Waratahs employee is that he cannot share material on social media that condemns, vilifies or discriminates against people on the basis of their sexuality"

Israel's Beereshet spacecraft made it to the Moon Thursday but unfortunately it was not a successful landing.    The unmanned probe crash landed.

Israel intends to try again.

Gasoline prices here in south central Pennsylvania up 10 cents a gallon since last weekend.  In California they are now approaching  four dollars a gallon.

Policies driving prices higher include US sanctions on oil producing nations like Venezuela and Iran plus environmental regulations forcing changes in gasoline grades for the summer season.

The conflict in Libya also contributing to higher oil prices.

And the latest word from Libya is that the fight continues in the suburbs of Tripoli as the Libyan National Army of General Khalifa Haftar continues to press its attack on the US-UN backed Government of National Accord.

Fears about civilians caught up in the fighting and about migrants in camps around the Tripoli area as well.

And that's the way it really is on this Friday April 12th, 2019 as we enter the Newsdump Hours.


It all came down just after 6am Eastern Time US, 11am in London.

Ecuador revoking Julian Assange's asylum at its London embassy and the British police moving into the building to arrest Assange.

Assange carried out by the British police and placed into a van showing a beard on his face.....VIDEO OF ASSANGE BEING CARRIED OUT LINK

For now, while British authorities are charging Assange with violating the terms of his bail, THE BRITISH POLICE SAY THERE IS A REQUEST FROM THE US FOR HIS EXTRADITION.   Assange fled into Ecuador's embassy expecting to be extradited to the United States back in 2012.

Its expected that he will eventually be subject to extradition to the United States where court documents point to a sealed indictment already existing against him in federal court in northern Virginia.

You can follow the story on Wikileaks Twitter page...…..WIKILEAKS TWITTER LINK


Wednesday, April 10, 2019


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The world keeps spinning around.

Will Julian Assange be kicked out of the Ecuadorean Embassy in London so he can end up in a US court?

Robert Mueller's report likely out next week in its "redacted" form during the Newsdump Easter Holiday week and what will we learn from it?

Will the games of Theresa May over Brexit cause further outrage and political turmoil?

What's happening to Julian Assange right now?

Here's the story from "Gateway Pundit"



Theresa May continues to offer the choice of "Pretend Brexit" or "No Brexit" when the voters told her in 2016 they wanted a real exit from the European Union in the referendum.

The word is she's getting an extension until October 31st now instead of the June 30th deadline.

In Australia voters go to the polls Saturday May 18th.   Prime Minister Scott Morrison calling the election there.

And now a Cole Porter song performed by a legendary entertainer....



In the here and now Breaking News the Sudanese Army appearing to make the move on President Omar Bashir "dismissing" him from office after months of protests on the streets in that country.


In Israel the soliders votes appear to have put the "New Right Party" of Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked over top giving them 3.26 percent of the vote, enough to be allocated four seats in the Knesset (Parliament)

Well, Cole "Anything Goes" Porter wrote the song Ethel Merman sang and Cole Porter did get a kick out of "you" as in other men he was attracted to.

I grew up in physical age obsessed with girls in my head unable to socialize with them, terribly awkward.

When I was 20 I talked to a woman I was obsessed with and she told me about the notion of finding someone else and of a "mature relationship".

I was anything but mature at age 20, indeed, I was still like a six year old.    It was when I was six that I experienced in my way sexual abuse and it was scary to really relate to others because I got this sort of "all or nothing" idea in my head.

I was wrong to be selfish about relations with the opposite sex as I was selfishly attracted to girls around me and infatuated to extremes in my thinking with women in the media like Barbara Walters or Barbra Streisand, for example.

But sexual abuse has consequences and the new story out in the media as I heard it on National Public Radio Wednesday afternoon and as Fox News published it the other day is about nuns sexually abusing minors.


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Wow Janis Ian's "At Seventeen" was controversial as I recall.   My memory was that the media brought up the notion that it was about lesbianism.    Heck, if that's true I guess I'm a lesbian.

But when I listened to that song, drunk with rage and angry, wanting to win the argument with her music I was left speechless and silent.   That song was about me in its own way and I didn't want to admit it as the time.   I needed 35 or more years to admit I had issues and acknowledge I am a drunk.

The music I enjoyed in the 1970's was country music and here are some samples.

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Goings on in Israel as the final votes are sorted out with claims and counterclaims about a very close call for the "New Right Party" of Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked.   The notion that the "New Right Party" is being rigged out of the Parliament being spread about.

Hey, in the music Tom T. Hall's "I Like Beer".  Well, I don't consume adult beverages because they don't agree with me but one well-known beer drinker and lover is Nigel Farage.

"Mr. Brexit" on the move launching his "Brexit Party" for the now inevitable European Parliament elections in the UK next month.

Read about that at the link.....HERE

But the party of Brexit Nigel Farage used to associate with and lead, UKIP very much in the picture.

They have money, infrastructure and will contest local elections in the UK in just three week on May 2nd while Nigel Farage's party is just about the EU Parliament elections later in May.

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We're coming to the end of the line.   The fight continues in Libya between the Tripoli government and the eastern forces of General Khalifa Haftar.     A  protracted fight underway right now with both sides making counterclaims.

The word is that France supports Haftar while Italy supports the Tripoli government.

Interesting because France's Macron regime has reasons to hate the Italian government.      The Five Star Movement and its Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio on the side of the Yellow Vests.    The League and its Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini in an electoral alliance for the EU Parliament elections with Macron's leading opponent in French politics,  Marine Le Pen of the National Rally.

Hope you find the next right thing to do.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2019



The exit polling shows that the "Blue and White" of former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is at 37 seats in the 120 seat Knesset (Parliament).

Coming in at 33 seats is Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party.

Other Parties Showing In The Exit Poll:

Raam   6
Hadash/Ta'al 6
Labor   6
Meretz 5
Shas     6
Aguda  7
Right Union  5
Kulanu  4
Beitenu Israel 5

Among parties not projected to pass the 3.25 percent vote threshold to be allocated seats are the New Right Party and the libertarian Zehut.

The only clear allies of Gantz would be Labor and Meretz to reach 48 seats, the two Arab parties Raam  and Hadash/Taal are 12 seats.       The other parties are on the Right including religious parties Shas and Aguda at 13 seats.     The Right Union and Beitenu Israel politically Right and Kulanu a party financially Right party.

Bibi Netanyahu can pull 60 seats together, one short of a majority to form a government supported by other parties on the "Right" under this projection.

One disturbing possibility is the locking of the smaller parties out by a coalition of the two big parties to form a clear majority.   Its been suggested in the media and that's probably the most disturbing takeway here,  a crushing of smaller parties.

Another possibility based again on these preliminary numbers, not the final ones, is that Blue and White- Benny Gantz and his secularist partner Yair Lapid, who joined him in forming Blue and White, reach out to the religious parties to reach 61 seats.   Historically in the past the Labor party on the Left was willing to form coalitions with religious parties in Israel.


The actual vote count at this point with 95 percent counted gives Likud 35 seats, Blue and White 35, Shas and Aguda the religious parties eight each, Labor six, the Hadash Taal Arab party six, Union of Right Wing Parties five, Yisrael Beitenu 5,  Kulanu, Raam Talad Arab party and Meretz four seats each.

Still not the final count but getting close requiring new analysis.


Now media reports clearly state that Bibi Netanyahu is the winner of the election because he can form a coalition with parties on the Right that Benny Gantz could not.

97.3 percent of the vote counted.

State Of The Parties

Likud   35

Blue And White   35

Shas (Religious Party)   8

United Torah Judaism  (Religious Party)    8

Labor        6

Hadash Ta'al  (Arab Party)       6

Union of Right-Wing Parties     5

Yisrael Beytenu      5

Kulanu          4

Meretz           4

Ra'am Balad  (Arab Party)   4

Benjamin Netanyahu can now go forward with a government but he will have to contend with the ongoing criminal case against him with a court hearing ahead to confirm the indictments against him in three corruption cases.

One notion out on the table is that Netanyahu will now try to move legislation to end the criminal case against him.

There will also be a storm of controversy over the notion that a Prime Minister under indictment can continue to serve if the court hearing confirms the indictments and they move forward to trial.

Still to be counted the votes of the soldiers.

Hoping it will change his political fortune is co-leader Naftali Bennett of the New Right Party.

Education Minister Bennett and Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked created the party with a message that included a sharp challenge to Prime Minister Netanyahu's Gaza policy of limited military action in the face of rocket attacks, border provocations, etc. along with Qatari money being allowed in to mollify Gaza residents.

They were also out front in warning Israelis about the "Deal of the Century" peace plan with the Palestinians promoted by US President Donald Trump with the support of Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

Bennett and Shaked warning about up to 90 percent of Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) being given to Palestinians under the deal.

To follow the developments in Israel go to "Israel National News" at the link......HERE



When the voting in Israel's General Election was over with the polls closed at 10 pm local time, 3 pm Eastern US time, exit polls came out showing different notions of who finished first, with victory claimed by both Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.

But the math of the exit polling favored parties on the "Right" that are the natural allies of Netanyahu in forming  coalition government.

After 10 pm Eastern time in the US, 5 am in Israel the actual vote count at 95 percent giving both Likud and Blue and White 35 seats and 15 seats to two religious parties.

The vote count at 97 percent of the vote shows that Likud and its allies on the Right are capable of forming a majority government with 65 seats making Benjamin Netanyahu the winner of the election.

The votes of soliders remain to be counted and while Benjamin Netanyahu proclaims victory, Benny Gantz is saying the vote is not final yet.

During Tuesday some controversy with accusations of spoiled ballots and missing ballots under scrutiny by Israel's Central Elections Committee.

Also, Israeli Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer, chairman of the Central Elections Committee, filing a complaint with Israeli police about body cameras being used by activists outside Arab polling stations.

The presence of cameras reflects the statement of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that cameras were needed at polling places to ensure a "kosher" election.    Police seized dozens of the cameras at the polling stations.

Late in the afternoon Netanyahu visited a beach urging people there to go out and vote.   He also said that turnout as "low" in Likud Party strongholds.

Netanyahu tweeted that the Blue and White Party of former IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz was leading and that people needed to get to the polls to "close the gap".

The New Right Party led by Naftali Bennett and Ayelet Shaked accused both Likud and the Union of Right Wing Parties of attempting to steal votes from them, an accusation denied by the Union.

British Prime Minister Theresa May meeting Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and France's President Emmanuel Macron Tuesday trying to delay the Brexit deadline now set for Friday.

An emergency European Union summit Wednesday will consider the extension.   May's Brexit plan and her latest push to delay Brexit are the source of increasing outrage and controversy in the UK.

She is accused of selling out her country and some go so far as to describe her as a traitor.

The President of the European Union, Donald Tusk, is suggesting a Brexit delay of up to one year.

President Trump has until Friday to decide on an appeal of a federal judge's ruling Monday that asylum seekers cannot be sent back to Mexico while their cases are decided.

The appeal would have to go to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Canada is tightening up on migrants seeking asylum.   An amendment in the Liberal Party's budget proposal says that anyone entering Canada with an asylum claim pending in other countries that share immigration information with Canada could be turned back at the border.

Counties that have such agreements with Canada include the US, Australia and the UK.

The vote in New Zealand's parliament Wednesday was 119-1.   Passing on third reading a new gun control law.    Passage of the law was expedited and it comes into force on Friday, a response to the mass murder attack on two mosques in Christchurch last month.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern spoke on the floor of the parliament on the occasion.

In Syria a suicide bombing attack on an army position in Hama Province.   The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says ten killed.  Syria state media says three on their side were killed and all the attackers.   A tank also destroyed in the attack.

This is apparently the latest violation by the former Al-Qaeda now HTS jihadists of the deconfliction zone in the area.  The attackers disguised themselves as farmers.

In the Chinese administered territory of Hong Kong, nine pro-democracy activists have been convicted on a "public nuisance" charge and could face up to seven years in prison.

They participated in the 2014 Umbrella Movement protests and were leaders of the thousands of people who marched in favor of Hong Kong having the right to choose its own leader and for free elections in the territory.

Attorney General William Barr telling a House committee Tuesday that he is a week away from being able to release a redacted version of Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller's report..

" was clear to us beforehand that this (commission) would end so-as the saying goes 'the mountain gave birth to a mouse'".

Russian President Vladimir Putin's assessment of the Robert Mueller investigation.   Putin spoke before the International Arctic Forum in St. Petersburg.

The Russian president also said that the probe was:

" nonsense aimed mainly at the domestic audience and used in the domestic political struggle in the US itself."  (MORE ON THIS STORY AFTER THE ALGERIA STORY)   

Protesters still demanding major change in Algeria even as a new president was named.

Abdelkhader Bensalah, the speaker of the upper house of parliament, named president Tuesday for 90 days promising transparent presidential elections.

But the crowds of protesters in the street saying "Bensalah go" because he's seen as part of  the ruling clique of the resigned president Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

Police ended up using water cannons to break up the protest.

Meanwhile, the bureau chief of France's AFP news agency was expelled from Algeria on Tuesday.

Putin said he sees in the attacks of US political establishment on President Trump "a crisis in the US political system".      More on this from the Russian news agency Tass…...LINK

In Turkey, the ruling AK Party wants a whole new election for mayor in the country's largest city.
The AK Party says it has found irregularities in the election where it lost to the opposition CHP Party by more than 20,000 votes  (A 48.8 percent to 48.6 percent margin)

In a pre-recorded video former Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that the case being made against him is the result of a conspiracy by Nissan executives fearful of losing their independence in the merged company.

Japanese prosecutors have arrested Ghosn four times on accusations of financial wrongdoing related to the notion that he took company funds for personal use.

More on the story from the BBC.....LINK

And 77 years ago this month he was a lieutenant, co-pilot of Lt. Col James Doolittle, on the historic raid on Japan in response to the attack on Pearl Harbor.   Dick Cole died at the age of 103, the last veteran of the Doolittle raid to pass away.

And that's the way it really is on this Wednesday morning April 10th, 2019.