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"I did...find it objectionable to treat me the way they had, as I was entering my home country, where I am a citizen.    They did not need to use such tactics or intimidation."

Nigel Farage ally Ted Malloch on his treatment by Robert Mueller FBI agents

With Nigel Farage himself set for arrival in the USA for a series of debates with former Mexican president Vicente Fox next week, an American ally of his was detained in Boston Wednesday by FBI agents associated with Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller.

London based academic Ted Malloch told "The Guardian" in a statement that his experience with the FBI was bewildering and intimidating at times.   They separated him from his wife as he arrived at the airport, then proceeded to warn him that lying to the FBI was a felony.

Malloch said he was asked about  Republican strategist and Trump supporter Roger Stone and whether he had visited the Ecuadorian embassy in London where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange is holed up.

Nigel Farage has publicly acknowledged visiting Assange on behalf of the London media outlet LBC where he hosts a talk show.   Farage has also joked on his show about the notion that he was a "bagman" between the Trump campaign and Assange.

Mr. Malloch has appeared on Farage's radio show and been seen with him in Brussels.

Malloch released a statement yesterday after his release saying in part that he talked with Stone three times and knew nothing about WikiLeaks.

The FBI seized his phone and said it would be taken to Washington DC for a 'full assessment".

Is Farage next on the FBI hit list when he arrives in the USA for his debate appearances next week?

Link below.......

"The Guardian" Story

Wednesday, March 28, 2018


A court document filed this week by a defense lawyer in Las Vegas gives some details about the emergence of a new memo in the Bunkerville Standoff case from Bureau of Land Management agent Larry Wooten.

The US Attorney's Office in Las Vegas and the Justice Department in Washington both received the memo on March 9th.

On March 21st defense lawyers received a motion from federal prosecutors to file under seal the new memo detailing allegations of improper conduct by federal law enforcement etc. in the Bunkerville case.

Its appears that the feds want to keep the contents of Wooten's new memo secret with Wooten expanding and detailing his original allegations.

"This email, being referred to as The Wooten Email-2, is apparently, as gleaned from the contents of the government's filing , a more detailed and comprehensive document that identifies the persons, and source materials, and additional witnesses, in support of the claims made by BLM SA Wooten in the original Wooten Email, and that the contents of the Wooten Email-2 further develops those claims and accusations"

Court filing by defendant Todd Engel's lawyer this week in Las Vegas

Wooten is  also providing names of additional witnesses who will back up what he said about federal misconduct in the case.

In a recent Facebook posting Ammon Bundy, a key defendant in the case, argued that there should be full disclosure of the new email's content so the public can make its own determination.

But federal prosecutors are arguing that "government employees and others have privacy rights that outweigh public right to access".


"....true Zionism involved emigration to Palestine, working with our own hands to 'redeem' and build up the country, and create there a model society based on social, economic and political equality......"

"David Ben Gurion Looks Back"-In talks with Moshe Pearlman published 1965

"For united we stand, divided we fall"

As sung by  "The Brotherhood of Man" (1970)

Jeremy Corbyn, the socialist style Labor Party leader in the UK reminds me of what  "Labor" and "Socialist" parties used to stand for.   The people who work for a living were deserving of protection from big business and a more communal view of living was an option.

Just like Israel's famous leader, its first Prime Minister and devout socialist-communalist David Ben- Gurion.  Ben-Gurion helped to create the "Jewish Labor Party" when he was still a young man in Poland back in 1905 and 16 years later helped to create the "Histradut" labor union.

But nowadays fake "Labor" and "Socialist" parties have to follow the lead of the money funding them from big business and big banks and use it to fund fake politics involving emotional distractions instead of caring about working people and their wages and benefits and living conditions etc. etc. etc..

In Israel itself, they don't even call it the "Labor Party" anymore.

These emotional distractions help advance the cause of the crony capitalists instead of the working people.

Some examples of 'emotional distractions'.

1. "Diversity" as in LGBT rights.  The big banks and corporations get to look good embracing this even as they cut wages and benefits when measured against inflation and the devaluation of currency in the last decade.  We are for LGBT people and gay marriage etc. etc. so you like us and will buy our products and work for us at lower wages and with less benefits.

On the matter of race, the money has been and is being passed from corporate coffers to the likes of Sharpton and Jackson, Black Lives Matter, the Democrat Party's front group NAACP and others to buy off and pacify people.

In the past the "equality of women" was a big win for big business in the West not to mention the former Soviet Union on the other side.  Having both the husbands and wives in workforces justified overall lower pay back in the USSR from its beginnings and in the West in the 1970's and 80's when inflation was messing with normal monetary values.

And its good to keep paying lip service to that, too, playing to the rage of women who have real or imagined hurts in their lives and distracting them from the lower wages and reduced benefits they receive in today's workforce.

2.  "Multiculturalism" is one of the best because it enables the capitalists who buy politicians to move the cheap labor across borders wounding the living standards of entire nations and peoples.

3.  "Climate Change" when you cut through the crap is designed to scare people into paying new taxes to "save the planet".  Taxes on things like their utility bills and gasoline for their cars.   Taxes that impact the little people more than the big people.

4.  Last but not least the "Gun Violence" rage blaming guns for mass murder incidents with business-banking pressure being applied towards the sales of firearms in stores, the manufacturing of firearms in factories and the National Rifle Association.

Another emotional raging distraction from jobs that offer less to working people than they used to receive.

Fear of Corbyn undermining crony capitalism and its control of politics more than anything else drives this "Anti-Semitism" crock  dumped at his doorstep recently.

Corbyn is a thorn in the side of Globalists and Corporatists with his refusal to participate actively in campaigns to undermine Brexit (millions of Labor voters supported it) and his recent momentary deviation from the "Uniparty Line" regarding Russian involvement with the nerve agent incident added to his pariah status with the One World Capitalists.

If there are any in the Labor Party who have contributed to the increased incidents of Anti-Semitism in the UK and Western Europe, it is those forces Corbyn displaced, the crony capitalist Tony Blairites.   The Blairites in the Labor Party who oppose Corbyn are the biggest supporters of big business and open borders for cheap labor including Muslims who hate Jews to move across.

When Israel fought for its existence it was led by socialists like David Ben-Gurion, Moshe Dayan and Golda Meir.   Soviet controlled Czechoslovakia sent guns.

In the early 1950's when Winston Churchill of the UK and Dwight Eisenhower of the USA, the "conservative pro-business" leaders, were unwilling to supply Israel with jet aircraft to meet the Soviet ones going to Egypt and Syria socialist Ben-Gurion turned to socialist led France.

The French Socialist Prime Minister Guy Mollet provided Israel with modern jets used with great success in the 1956 war.

When the Kennedy's were assassinated in the 1960's, journalist Howard K. Smith was put on ABC-TV to offer instant commentary and both times Smith brought up the English way of dealing with firearms.

What Smith who was an anti-capitalist crusader as an Oxford student in 1939 being elected President of the Labor Club (the first non-British leader of the group) didn't realize is that the gun laws of the UK were enacted in 1920 by fear of an anti-capitalist anarchy.

There was fear of Communist revolution after the then recent events in Russia and that led the capitalists of Britain and their political lackeys to enact legislation that moved the UK away from its unlimited Second Amendment style of gun ownership.

Perhaps the capitalists of the Liberal and Conservative parties were onto something.  There would be a minority Labor government in 1924 and a general strike in 1926 in the UK.   They disarmed the general population perhaps in the "nick of time".

The fake forces of the "Right" like the Republican Party and its front groups (Conservative, Patriot, Oathkeepers, III Percent, Second Amendment etc.) all want you to see the Left as the big bad problem constantly dishing out the propaganda trashing and attacking the Democrats-Left as so nasty you end up thinking the liberal RINO business bought Republicans are better.

Those business forces put their money into the GOP and its front groups whose propaganda suckers millions every election cycle into passing the blame to the Left when its really business forces that want to disarm Americans so they will not be a threat to Globalism.

Business buys the politicians, their allied special interest groups and supporting media outlets to create the Left-Right fight.

Maybe its time we stop being suckers for it and be sympathetic to anyone out there including people different from us like old guard socialist Jeremy Corbyn who raise objections and undermine the Corporatists-Globalists who try to exercise a vise grip on politics.

"United We Stand, Divided We Fall" to me means standing with anyone anywhere who questions the ruling elites.

When we unite and stand and stop fighting each other, forces of the Left and Right may yet stop the "New World Order" from overcoming and enslaving both our generation and future generations.


Saturday, March 24, 2018


"Well, we have whistleblower memo #2 that has been sent to the DOJ, the prosecution and the defense attorneys, and it is currently under seal.  Our question is always the same: Why hide the truth?  Its so easy to tell so just tell it and let the public decide who is in the wrong...."

Ammon Bundy "Facebook" post 3/24/2018

Federal Bureau of Land Management Special Agent Larry Wooten has written a second memo regarding misconduct in the federal investigation into the Bunkerville Standoff between federal law enforcement and the Bundy's and their supporters.

Wooten has reportedly laid out more details in this second memo about the unprofessional, unethical and possibly illegal conduct of federal law enforcement he presented in the first memo with other agents described as willing to testify about it.   

There are specific names of agents involved in wrongdoing  laid out in this new memo.

Wooten's first memo was explosive in and of itself with its references to the now fired BLM Special Agent Dan Love's "Kill Book" and how federal agents resorted to name calling of defendants, asking people who didn't agree with their handling of the case if they "were Mormons" and so on.

Pornography also was mentioned in the first memo with pornographic statements made about defendants in the case, pictures of them altered to make them pornographic and Agent Love's sharing of pornographic pictures of his girlfriend with subordinates.

Ammon Bundy discussed the latest memo in a "Facebook" posting today (Saturday March 24th).

Parts of the first memo are redacted as well and Bundy called for the truth to come out in the "United States vs. Cliven Bundy et al" case that has already saddled taxpayers with hundreds of millions of dollars of expense.

Links below........

Ammon Bundy's Real Facebook Page (There are fakes)

First Larry Wooten Memo


Sunday, March 18, 2018


Last Thursday (March 15th) the New Hampshire legislature rejected a motion to call for a presidential pardon for Jerry DeLemus in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff.

In early 2016 DeLemus was co-chair of the Veterans Coalition for Donald Trump in New Hampshire during the New Hampshire Primary.  Jerry was pictured along with his wife Susan DeLemus, then a member of the State House, and Mr. Trump.

After the primary, DeLemus was arrested in an early morning raid by federal marshals and ended up in a prison in Nevada.  He was pressured into a guilty plea-plea deal and agreed to it.

But later he wanted to withdraw but was unable to.

DeLemus was given an 87 month sentence last year by US District Judge Gloria Navarro, who branded him a 'vigilante bully' at sentencing.   

Jerry DeLemus was sent to the Devens federal prison in Massachusetts, the same lockup where former Congressman Anthony Weiner is serving a much lighter sentence.

This turn of events reminds us of the need for President Donald J. Trump to pardon Jerry DeLemus.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who helped President Trump in Arizona during its primary in 2016,  received his pardon for the charges leveled against him by the Obama Administration's Justice Department.

Jerry helped President Trump in New Hampshire and it only seems appropriate if nothing else for such a pardon to be granted.

Link below.......

Saturday, March 17, 2018


"If you think this country is free, you are dead wrong!  Wake up Americans!"

Briana Bundy "Facebook" post 

When Mel and Brianna Bundy tried to travel from Las Vegas to Portland, Oregon for Thursday's sentencing hearing for Joe O'Shaughnessy in connection with the Oregon Standoff, they ran into trouble.

There were four S's (SSSS) on their airline tickets designating them as being on the terrorist watch list for airline travel.

It just reminds us that things are not right and they need to change.

Three men remain imprisoned in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff (Todd Engel in Nevada, Greg Burleson in Pennsylvania and Jerry Delemus in Massachusetts).    The first two were convicted and the last pled guilty with evidence proving their innocence hidden by the federal prosecutors.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions new US Attorney in Nevada, Dayle Elieson, and the prosecution team are appealing to have the charges reinstated against the key defendants in the case.

One interesting exception to the "No Bundy Flying Rule" was when Cliven Bundy flew from Las Vegas to Portland in February 2016 planning to see his sons in jail and visit the protest site in eastern Oregon.

Of course that was because Cliven Bundy was flying into a trap at the airport in Portland with a SWAT team waiting to arrest him.



He pled guilty in connection with Oregon Standoff protest and was facing charges in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff.

Joe O'Shaughnessy was jailed without bail for 21 months and then freed when the hidden evidence proving his innocence came out late last year.  Early this year the Justice Department withdrew his Bunkerville charges but they have appealed US District Judge Gloria Navarro's dismissal of charges against the key defendants.

Last Thursday (July 15th) O'Shaunghnessy appeared for sentencing at US District Court in Portland.

He got the time he's served in jail and was sentenced to two years of supervised release.  

His defense lawyer had argured for just one year of supervised release.

Also worth noting is that the attempt of Mel and Brianna Bundy to get to Portland by airliner was rebuffed at the airport in Las Vegas because they are on the "terrorist watch list".    They had hoped to get to Portland to show their support for Joe O'Shaughnessy.


Last Wednesday (March 14th) Ryan Bundy appeared in Las Vegas to announce that he will be a candidate for Governor of Nevada this year.

Bundy''s intention is to run as an independent, running against the Republican and Democrat candidates in the general election this fall.

Soon Bundy will be on a listening tour across the state of Nevada as his candidacy moves forward.

His brother Ammon posted on Facebook today (March 17th) regarding President Trump's announcement of a plan for a monthly Governors Council to deal with federal state issues from federal regulation to federal funding aimed at states.

His post said in part:

"With Ryan Bundy as Nevada's next Governor, we can engage with great knowledge and success"

Links Below........

Fox 5 Las Vegas Video on Ryan Bundy Announcment


Thursday, March 15, 2018


I was pleasantly surprised to see that President Trump has opted to make Larry Kudlow his top economic advisor.

I've listened to Kudlow over the years and seen some of him on television and he seems to me to be a very level headed guy.

He isn't too swallowed up in hysteria or conspiratorial thinking or way out ideas.

Larry may be a "Wall Street Journal" insider, I admit.

But what I appreciate about him most memorably is his performance as a CNBC host back in February of 2010 when Tiger Woods held a news conference to apologize for his behavior and described himself as an addict when it came to sex.

Larry's ability to use phrases like "One Day At A Time" to describe Tiger's future path, a phrase associated with recovery from addiction and intoxication, was masterful.

The economic conditions in the world over the last decade have been very difficult to say the least, the worst since the 1930's and the challenges are enormous.

President Trump's move last week to impose tariffs reflects just how serious conditions are in the USA today and lets hope Larry Kudlow can bring some common sense into the room.

Regardless of the political propaganda, my sense is that the economy is lagging with wage stagnation.

My big corporation employer gave me a bonus and pay raise, but then turned around and cut my hours.

I see people around me in similar straights.

If you remember history, you will remember what came out of those terrible economic conditions of the 1930's, a horrible world war.

And that is where we must go next.

There was Great Britain under attack and increasing sympathy and support from the USA.  Then finally the USA entering World War II

Then after it was all said and done the United States emerged economically supreme and  Great Britain was diminished after expensive bills for two world wars over a 30 year period.

And where is the United States nowadays anyway some 20 trillion dollars in the hole with a national debt held by nations like China and Japan whose leaders got the special treatment from President Trump at Mar-a-Lago last year.

President Trump also traveled to Saudi Arabia, doing the sword dance with its leaders, and getting promises that Saudi dollars would be invested in America's infrastructure and America's defense industry through purchases of weapons.

Saudi Arabia has been financing Al Qaeda jihadists fighting in Syria against that country's government, backed by Iran and Russia.

As Peter Hitchens pointed out in his February 25th column:

"the 'rebels' and 'activists' in the suburbs of Damascus are the people we used to call Al Qaeda. That is they are the ones who blew up the Twin Towers.  But Al Qaeda has now got some very good spin doctors, and they're trying to spin you"

Part of that spin has been the notion of chemical weapons attacks on civilians in Syria.  The propaganda rolled out last year was repeated verbatim by US UN Ambassador Nikki  Haley leading to a US cruise missile attack against a Syrian airbase.

But its hard to convince people to care about something going on in a distant land but what about something in a country much nearer like the United Kingdom.

We now have a similar narrative there from Prime Minister Theresa May and the direct blame being put on Russia's government with President Donald Trump backing her up.

And what comes next and who benefits from a conflict between the US, UK, EU etc. and Russia and who comes out holding the best economic position in the world after all that.

China's new ruler for life President Xi sees China on its way to being the greatest nation in the world in 30 years and if we keep going down the path we appear to be going with Russia Xi's vision could be realized even sooner.

Its great to see Larry Kudlow in Washington but with all this other stuff on the table, his presence may be irrelevant in the face of the increasing likelihood of another costly war in the aftermath of 9/11.

But this time the USA will be allied with the jihadist perpetrators of that terrorist outrage fighting Russia in Syria.

Friday, March 9, 2018


"America is not happy with the Republicans, Americans are not happy with the Democrats."

Cliven Bundy speaks to the Independent American Party of Nevada convention 2/23/2018

"Going to the candidates debate, laugh about it, shout about it,  when you got to choose every way you look at it you lose"

Simon and Garfunkel-"Mrs. Robinson" (1968)

"We have to support this party cause we hate the other one a little bit more.  Makes it very, very difficult to get genuine change in this country"

Nigel Farage talks the two-party political game on "The Nigel Farage Show" 12/17/2017

Ryan Bundy will run for Governor of Nevada this year as an independent candidate.

Bundy told "The Nevada Independent":  "The state of Nevada  needs someone who will stand up for statehood, and recognize that Nevada is a sovereign state, not just a province of the U.S"

He doesn't believe that any of the other candidates for governor would actually enforce state sovereignty over land and resources.    

Numerous Democrats are running for governor along with two Republicans.   The GOP candidates are the state's Attorney General Adam Laxalt and the state's Treasurer Dan Schwartz.

A third candidate in the race who takes a Consitutional position could offer Nevada voters an opportunity for real change and real protection of the farmers and ranchers like Cliven Bundy from federal control.

As Ryan's wife Angie explained in a Facebook post Thursday (March 8th):

"Whatever it takes means exactly that.   This isn't something he wants to do, but we see no changes coming otherwise."

If Ryan Bundy is perceived as a serious threat to the major parties the big party machines of the Republicans and or Democrats will gear up to smear Bundy personally.

They will also distract voters with fear and anger to cut down his vote in November telling voters that a vote for Bundy will cause the other "evil awful super bad downright dirty party" to win the election.

Meanwhile his brother Ammon Bundy is challenging the contention of a Republican state senator in the state where he lives (Idaho) that there is no urgent need to pass state legislation to repeal portions of the National Defense Authorization Act.

A bill to repeal-nullify offending parts of the NDAA in Idaho has overwhelmingly passed the State House and moved onto the State Senate.

Ammon Bundy says the NDAA would authorize the arrest and detention of Americans without any charges, any bail or any trial.   

Senator Jeff Siddoway  told the leader of the People Against NDAA (PANDAA) organization in Idaho that he does not believe the bill should be considered because there is no "imminent threat".

Siddoway identifies as a "Conservative" who supports "the Constitution".  He is also a member of the LDS Church (Mormon).

It was the Mormon populated region of eastern Idaho that first turned in the direction of the Republican Party bucking the 1964 trend and supporting Barry Goldwater for President.

They were voting against  increasing federal government control over western lands and a federal government moving away from the Constitution.

Fifty four years later a federal government imcluding Republican Attorney General Jeff Sessions continues to insist on the prosecution of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Cliven Bundy and Ryan Payne for using their Consitututional rights to defend their Constitutional rights at Bundy Ranch in 2014.

Addressing Republican State Senator Siddoway's reluctance to protect the Constitutional rights of Idaho's citizens Ammon Bundy said in a video posted Wednesday:

"Senator Siddoway what do you consider as an imminent threat?   I would like to know that.  Is that after someone has been detained unknown to their family after federal agency agents kicked in a family's door and terrorized them and drug off their loved one and taken them who knows where.  Is that after due process then has been deprived to an individual..........

Ammon Bundy video  3/7/2018

Bundy recited the Constitutional amendments that the NDAA violates regarding rights to a speedy trial, a public trial, deprivation of rights of life, liberty and property without due process and more, cruel and unusual punishment etc. etc.

We'll await further developments in Idaho during the election year 2018 to see what Senator Jeff Siddoway and other Republican politicians do in Idaho regarding the legislation to end the NDAA in Idaho.

Links below to story on Ryan Bundy candidacy and Ammon Bundy video about Senator Siddoway and the NDAA law in Idaho........

Ryan Bundy Story "The Nevada Independent"

Ammon Bundy Video To Senator Siddoway


Thursday, March 8, 2018


"'Shoot his f***ing dog first'"

Bureau of Land Management agent Larry Wooten's memo quoting leaked federal body cam footage from the 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch

"Evil has no bounds.   Deepest condolences to the Finicum family who has suffered greatly for the cause of Freedom.  Now Lavoy's dog has been shot and killed.  We love you Jeanette."

Ammon Bundy's reaction on "Facebook" 3/7/2018

"We found Diamond out in the field.  Shot Dead.  I feel like I've lost another piece of LaVoy all over again."

Jeanette Finicum's post on "Facebook" 3/7/2018

There was a Facebook post several days ago about LaVoy Finicum's dog "Diamond" going missing at the Finicum ranch in northern Arizona.

Now word that the dog was found shot dead.

It was the sick mentality of federal agents and prosecutors as revealed in the "Wooten Memo" that led to LaVoy's death and indeed we now see another manifestation of that sick, evil thinking.

Links below Facebook pages and the "Wooten Memo"

Ammon Bundy Facebook

Cowboys Stand For Freedom-LaVoy Finicum Facebook

Larry Wooten Memo

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


"Govt experts found that the 2nd shot-as LaVoy Finicum is stepping from his truck-'the defendant is the only person in the core of probablility where that shot could have been taken'"............

"Oregon Live" reporter Maxine Bernstein Tweet 3/6/2018

Federal prosecutors think that FBI Hostage Rescue Team agent W. Joseph Astarita fired his second shot as LaVoy Finicum was leaving his truck moments before being gunned down by Oregon State Police.

Assistant US Attorney Paul Maloney said that government experts have determined Astarita was the only person in the "core of probability" where the shot could have been taken.

Agent Astarita is set to go on trial July 24th for lying and only for lying about what happened during the "felony traffic stop" operation where LaVoy Finicum was killed and Ryan Bundy injured.

Ryan Bundy was apparentlu shot by the FBI agent since one of his shell casings was never recovered and Bundy was x-rayed with shrapnel appearing in the picture hours after the shooting.

The FBI's agent's shooting reinforces the notion of Finicum's friends and supporters that LaVoy was trying to draw fire away from the pickup truck and its passengers as he headed into the snow to be shot dead by the Oregon State Police.

And while its the contention of the OSP that they fired their fatal shots because LaVoy Finicum was reaching for his pocket which contained a pistol, what was Agent Astarita's reasoning for opening fire in the direction of LaVoy and the three passengers in his truck before that?

At the pre-trial hearing in Portland yesterday, US District Judge Robert E. Jones directed the prosecution to have its experts share their methodology used to reach conclusions about Astarita's shooting with defense experts next month.

Proescutors expressed their concern that such disclosure would be used against their experts at trial.

Judge Jones was responsible for detention of the Oregon Standoff protesters.  Jones told Ammon Bundy during a jail cell meeting in Portland in 2016 that he wasn't going to be released.  Bundy's lawyer said federal prosecutors told the lawyer that he and the others were 'the most dangerous men' they had ever prosecuted.

Links below........

Oregon Live Story 3/6/2018

Tuesday, March 6, 2018


"It is three months until I'll be able to make a phone call or have visitors.  Gee aren't I a lucky man"

Greg Burleson message from prison 3/3/2018

Greg Burleson was convicted in the first Bunkerville Standoff trial on eight charges with US District Judge Gloria Navarro banning the First and Second Amendments as a defense and the federal prosecutors withholding the evidence that pointed to federal law enforcment's aggressive posture towards the protesters.

Burleson was sentenced to 68 years in prison last July and is now at the Allenwood federal lockup in north central Pennsylvania not too far from Williamsport.

In his message Burleson noted the second anniversary of his arrest:

"Hello all, today is the second anniversary of my arrest on made up falsified charges.  And an  indictment that was given because the prosecutors fabricated and withheld information"

Link to Greg Burleson Facebook page is below......

Political Patriot Prisoner Greg Burleson Facebook


The planned plea deal sentencing of Blaine Cooper in the Bunkerville Standoff case was scheduled for this Thursday March 8th, but has now been continued for 90 days.

Cooper's lawyer Matthew Lay and prosecutor Daniel Schiess agreed to vacate the hearing and continue it.

With the dismissal of charges against key defendants (Cliven, Ammon and Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne) by US District Judge Gloria Navarro "with prejudice" the US Attorney's office has decided to fight back.

They are asking Judge Navarro to reverse her decision so they can try the defendants again and if she refuses, they are expected to appeal her ruling to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The new US Attorney in Las Vegas appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Dayle Elieson, has decided to double down and keep trying to find a way to prosecute the Bundy's and other defendants in connection with April 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch.

In light of the legal situation remaining in limbo, both sides in Blaine Cooper's case are on hold for now regarding his plea deal sentencing,

Monday, March 5, 2018


Last year in the first Bunkerville Standoff trial, Todd Engel was convicted on two felony charges with a maximum sentence of 30 years.    Greg Burleson was also convicted in that trial but the jury deadlocked on the 40 charges against four other defendants and US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro declared a mistrial for them.

Burleson was sentenced to 68 years in prison last July but Engel's sentencing was pushed back to March 22nd, 2018.

Las Vegas lawyer Warren Markowitz filed appeals on Engel's behalf last month after supporters raised the 25-thousand dollars needed to fund it.

One appeal calls for Engel's release from jail and another calls for a new trial.

On February 26th the federal government led by the new US Attorney for Nevada appointed by Jeff Sessions, Dayle Elieson, along with lead prosecutor Steven Myhre and his associates Daniel Schiess and Nadia Ahmed filed a 26 page argument objecting to both appeals.

They say Engel has been convicted of a violent crime and claim there has been no "Brady Violation" of withholding evidence in his case.  Of course in the third trial it was conclusively revealed that evidence favoring defendants in the Bunkerville trials was as Judge Navarro put it "willfully" withheld by the prosecution.

Attorney Markowitz posted on his "Facebook" page:

"The long and short, is that they have him, want to keep him, and he's a very bad man.  The hypocrisy is overwhelming."

The federal prosecutors response to the appeals said that Engel should serve 17 and a half years in prison.

Markowitz has now filed his written response to the federal prosecutors arguments and he is expecting some decision from the judge this week.

Link to Markowitz Law Firm "Facebook" below......

Facebook for Todd Engel's Appeals Lawyer

Friday, March 2, 2018


"I just want government to do what I've told them to do.  I'm not out for a revolution, but change definitely needs to happen.....I don't want to overturn government because I want power.  I just want to live and be left alone."

Ryan Bundy "E and E News" 2/26/2018

Ryan Bundy was recently interviewed by "Energy and Environment" News which is a Washington DC based media company with a vested interest in reporting government bureaucracies related to those fields and private companies that benefit from the government regulations.

Bundy told his interviewer Jennifer Yachnin about his plans for the Bundy Ranch, where he's now working.   He said the the ranch will built up and improved, waters, corrals and the size of the herd.

Ryan Bundy was asked about the recent withdrawal of a civil suit involving himself and three other passengers in LaVoy Finicum's pickup truck who came under assault from federal and state law enforcement on January 26, 2016.   Finicum was killed in that assault and Bundy himself was injured by shrapnel.

"I'm pursuing it elsewhere.   I'm turning it over to a common law grand jury to bring those who have done atrocities to some accountability....Common law is the basis for all our laws, and it is the strongest jurisdiction.  It's stronger than the admiralty courts, which are what we're being subjected to now.  There's a process there, and I'm still learning myself about it."

Ryan Bundy "E and E News"  2/26/2018

When asked about the Obama Adminstration's designation of a "national monument" including the 160 acre Bundy Ranch and the Trump Administrations response to it, Bundy had this to say:

"It just needs to be completely dismantled.  It's unconstitutional.  The monuments are unconstitutional.......Well let's see:  If I stole your house and I said, 'Well  I feel bad about stealing your house.  I'll give you half of it back' .  Would you feel good about that?   No you wouldn't.  Shrinking back is just a mockery.  It's not law.  It's not constitutional.  If something was wrong from the get-go, it's wrong all the way.  An entire matter fails on its first fault and defect.

I think that  theTrump Administration is obviously better than what we've had for a lot of years. The last administration that I thought was doing any good at all was the Reagan Administration and that was a long time ago.  We haven't had a decent president since Reagan.

You know Trump is doing some good things.   I'm not 100 percent pleased with him, but it's a lot better than what we've had for a long time."

Ryan Bundy "E and E News" 2/26/2018

The Trump Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke has unveiled a plan to only designate part of the lands the Obama Administration was planning to designate as "national monuments".    It has not been revealed whether Bundy Ranch was taken off the planned monument designation.

Links to the article below and the transcript of the entire interview.   The article has links to audio and a transcript of the entire interview including including parts not published in the online story.