Saturday, December 31, 2016

                            HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017

Welcome to a New Year 2017 and hopefully more regular posts from "Nextrush Free"  amidst a change in the White House and turbulence around the world.

2016 was a spectacular year in which politics swirled but in my estimation what was more important was the exposure of the facade of our political system through Wikileaks.

Julian Assange's efforts revealed that the political insiders say one thing to the public, but operate differently in private.

Wikileaks received leaks from the Democratic Party and it wasn't a hacking operation.

All the talk about hacking and the elections in recent days is a diversion from the truth.

Truth transcends political parties, though.

The Republican Party's "Conservative Wing", the "Conservative Movement" and the "Conservative Media" were also laid out as fraudulent.    Their virtually unanimous collusion with the Republican Party's Establishment in relentless attacks on Donald Trump that have continued even beyond his election victory.

The Corporatist, Uniparty of Democrats and Republicans seem hell bent on doing their evil in the year ahead.

I voted for Donald Trump hoping for something different and better than the business as usual system of doing things.

We can hope and pray for peace and serenity in our world, sanity and sobriety in the midst of evil.

So here we go, 2017............