Saturday, December 31, 2016

                            HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

Welcome to a New Year 2017 and hopefully more regular posts from "Nextrush Free"  amidst a change in the White House and turbulence around the world.

2016 was a spectacular year in which politics swirled but in my estimation what was more important was the exposure of the facade of our political system through Wikileaks.

Julian Assange's efforts revealed that the political insiders say one thing to the public, but operate differently in private.

Wikileaks received leaks from the Democratic Party and it wasn't a hacking operation.

All the talk about hacking and the elections in recent days is a diversion from the truth.

Truth transcends political parties, though.

The Republican Party's "Conservative Wing", the "Conservative Movement" and the "Conservative Media" were also laid out as fraudulent.    Their virtually unanimous collusion with the Republican Party's Establishment in relentless attacks on Donald Trump that have continued even beyond his election victory.

The Corporatist, Uniparty of Democrats and Republicans seem hell bent on doing their evil in the year ahead.

I voted for Donald Trump hoping for something different and better than the business as usual system of doing things.

We can hope and pray for peace and serenity in our world, sanity and sobriety in the midst of evil.

So here we go, 2017............

Monday, March 14, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: David Fry's messages from jail,  Just say no to antidepressants, His protest story

"A year ago we were all fascinated by the horrible crash of a Germanwings A320 jet, brought about by its suicidal pilot

But now that the likely explanation has come out, there's almost total silence.  Could this be because that pilot, Andreas Lubitz, turns out to have been taking a gigantic dose of 'antidepressant ' pills, among whose known side effects are terrifying dreams, suicidal behavior and 'severe thoughts of suicide'?

Just as nobody pays any attention to the presence of benzoaizepines and amphetamines  in the flat of the San Bernadino mass murderers, or the use of 'antidepressants' by at least one of the Columbine school killer (the other shooter's medical records, absurdly, are sealed) nobody wants to know about this either.   Time we did"

                                                           Peter Hitchens-"Mail On Sunday" column- 3/13/2016

"Do I not have the right to treat my own problems of stress, anxiety and depression with my own herbal remedies?   They prefer that I use FDA approved prescription drugs which time and time again have been proven to be awful.   The vast majority of serial killers and mass murderers have been taking these FDA approved drugs.   Most of these prescription drugs even state in their commercials and warning labels of the increased chance of suicide and leave out the increased chance of a murder rampage killing spree......"

                                                          David Fry-Arrested Oregon protestor phone call 3/5/2016

David Fry was the last protestor to come out (2/11/2016)  of the FBI siege of "Camp Finicum", the encampment out in the open at the parking of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (renamed the Harney County Resource Center during the protest).

Fry was suggesting that he should end his life during a conversation that lasted more than an hour but he finally walked out asking everyone to shout "Hallelujah" as he did.

The mainstream media reporting on David Fry early in the Oregon Standoff focused on his previous drug arrest record (marijuana) and his crazy tweets.

But he served a role of value in the protest, being a line of communication to the outside world including the live account of an FBI assault on the encampment during the evening of February 10th.

Now David Fry is in jail awaiting trial for his role in the protest.   A judge has refused to release Fry citing issues like his mental health and previous arrest record.

Speaking from jail in a phone call posted on You Tube, Fry spoke against the the idea of prescription antidepressant drugs being administered to him.

There is controversy over their use, but its a muted controversy.

No doubt this is because there are people used to prescribing them in the medical profession and a pharma industry profitable and flush with cash for media power and political power.

In 2004 the Republican Party gave pharma an infusion of support with the expanded Medicare program for prescriptions (Medicare Part D).    Hundreds of millions in taxpayer and national debt support for the sale of pharma products.

Then came the Affordable Care Act and its individual mandate that everyone get medical coverage including prescription plans plus expanded Medicaid for the poor.

It all added up to another big infusion of financial support for the pharma industry.   Their stocks have soared in recent years, outperforming others.

But that leaves us with acts of mass murder being committed by people who used antidepressants like the pilot who crashed his plane in French Alps in March 2015, killing 150 people.

Its something we need to talk about more and we also need to ask more questions about.

David Fry made a new phone call from jail last weekend with a thank you to all those supporting him.    "Thanks to all those who have been sending letters", Fry said.   He listed dozens of people who have sent letters and other things including a person from Sweden.   Fry prayed in his call and laid out why he went to the protest in Oregon and what he believes about the state of the world

Fry said that on January 3rd he checked the news after a month and after praying.   ",,,,,for the the first time in my life I saw a genuine attempt at changing this nation.   People had taken over a federal building peacefully and occupying it exercising their First and Second Amendment rights."   This led Fry to make the journey to Oregon and join the protest, a protest he said was not about destroying things or killing people.

Fry recalls shouting out to LaVoy Finicum and hugging him when they first met.  Finicum asked him if he knew about computers and thus began David Fry's involvement in the high tech aspects of the protest.

I wish David Fry the best in his life, a sober and sane life, a life of peace and serenity.   I also wish him a life without mind altering and dangerous 'medication' in his body.

His mailing address in jail

David Lee Fry  SWIS ID#795444
11540 NE Inverness Drive
Portland, OR 97220

(You must put a return address on your mail)

Wednesday, March 9, 2016


                                 THE FEAR THAT KILLED A PATRIOT

                                                  LaVoy Finicum

"How many years can some people exist before they're allowed to be free..... How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see....How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky....How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry.....How man deaths will it take till he knows too many people have died....The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind."

Peter, Paul and Mary-"Blowin' In The Wind" (1963)   (written by Bob Dylan)


 "Fear Not.....Perfect Love Casts Out Fear"-

                                                      The Good Book

                  "Blowin' In The Wind"  was a song playing all over this country in the summer of 1963 as the protests of the "Civil Rights Movement' spread far and wide causing fear in Washington and a decision to employ the FBI on Dr. Martin Luther King with wiretaps and eventually audio surveillance of his hotel rooms and a 'sex tape' being sent to him in the mail.

                 When Robert LaVoy Finicum joined Ammon Bundy and the others to protest in Oregon at the beginning of this year, they came to 'love thy neighbor' as in the Hammonds (Dwight and Steven), ranchers ordered back to federal prison as terrorists for setting a backfire to protect their property.

                  The Hammonds were the latest in a long string of Western farmers and ranchers subjected to the heavy hand of federal land policy in the West, a policy that just like the racial policies that came to be known as Jim Crow in the South, developed over decades to impoverish people, make them second class citizens, leave them victimized and powerless.

                   Even though they petitioned government officials for redress of their grievances, their petitions either fell on deaf ears or were given the pretense of a response that did not undo the wrongs or prevent new wrongs from being committed.

                    And as their protest began to gain steam at town meetings in the Harney County area, Oregon's governor wrote to Washington demanding 'action' and the FBI obliged.

                    For wanting to do something peacefully, exercising his First and Second Amendment rights, LaVoy paid with his life during what the FBI called a 'traffic stop'.     A 'traffic stop' using the agency's elite "Hostage Rescue Team".

                    Now Oregon officials, whose track record during the protest was that of being willing lackeys of the FBI even to the point of pulling the triggers that killed LaVoy Finicum, have again stepped up to the plate to justify their bloody action

                     They said six shots fired by Oregon State Police including the three that hit LaVoy Finicum in the back were justified by the way he acted.
                     They Oregon officials said they would release more later on including video. Why. not now?

                      The Oregon officials also pointing out firearms were found on Finicum and in the vehicles pulled over.   Of course the facts are that the only firearms used were those used by the FBI and Oregon State Police.   The FBI side fired the first and only shots during the protest.
                    Victoria Sharp, the 18 year old gospel singer who was riding in the truck driven by LaVoy, said she was shot at by the FBI and detractors said it was just 'flash bangs'.   The investigation did reveal that an FBI HRT member did fire off two live rounds at the truck as it came to a stop.   One of them ended up shattering a window.  Victoria Sharp was telling the truth.    Four FBI agents apparently lied to cover for their buddy who used the live ammo and didn't tell anyone he did.   The Justice Department is conducting an investigation into their conduct..
                    When its all said and done, I think the media, government and left-wing activist portrayal of the non violent protestors as  'armed militants', 'armed militia', 'Bundy militia' and so on created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the general public around the nation and the members of law enforcement deployed into the situation.

                     It was speaker Gavin Seim who said in a video that the  FBI are people who 'came for violence' and on January 26th along US Route 395 they indeed did just that.

                     They fired their shots out of their fear of a 'boogeyman' built in their minds by the "Drama Kings" and "Drama Queens" of leftist political activism, the mainstream media and an ever oppressive and suspicious big government apparatus, the apparatus used to oppress farmers and ranchers in the West.

                      A 'booogeyman' called ''armed militants", "Bundy militia," "armed occupiers" and worse.

                      Indeed, District Attorney Dan Norris of Malheur County, Oregon, said the two troopers who shot LaVoy in the back thought he was reaching for a weapon to use on their fellow trooper standing in front of LaVoy.

                      Or, in other words, there was 'fear' in their hearts.

                      One other note, Jerry DeLemus was denied bail by a federal judge in New Hampshire yesterday.   She had told a courtroom packed with Jerry's supporters on Monday she needed time to consider her decision.   I suspect she, too, was living in fear of the representatives of "We The People" who were in her courtroom.   That's why she waited to deny Mr. DeLemus bail.

Saturday, March 5, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: What the latest wave of arrests tell us

OREGON STANDOFF:  The latest wave of arrests, Loretta Lynch(ed) Voy?,More Arrests,Ammon Bundy Message

I don't have all the angles covered, I'm sure others do, but there are some things we can take away from the latest arrests on charges related to the Nevada confrontation in 2014 when supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy got his stolen cattle back from the Bureau of Land Management.

Many of the people arrested on Nevada charges were also present in Oregon and some of them were already jailed for the recent protest in Oregon.

First  to New Hampshire where Gerald DeLemus was arrested for his involvement in the 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada.  DeLemus is married to a New Hampshire state legislator, Susan DeLemus, and is the co-chairman of Veterans for Trump.   DeLemus went to Oregon during the protest in January and sent video reports also saying he wanted to negotiate an
 end to it.

Two dozen people quickly showed up a few hours after his arrest when he appeared in court.
They sang "God Bless America" and DeLemus blew kisses at them.
Perhaps we will see some public pushback against the arrest waves in the "Live Free or Die" state.

Todd Engel  was also arrested for Nevada activities, but played an important role in Oregon where he scoped out the FBI and other law enforcement activities in Harney  County. On January 23rd Engel warned protest leader Ammon Bundy of FBI action within 2 to 3 days, a tragically accurate estimate.

Engel also participated in a January 24th conversation (along with Stewart Rhodes, president and founder of Oath Keepers) with LaVoy Finicum.  In that conversation, posted online after LaVoy's killing, they urged that the protest move to a safer location where there was a "Constitutional Sheriff" who could deputize protection fpr them.   "OregonLive' speculates the protestors may have been intending to move into Grant County seeking the protection of Sheriff Glenn Palmer.  LaVoy told the authorities right before they killed him that  he was seeking a meeting with Sheriff Palmer.

Eric Parker of Hailey, Idaho, another one of those arrested,  was photographed in a crouched position aiming his firearm at federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management at the Nevada standoff in 2014.

Gavin Seim's video posted late Thursday March 3rd alludes to the public obsession with presidential candidates and debate while its much more important that they take a Constitutional position and if they don't, they aren't worth supporting.

Now that a prominent Donald Trump supporter  has been arrested, there was some speculation as to whether Mr. Trump would wade into it.  But there's been no sign of it so far.  The GOP presidential candidates to a man all called for the protest to end in Oregon back in January.

But perhaps there's something to be gleaned from Mr. DeLemus who was in the 'fight' back in 2014 and was more passive during this  year's protest in Oregon and apparently more interested and involved in supporting a political candidate who comes off as a tough guy who's going to change things.

A  Nevada state legislator who supports Ted Cruz spoke of Ted as being concerned about federal land policies in the West, but also a 'law and order kind of guy'.

The 'law and order' of Jim Crow and Bull Connor used against the farmers, ranchers and protestors etc, etc, out West is not a 'law and order' rooted in justice.

The filthy system of EPA, BLM, OSHA and the list goes on alphabet soup federal control of Western farmers and ranchers has developed over the last 50 years just like the filthy system of racism developed in the South at the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th.

It disenfranchises farmers and ranchers of economic opportunity just as sure as the racist system did in the Old South.  And sometimes it even goes beyond that with murders like those that happened in those times.

I guess one could say that LaVoy Finicum was 'lynched' with bullets by a "Lynch Mob" (a pun).

A week before he was killed Oregon Governor Kate Brown released a letter to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding action against the protest.    Indeed, one could say if so inclined on a sign or on a shirt that "Loretta Lynch(ed) Lavoy".

Some 50 events are scheduled today across the country to remember LaVoy's murder.

Gavin Seim expresses his concern over more arrests and violence from federal authorites in his Thursday night video on You Tube.

Thinking out loud and remembering Mr. Engel's conversation with LaVoy, perhaps the protection of a Constitutional Sheriff and local officials willing to proclaim a 'zone of refuge' may be an idea 
That may need backup from hundreds of 'deputized' people.

I've heard the FBI is talking to people who end up getting arrested later.   Maybe it would good for video cameras to be around those who face arrest with video sent to a remote location so records of any arrests can be preserved like that famous Associated Press photographer's picture of the SWAT Team member facing the child Elian Gonzalez in Miami back in April 2000.

Late word posted from "Call of Duty Goddess" on You Tube that a message from Ammon Bundy in jail is coming on the"Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom" website.  The C4CF website is mobilizing nationwide support right now.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: How You Can Help The Imprisoned Patriots, The Real III Percenters, The "Mess"

"What can I do to help the patriots?  Lets talk about that, I'm going to give you three things right now that you can do to help the patriots"

                                                Gavin Seim in his "How to HELP the Oregon Patriots" video 

Gavin Seim, who helped the protestors in Oregon communicate with the outside world during the FBI siege, is out with a new video on how the rest of us can help the those who are now prisoners in Oregon and charged in connection with the protest.

He makes three points:

1.   "Get The Narrative Straight And Stop Deceiving Ourselves"

"Lets stop with the false patriotism, the false bravado, the flag waving you and know this attitude of "well we're America so we're better, we're the greatest and least we're still free," We're not,  We're not still free, we're not a nation of liberty anymore, we' re not even a nation of law anymore, friends.
Our government acts with impunity and they do whatever they want and they have declared war on the law, on liberty, on the people of this nation......Our patriots brothers and sisters, they are prisoners of war and we need to step up............we need to start straightening out that narrative, not only in our own minds, but on the news articles calling these guys 'terrorists' out the truth and let that truth spread.and teach it to your neighbors to your children and to the world.......the message is liberty, its loving your neighbor as yourself, its justice.....we need to step up, we need to get on our knees to appeal to Heaven we need to restore liberty.

2. "Start Showing Up"

"Show up and visit them in the prisons, show up at the rallies, show up in the courtroom, show up by sending them letters and making sure they know they are not forgotten.....Ammon, Jon Ritzheimer, David Fry, Pete Santilli and the list goes on and on and on.....when you are in jail they are mentally abusive, you feel alone and isolated and helpless, that's the goal, they want to break you and I can tell you that our guys in jail are going through a lot of abuse, it's not always slap you around physical abuse, but make no mistake it is abuse.......start showing up in any capacity you can."

3. "Start Giving"

"Our patriots, they went down to Oregon, they loved their neighbor (the Hammonds), they stood up  up for the Constitution and the rule of law  and what did the government do?   They murdered LaVoy Finicum, they assassinated him on the side of the road, they locked our patriots in cages.  We need to start putting it on the line.  They put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line.....we need to start giving of our fortunes, supporting them for legal fees and their families.....and patriots, I always see them saying "Oh we'll be here when the time comes, oh we'll be there for you" and then the time comes and the word 'money' is mentioned and they flee, they scatter in every direction or they say 'Oh, well I'm sorry, I've got a new house payment and I just bought a new boat and there's the car, there's the vacation and we're going to the game this weekend, so sorry I really can't be there for you , I can't really give any money'.   Stop making excuses.  We either step up for liberty or we are not for liberty."

Seim has set up a "" location to help support the prisoners.....a link to support information is available at

Blogger Gary Hunt ("Outpost of Freedom") recently wrote No.11 in his series "The Burns Chronicles" reflecting on the protest in Oregon and how things worked back in 1775 for the "III Percenters" of that.time.  "III Percenters" hearkens back to the 3 percent of the population who fought in the Revolutionary War.    When the time of crisis came at Concord and Lexington, thousands came to the 'scene of the action' within a short time.

Hunt noted that this did not happen in Oregon.

Hunt's last paragraph goes like this:

"As I reflect on those who wear the III% badge and otherwise do not intend to serve the cause, rather,only to serve themselves, their families, and their team, I am reminded of those who receive and award simply for being there, not realizing that to wear the III% badge calls for the courage, conviction, and commitment--that which the real III% of 240 years ago had."

Perhaps the massive expenditure of political energy and investment in political parties and political personalities distracted people from considering the crisis in Oregon with the Hammond's return to prison  and the need for justice in that situation.

During the protest it was called the "Harney County Resource Center" but now its back under federal government control as the "Malheur National Wildlife Refuge".  

The latest reporting from "OregonLive" reporter Les Zaitz focuses on cleanup at the refuge and the 'mess' made during the protest according to the manager of the facility.   However, the news reporting includes word that 'no major damage' was done during the protest.  Papers were said to have been in disarray and floors dirty.

There's also reporting about a threatening atmopshere for federal employees in Harney County in the days before the protest began just after the beginning of the new year.  That's what some employees told the media and similar statements figure in documents filed by federal prosecutors.

A little pretrial propaganda for potential jury consumption?

Friday, February 26, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF:  LaVoy Killer Shield Law Stalled, Not Guilty Pleas From Chained Defendants,  Lawyers Tour Protest Site

"He didn't even carry a gun the entire time"

Lisa Bundy talks about her husband Ammon, charged in the Oregon protest.

It was one month ago today (January 26th) that LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed.

The proposal to allow a judge to withhold the name of the Oregon State Police officer who killed LaVoy Finicum during the FBI led operation last month is stalled in Oregon's State Senate.

"Oregon Live" reports that its likely the bill won't clear the Senate before its current session ends.

"It's a complicated issue, and there's not a lot of time" is the quote published from Senate President Pro Tem Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland).

While the bill now stuck in the Senate Rules Committee only includes a 90 day ban, its reported opposition to the bill has built up from 'civil liberties and advocates and media groups".

Black Lives Matter in Portland had come out in opposition to the bill when it was in the House.

It appears that grassroots Democrats are putting pressure on their legislators who dominate Oregon's legislature causing some second thoughts about  the 90 day ban.

The investigation into LaVoy Finicum's killing is being conducted by a team from Deschutes County, Oregon (Bend, Oregon area) and was reported last month to be taking four to six weeks to complete.

On Wednesday, ten defendants appeared in a federal courtroom in Portland, shackled in chains.
Defendant David Fry quoted by "OregonLive" as saying;  "Its weird-innocent until proven guilty-shackled up."

Federal prosecutors told District Judge Anna Brown they plan a 'superseding indictment' from a grand jury by early April to put all 25 defendants under a single indictment, instead of separate ones,

They also spoke of a second superseding indictment in 90 days (more people to be charged?).

Judge Brown was quoted by "OregonLive' as being upset saying she wants a quick trial and wants the prosecutors to bring the charges sooner.

Ammon Bundy and the other nine defendants all pled 'not guilty' to the charges against them.

Ammon Bundy's wife Lisa joined defense lawyers at the protest site yesterday, but was denied admission by federal authorities.    She told "The Voice of Idaho" in a video posted last night it was agreed earlier that she would be allowed in to pick up belongings of her family and those of LaVoy Finicum.

The defense lawyers are being allowed to tour the wildlife refuge buildings under FBI supervision.

Lisa Bundy said this about the protest her husband led and is charged for:

 "It all started because we cared about our friends, the Hammonds, and you know we didn't use the lethal force.  My husband didn't even carry a gun the entire time.........He didn't even have a gun and they're saying that you know he's being charged with lethal force or whatever kind of force, carrying a gun and I'm like he didn't even carry a gun the entire time...."

So there you have it, the leader of the 'armed militia' protest in Oregon, the leader of the 'militants' at the wildlife refuge didn't even carry a gun the entire time.

It was Ammon Bundy who said something to the media early on in the protest making a comparison of his actions to those of Rosa Parks in Alabama in 1955?

Wednesday, February 24, 2016


Nevada Assemblywoman  Michele Fiore, who went in to witness the end of the protest at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge and defends those arrested there as part of the Coalition of Western States. is an upfront supporter of Senator Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nominaton.

"The Guardian" from the United Kingdom  has published  a story noting Assemblywoman Fiore is part of the Cruz leadership team in Nevada.   They quote her as saying: "Ted Cruz is the only candidate talking about giving lands back to the state where they belong."

Also on Cruz's Nevada leadership team, Assemblyman John Moore, who said that he believed LaVoy Finicum was 'murdered' in an FBI led operation last month.   Moore told "The Guardian" how he feels about the Bundy family and the federal prosecution of them over the Oregon protest and the standoff at Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch in 2014.   

"I know Cliven, Ammon and Ryan.  To me, this is purely political prosecution.    The federal government....has an agenda, and they're using the Bundys as another way to get more land."

Ted Cruz called for the protest to end after it began last month, but Nevada Assemblyman John Wheeler spoke for the campaign and told "The Guardian".

"Ted Cruz is a law and order guy.  You follow the law.  If you don't like the law, you have the power to change it .   The one thing Oregon and Bunkerville did is bring it to the front and get the conversation started."

"The Guardian" also quotes Donald Trump as opposing the transfer of federal land to state control.

Trump is quoted this way.

"I don't like the idea (of local control of federal land) because I want to keep the lands great, and you don't know what the state is going to do."

According to the "OregonLive" website, Trump is the only Republican candidate for president who opposes federal land being returned to state control.  The blog  notes that Trump made his comments to "Field and Stream" magazine last month and added some more comments from Trump in opposition to state control of federal land:  "I  mean, are they going to sell it if they get into a little bit of trouble?  And I don't think it's something that should be sold.  We have to be great stewards of the land."

"The Guardian" spoke with Cliven Bundy's wife, Carol.   She said regarding Cruz's recent statement:

"I wasn't convinced too much.  What he said is good..but I want a little more.  I want to know how he is going to do it. "

She also told "The Guardian"

"Nobody wants to take a stand on this, and I think that's sad."

Perhaps Ted Cruz and his upfront supporters like Glenn Beck, who used his microphone to defend the life of Terri Schiavo, could be a little more upfront about the jailing of the Hammonds and other issues related the federal abuse of land in the West.

Perhaps Beck could stop at the jail in Portland to visit Ammon Bundy and the other prisoners and perhaps Ted Cruz could go to Harney County, Oregon and visit the Hammond family members and maybe visit the federal prison in California to see Steven and Dwight Hammond.

The little step of producing a television spot criticizing federal control of land did help Cruz win votes in the rural areas of Nevada last night with a first place finish in Elko and Lincoln counties.

There are more farmer and rancher states of the West in play in the weeks ahead like Idaho on March 8th and Arizona and Utah on March 22nd, even Oregon has a mail in primary on May 17th.   Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Washington and northern California also play into this issue as well.

Cruz needs to notch up his concern and focus on matters like releasing the Hammond's from their unjust imprisonment.

As for Mr. Trump, his views seem very disappointing indeed and reduce any confidence I  have in him to make things better in this country.

Monday, February 22, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: The 'witch hunt for Sheriff Glenn Palmer

                               "Are you participating in the protest"
                                  Assistant who worked for me on the 2-way radio as I worked arranging
                                  coverage of an "Operation Rescue" blockade of an abortion clinic

                                  "I felt uncomfortable knowing that I had to relay vital and confidential
                                   information to someone who may not be trustworthy"

                                   911 dispatcher in Grant County, Oregon speaks about radio traffic with
                                   Sheriff Glenn Palmer on Janaury 26, 2016 when LaVoy Finicum was
                                   killed south of a roadblock set up in the county

There have been complaints aimed at Grant County, Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer after Palmer expressed sympathy for the views of those who protested in Oregon over the return to jail of the Hammond's and federal land policies in general.

When the protest began in January, Sheriff Palmer declined to go the wildlife refuge where the protest took place, but had meetings in his county with some people involved.  Palmer told the media that the release of Dwight and Steven Hammond from prison might help resolve the situation.

On January 26th when LaVoy Fincium was killed and others arrested including protest leaders they were headed for a public meeting in Grant County.   There leader Ammon Bundy and others planned to speak to the people of Grant County about what they could do to deal with federal land policies in their area.   The "OregonLive" website reported that Sheriff Palmer planned to speak there, too.

When word of the roadblock came out, Sheriff Palmer and the Grant County DA Jim Carpenter headed there but after Palmer called the 911 center and mentioned he had a passenger, the center dispatcher actually radioed their fear of a 'militiaman' being with Palmer to the state police at the roadblock..

Sheriff Palmer's activities have aroused not only suspicions and murmurs of gossip, but official complaints about his conduct from the 911 call center director Valerie Luttrell and John Day, Oregon Police Chief Richard Gray, among others.   Luttrell wrote of Palmer being considered a 'security leak' by local law enforcement, state police and the FBI.

Now the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training has asked the state's Department of Justice to investigate Palmer in a process that could lead to him losing his police certification.

Meanwhile efforts are underway to oppose Palmer for re-election as county sheriff.

Palmer has established a reputation as a 'Constitutional Sheriff' supportive of  local control including refusal to be part of a 'joint law enforcement agreement' with the federal government involving land they control in the county.

The sheriff also called the FBI led operation last month that killed LaVoy Finicum an "ambush".
That led to the Oregon State Sheriff's Association issuing a statement in opposition to him.

It all adds up to an atmosphere of suspicion and fear that's leading to who knows what for the Sheriff Glenn Palmer.

I experienced this kind of mentality when I worked in the mainstream media as a news supervisor handling weekend news coverage.   As Operation Rescue planned a blockade at a local abortion clinic, I started to show up at the legal protests in front of the clinic.   I befriended the leader and even went to his home and talked with him about calling me when the blockade began.

I was competing against six other news organizations and my actions would guarantee my organization exclusive coverage, visuals, getting the story first ahead of my competitors.   But because people knew I was "anti-abortion" and "religious" the murmurs and suspicions in the newsroom ran high.

When it all came down on a Saturday morning and I got a photographer out of bed and on the scene first, I called into the newsroom on his radio to rearrange a reporter's schedule to be on the scene as well, I got the snarky comment over the radio asking if I was participating in the protest.

Based on my own experience,  I sense the same fear and suspicion coming down on Glenn Palmer, a  'witch hunt' if you will.  The people who preach about 'diversity','tolerance' and 'inclusion' taking actions at odds with their words.

In my case  I was on my way to losing my job 13 months later.  However, being a drunk and the consequences of that gave my employer legitimate reasons to let me go.

Glenn Palmer seems headed for a much dirtier deal I sense.

The whispers and murmurs, magnified by the media have that tinge of 'guilt by association' liberals so detested in the 1950's when people who hung out with Communists were denounced.

But also ominous is"OregonLive"  reporting in recent hours that federal proseuctors may move next month to expand the indictments over the protest at the wildlife refuge and charge additional people?


Friday, February 19, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: FBI talks excrement, LaVoy killer shield law,Nevada indictments

"He's an undercover agent for the FBI sent here to infiltrate the Ku Klux Klan"  

  Charlie Daniels-"Uneasy Rider" (1973)

"Freedom is everybody's business, your business, my business, the church's business and a man who will not use his freedom to defend his freedom does not deserve his freedom."

Dr. Carl McIntire-preacher whose radio station was shut down on "Fairness Doctrine" grounds in 1973.

Lawyers for the arrested protestors in Oregon wanted answers from federal prosecutors about the evidence they are collecting and got something this week.

The prosecutors say the FBI has found explosives, firearms and a trench containing human feces at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.

For those opposed to the FBI and mistrusting of it, the planting of fake evidence is suspected.
Some would say FBI operatives-informants were in and out of the refuge during the early phase of the protest and could have planted somethng then.

The protestors of course did have firearms, but they were exercising their Second Amendment rights and only intended to use those firearms in self defense.

The record of the protest is that the only side using violence-firearms was the FBI side.

Concerning this trench of 'human feces' its important to remember that during the last phase of the protest  the final four protestors were not using the buildings fearing a Waco-style assualt on them.   They camped out in the open.    They 'did their business' outdoors.

Defense lawyers will not be allowed to see the evidence against their clients before its removed from the refuge and taken to the FBI office in Portland.

The Oregon State House voted 55-3 to pass a bill shielding the name of the Oregon State Police officer who killed LaVoy Finicum on January 26th.   The name will be withheld for 90 days,
Plans for a six month ban on release of the officer's name were considered by the Democrats pushing the bill, but backed away from when the American Civil Liberties Union balked.

The Democrats and most Republicans supported the bill with only 3 Republicans in the 'No' column.
Portland's "Black Lives Matter" used social media to condemn the legislation.

The "Black Lives Matter" group is learning a hard lesson about how dirty politics really is.
The Democrats kissed up to them but now feel the need to kiss up to law enforcement in an election year.   The Republicans have a way of betraying conservative activists, too, to play both sides of issues like illegal immigration and abortion.

The shield law goes to Oregon's State Senate on its way  to the Democrat Governor Kate Brown's expected signature.

On Wednesday, indictments from a federal grand jury in Nevada were announced over the 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy's Nevada ranch,.  As expected, those indicted were people currently jailed in Portland.

Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy,Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne and Pete Santilli were all charged.

The charge against Santilli again raises the spectre of a federal assualt on the broadcaster's First Amendment rights.   The American Civil Liberties Union is already committed to defending Santilli  over his arrest for broadcasting reports about the Malheur protest.

The last four have charges to face in Portland, but Cliven Bundy has been ordered by a judge to be moved to Nevada.  He will face charges that could put him in prison for decades and involve 3 million dollars in 'forfeitures'.

Shawna Cox, who was arrested with the others on January 26th and emerged from her vehicle to see the lifeless body of LaVoy Finicum, is suing the federal government for 'acts of the devil' against her.

She seeks 666 billion in damages,   To be exact, that's 666,666,666,666 dollars and 66 cents in damages.

Cox was handcuffed after she emerged from the vehicle driven by Finicum and comforted Victoria Sharp, who was shook up by the killing of Finicum and the shots aimed at her in the vehicle by the FBI.