Thursday, August 31, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF UPDATE:  Trial date set for Cliven, Ammon, Ryan Bundy, Payne, Santilli, Parker, Drexler

After lawyers on both sides and the judge traded back and forth at a "status hearing" today, it was decided that the leading Tier 1 defendants (Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli) in the Bunkerville Standoff will be tried alongside the two defendants not convicted after their first two trials (Eric Parker, Scott Drexler).

Trial date is set for October 10th.

Parker and Drexler agreed to be tried with the other defendants in the interests of them getting a trial quicker.    Those five along with the Tier 3 group have now been held without bail or trial for more than 18 months.

Ammon Bundy was not present in court today.   He was thrown back into solitary at Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump last week.   Ammon Bundy is protesting the constant body cavity searches conducted on him, involving requirements that he touch his genitals.   

Ammon's lawyer for the Bunkerville trial will be G. Morgan Philpot, who was associate counsel with Marcus Mumford at the first Oregon Standoff trial representing Ammon  Bundy.    

Mumford, by the way, is now fighting disbarment from the federal courts in Oregon after the federal government gave up on criminally charging him for demanding paperwork on his client at the end of the trial last fall.    Mumford was tackled, tased and arrested in the courtroom in front of the jury, judge and visitors last October 27th right after the not guilty verdicts were announced.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF:  Judge Navarro's agreement with Cliven Bundy brings us to today's hearing


This morning the five top level (Tier 1) defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff case will be involved in a status hearing along with the two (Tier 2) defendants prosecutor Steven Myhre still wants to prosecute after juries failed to convict them in two trials.

The six Tier 2 defendants were tried first after a previous status hearing many months ago where Cliven Bundy asked US District Judge Gloria Navarro to try the second group which contains no members of his family "so they could be home with their families soon'".

Now four of those six men are home with their families after the first two Bunkerville trials failed to convict them.

The failure to convict the defendants has slowed down the federal government's plans to try three tiers of defendants at a cost that is being hidden from public knowledge but is obviously in the many millions of dollars.

The Tier 3 group which includes Cliven Bundy's son's Mel and Dave likely won't face trial until next year.

Regardless, all of those accused in the two tiers not tried yet have been held without bail for 18 months or more without a trial.   No swift and speedy trials here.

As the Trump Administration settles in and it becomes more obvious that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the power over this case and its future track  grassroots patriots, farmers and ranchers who supported the Bunkerville protest against federal overreach are increasingly disturbed.

Sessions comments last month praising Acting US Attorney Steve Myhre for his handling of the case for "standing up and defending the office and the principles of the law" and then claiming "I'm not taking sides in the case" caused dismay among people who voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States expecting a much different tone.

We're soon going to know where the case is going after the hearing set to begin at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas at 830am this morning (August 31st).

While one can only hope and pray for good news, we may just be getting more bad news about a hellbent federal government determined to continue running kangaroo court trials.

Trials where the Constitution is banned (1st and 2nd Amendment defense), defense witnesses are totally banned, where the testimony of defendants in their own defense is cut off as it happens and stricken from the record and so on.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF BREAKING: Seven defendants to get update on trial plans Thursday

US District Judge Gloria Navarro has ordered a status hearing for seven Bunkerville Standoff defendants on Thursday including the five Tier 1 key defendants Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli.

It isn't clear what this means yet, but it will be interesting to see what happens following last week's crushing defeat for the federal prosecutors with two defendants found totally not guilty and two others not guilty on most charges.

Eric Parker and Scott Drexler, found not guilty on most charges last week in the April 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch, heard Acting US Attorney Steve Myhre tell US District Judge Gloria Navarro last week that he intended to try them for a third time on remaining charges.

Those charges (four for Parker, two for Drexler) resulted in a hung jury apparently 11-1 not guilty.

They will join the others in Gloria Navarro's courtroom Thursday morning at 8:30am Las Vegas time (11:30 am Eastern) with five Tier 1 defendants expected in person and Parker and Drexler expected to be there via telephone.

Supporters are urged to be outside the courthouse in Las Vegas Thursday morning for the hearing.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF UPDATE:  Eric Parker and Scott Drexler are free and back home in Idaho

After meeting pretrial release conditions, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler made it back home by Friday.

Andrea Parker posted photos on Facebook of her husband at home with their children.

The jury found them not guilty on most charges last Tuesday and was hung on others (four for Parker, two for Drexler) but likely with 11 jurors considering them not guilty.     Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart were found not guilty on all ten charges against them and were immediately released to freedom.

Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre in Las Vegas is the lead prosecutor in the Bunkerville Standoff case and he told US District Judge Gloria Navarro that he intends to retry Parker and Drexler for a third time on September 25th.

Myhre's arguments at a detention hearing for Parker and Drexler last Wednesday were emotional and angry.   Trial observer John Lamb described Myhre as having a "mental breakdown" in court and acting in a "childish" way.

At one point he called  Eric Parker a "slithering coward with a gun" and he brought up the t-shirt Parker wore as he left jail enroute to a halfway house the night before "Jury Nullification-No Victim No Crime". 

Myhre railed against Drexler for having camping gear and food in his truck, calling him a flight risk.  

Judge Navarro did rule in favor of releasing Parker and Drexler in the end.

Susan DeLemus posted on Facebook last week urging people to contact the Justice Department to stop wasting taxpayers money and demand that all charges be dismissed related to Bunkerville.

Her husband, Jerry, was co-chair of Veterans for Trump during the New Hamsphire Primary last year.

Jerry DeLemus was then arrested in a dawn raid by federal marshals and charged in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff.  DeLemus pled guilty, then tried to withdraw his plea but failed.

Prosecutors called for a six year sentence but Judge Gloria Navarro tacked on 15 months more in prison for Jerry DeLemus (87 month sentence) .  At sentencing Navarro called him a "bully vigilante".

DeLemus was transferred earlier this month from Nevada to the Fort Devens federal prison in Massachusetts.

Maxine Bernstein at "Oregon Live" retweeted a post from a person who monitors "extremism" linked to a video from Oregon Standoff figure David Fry (found not guilty at his trial last fall) where he spoke about his willingness to join others to do something about US District Judge Gloria Navarro.

The video was posted on You Tube, then removed.   Fry spoke about Judge Gloria Navarro without mentioning her name but saying that the judge in the case (Bunkerville) should be "grabbed by the ankles".

He also spoke:  "Drag her a** out and throw her in a f***ing jail cell".

David Fry has always had his issues but I admire the way he conducted himself in the last days of the siege by the FBI under extreme pressure from the feds.  

He was able to talk to Gavin Seim who helped David keep things nonviolent according to David's convictions with firearms being removed from the campsite occupied by the remaining four protesters.

It was absurd to hear the FBI shouting for David to "put down your gun" when David had none when they moved in on the protesters.

David threatened suicide during the surrender be he got out OK with help from others like Gavin.

He has a history of apparent marijuana use and anti-depressant use and they are not a good combination to live a normal life with as I see it.

                           IN THE FACE OF EVIL 

(This post was updated Monday August 28th to reflect late developments related to it)

Monday August 28th is the anniversary of the massive march on Washington, the "Civil Rights" march that featured the oration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Fear gripped the city with martial law in effect and the Justice Department of the Kennedy Administration controlling the sound system at the Lincoln Memorial in case the "wrong words" were spoken, ones that would incite violence.

MLK had captured the public'square and public opinion, taken it away from President John F. Kennedy.     

Kennedy was losing control.

The Democrat POTUS wanted to steer his party and the nation in a way to ensure his re-election.

The Kennedy Administration wanted to take a  "Moderate" path, a path that would advocate racial equality for the liberal Democrats alongside support for Democrat segregationists in the South.

JFK and his Attorney General RFK were in their own way the John McCain and Mitch McConnell of their party.

Kennedy won election in 1960 by appealing to the segregationist Democrats denouncing Eisenhower's dispatch of 101st Airborne Division units to Little Rock and pledging not to use federal troops in the South.   A promise broken big time in October 1962 with tens of thousands of military deployed to northern Mississippi.

JFK also got MLK out of a Georgia jail during the campaign using his power at the Democrat presidential candidate with the Democrat governor of Georgia.  JFK was portrayed as a friend of Dr. Martin Luther King with flyers handed out at black churches before the election.

But as MLK's  civil  rights protests ginned up in the early 60's, the Kennedy's tried to shut them down even anonymously bailing MLK from jail in 1962 to defuse the Albany, GA protests.

But MLK got the upper hand at Birmingham in May 1963 with the march of six and seven year old children into Bull Connor's cops distracting them so the adults could get through his lines.  Then the unnerved Connor unleashed his mouth along with water cannons and dogs for all the nation to see.

The rage against racial discrimination evidenced itself in every city in every part of the country with an increasing tempo of protests, violent and nonviolent..   

The Kennedy's feared white Democrats in the northern cities would backlash but they would hold their wrath until later in the 1960's.   For now, they excused the early violence accepting that African-Americans had some legitimate grievances.

The cycle of violence that began with race continued with the anti-war movement later on in the 1960's with increasing calls for the violence to shut down like George Wallace's third party platform of "law and order" that would be hijacked by President Richard Nixon to get the Wallace supporters on his side.

The Beatles sang a song called "Revolution" opposing the destruction of the existing society and changing its core legal foundations.

One line said "If you go around carrying pictures of Chairman Mao, you ain't gonna make it with anyone anyhow".

Mao's China was a backward nation, disconnected from the modern world back then.   In 1966 a  "Cultural Revolution" was launched that destroyed historical sites across the country including thousands in the capital city of Beijing.   Books were burned, graves desecrated, religious buildings looted and destroyed.

The names of "counter-revolutionaries" were posted on billboards and public meetings were held where the "counter-revolutionaries" were pressured to criticize themselves.

There were incidents of murder, people injured and tortured.

The spearhead of these activities were the "Red Guards" who led the destructive activities and harassment of those who were suspect.  Police were instructed not to intervene and stop Red Guard activities and any who did were labeled "counter-revolutionaries".

Starting to sound familiar.

Change the name to "Antifa" and the name of the enemies to "racists" or "white supremacists" or "hate" or "hate speech" and you can't help but sense history repeating itself in its own way in our own midst.

Are they going to stop with statues of Robert E. Lee and other Confederates?   I doubt it.   These folks have the capacity to attack anything to advance a political agenda just like China's Communist cadres did 50 years ago.

A future Pastor Niemoller could write "First they came for the Confederate statues, then they came for the Mark Twain books, then they came for Ronald Reagan speeches, then they came for the Simon and Garfunkel music"................

These 'Antifa' are indeed Red Guard types, living breathing fanatical North Korean shock troops operating in the Marxist-Leninist tradition of inciting conflict to create a revolution.

Why are there people showing up at their rallies that identify as "patriots" "Three percenters" etc.?
People inviting attacks on themselves.

Why are people talking  online about fighting Antifa head on to give them what they want?

Are these people crazy, are they plants from the Left or FBI informants being used to  create the civil war?  What gives?  Let the Antifa burn what they will and let the police decide on how much they will fight them or allow them to get away with.

All that factions fighting each other will do is give the elites the opportunity to impose a police state on us all, maybe even use fighting as an excuse to remove Trump and put someone to their liking in power.

President Trump has at least stepped up to the plate in recent days to make reference to Antifa at his Phoenix rally but many supporters of Trump are concerned about his direction and his resolve.

The systematic removal of his supporters from the White House speaks louder than any speech or words do.

Sebastian Gorka noted in his resignation for example:  "The fact that those who drafted and approved the speech (on Afghanistan) removed any mention of Radical Islam or Radical Islamic terrorism proves that a crucial element of your presidential campaign has been lost".

News was leaked out this weekend that President Trump is somehow 'backing away' from his endorsement of Luther Strange in the Republican Senate runoff election in Alabama on September 26th.

The GOPe machine used Donald Trump to help Strange with a robocall in the first round election, the same tactic used in Pennsylvania with George W, Bush's robocall for Arlen Specter in a 2004 primary election.

This news may be encouraging, but I suspect its a way of getting Donald Trump out of the way so that Roy Moore can be targeted as a racist and extremist to suck in Democrat voters just like the machine did in the 2014 Mississippi runoff  with Chris McDaniel.

Vice President Mike Pence's surfacing on Rush Limbaugh's radio program (August 28, 2017) reminded me about the significance of Roy Moore's candidacy in Alabama.

It was then Governor Pence who caved to the big corporations led by Apple and its CEO Tim Cook over a religious freedom bill for Indiana in 2015.  The legislation was designed to protect gay marriage dissenters.

When Roy Moore was interdicting gay marriage through his court rulings last year before his removal from the bench the now disgraced ex-Governor of Alabama, Robert Bentley, said he couldn't support Moore's efforts because he feared for jobs in Alabama.

That reminds us that the big corporations are the enemies of Roy Moore, big corporations that support gay marriage but also support cheap labor being moved across the borders of sovereign nations.

The big corporations against Roy Moore and the ones Mike Pence caved into to are the enemies of President Donald J. Trump's agenda.

All the more reason to fully support Roy Moore in the runoff election on September 26th and making it a major priority.

Meanwhile, there's the matter of the federal cases being made in Nevada by Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre over the April 12, 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch.  He's going back a third time to try two defendants after the jury acquitted two others on all charges with those two being acquitted on most charges and  jury apparently voting 11-1 not guilty on the others.

Myhre was raging against one of the men he wants to prosecute again in court last Wednesday, referring to Eric Parker as a  "slithering snake".

Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised Myhre for his leadership in the case last month.

The wife of the jailed without bail Cliven Bundy (18 months now), Carol Bundy, posted a video last week saying: "President Trump, you remain silent".

She noted Sessions praise of Myhre and said that Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke has the power to drop charges.   It was Interior's Bureau of Land Management that brought the Justice Department into the Bunkerville case to begin with.

Meanwhile,  Zinke has kept intact most of what Barack Obama did when he declared national monuments.   There's trimming of some of the projects.   Others were kept intact.
It all means less land available to the farmers and ranchers, more federal control.

Is the land being manipulated for the sake of big corporations and special interests to use some time down the road?   Many believe that fits right in with politics as usual in Washington.

The best response to all the business as usual evil around us remains rooted in the notion of no silence, no violence.

Lets speak out, lets participate in the political process when there's someone to vote for like Roy Moore,  lets consider civil disobedience as a means of resistance and apply it if we can.

Lets pray for those who persecute and lets pray for our own sanity in dealing with it all.   Lets take action to get sober and stay sober.

Dr. Martin Luther King had his sins and I own some, too.   You have the power as I do to take positive action to deal with our faults.

Dr King's monumental struggle against politics as usual and the "moderates" of a major political party using nonviolent methods is relevant to today.

Gandhi wrote of "War Without Violence" and lets hope that's what can be waged in the times in which we live.

In Nevada, they intend to continue this Kangaroo Court on September 25th.   Lets talk to our neighbors about what's happened in connection with Bunkerville and pass the word.

This issue should be on the front burner.   We need to stop being suckered into false fights or false issues including the notion of street fighting the Antifa or being distracted into anger with the Left and its media like the "Conservative Movement" and its media want us to be.

We need to demand that Washington bring some justice to the Bunkerville matter.   Pardons for those convicted and sentenced, the dropping of the charges against all accused.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017


Eric Parker and Scott Drexler to be tried on charges where the jury was hung in the second trial.

When the jury came down 'not guilty' on 34 of 40 charges for the defendants at the second Bunkerville Standoff trial, Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart walked free found not guilty on all charges after spending 18 months in prison without bail.

Eric Parker and Scott Drexler were released to a halfway house last night with not guilty verdicts on most of their charges and the jury hung on some (four for Parker, two for Drexler).

Today at a detention hearing in Las Vegas an animated and angered Acting US Attorney Stephen Myhre, the lead prosecutor in the case, insisted the men were dangerous and a threat and should remain in custody.

But the judge (US District Judge Gloria Navarro) decided after juries failed to convict the men at their first two trials, they will be allowed to go free ahead of the third trial.

With conditions for their release, Parker and Drexler are expected to be freed and allowed to return to their homes in Idaho.

The planned date for their third trial is September 25th.

This means plans to try the key defendants in the April 12, 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch like members of the Bundy Family (Cliven, Ammon and others) will be pushed further back as they remain locked up without bail.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017



Four men freed from jail tonight with two set to have a detention hearing tomorrow at 9:30am.

At around 5pm the jury in the second Bunkerville standoff trial announced its verdicts with not guilty on 34 of the 40 charges against the four defendants.

Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart were found not guilty on all charges.

Scott Drexler found not guilty on eight of ten charges.

Eric Parker found not guilty on six of ten charges.

All of the men had been tried before earlier this year with the jury hung on the charges against them.

They were taken to a jail in Henderson, Nevada where they were freed several hours after the verdicts.

Monday, August 21, 2017


This was the fourth day technically speaking of the jury having the case in the second Bunkerville Standoff trial of four men (Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Ricky Lovelien).

But questions coming from a juror dominated  activities at the courthouse today.

The judge was told that two jurors were biased with one fearful of guns and the other not just biased, but not diligently deliberating.

US District Judge Gloria Navarro questioned the jurors and allowed them to go back to deliberations without being dismissed from the jury.

The defense asked for a mistrial, but Judge Navarro declined.

Observers of the trial sympathetic to the defendants see something happening here which may be positive, resembling what happened in Portland during the first Oregon Standoff trial last year.

That was when the bias of a juror was questioned leading to the jurors removal and eventually a not guilty verdict for all seven defendants.

But  Judge Navarro seems stubbornly determined to see no bias in the jurors or the need to replace them perhaps fearing the possibility of a "not guilty" verdict.

One other point made in videos from John Lamb, Maureen Peltier and Andrea Parker today was that jurors did not tell the truth about themselves on questionnaires which is grounds for a mistrial.

Andrea Parker expressed her view in video posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube minutes ago that there is a hung jury in the case with two jurors stubbornly biased against the defendants.

The jury left for the day at 5pm.

Back to continue deliberations tomorrow.

Thursday, August 17, 2017


The jurors will have the next three days off before they come back to resume deliberations in the second trial of four men accused in connection with the April 12, 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch in Clark County, Nevada.

Word is that jurors had a question today over audio portions of the videos that were presented as evidence by the prosecution.    The federal government presented some of the videos without audio.
The deleted audio may have portions that could harm the prosecutions side of the case.

Trial observer Andrea Parker expressed her view in a video posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube late today that jurors are probably wondering why did we get audio in some of the videos and not on others.

Parker, who's husband Eric is one of the four men on trial, said there are some audio portions of federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management making remarks like " this is a shoot first and ask questions later scenario" among other things.

The defendants (Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Ricky Lovelien) will have to wait until next week at least to find out what the jury's verdict, if any, will be.

While the deliberations are going on the men are in a room chained at their ankles, but they are allowed to have their Bibles.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017


The jury has finished its second day of deliberations deciding the fate of four men being tried for a second time in connection with the standoff near Bundy Ranch on April 12, 2014.

Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Ricky Lovelien were not convicted in their first trial with the jury split on verdicts.   US District Judge Gloria Navarro then declared a mistrial.

Supporters of the four gathered outside the courthouse and staged a protest all day long.

Andrea Parker put duct tape over her mouth and was handcuffed wearing a shirt with "I am Eric Parker" written on it.  Eventually a mock jail cell was brought to the sidewalk for her to stand in.

But the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police then moved in to harass the protestors and demand removal of the mock cell.    The cell was then removed.

Sunday, August 13, 2017





The dramatic courtroom events that accompanied  the acquittal of Ammon Bundy and six others tried as the 'leaders' of the Oregon Standoff protest last October 27th still sears one's memory,

His lead defense lawyer Marcus Mumford was arguing for the paperwork that said the federal government could continue to hold him prisoner over the Bunkerville Standoff in 2014..

The federal government didn't produce the paperwork but the federal marshals in the courtroom descended on Mumford, tackling, tasing and arresting him.

Mumford was charged with being a disruptor of the courtroom and a threat to the federal marshals.

They actually claimed he took a threatening stance against them.

Legal wrangling led to the charges against Marcus Mumford being dropped.

But things didn't stop there.   The Chief Federal Judge in Oregon,  Michael Mosman, moved to disbar Mumford from practicing in federal courts in Oregon.

The legal wrangling over the disbarment has led to Mumford being granted a hearing on January 8th, 2018 for a full presentation of evidence to support his case against disbarment.

Mumford's successful defense of the Oregon Standoff leader Ammon Bundy and the acquittal of his co-defendants led to other  retaliatory acts including the rigged second trial for the Oregon Standoff defendants where their evidence was limited and misdemeanor charges were tacked on.

And the retaliation continued in this year's Bunkerville Standoff trials for the protests around Bundy Ranch in 2014 with increasingly severe restrictions on the defense for the accused.

The trial of the FBI agent charged with lying about shooting at LaVoy Finicum's truck in the incident that resulted in Finicum's killing will not take place as originally scheduled later this month.

The new trial date for W. Joseph Astarita, who remains on the job in an "administrative capacity" for the FBI, is in February of next year.

Evidence and potential evidence is being sorted through and considered.   It was reported recently by Maxine Bernstein of "Oregon Live" that the federal prosecutor's office is talking to Ryan Bundy's lawyer.

That's because Ryan Bundy was riding in LaVoy's truck when the shooting started and said he was injured that night with a shrapnel wound.   Bundy refused to have the shrapnel removed when he was taken to a hospital after his arrest.

Bundy said he wanted to preserve the evidence there and not have it disappear.  Now the federal government thinks Bundy's shrapnel wound may be key evidence in proving Astarita lied about shooting at the truck.

A penalty phase is now underway for some who pled guilty and or were convicted in the second trial of lesser figures in the Oregon Standoff protest.

Travis Cox received two years of probation with two months house detention recently admitting he made a rash decision and a mistake in participating in the protest.

Meanwhile, Eric Lee Flores has agreed to pay 3-thousand dollars in restitution.

On Wednesday August 16th, US District Judge Anna J. Brown ordered Oregon Standoff protestor Darryl Thorn's bail revoked.  Brown put Thorn back in jail after hearing recordings of phone calls he made where he appeared to be suicidal suggesting "suicide by cop".   The calls were made to his girlfriend.  His lawyer said Thorn was going through an "emotional crisis".

Also, still in the mix is a federal government effort to get blogger Gary Hunt to take down posts on his "Outpost of Freedom" blog that outed FBI informants in the Oregon Standoff.

Both Hunt and the federal government have been filing responses to each other with the US District Court in Portland.    The government filed its latest response last week (August 8th) in its effort to find Hunt in 'civil contempt'.

Hunt posted last Thursday (August 10th)...."what we have is a government that has turned against its citizen and afforded itself the immunity that used to belong only to the King (The King can do no wrong).  Unlike those who shot civilians in the Boston Massacre, we find no government agents standing trial for the people to determine innocence or guilt, such as the Oregon State Police and the FBI HRT members involved in the murder of LaVoy Finicum...."

With the current federal game only to charge one FBI agent with lying about the shooting that night how true Hunt's comments ring.


Friday, August 11, 2017


The latest on the removal of Eric Parker from the stand yesterday by US District Judge Gloria Navarro as he tried to testify in his own defense at the Second Bunkerville Standoff Trial.

There is no court today but court is expected again on Monday in Las Vegas.

Another defendant is planning to try to testify, Scott Drexler.

The defense may call on the judge to declare a mistrial in the case.

Supporters of the defendants are asking as many people as possible to come to either be witnesses in the courtroom or to protest outside.

Ammon Bundy, still in prison with no trial date set in connection with Bunkerville (April 12, 2014),  is expected to speak from prison about the trial with his comments posted on Bundy Ranch and Gavin Seim for Liberty Facebook pages.

Monday, August 7, 2017



Brianna Bundy is the wife of Mel Bundy, one of Cliven Bundy's sons arrested in connection with the April 12, 2014 Bunkerville Standoff.

Mel is jailed indefinitely without bail and still awaiting trial for around 18 months now.

She wrote a letter earlier this year to the new Secretary of the Interior, Ryan Zinke.

Zinke visited the area around Bundy Ranch late last month and during his visit Brianna Bundy approached the site where he was meeting with local ranchers to attempt delivery of her letter.

But she was rebuffed from her attempt by Zinke's security escort and police were called to the scene.

A video of the incident was posted on Facebook by activist Kelli Stewart and also on Gavin Seim's Facebook page on Sunday July 30th.

Stewart captions her video with a message that reads in part:

"Brianna Bundy tries to deliver personal letter to Ryan Zinke to discuss ranching and water rights.  Bundy family excluded from meeting....."

Media reports noted that Zinke was visiting the Bundy Ranch area, but that he had not met members of the Bundy Family.

Shortly after this incident, Secretary Zinke cut short his visit to the area to return to Washington, reportedly for an important meeting.