Tuesday, October 31, 2017


US District Judge Gloria J. Navarro said in court today that she made 'an inadvertent mistake' in removing five potential jurors the defense wanted to keep.  

Navarro then acted to remove eight potential jurors the prosecution said they wanted to keep.

Today there were 57 potential jurors in the courtroom, a group different from yesterday.

A scratchy voiced Cliven Bundy addressed the potential jurors.

"Good morning and thank you for coming.   I appreciate it very much", Bundy said.

Judge Navarro has informed potential jurors of the trial schedule, telling them to expect the trial to last into February of next year, with two days off at Thanksgiving, one day at Christmas and New Year's Day and a "dark week" the week of December 4th.

A list of over 1100 potential witnesses is being read to the prospective jurors who are asked if they know anyone on the list.

It includes fired Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love, who commanded the federal side of the standoff, Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, who was also present at the standoff talking with both sides and helping with the release of the Bundy cattle and media personality Glenn Beck.  Beck had a private conversation with Cliven Bundy in the aftermath of the standoff and spoke about it on his media programs.

Many interesting things were said by prospective jurors including a couple who cited "Uranium One" as the reason for both the Oregon Standoff and Bunkerville Standoff protests.

Regarding "militias" several  had  negative impressions while a couple of others had positive feelings about them.

One potential juror was disturbed by the Bureau of Land Management's practice of killing the Bundy family's cattle using helicopters.

16 of 33 of a group of potential jurors said they would have a problem with guns at a protest.

Ten of the jurors were the focus of attention in the courtroom today with some liked by the defense and others by the prosecution.

30 more prospective jurors will be in the courtroom tomorrow Wednesday November 1st.

As Judge Navarro adjourned for the day one of the observers in the courtroom, Shawna Cox, yelled out "Happy Birthday Ryan" and others who came in support of the defendants joined in wishing Ryan Bundy a happy 45th birthday.


Monday, October 30, 2017



Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne entered the courtroom in Las Vegas today with  red jail uniforms on that read "Detainee" on the back.

It was the beginning of their trial in connection with the April 12, 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch.

There were 49 potential jurors on hand today as proceedings got underway before US District Judge Gloria Navarro.  Hundreds will be questioned before the end of the process.

Ammon Bundy's attorney J.. Morgan Philpot called for a further delay of the trial because of the impact of the October 1st mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Ryan Bundy objected to being forced to wear leg shackles.

It turns out Ryan Bundy hasn't had a shave or shower in a week.

Ryan Bundy, who's arguing in his own defense, apologized for his ragged appearance to potential jurors and asked them guestions.  One was  "Anyone believe the government makes no mistakes?" and another "Anyone believe the government can make mistakes?".   The group of jurors were silent for the first with many hands shooting up for the second.

A third question: "Who believes if a man is arrested, the arrest alone is an indication he is guilty?"

In a video report posted at the "JGrady" account on You Tube John Lamb said that Ryan and Ammon were still wearing Pahrump prison uniforms while Cliven Bundy and Ryan Payne were dressed in Henderson Detention Center garb.

This startled US District Judge Gloria Navarro who had issued a written order for defendants to be transferred to Henderson from Pahrump ahead of the opening of the trial.

The first potential juror in the front row is a friend of a key witness Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo and even had dinner with him Sunday night, according to Lamb.

Kelli Stewart noted how thin the prisoners looked and how deteriorated in condition Cliven Bundy was, a man already in his 70's.

Supporters were outside the courthouse with a large banner displayed among other signs of protest.

Another point Kelli Stewart made in video that was removed from Free Republic shortly after being posted last evening was that the police presence around the courthouse today, dozens of officers in militarized gear sends a chilling message about what law enforcement has become.

Kelli Stewart said in part:  "We have officers everywhere, armed, surrounding us, walking everywhere, looking us up and down making sure we're not doing anything wrong.  And as somebody who's always been a law abiding citizen and really wants to see police officers as here to protect me, its becoming more and more clear that the police officers that are here outside are really here to protect the Establishment, they're here to protect this courthouse, they're here to protect any tyranny going on inside this courthouse and they'll quickly remove people if we start to do anything outside of their codes and regulations."

In that vein John and Kelli's video made reference to a question asked of a potential juror if they had ever had a bad experience with law enforcement.

The prospective juror said having five cops glare at them as they entered the courthouse that day was such an example.

Both trial observers (John Lamb and Kelli Stewart) are overall optimistic saying the atmosphere reminds them of Oregon when not guilty verdicts were read out for all seven defendants at the first trial.

Friday, October 27, 2017


The third Bunkerville Standoff trial of four men (Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne) will begin Monday with jury selection.

Meanwhile, US District Judge Gloria Navarro has agreed to a fourth day of questioning in an evidence hearing that ran Monday thru Wednesday.

A defense attorney pointed out inconsistent testimony from two Bureau of Land Management officials about shredding of documents.

"Redoubt News" reports that when fired BLM agent Dan Love testified at the hearing he said that the Obama Administration US Attorney Daniel Bogden was involved in decision making about the release of the cattle on April 12, 2014 that precipitated the standoff.   The news story points to the notion that Bogden may have been using the release of the cattle to entrap the defendants.

Jury selection in the trial is set to begin Monday morning at 8:30am in Las Vegas.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


The evidence hearing continued for a third day (Wednesday October 25th) in Las Vegas.

Ammon Bundy was kept out of the courtroom.  He was not allowed in but his lawyers met with him in a room outside the courtroom.   Ammon was removed from the courtroom on Tuesday as he tried to tell how be was bruised up by US Marshals after Monday's court session.

Cliven and Ryan Bundy were in the courtroom Wednesday but the US Marshals were agitated harrassing them at one point taking markers being used by Ryan Bundy away from him.

They also prevented Cliven and Ryan from looking at their family members in the courtroom.

Carol Bundy (wife of Cliven) and Angie Bundy (wife of Ryan) were present in the courtroom Wednesday.

Among other things questions were asked of BLM employees by the defense regarding shredding of documents related to the standoff.

Meanwhile, US District Judge Gloria Navarro has issued a written order prohibiting routine strip searches (body cavity searches) of Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne.

The men are also ordered by her to be moved from the privately owned Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump to the Henderson Detention Center close to the federal courthouse in Las Vegas shortly before the planned trial date next Monday October 30th.

The word from the Bundy relatives in a video posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube is for everyone to be ready for the trial to start next Monday October 30th.  They urge everyone to show up in Las Vegas in support of the four men scheduled to go on trial  (Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne).

Tuesday, October 24, 2017


"Last night I guess after the evidential hearing with Dan Love the US Marshals got really rough with Cliven (Bundy), who's in his 70's...and Ammon and Ryan because they were forcing them to look at the wall and put their nose to the wall.  They for no reason other than force"

Lisa Bundy-Ammon Bundys wife in video posted October 24th, 2017

A pre court hearing today in Las Vegas became ugly with visible injuries on members on the Bundy family as they were brought to court in chains.

Cliven Bundy's attorney Bret Whipple stood up to argue that evidence of what happened needed to be preserved.  Ryan Bundy stood up and spoke as well but US District Judge Gloria Navarro refused to put anything into the record, to take pictures of evidence of injuries or to ascertain which of the marshals had inflicted the injuries on the Bundy's.

Ammon Bundy spoke up in court and started to describe what had been done to him by the federal marshals and Judge Navarro would not allow him to speak.  He was ordered removed from the courtroom

Whatever happened to the Bundy's happened after yesterday's hearing and before today's hearing.

Ammon Bundy's wife  Lisa said the violence was unleashed on the men after the eldest Cliven, Ammon and Ryan were forced to face a wall and put their noses up against it by US Marshals.

The evidence hearing continued yesterday Tuesday with questions involving FBI agents and informants involved with Bunkerville and will continue tomorrow (Wednesday October 25th).

We have not reached the moment of "calendar call" when Judge Navarro will decide if a trial will start next Monday October 30th which was set as a new tentative date for a trial after the carnage in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Monday, October 23, 2017


A week before their third trial was set to begin on charges related to the April 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler pled guilty to a charge of obstruction of a court order.   This is a misdemeanor charge.

Parker and Drexler will be sentenced February 2, 2018.  Both men will not serve any additional jail time, receiving credit for the 18 months already served without bail since they were arrested early last year and held through the end of the second trial a few months ago.

Juries have either acquitted the two or deadlocked 11-1 not guilty on most of the twenty felony charges leveled against them.

Parker was facing four felony charges next week and Drexler two felonies related to firearms  and with potential sentences of 15 plus years for Drexler and 30 plus years for Parker.

What drove today's events may have been both a combination of concern from the defendants about how a jury would react to charges involving firearms after the Las Vegas mass killing and some pressure from Republican politicians in Idaho who had written letters to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a copy sent to the White House urging release of Idaho residents like Parker, Drexler and others accused over Bunkerville pending their trials.

The Republicans politicians also expressed their concern over a potential miscarriage of justice in the Bunkerville case.

But there are still other defendants held in jail without bail over Bunkerville with four of them facing trial next week.

Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne are still to be tried in the third trial.

The status of the planned October 30th trial will be clarified in a "calendar call" involving Judge Navarro and the prosecution and defense lawyers tomorrow in Las Vegas.   The trial was pushed back to that date after the carnage in Las Vegas earlier this month.

Today there was an evidence hearing in Las Vegas for that trial before US District Judge Gloria Navarro and being questioned as a potential witness by Skype was fired Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love.

Love directed BLM during the standoff.   Questions about a missing computer Love used and shredded documents were among those posed by defendant Ryan Payne's lawyers.  Many "I don't recall" answers were given.

But a very important part of his testimony in the pre-trial hearing was Love saying that people above him in Washington were giving orders to people under his command that he was not aware of which apparently  includes the destruction of documents related to the standoff.

Witnesses were ordered out of the courtroom for part of the hearing.

Judge Navarro was more willing than in the past to overrule objections from federal prosecutors during today's hearing.

Sunday, October 22, 2017


"Catalonia held a referendum. Russia won"-Washington Post October 2, 2017

"How Russia Is Playing Catalonia to Get a Reprieve on Crimea"-Forbes.com-October 16, 2017

"In Catalonia, Is Russia Trying to Influence Another Vote?"-Newsweek September 30, 2017

Those are the headlines and there are more from numerous "mainstream " news organizations trying to link up the recent referendum and push for independence in Catalonia with the same scapegoat they tried to pin on Donald Trump, Russia.

There are stories about fake news being generated and the Spanish government seems to have hooked onto that notion with denunciations of what they call "fake news" stories posted online showing the fighting between Catalans and national police on October 1st when the authorities tried to shut down the vote.

Meanwhile, a Donald Trump supporter offered his views on what happened October 1st when Catalan authorities reported 900 injured in the face of aggressive actions by national police against the election (independence referendum).

"Ever in my fiercest criticisms here did I think we would see the police of a member state of the European Union injuring 900 people in an attempt to stop them going out to vote"

Nigel Farage speaks to European Parliament-October 3, 2017

Saturday, October 21, 2017



Elections can be a sham, a fraud as was the case in Venezuela last weekend with the government controlling everything from the vote count to media coverage and most important of all, the national government and the guns.

Elections can also be influenced by business interests with massive campaign contributions plus threats to close down operations and take away people's jobs as was the case in the Scottish independence referendum a few years ago.

Some or all of these elements are in play as options as Spain's major "Uniparties" backed by the big business and banking interests move together to shut down Catalonia's independence movement which recently staged a successful referendum approving independence in the face of repressive measures by the central government.

In recent days just like the totalitarian regime in Venezuela denounced by the Spanish government for jailing opponents has itself put two Catalan independence leaders in jail without bail.

Now a whole set of new measures have been announced today.

Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced that the leaders of Catalonia will be removed from power and the powers of its parliament will be restricted.

He also says that new elections will be held 'as soon as possible in Catalonia.'.

So the stage is set for a rigged and manipulated election process with government and business propaganda fueled by millions of dollars and threats of Catalonians losing their jobs if they don't vote the right way.

In reaction some 500-thousand people took to the streets of Catalonia, which would be the equivalent of  more than 20 million people on the streets of the United States protesting.

Catalonia's President Carles Puigdemont says Catalonia will not accept the plan for direct rule from Madrid.

He said it is the worst attack on Catalan institutions since the days of the dictatorship of Francisco Franco.

Puigdemont also said he intends to call a special session of the parliament to respond to Prime Minister Rajoy's crackdown.

This apparently sets the stage for some sort of confrontation as national police would have to again use force like they did at polling stations and government offices before and during the referendum on October 1st.

The head of the police force in Catalonia has already been called before a national court just the like the two independence leaders arrested earlier.   Will he placed under arrest or his police force formally be taken over by the national government?

Will the local police obey orders from the national police?   What will happen if there are confrontations with demonstrators resisting the use of force by the national government to seize Catalan institutions?

I am reminded of the story of the Oregon Standoff protest last year with local police being the supporters of the national police, the FBI.    They were fully involved in the aggressive operations against non violent protestors up to and including the killing of LaVoy Finicum.

When one local lawman, Grant County  Oregon Sheriff Glenn Palmer, suggested talking to the protestors and releasing the ranchers jailed as terrorists for lighting a backfire who were the cause of the protest (Dwight and Steve Hammond)  he came under attack.

Other sheriffs in Oregon issued a statement in support of the FBI operations and some local opponents of Sheriff Palmer made corruption allegations against him leading to a state investigation that found no wrongdoing.

Maybe the local lawmen in Catalonia will have more mettle than the ones in this country who bend their knee to federal power.

Thursday, October 19, 2017


Ryan Bundy was in court with US District Judge Gloria Navarro on Wednesday October 18th.
Judge Navarro agreed to allow Ryan Bundy to speak in his own defense at his upcoming trial.

Observing the hearing were Ryan's wife Angie Bundy and Bundy Family friend and supporter Shawna Cox (Oregon Standoff protest participant acquitted at her trial last year).

Interviewed by "Redoubt News" in a video posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube, they both agreed that Judge Navarro's tone has changed recently, they noted she is being more deliberate and careful in her handling of the courtroom.

But they both said she stated her intention to control Ryan Bundy's acting in his own defense during the upcoming trial.

Meanwhile defendant Ryan Payne is seeking to have the now fired Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love testify at the trial.  Love, who was the lead federal agent at the Bunkerville Standoff. was fired by the BLM after a corruption investigation.

In the first two trials, Judge Navarro refused to allow Love to testify.

Next week on the pretrial schedule is a Monday (October 23rd) evidence hearing and the "calendar call" Tuesday (October 24th) where Judge Navarro is expected to give a thumbs up or down on the planned trial date of October 30th.    That new trial date replaced the earlier one of October 10th which was abandoned in the aftermath of the mass shooting in Las Vegas.

Six men are set to go on trial (Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne,  Eric Parker and Scott Drexler).   This will be the third Bunkerville Standoff trial with the first four men on trial for the first time and second two men facing their third trial in the case.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017


"Ever in my fiercest criitcisms here did I think we would see the police of a member state of the European Union injuring 900 people in an attempt to stop them going out to vote"

Nigel Farage speaks in the European Parliament on Catalonia-October 3, 2017

In recent weeks the Catalan independence movement has quietly, discreetly and without violence asserted itself with mass street demonstrations and a referendum on independence.

The Spanish government has responded with a violent attempt to suppress the independence movement and thrown leaders into jail, showing themselves to be modern British colonialists and Bull Connor's.

As Nigel Farage noted in a conversation with Stuart Varney on "Fox Business" the other day, there may have been 40 percent of Catalonians wanting independence going into the referendum, but the violent actions of the Spanish government's national police have certainly pushed that number higher.

Their actions evoke memories of the days of Franco in Spain.   While comedian Chevy Chase got a lot of mileage on "Saturday Night Live" in the 1970's saying that "Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead" the militarized police actions and the judicial repression against a non violent movement suggest that he is coming back to life.

As the deadline set by the government in Madrid approaches with the promise of direct rule over the province and suspension of the autonomous government, hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets, the equivalent of tens of millions in the United States.

Two independence leaders in Catalonia have been thrown into jail without bail, accused of sedition.

Behind the forces of government are the real controlling forces out there, the forces of banking and business who have intimidated and threatened Catalonia just like Britain was threatened over Brexit and Scotland over its independence referendum.      The bankers and business elites threatening to leave Catalonia and go somewhere else.

They can't let the people have their say in an election.   That seems to be their attitude lately whether we are voting for President of the United States or Brexit or Scottish independence and now Catalonian independence.

Dr. Martin Luther King's great achievement was his ability to crush a major political party's machine at Birmingham in 1963.   The Democrats wanted to go the "moderate" route on race in America with no real or meaningful change because business and banking interests who fund major "mainstream" political parties fear how business and banking conditions would be affected by dramatic change.

Donald Trump again replicated Dr. King's success with his crushing of the Republican Party's machine during the presidential primary process last year, breaking the back  of the business and banking elites massive financial power in the political process.

The business and banking forces are now poised through the agency of the Spanish Uniparty forces of the ruling People's Party and the opposition Socialist Party to crush Catalonian aspirations for independence and national sovereignty.

The other week President Trump met with the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy at the White House the other week and actually supported Rajoy in opposition to Catalonia's independence aspirations.

But Nigel Farage, a friend and supporter of President Trump, is not so hostile realizing that the enemies of Catalan independence are his enemies and those of Donald J.Trump, too.

President Trump should be on the side of those who oppose the business and banking elites who are his enemies.

Monday, October 16, 2017


The FBI agent accused of lying about shooting at LaVoy Finicum's truck' when Finicum was killed on January 26, 2016 will not be tried until May 8th next year.

W. Joseph Astarita's trial date has now been moved back twice.

Meanwhile an investigation into Grant County, Oregon sheriff Glenn Palmer by Oregon's Justice Department has not been able to pin any wrongdoing on him.

The investigation into Palmer began in response to complaints from the 911 call center director and the John Day, Oregon police chief. 

Their complaints came as Palmer came under attack for calling for a negotiated end to the Oregon Standoff protest in January of last year.    Last year Palmer was also up for re-election  and he won re-election.

Glenn Palmer, who had a reputation as a "Constitutional Sheriff", called for talks to end the protest.

Palmer called for the release of ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, whose jailing as "terrorists" for lighting a backfire to protect their property, triggered the Oregon Standoff.

Palmer's comments triggered a resolution of support from the sheriff's association in Oregon for efforts to suppress the protest which ended up including aggressive and violent actions led by the FBI including the killing of LaVoy Finicum and wounding of Ryan Bundy on January 26, 2016.

Thursday, October 12, 2017



Defendants Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne have proposed new questions for potential jurors in the now delayed third Bunkerville Standoff trial.

There are eight new questions from Payne and 29 from Bundy.

One example from Payne:

"Since the time you filled out the lengthy questionaire for this case, a tragedy has occurred on October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in Las Vegas.  Do you know anyone who was killed or harmed in the mass shooting?

Yes  No   If Yes please explain:"

Ammon Bundy proposed new questions that included:

"Considering recent events in Las Vegas do you believe America has a gun culture problem?
Yes or No"

"Are citizen militias part of the problem?  Yes or No"

"Will the recent events in Las Vegas make it more difficult for you to sit as a juror in a case that deals heavily with firearms and the Second Amendment?  Yes or No"

At the hearing where she decided to "continue" (delay) the case from going to trial last week, US District Judge Gloria Navarro noted potential jury pool problems including some potential jurors not being available for a later trial date.

Navarro noted that additional requests had come in to be excused from jury duty and suggested the carnage in Las Vegas may have impacted some of the potential jurors.

A change of plea hearing was scheduled Friday October 13th at 11:30am for Brian Cavalier who was said to have reached a plea agreement with the federal government in a court document posted online Thursday.

But word came out Friday that the information was entered in error and so there is no plea deal for Cavalier.  Recent word was that the federal government was taking a hard line in plea deal negotiations following the Las Vegas shooting.

Cavalier is in a third tier of defendants whose trial will not be held until next year and who still remain in jail without bail.  They've been treated that way for 20 months.

Another man accused in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff who pled guilty back in August, Blaine Cooper, has asked to be released pending sentencing.    The federal government is not opposing his request.

Saturday, October 7, 2017



The horrible event in Las Vegas has been followed by some new and interesting developments in the Bunkerville Standoff case.

While federal prosecutors were said to be taking a tougher line in plea deal negotiations with defendants in the case,  US District Judge Gloria Navarro ruled in ways favorable to the defense and defendants this past week.

Navarro agreed to a delay of up to 30 days in the third trial which will include those considered "leaders" of the Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch.   She will have a calendar call on October 24th to evaluate whether a trial can be held starting October 30th or pushed back further.

Earlier last week Navarro agreed to provide the defense lawyers the full inspector general's report on the now fired Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love.   Love, who was the lead BLM official at Bunkerville, lost his job after the inspector general's investigation.

Defense lawyer Morgan Philpot, who represents Ammon Bundy in the upcoming trial, said the report will help defense lawyers to develop evidence helpful to their case.

But of course a big question remains as to whether Judge Navarro will change her stance from previous trials where the defense was severely limited as to what evidence they could present or arguments they could make.

However, Navarro was willing to intervene in the concerns of both Ammon and Ryan Bundy over their treatment at the Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump.   The two men appear to have been deliberately targeted for frequent body cavity searches and  continuous solitary confinement for refusing them.

Navarro asked if any other defendants had similar concerns and defendant Ryan Payne joined their appeal to the judge.   Navarro heard from Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ryan Payne personally during the hearing.

She decided to order the three men moved to the Henderson Detention Center and to be treated more humanely than they have been at Pahrump.

Meanwhile, Cliven Bundy's attorney Brett Whipple has filed motions including one to preserve the motions and evidence from Pete Santilli's defense lawyer.   That's because Santilli has reached a plea deal with federal government.

Whipple says the defendants lawyers has planned a coordinated defense and that Santilli's defense motions and evidence are vital to the defense of Cliven Bundy and the five others set to go on trial later this month.

Friday, October 6, 2017


The third Bunkerville Standoff trial has been delayed for up to 30 days by US District Judge Gloria Navarro in the wake of the Las Vegas Massacre.

Her decision set a tentative trial date of Monday October 30th for the six defendants who will stand trial after Pete Santilli's plea deal was finalized earlier.   A calendar call on October 24th will determine if conditions in Las Vegas have calmed down to allow a fair trial.

Judge Navarro rejected the notion of moving the trial to Reno, saying the shooter has connections there as well.

Pete Santilli will not testify against the other defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff case or turn over any evidence against them from "his works".    The internet broadcaster who brought the story of the Bundy Ranch and Bunkerville to the world in April 2014 is being released pending sentencing.

Limits will be imposed on him during pretrial release with Santilli allowed to return to his home in Cincinnati.

Pete is supposed to hand over "original discovery" in the case.

Santilli entered his new guilty plea in the morning.

Judge Navarro mentioned a points system indicating a maximum sentence of six years and 250-thousand dollars "restitution".    No "asset forfeiture" will be included in the sentence.

Time served, 20 months roughly is recommended by the federal prosecutor but Judge Navarro indicated she is not bound by their recommendations.

Supervised release of three years was also part of the agreement after Santilli serves his jail time as dictated by Judge Navarro at the sentencing.

Sentencing set for January 11, 2018 at 8am.

Ammon Bundy filed paper ahead of the afternoon hearing on delaying the trial seeking a move to Reno or a 90 day delay in the trial.

Andrea Parker mentioned in a video report today that Eric Parker's lawyer wants to be removed from the case, but he changed his mind at the afternoon hearing.  Parker is facing trial for a third time on four remaining charges not already decided by a jury which found him not guilty or split apparently 11-1 not guilty on the other six in his second trial..

There is also encouraging news that the judge is planning to have defendnts Ammon and Ryan Bundy, along with Ryan Payne moved to the Henderson Detention Center from the controversial Nevada Southern Detention Center in Pahrump where they have been kept until now.

Thursday, October 5, 2017


Tomorrow (Friday October 6th) US District Judge Gloria Navarro is holding a hearing on the motion by defendant Ryan Payne for a 60 day "continuance" of the trial set to begin next Tuesday (October 10th).

Payne's motion is motivated by concern that the mass murder-shooting in Las Vegas would prejudice a jury and the trial.

An additional document filed by Payne's lawyer says that if the judge is not agreeable to the 60 day delay, a delay until October 30th would be acceptable.

Payne's lawyers are also suggesting the possibility of moving the trial to Reno because of the situation in Las Vegas.

Ryan Bundy is also seeking access to the hearing.  He has not appeared at pre-trial hearings because of his objection to body cavity searches carried out in conjunction with the appearances.

The hearing before Judge Navarro is set for 11:30am.

Cliven Bundy's lawyer says his defendant opposes a delay and wants a speedy trial which has been delayed by his 18 months of imprisonment without bail or a trial.

But Brett Whipple also notes his associate lawyer was at the scene of the massacre Sunday night and will need time to recover from the terror of that night.

This would also affect many potential jurors, in his opinion.

Meanwhile, Pete Santilli's plea agreement has been filed with the court and there will be a hearing at 9am tomorrow (Friday October 6th) on Santilli's change from not guilty pleas.

Santilli was one of seven men set to go on trial next Tuesday in Las Vegas along with Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy, Ryan Bundy, Ryan Payne, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017


Lawyers representing one of the seven men set to go on trial next week in Las Vegas in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff in 2014, Ryan Payne, say Payne wants the trial delayed because of the mass murder-shooting that occurred there Sunday night.

The lawyers cite the carnage involving the use of firearms would prejudice a jury that might hear the Second Amendment offered as a defense for actions of Payne during the April 12, 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch.

The lawyers say their defendant is also worried because the man implicated as the shooter, Stephen Paddock, was a resident of Mesquite, Nevada which is located just a few miles from the scene of the standoff.

The federal government accuses some defendants in the case of carrying rifles and pointing them at federal agents from high ground during the standoff.

"The horror of this recent shooting is too recent, and the impact of this incident too severe, for a fair trial to commence next week"- a direct quote from the motion filed by lawyers Brenda Weksler and Ryan Norwood.

Also of concern to Ryan Payne is the sudden high profile of a witness in the Bunkerville Standoff case.   Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo, point man for the investigation into the mass murder-shooting, was at Bunkerville communicating between the Bureau of Land Management and Cliven Bundy and negotiating the return of Bundy's cattle by the BLM that descended into the standoff situation.

Ryan Payne's concern about a biased jury has basis in the rigging of the Second Bunkerville Standoff trial earlier this year where defense lawyers were denied the customary strikes of potential jurors while the prosecution was allowed to use theirs to keep people they didn't like off the jury.

U.S.  District Judge Gloria Navarro, the "Kangaroo Court" judge,  is holding a hearing on the motion from Ryan Payne Friday morning at 11:30.

Maxine Bernstein of "Oregon Live" has reported on these developments and she has also tweeted news regarding one of the other men who was set to go on trial next, internet broadcaster Pete Santilli.

She cites a line in a court document:  "Mr Rasmussen (Santilli defense lawyer) withdraws all pending motions on behalf of Mr. Santilli and indicates that a resolution has been reached with the government"

Bernstein tweets the meaning of that line is that Pete Santilli has reached a plea deal with the federal government.