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     "Tommy Robinson said he doesn't care if he incites fear against Muslims"

        The British MSM's Distortion Of Tommy Robinson's Recent "Sky News" Interview

When Sky News in the UK interviewed Tommy Robinson recently, he recorded their entire interview on an i Phone so he could catch the inevitable twisting of his words.

In a video posted today (September 29th) Robinson said this in part:

"A lot of people asked me why I sat down with Sky News.  I sat down with Sky News to expose them.  I knew exactly what they was going to do   They've done it to me for years.   I wanted you the public to see it."

Robinson said the Sky News reporter did a voice over leading into his answer claiming the reporter was asking Tommy about his opinions causing fear among Muslims.

Robinson's response shown in the edited story was actually a response to a completely different question regarding an educational video warning children about abusers taking him out of context.

Tommy Robinson also said in today's video:

".....I never once said I don't care that personally incites fear.  I never said that.  It's a complete and out lie...."

He called the Sky News report on him:

"..the ultimate #FakeNews....that's not journalism, that's propaganda."

Robinson intends to take Sky News on legally over this.

Tommy lays out his case in the video at the link below......



                                   (EDITING, UPDATES, EXPANSION UNTIL 815AM)

There's going to be a delay in the final Senate vote on confirming Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

President Trump has gone along with the desire of Arizona Republican Senator Jeff Flake, one of his most outspoken critics, for an FBI investigation into sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh.

Trump tweeted last evening that this is the seventh FBI investigation of Judge Kavanaugh and that Kavanaugh:

"someday will be recognized as a truly great Justice of the United States Supreme Court"

Yesterday, President Trump signed an 854 billion dollar spending plan.  It provides a full year budget for health, education and defense programs until the end of next year but other programs will only be taken care of until December 7th.

Over 380 are now reported dead on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi following an earthquake and a resulting tsunami.  The quake measured 7.7 .  Waves up to ten feet high hit a coastal city.   Hundreds of injuries are also reported.

A stabbing attack injured three people in the town square of Ravensburg, Germany Friday.  Police arrested a teenage suspect identified as a migrant.

The anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany Party has come under attack in recent weeks by major party politicians as a "Nazi" party with Chancellor Angela Merkel ruling out any coalition governments with the AfD in German states following upcoming elections.

Polling data is now showing AfD as the second most popular party in Germany with 18 percent support.

Now there's word that Jews are organizing inside the AfD.  A "Juden in der AfD" or "Jews in the AfD" group will hold its inaugural meeting on October 7th.   The news was posted Thursday on the party's Facebook page as reported by "Breitbart".

One Jewish supporter says the AfD takes seriously visible anti-Semitism in Germany by Muslims. 

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson isn't ruling out a leadership challenge to Prime Minister Theresa May.    The Conservative Party conference will be getting underway tomorrow in Birmingham, England.

Johnson said that May's Brexit plan would be a "political and economic disaster" for the United Kingdom.  Supporters of Brexit call May's plan a sellout of the country to European Union control that contradicts the will of the voters who approved Brexit in a referendum.

When badgered four times by BBC political reporter Laura Kuenssberg to rule out a leadership challenge, Johnson said:

"My job is to speak up for what I believe in"

Speakers will appear at a rally in Birmingham tomorrow on behalf of the "Leave Means Leave" movement from both the Labor and Conservative parties, along with "Mr. Brexit" Nigel Farage.

An F-35 jet has crashed.  The Marine Corps F-35B went down in South Carolina.  The pilot ejected safely and there were no injuries.    The F-35 is the most advanced fighter used by the US military and the most expensive weapons system of its kind.   An investigation into the cause of the crash is underway.

Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov says the more advanced S-300 air defense system is already being delivered to Syria.

Russia is deploying the system to prevent another shoot down incident like the one earlier this month that killed 15 members of the Russian military.   Syrian air defenses shot the plane down with Russia saying an Israeli plane staging an air attack on Syria used its plane as a decoy.

Marty Balin, one of the founding members of the 1960's "Jefferson Airplane" band and its 1970's successor "Jefferson Starship", has died at the age of 76 in Tampa, Florida.

"Jefferson Airplane" was groundbreaking San Francisco psychedelic band.

Balin recently filed a lawsuit over his treatment at a New York City hospital for a heart condition, claiming he was left 'totally disabled' by it.

Friday, September 28, 2018


On Thursday (September 27th) one of the 19 men arrested in connection with April 2014's Bunkerville Standoff near Nevada's Bundy Ranch, Blaine Cooper, was sentenced in connection with his plea deal.

Cooper was sentenced at US District Court in Las Vegas to 20 months in prison, the time he was held following his 2016 arrest.  He is also facing three years of supervised release in connection with his Bunkerville and Oregon Standoff case plea deals.

Cooper pled guilty to conspiracy and assault on a federal officer in connection with Bunkerville, a situation where nobody harmed a hair on anybody else.

However, in the days leading up to Bunkerville, federal law enforcement attacked three different people.   They shoved  Cliven Bundy's sister Margaret Houston to the ground, they tased Ammon Bundy and they took Dave Bundy into custody roughing him up by pushing his face into the ground until his face was pockmarked with stones before he was released.

Actions like this and the presence of federal law enforcement snipers around the Bundy Ranch in early April motivated protesters  like Cooper to show up for what became the Bunkerville Standoff.

While evidence proving innocence of those accused was hidden by prosecutors some people were tried and convicted and others entered into plea deals.   When the evidence was revealed the cases against key defendants were dropped.

But the prosecutors in the US Attorney's office including the US Attorney for Nevada appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Dayle Elieson, are appealing to have those charges reinstated.

In addition three men remain imprisoned in connection with Bunkerville.    Greg Burleson (found guilty, 68 year, 3 month sentence), Todd Engel (found guilty, 14 year sentence) and Jerry Delemus (plea deal, 87 months).


"....the very fact that his hearing was in the Old Bailey, the most serious criminal court.....murder and terrorism cases.  Why is a minor matter of civil contempt being heard at the most grave criminal court in the land by the most senior judge...that is alarming....

....that goes to my thesis, that they're trying to break Tommy psychologically, physically and financially"

      Ezra Levant reports from London after delay of Tommy Robinson's retrial 9/27/2018

Tommy Robinson came to court yesterday at the Old Bailey in London with his legal team ready to argue his "civil contempt" case over his live stream video outside a child sex abuse trial involving Muslim defendants.

But the judge opted to delay the trial adjourning the case to an undetermined date, although he mentioned October 23rd as a likely date for his next ruling.

Robinson noted that the state wants to keep the matter "hanging over  me" after he left the courtroom.

The judge noted the "public interest" in the case in the courtroom.

But the system was indeed shocked to see 15-hundred people outside the courthouse supporting Tommy.

That must give them pause as they continue their prosecution and persecution of  him.

They've been able to put many others in jail  for saying the wrong things about Islam or Muslims like Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  Others have been fined.

But they're having to come up with some excuse, some reason, something to pin on Tommy Robinson so he can join the list of political prisoners in the United Kingdom.

And so their best option seems to be delay the process to harass and intimidate Tommy Robinson for the moment.

Link below...

Thursday, September 27, 2018


                "They're keeping this hangin over my head"

                            Tommy Robinson speaks after emerging from adjourned trial 9/27/2018

"The Foreign Office knows very well that its job is to defend British interests abroad, at more or less any cost.   These days it seems to have concluded that British interests involve almost total subjugation to the wishes of Saudi Arabia"

                                         Peter Hitchens Blog Post on Syria 9/11/2018

When Anne Marie Waters gave her keynote address in Liverpool last Sunday at the "For Britain" Party Conference, she measured her words talking about "that religion".


Because if she had said "Muslim" or "Islam" she could have ended up being arrested and going to jail.

The British regime whose leader Theresa May met President Trump in connection with the UN General Assembly yesterday (Trump seemed to be proud of it posting the meeting on Twitter) isn't much different from Turkey's Erdogan or Venezuela's Maduro.   She's elected like they are but also authoritarian like they are leading systems that arrest those who say the wrong things.

Today Tommy Robinson faces trial among other things for using the word "Muslim" to discuss a "grooming gang" sex abuse trial in Leeds, England using a live stream video.

There are "Left" reasons for Robinson's "crime" like multiculturalism and diversity, but also "Right" reasons like business, banking and government dependence on Saudi Arabian and Gulf Arab financial support.   The Saudi backed jihadists in Syria are part of a "humanitarian" crisis we are told by our leaders.

Speaking ahead of his trial yesterday, United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) leader Gerard Batten said in part:

"I wish Tommy the best of luck.  I very much hope that English justice prevails and I hope that means that this time tomorrow Tommy Robinson will be a free man...."

But Tommy Robinson is not so optimistic, expecting a result the direct opposite of Mr. Batten's hopes.

Mainstream media reports say that pubs around the Old Bailey courthouse are closing in anticipation of protests today.








"There's a public interest in what's going on...."



The trial started at 1030am London time, 530am Eastern US time.

Robinson made a brief statement after he emerged from the courthouse as mentioned before and it is linked below.

Link below....




"hopefully we are not witnessing an opening salvo to be followed by additional allegations as happened to Judge Moore..."

                                   "Nextrush Free" post on Brett Kavanaugh 9/17/2018

The 'can of worms' opened up in Alabama last December with a series of sexual assault allegations against Republican US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore enabling Democrat Doug Jones to pull off the upset win in a "Red" state.   It started with one and others followed,

And now its Judge Brett Kavanaugh's turn to be annihilated after being nominated to the US Supreme Court.

The Republican Establishment and President Trump preferred lobbyist Luther Strange for the Alabama Senate seat, but after Moore beat Strange in the primary process at least President Trump offered a perfunctory endorsement.

But the Republican Establishment shunned Moore totally and nobody, not even President Trump, offered the passionate defense offered to Judge Kavanaugh in his hour of trial by the POTUS in recent days.

And so the Democrats won and they were emboldened to play that card again because of what was done in Alabama last December.

And if Brett Kavanaugh goes down, the sky is the limit for the Democrat political machine.

Any and all GOP candidates are targets before November.   Imagine the sexual assault nukes being launched against Rick Scott in Florida, Josh Hawley in Missouri or even Lou Barletta here in Pennsylvania.

Its sad to realize that a "Deplorable", a gun-toting Christian Conservative and a West Point grad to boot, was left out there to die politically last year.

Now its the Ivy League, prep school Bush type Republican's turn to meet his fate.

And if he goes, the Gates of you know what are opened up for others to follow.

Its easy for the GOP Establishment and even President Trump to milk "Deplorables" like Roy Moore for their votes and get them angry about their enemies in stump speeches.

But there was a failure to help one of them win election to public office last year and now the consequences are here.

I am an ex-"Drunkamentalist Christian" but I was proud to have fully supported Roy Moore including my money last year when others didn't give their full support or gave none at all.

So here were are........

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"I'm going to be put back in prison"-Tommy Robinson interviewed by Katie Hopkins of "Rebel Media"


Activist Tommy Robinson was arrested while live streaming outside a child sex abuse trial involving Muslim defendants in Leeds, England on May 25th, tried immediately and jailed for more than two months.

He was freed on August 1st after an appeals court ruling but he faces a new trial at London's Old Bailey tomorrow.

Robinson was drawing attention in his reporting to the "grooming" trials involving large numbers of Muslim defendants and even larger numbers of child victims.

At his May 25th "trial" Robinson wasn't even asked to enter a plea, was summarily judged guilty and sent off to jail for 13 months by Judge Geoffrey Marson.  Judge Marson imposed a ban on media reporting about the case but after four days the media ban was lifted with mainstream media claiming Robinson had pled guilty.

At the "trial" Judge Marson was indicating that Robinson's video stream was in violation of his media reporting ban, but Robinson had been trained by lawyers as to what he could or couldn't do with his live streaming from trial locations.

Originally, the retrial of Robinson was set for September 4th but was rolled back to tomorrow (September 27th).

In addition to the reporting ban violations, the British government is now charging Robinson with mentioning the race and ethnicity of the accused and their victims.

A judge will make the final call on guilt or innocence in this trial.  Robinson will not get a jury trial which he says would surely exonerate him.

Tommy Robinson's expectations of the outcome of tomorrow's trial as quoted in a German television interview are that he will:

"wake up in a prison cell Friday morning"

Ezra Levant of "Rebel Media" will be in London tomorrow to provide non mainstream media coverage.

Links below.........

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                               (UPDATES, EDITING, ADDITIONS ETC. UNTIL 8AM)

The Swedish Prime Minister, Social Democrat Stefan Lofven, has been voted out.  A no-confidence vote was held in the Swedish parliament today following the general election earlier this month.

While Lofven is out, its not clear what kind of government will be formed in the place of his.   Both the "Right" and "Left" factions are short of a majority, with the anti-European Union, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats holding the balance of power.

The Sweden Democrats joined the "Center-Right" in a 204-142 vote against Lofven.  The speaker of Sweden's' parliament will have to propose a new Prime Minister, while the current Social Democrat led government remains on in a caretaker role.

The speaker is a member of the "Moderate Party" and may propose Ulf Kristersson of that party as the new Prime Minister.   Four attempts to form a new government are allowed under Sweden's system before fresh elections have to be called.

US Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh says: "I've never sexually assaulted anyone".

Kavanaugh was interviewed by "Fox News" and he said:  "I'm not going to let false accusations drive us out of the process".

Over the weekend a new uncorroborated allegation was dropped by the "New Yorker" magazine.

This Thursday the first woman to accuse Kavanaugh, Christine Blasey Ford, will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee with Judge Kavanaugh giving his testimony as well.

Its looks there will be a big distraction for the media Thursday when Kavanaugh's accuser testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Deputy US Attorney General  Rob Rosenstein will meet President Trump at the White House.  The meeting follows last Friday's "New York Times" story reporting that Rosenstein had broached the notion of removing President Trump from office using the 25th Amendment.

The President and Rosenstein has a long phone conversation yesterday ahead of Thursday's planned meeting,

President Trump says he's expecting a second summit meeting with North Korea's ruler Kim Jong-un soon.   Trump spoke after meeting with South Korea's President Moon Jae-in in New York.  He said the relationship with North Korea's ruler is "good" and even "extraordinary" in some ways.

South Korea's president recently visited North Korea's capital Pyongyang for three days and said that Kim Jong-un wants "complete denuclearization" and to focus on economic development.

Russia is upgrading air defenses in Syria saying the S-300 system will be deployed.    Russia will also step up electronic measures adjacent to Syria's Mediterranean Sea coast.

Russia says the purpose is to protect Russian military in Syria and not directed at third countries,
Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu telling him about the deployment.

The moves by Russia come after a Russian plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses during an Israeli air attack on Syria.  The 15 Russian crew members were killed in the incident.

Israel's Security Cabinet met for some two and half hours today to discuss Israel's relationship with Russia.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton has expressed his dismay at Russia's decision, describing the decision to upgrade Syrian air defenses as an "escalation".  Bolton says Iran is ultimately to blame for the shoot down of the Russian aircraft.

The other major nations involved in the Iran nuclear deal still want to do business with Iran even though the United States has withdrawn from the deal and is imposing sanctions.  Britain, China, France, Germany and Russia intend to protect the freedom of their businesses to do business with Iran,

Those countries will set up a new payment system outside the US dollars to facilitate business with Iran and evade US sanctions.  The US is likely to act against any new payment system the group of nations set up.

Russia is protesting the arrest of a Russian citizen in Norway last Friday.   Norway says the man arrested, M. A. Bochkaryov, is suspected of spying.   He attended a seminar on digitalization in Oslo and a room in Norway's parliament building was sealed off on suspicion that it was "compromised".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is apologetic after her "firing" of the former domestic intelligence chief led to him being given a higher paying job in the government, 

Hans-Georg Maassen left his post after he cast doubt on Merkel's assertions that gangs attacked migrants in an eastern German city after a German man was murdered by foreign-born suspects.

The latest polling data shows a decline in support for Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and its sister party in Bavaria, the Christian Social Union.   The CDU-CSU stands at 27 percent if an election were held today, in second place the anti-mass immigration Alternative for Germany at 18 percent, with the Social Democrats at 16 percent.   The Green Party is rising in polls now at 14.5 percent drawing support away from the Social Democrats.

Next month's Bavarian election on Sunday October 14th will also be a barometer of political conditions in Germany.   Latest polling data there shows the Christian Social Union lagging with 35 percent support and the Greens surging to 18 percent support.   The Alternative for Germany stands at 10 percent in Bavaria.

The co-founders of the "Instagram" photo sharing site are leaving.  Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger say they are leaving to pursue "curiosity" and "creativity".

Since Facebook bought out Instagram in 2012,  there have been reports of tensions between Systrom, Krieger and Facebook.

Friday, September 21, 2018



President Trump spoke at a campaign rally for the midterm elections in Las Vegas last night, urging everyone there to vote in November saying: "America is winning again, because we are putting America first again".

Trump urged votes for Republicans saying: "We need to have more Republicans in office".

The President will be at a private fundraising event in Las Vegas this morning and is visiting a VA Medical Center in North Las Vegas.

There was a "restitution hearing" in Las Vegas yesterday in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff case for Todd Engel, convicted in the first trial in May of 2017 and sentenced to 14 years in prison.

Engel came to the defense of the Bundy Ranch in Nevada in April 2014 in the face of federal law enforcement assaults on Bundy family members and the presence of federal law enforcement snipers around the home following the seizure of 400 head of cattle by the Bureau of Land Management.

In a later trial of key defendants, evidence proving innocence was uncovered and charges dismissed with prosecutors cited for "gross misconduct" by the judge.

Yesterday, those same prosecutors were able to get 1.6 million dollars of restitution imposed on Todd Engel, a decision denounced by Ammon Bundy as one making Engel  'a slave for life'.

The latest from the lawyer for the woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault is that Christine Blasey Ford will testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee under "fair' terms. 

The committee wants testimony Monday but the legal team assisting Ford is saying she might testify sometime next week, reportedly Thursday but on those terms they describe as "fair" including an assurance of her "safety".

Regarding Kavanaugh's nomination, President Trump said this at the Las Vegas campaign rally last night:

"Brett Kavanaugh, and I'm not saying anything about anybody else, Brett Kavanaugh is one of the finest human beings you will ever have the privilege of knowing or meeting."

Four are dead, three victims and the suspect, in a mass murder incident at a Maryland warehouse.   The Harford County Sheriff  says 26-year old Snochia Moseley entered a distribution center for the Rite Aid pharmacy chain killing three people and injuring three others.    She then killed herself.

Moseley was a temporary employee at the distribution center in Aberdeen, Maryland.  The sheriff says she was using a 9mm Glock pistol.

Before he left for Las Vegas yesterday, President Trump authorized additional sanctions against Russia.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says 33 individuals are now added to a Russian sanctions list.

The United States is sanctioning China's military for buying Russian weapons.  China recently bought 10 Russian fighter jets and missiles. 

The US sanctions apply to the Equipment Development Department of the Chinese military and the man who leads that department,  Li Shangfu.  US assets of the two are frozen and Americans are prohibited from doing business with them under the sanctions.

China has expressed its anger at the decision, saying the sanctions must be withdrawn or the United States must "bear the consequences'.

Russia is conducting military exercises in the eastern Mediterranean Sea shutting down air and sea traffic off the coasts of Syria and Lebanon.   The area will remain closed through next Wednesday September 26th.

This is seen as a Russian countermove following the shoot down of a Russian surveillance plane Monday night in Syria by a Syrian missile during an Israeli air attack.   Russia says Israel baited Syrian air defenses causing the destruction of the plane and deaths of 15 Russian military personnel.

Russian Ambassador to the United States Anatoly Antonov thanked Americans for offering their condolences for the 15 victims on the Russian military plane.   Antonov said they:

"...gave their lives, protecting the world from terrrorism."

Russia has scrambled aircraft 13 times in the past week to intercept foreign aircraft near its borders, according to the Tass News Agency.

Shades of the Soviet Union in France where opposition politician Marine LePen is being ordered to undergo psychiatric testing.

Marine LePen leads the National Rally party, formerly known as the National Front.

The order is part of a criminal investigation into her for posting images of Islamic State atrocities online.

LePen tweeted pictures of the court order, calling it "crazy".

In the former Soviet Union, the Communist regime would declare opponents of the government insane and confine them to mental health institutions.

Thursday, September 20, 2018



President Donald Trump is taking his "Make America Great Again" mid-term election tour to Las Vegas today.   The President is banking on his personal popularity and persona to boost Republican candidates, even ones backed by those known for opposing his immigration policies like the "Cheap Labor Express" US Chamber of Commerce.

In Nevada's race for governor's there's a third force present with the candidacy of Ryan Bundy from the ranching family that has been fighting federal attempts to shut down their cattle business for nearly three decades since the days of Republican President George H.W. Bush.

The Bundy's supported Donald Trump for president with patriarch Cliven Bundy writing his endorsement from jail in 2016 as he was facing charges over the Bunkerville Standoff.  Those charges were dismissed earlier this year because of prosecutorial misconduct.

But the federal prosecutors including Republican US Assistant Attorney Steve Myhre backed by the Republican US Attorney for Nevada appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions want the charges reinstated and they are appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court.

GOP candidate for governor Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who did not support the Bundy's in their struggle with the federal government, was in on the pre-rally conference call with the White House yesterday and is part of the rally featuring the President tonight.

President Trump says:  "I don't have an Attorney General". He made those comments in an interview with Hill.TV.   He added that he is "very disappointed" with Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The President also said that documents he ordered declassified will reveal that the FBI initiated a "hoax" that led to Robert Mueller's appointment as  a Special Counsel to investigate allegations of Russian collusion.

An Israeli delegation is in Russia led by its air force chief to explain Israel's side of the Monday night incident in Syria that ended up with a Russian surveillance plane being shot down during an Israeli air attack.  15 Russian military personnel died.

Russia says the 4 Israeli F-16's used the Russian plane as a decoy to draw fire from Syrian anti-aircraft missiles.

Israel has released before and after pictures showing that the building targets was destroyed in the attack.

What originally appeared to be a suspected nerve agent attack on a couple sickened in a Salisbury, England restaurant last Sunday now looks like it may be a hoax.

A couple, Alex King and Anna Shapiro, were taken to hospital ill.   But they were tested for the nerve agent Novichok, blamed in two other incidents that sickened four and killed one of them earlier this year, and then released from hospital.

Shapiro, who is an Israeli citizen of Russian ancestry, told "The Sun" newspaper that she was "targeted by the Russian state".   Now police are investigating the matter as a possible hoax.

The woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault says she needs more time.

That's the word Christine Blasey Ford's lawyer is putting out in response to requests from the Senate Judiciary Committee for her to tell her side of the story.  The deadline for her to respond is tomorrow.

What's being asked for is an FBI investigation to occur first before she speaks to the committee.  That would amount to delaying Senate votes to confirm Kavanaugh ahead of the Supreme Court's term opening session next month.

Among those calling for an FBI probe first is Alabama Democrat Senator Doug Jones, who won a narrow victory in a Special Election last December after sexual assault allegations were leveled against the Republican candidate, Judge Roy Moore.

Men who've been accused of sexual misconduct and or sexual assault are telling their experiences.

Former Canadian host Jian Ghomeshi's essay "The Fall of Men" was published online in the October 11th edition of the "The New York Review of Books".

Its caused a storm and led to Ian Buruma's departure as editor of the publication.

Ghomeshi was fired by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation in 2014 and criminally charges with seven counts of sexual assault and one count of choking.  Some charges were dropped and he was acquitted of the others

And former pubic radio host John Hockenberry also wrote a 7,000 word piece of "Harper's Magazine" about his attempt to "find a road back from personal and public shame" after he lost his job when an independent probe determined he harassed and bullied people he worked with.

The "San Antonio Express-News" reports that Cody Wilson, the Austin, Texas man who published plans to create 3-D printed guns, is charged by police with sexual assault of a girl under 17.

The complaint says that Wilson met the girl online, then in person.   The police officer involved says the victim told authorities she had sex with him at a hotel and was paid 500 dollars in cash.

The producers of the children's series "Sesame Street" have put out the word about some key characters.

The Children's Television Workshop says that "Bert" and "Ernie" are puppets and they have no sexual orientation.

There's been discussion online in recent days about "Bert" and "Ernie" being gay.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018


                     "Hell no, I don't agree with that"

Ryan Bundy Responds To "Rape For Rape" Content Placed On His "Ryan        Bundy For Governor" Website By Web Designer Of Site Cardiff Gerhardt

When someone runs as a "third party" like Ryan Bundy is for Governor of Nevada as an Independent, one can expect the established political machines to either spy on the campaign or actively try to cause damage if the third candidate poses a serious threat.

In the UK the United Kingdom Independence Party found itself hit hard by people who made outrageous comments as candidates or elected officials or ended up making accusations of financial or sexual misconduct against fellow party members in important positions.

One doesn't know if this is happening in this case but what is sure is that Cardiff Gerhardt, a web designer who describes himself as Ryan Bundy's campaign manager, put up content that he said was in anticipation of President Trump's visit to Las Vegas tomorrow (Thursday September 20th) for a campaign rally.

It read in part:

…"if you rape 3 people, you will be raped 3 times as forced by the Nevada Government..."

Bundy was contacted by "Oregon Live" and responded in part:

"Those are not my words"

Both Ryan Bundy and the man who put the comments there, Cardiff Gerhardt, agree the comments aren't Ryan Bundy's.

Gerhardt said when interviewed by "Oregon Live":

"All of that content was my words written at 2 'clock in the morning.   I stand by every word I wrote and encouraged him to leave it, but it's his campaign."

Is Ryan Bundy's campaign being sabotaged by the political machine using a planted person or did someone with way out ideas just happen to show up?

Both of those happened during the Oregon Standoff protest with FBI informants and or what some would call 'people with issues' showing up to hurt the efforts of Ryan Bundy, his brother Ammon, and the others.

Ryan Bundy says that neither party in Nevada is willing to stand up for the little people like his family when the federal government moves in as happened at Bundy Ranch.

So he is running for a Constitutional and limited federal government role in Nevada with state and local authority taking more responsibilities along with more individual freedom.

Libertarian leader Ron Paul has endorsed the Bundy candidacy for Nevada governor.

Link below...


"Militants and activists of the White Helmets continue fabricating the sham scenes that will feature the alleged use of chemical weapons inside the Idlib zone of the de-escalation.   The filming of these fakes are already taken place in some Syrian districts. Notably, the organizers forced the Syrians abducted previously in Idlib and Aleppo Governates to take part in the filming."

Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebanzya at UN Security Council 9/18/2018

Russia is moving forward with Turkey to clear out a buffer zone in the Idlib region by October 15th.

But the Russians also say jihadists are planning a fake attack using barrels of chlorine they have brought into northern Syria.

And the UN Ambassador added:

"We can see full well some of our partners are using Syria as a bridgehead for triggering a far more serious and dangerous conflict with far-reaching consequences in the entire region."

He said Syria's problems should be resolved peacefully.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said this:

"We have informed our Israeli colleagues, and I have also informed personally the Israeli Defense Minister, that such actions will not be left unanswered by us.."

However President Vladimir Putin speaks of Israel's role this way:

"Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances"

Putin had successfully negotiated a buffer zone in northern Syria with Turkey just hours before that will force jihadist and other opponents of the Assad regime to move their forces further north out of populated areas.

It appears that the sudden appearance of Israeli F-16's for an attack in northern Syria just hours after Putin's diplomatic coup was an attempt to spoil that success and provoke a fight that Israel could play to its advantage to trigger US and allied military intervention in Syria.

The buffer zone agreement is something for Putin to capitalize on and he appears to be moving forward in that direction.   We shall see if the Turks come through with their end of the bargain.

The "Southfront" website reports today that the jihadist groups and others have rejected the buffer zone plan which says they must remove heavy weapons by October 10th and get out completely by October 15th.

It is also very likely, an almost certainty, that Israel will again seek to provoke and the notion of a French role, denied by Paris, reminds us that the Al-Qaeda jihadists have many friends in the Western nations whose financial connections to Gulf Arabs outweigh any moral considerations.

The "White Helmets" and their jihadist associates could also unleash the next "chemical attack" and trigger a France-UK-US military response at any time.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu has expressed his outrage to Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman after 15 Russian servicemen died when their plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses during a sudden Israeli air attack.

Russia's Defense Ministry says 4 Israeli F-16's used the larger Russian IL-20 plane as a decoy for their attack on the northern Syrian city of Latakia.

Russia says it reserves the right to an "adequate response".

A French military spokesman has denied any involvement in the downing of a Russian military surveillance plane off the coast of Syria Monday night.

The IL-20 aircraft with a crew of 15 disappeared from radar during an Israeli air attack on northern Syria with Russian radar picking up missile launches from a French frigate around the same time.

Pentagon sources told CNN Syria's air defense missiles brought down the Russian plane during what they confirmed was an Israel air attack.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said the four Israeli F-16's set up their larger aircraft to be shot down and that Russia had no advance notice of the Israeli attack.  Israel gave one minute notice before the plane was downed and the Russian plane had no time to move away from being targeted by the Syrians.

The Russians says the crew of 15 is dead.

They also say Syrian air defenses shot down the plane.

Russia says it reserves the right to an "adequate response".

A Russian military analyst appearing on "Russia Today" said he thinks the response will be to upgrade Syrian air defenses to restrict Israel's ability to operate over Syrian and Lebanese airspace.

There is a report that Russia is moving large numbers of fighter aircraft to Syria today.

Israel had no comment initially as they usually do on their numerous air strikes.  An Israeli source recently acknowledged 200 airstrikes on Syria in the last year with 800 missiles fired.

Israel now says its planes were operating in the area but says Syria, Iran and Hezbollah were responsible for the incident.   Israel sends it condolences to Russia for the loss of life.

The attack comes just hours before the beginning of Israel's highest holiday Yom Kippur when normal activity will shut down for 24 hours.

It also comes just hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to a buffer zone in northern Syria from which opposition fighting forces including A Qaeda jihadists will be removed.

Russia says this incident will not affect the Russo-Turkish plan to drive jihadists out of populated areas of northern Syria by October 15th.

Links below.....





                                        (UPDATES AND EXPANSION UNTIL 8AM)

There is Breaking News from Syria overnight with 15 Russian servicemen dead after their plane was shot down by Syrian air defenses during a sudden Israeli air attack.

Russia's Defense Ministry says 4 Israeli F-16's used the larger Russian IL-20 plane as a decoy for their attack on the northern Syrian city of Latakia.

Russia says it reserves the right to an "adequate response".

The Israel Defense Forces sends condolences and blames the Syrian government, Iran and Iranian allied Hezbollah for the incident.

The Russians also say a French frigate fired missiles at the time that their plane disappeared from the radar screen.

The incident came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan agreed to a buffer zone in northern Syria to defuse tensions there.

US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley is in a knot accusing Russia of "cheating" on North Korea sanctions.    Haley spoke at the UN Security Council yesterday.

South Korea's President Moon Jae In arrived in North Korea today for a summit with the North's ruler Kim Jong Un.  Kim hugged Moon on his arrival.   A large South Korean delegation including pop starts and business leaders are part of the summit designed to build a closer relationship between the two Koreas.

President Trump has thrown down the gauntlet to China imposing tariffs on 200 billion dollars worth of Chinese goods effective next Monday.  The tariffs will be 10 percent at first but will jump to 25 percent January 1st if a new trade deal is not reached with China.

Items like handbags and rice will be involved.

The President said any retaliation by China for the new tariffs will lead tariffs on additional Chinese products.

China's Commerce Ministry says China has no alternative but to respond but did not give any details.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford, the woman accusing him of sexual assault when both were teenagers 36 years ago, will both be able to testify publicly before the Senate Judiciary Committee next Monday.

The man in charge of Germany's domestic intelligence agency will reportedly be fired by Chancellor Angela Merkel.

"Die Welt" newspaper says Merkel will sack Hans-Georg Maasen because he said there was "no reliable information" that migrants were attacked by German nationalist protestors who took to the streets in Chemnitz recently.

They were protesting an attack on Germans that killed one man with foreign born suspects arrested.

"Things go better with Coca-Cola" was the slogan for the soft drink maker in the 1960's but now Coke is considering the notion that "Things go better with Marijuana".

A Canadian business media site report says that Coca-Cola is in serious talks with Canadian pot producer Aurora Cannabis about developing cannabis-infused drinks.

Marijuana is becoming legal in Canada on October 17th.

The United States is not taking the pot legalization lying down.  People associated with the emerging marijuana industry in Canada are being stopped at the US border and denied entry.

Monday, September 17, 2018



"The ministry specified that "the mark of IL-20 went off the radars disappeared during the attack of four Israeli F-16 on Syrian targets in the province of Latakia."

Russian News Agency Tass at 7:32 PM Eastern Time US 

This appears to be the shooting down of a Russian aircraft with US source saying Syrian AA missiles did it and accusations that a French warship fired a missile to take it down.

In bold letters bordered in red, "Russia Today" is posting this at the top of its page:


Russia's defense ministry statement says in part:

"the Russian radars fixed missile launches from the French frigate Auvergne, which was in that area"

Russia says the plane had a crew of 14.  The incident occurred at 4PM Eastern time in the US.

"Haaretz" in Israel reports:  "Unusual strikes attributed to Israel by Arab media"

"Haaretz" Report

It looks like the censors may be keeping Israeli reporting limited tonight, we shall see in the hours ahead.

CNN is reporting from the Pentagon on their version of what happened.:

"A Russian maritime patrol aircraft with multiple personnel on board was inadvertently shot down by Syrian regime anti-aircraft artillery.....The US official said the regime was actually trying to stop a barrage of Israeli missiles.   A second official confirmed that Israel was responsible for the missile strikes on the Syrian regime."

CNN Story

A source covering the situation in Syria is "Southfront" and here is their report on tonight's airstrikes associated with the downing of the Russian aircraft.

Southfront Story 9/17/2018 Syria Airstrikes

It was very interesting that Israel chose to strike in the northern region of Syria which was under discussion by Putin and Erdogan in recent hours with the Israeli strike coming on the eve of Yom Kippur which begins at sundown Tuesday September 18th.

Tonight's incident comes hours after Turkey and Russia agreed to a buffer zone in northern Syria to move militant Al-Qaeda forces further north into unpopulated areas away from the Syrian military.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached agreement at a meeting in Sochi, Russia today.

Additional link to "RT Live"....

"Russia Today" Live Feed



Its easy to argue that sexual assault allegations are the rage nowadays, a quick way to take out opponents and bring the high and the mighty down.

But in politics, the Democrat Party political machine saw how sexual assault allegations can win a political fight just nine months ago in Alabama.

They were able to use the notion of gross sexual misconduct by Republican US Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore to score an upset win for their candidate Doug Jones in a Special Election.  Women came forward with various allegations including the notion of sexual assault.

So why not use the same tactic to take out Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Republican nominee to the US Supreme Court.

When Moore took his hit, who was there to support him and help him get over the top.  President Trump endorsed by phone and from a rally in a neighboring state (Pensacola, Florida).  But Trump did not campaign with Moore as he promised when Moore won the Primary Runoff Election over lobbyist Luther Strange.

Strange was endorsed by the President and supported at a rally in Huntsville, Alabama by Mr. Trump.

Vice-President Mike Pence made a slew of campaign appearances for Strange, but none for Moore.

Mitch McConnell put his money in the game for Strange, but none for Moore.

The failure of the Gee Oh Pee and the half-way endorsement of President Trump for Judge Moore allowed the Democrat "sexual assault" strategy to work, emboldening them to this filthy, slimy new low.

Is the President ready and are the Republicans ready to go the mat for Kavanaugh?   

They only have themselves to blame for being put in this position.

Justice Clarence Thomas called what they did to him a "high tech lynching".  This is a "high tech beheading".  

And hopefully we are not witnessing an opening salvo to be followed by additional allegations as happened to Judge Moore, but who knows.


                                          (UPDATES, EDITING, ETC. UNTIL 815AM)

Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault.   The alleged victim had contacted Democratic members of Congress months ago anonymously with Democrats revealing the matter after Kavanaugh's nomination hearings ended.

California college professor Christine Blasey Ford says the incident occurred when she was 15 and Kavanaugh was 17 in 1982.  Another person was present and that person, Mark Judge, calls the allegations "absolutely nuts".

Ford released a statement identifying herself to the "Washington Post" yesterday.

Kavanaugh has said  "I categorically and unequivocally deny this allegation" when the allegation first surfaced last week.

Members of the Senate Judiciary Committee will now be speaking with both Kavanaugh and Ford about the allegation.

In Sochi, Russia today President Vladimir Putin is meeting the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to discuss Syria.

Turkey has expressed its opposition to a Syrian government offensive in the northern province of Idlib.

Speaking to Turkish media today, Erdogan said his efforts so far have helped to maintain peace and stability in northern Syria.

Over the weekend a Russian general said that militants have moved canisters of chlorine into a village in Idlib in preparation for a false flag chemical attack that would be used to justify an attack on Syria by the US and allied nations.

The Syrian military said its air defenses beat back an Israeli attack Saturday night near the Damascus International Airport.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said a weapons warehouse for Iranian and Iranian allied forces was the target.

The Israel Defense Forces had no comment on the matter.

Israel's Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman has called for an investigation into the top Israeli official said to be involved in the activities of Paul Manafort in Ukraine.

Manafort was found guilty on some of the charges against him last month and cut a plea deal last week with Special Counsel Robert Mueller right before he was set to go on trial again this week.

 The Israeli newspaper "Haaretz" was unable to obtain the name of the high ranking Israeli official involved from Mueller's office.   It will not reveal the names of individuals not charged in the investigation.

"Haaretz" is also unable to get that information in Ukraine with potential sources expressing fear of being labeled "anti-Semites" for providing the name.

Former British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson says that Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan is comparable to the surrender to Norman invaders in the year 1066.  Johnson wrote this in his column for the "Daily Telegraph".   Johnson said May's plan for Northern Ireland under Brexit would keep most sectors of the British economy under European Union control.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister May told the BBC's "Panorama" program her Checkers plan for Brexit is the only plan or there will be no deal for Brexit.

And throwing her weight into the notion of Brexit without a deal was the head of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde.  Speaking in London, Lagarde said a no deal Brexit would have "substantial costs" to the British economy.

Voters in Canada's second most populous province, Quebec, go to the polls two weeks from today.

The latest polling data shows the CAQ Party leading with 35 percent of the vote.   The CAQ advocates against mass immigration into the province and is calling for newcomers to adapt to a secular society that speaks the French language.  CAQ also advocates cuts to school taxes and governmental waste.

With four political parties picking up double digit percentages of support in the polls the CAQ may be able to command a majority of the 125 seats in the National Assembly of Quebec even if it gets under 40 percent of the popular vote on October 1st.

Flooding is now the problem in the aftermath of Hurricane Florence.  Wilmington, North Carolina is reported cut off by the flood waters.   Florence is now a tropical storm spreading heavy rains northwards into Virginia and West Virginia.   There are at least 17 deaths reported because of the storm.

Typhoon Mangkhut is continuing its path of destruction into China with at least two deaths reported.
The storm caused dozens of deaths in the Philippines before moving west to hit southern China.   More than 2 million were evacuated in China ahead of the storm.

And in the Philippines rescuers are digging through the rubble of buildings and mud from landslides looking for survivors.

Sunday, September 16, 2018


"Idlib militants have delivered canisters with chlorine to the village of Bsanqul, where they are preparing to stage a chemical  attack, the Russian Defense Ministry says."


The Russians have again warned about plans by Al-Qaeda forces in Syria to stage a false flag chemical attack to justify military action by the US and allied nations.

The latest warning came Saturday from Lt. Gen.Vladimir Savchenko of the Russian Center for Reconciliation.  Savchenko said that jihadists from the Hayat Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) have delivered chlorine filled canisters to the village of Bsanqul in Idlib Province.

The Russian military warning comes ahead of tomorrow's meeting between Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan.   The Turkish regime has been sending out messages of opposition to a Syrian government offensive in the north citing "humanitarian" issues.

Turkey has reinforced its "observation posts" in northern Syrian territory it occupies with artillery and tanks.

And also over the weekend Syria says its air defenses intercepted several Israeli missiles involved in  a Saturday night air attack near Damascus International Airport.

The Israel Defense Forces refused comment on the attack that was said to be on an arms depot used by Iran and Hezbollah according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

An Israeli source recently acknowledged 200 air attacks by 800 missiles during the last year in Syria aimed at Iranian interests.

Link below...…

"SOUTHFRONT" 9/16/2018


Saturday, September 15, 2018


"I remember getting to prison and reading in reports I'd pled guilty.   I was never asked if I was guilty or not guilty.   I was never asked....I was never told the crime I committed...."

                 Tommy Robinson Interview With Ezra Levant Of "Rebel Media"  9/4/2018

Even though Tommy Robinson was let out of jail after winning an appeal to the UK's High Court, the ruling said that he should be tried again for contempt of court.

His trial was supposed to begin Tuesday September 4th but has been delayed until Thursday September 27th as the government tries to figure out the specifics of the charge.   Robinson says they can't figure out what he said or showed during his live stream video that qualifies as "contempt of court".

He believes the whole case is purely political and has nothing to do with breaking the law.

The police who arrested him May 25th outside the courthouse in Leeds told him he was being arrested for "suspicion of causing a breach of the peace" but by the time he was being taken from the police station to the courtroom he was being told he was accused of "contempt of court".

In the meantime when his lawyer (solicitor) called the police station, she was told a lie that Robinson  was being released.

In the end the Judge Geoffrey Marson seemed to say to him that using the word "Muslim" in his video constituted a violation of a media coverage ban he imposed on the child sex abuse case involving dozens of Muslim defendants.


Robinson detailed his story to Ezra Levant of "Rebel Media" earlier this month and the full uncut interview was posted online last Wednesday September 12th.

He spent just over two months in prison and lost 40 pounds while there.

When he reached the Onley prison where he spent most of his time, he couldn't eat the prison food because the 30 percent Muslim population was threatening him and he had to assume his food was poisoned.

Robinson told Levant:  

"I was surrounded by people who were threatening me..."

At one point in response to the death threats and taunts from the other inmates Robinson said:

"Islam is the cancer and I am the cure"

This got him into trouble with the prison warden (governor) but the warden didn't seem to care about the threats heaped on Robinson before he made the comment.

Link to interview below.......

Friday, September 14, 2018


                               "She's labeled a Nazi and an Islamophobe"

  Katie Hopkins of "Rebel Media" introduces her interview with Anne Marie Waters  9/10/2018

"Update:  Apparently @ForBritainParty leader @AMDWaters has been suspended from Twitter for criticizing South Yorkshire Police's priorities.   We will of course challenge this decision that is clearly politicized censorship"

                        "The For Britain Movement" Faecbook post at 4am Eastern US time

"Muslims are raping girls all over the UK and the police care more about tweets"

                                                 Shazia Hobbs post on  "Gab"  9/13/2018


The Twitter account of the "For Britain" political party leader  Anne Marie Waters is suspended.   That's what users of the Internet have been seeing in recent hours.

Her offense was apparently criticism of the South Yorkshire Police in the UK.  That's the police force that arrested activist Tommy Robinson as he live streamed outside a child sex abuse trial involving Muslim defendants on May 25th.

She is now posting on Gab and this morning posted:

"I was thrown off Twitter for saying that Muslims are raping girls in Rotherham, but the police care more about tweets.  So,  just to repeat, Muslims are raping girls in Rotherham but the police care more about tweets"

Waters founded "For Britain" after running a robust campaign for leadership of the United Kingdom Independence Party and finishing second for UKIP leadership in 2017. 

She was accused of being extreme and a "Nazi" during that campaign when she suggested that Tommy Robinson should be allowed to join UKIP.

In recent days the current leadership of UKIP has moved in the direction of inviting Robinson to join the party,

Links below.....




Wednesday, September 12, 2018


                               "Stay with the Bundy's and you'll be OK"

                                                                    Cliven Bundy

Internet broadcaster Pete Santilli was arrested in Burns, Oregon the evening of January 26th, 2016 just hours after the bloody FBI operation outside of town that killed LaVoy Finicum and injured Ryan Bundy.

Santilli was in town broadcasting the news of what happened and did different things from standing outside the hospital where the injured Ryan Bundy was being treated to vaping in front of the camera for some apparent stress relief.

But the feds decided to nab him and wanted to try him in Oregon for his internet streams.   Charges were dropped in Oregon but Santilli was moved to Nevada to face a slew of felonies along with some 18 others.

He was set to go on trial last fall with key defendants like Cliven Bundy and his sons Ammon and Ryan but feeling the pressure one can only feel from a federal prosecution, Santilli opted for a plea deal.  (Federal prosecutors have a 98 percent conviction rate in a rigged system)

The federal prosecutors were accusing Santilli among other things of spreading false information about snipers around Bundy Ranch to draw people to come exercising their Second Amendment rights to defend the Bundy's.

The prosecution was able to get away with that false narrative through the first two trials that there were no surveillance cameras or snipers or threatening actions against the Bundy's and those who came to support them in April 2014.

But in the third trial Ryan Bundy broke through in his questioning of a  US Forest Service employee who admitted to the surveillance camera being used.   US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro then forced release of a massive amount of evidence proving the defendants innocence including the existence of the snipers.

She then dismissed charges against the defendants in the third trial based on the hiding of the evidence pointing to their innocence.

However Pete Santilli's option to agree to the plea deal left him out of the exoneration he would have gotten in the third trial.

Instead a guilty plea to conspiracy to impede or injure a federal officer yesterday (Tuesday September 11th) before US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro.

The same Judge Navarro who threw out the charges against key defendants in the case saying the prosecutors were guilty of "gross misconduct" was in the same room with those prosecutors accepting Santilli's  plea.

Navarro called his actions "reckless" and sentenced him to time served and two years of supervised release.

Two more plea deal sentences are to come for Blaine Cooper on September 27th  and Brian Cavalier on December 13th.

                                                            (MORE TO COME)

           NEWS SUMMARY AT THIS HOUR-9/12/2018

                          (UPDATES, EDITING, EXPANSION THROUGH 745 AM)

Powerful Hurricane Florence continues to move towards landfall Friday on the coast of the Carolinas with maximum sustained winds of 130 miles per hour.  The storm is now centered some 530 miles southeast of Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Saying the "safety of the American people is my absolute highest priority" President Trump tweeted a message Tuesday urging people in the path of Hurricane Florence to heed the directions of state and local officials.

Russia wants the United States and its allies to reveal their intentions for Syria.  This was the message from Russian UN representative Vasily Nebenzya at the UN Security Council Tuesday.   He said in part:

"Terrorists must not be shielded because they are all one way or another linked to Al-Qaeda-the group we all started to fight after the 9-11 attacks"

The Russian Foreign Ministry warned against "new dangerous steps" in Syria.

And in Syria itself the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation says a fake chemical attack is being recorded on video in the Syrian province of Idlib in the city of Jisr al-Shugur.

Russian President Vladimir Putin says the two men wanted by British authorities in connection with the nerve agent incidents earlier this year are not criminals.   He says the pair have been located in Russia and hopes they will appear soon to tell their side of the story.

The White House is warning Iran over threats to the US Consulate in Basra, Iraq and the US Embassy in Iraq's capital, Baghdad.   There's been unrest in Iraq including the torching of Iran's consulate in Basra and a rocket attack on the Basra airport in the last week.  

The White House statement says the US will "respond swiftly and decisively" to any attacks that hurt Americans or damage American facilities by Iranian proxies in Iraq.

Shia Muslim leaders in Iraq have withdrawn support for the US backed Prime Minister of Iraq, Haider Al-Abadi.

The Associated Press reports that Taliban officials want to talk to the United States.  Earlier this year the US representative for Afghanistan met with the Taliban.

The anarchy in Libya continues with an overnight rocket attack on the Tripoli airport.   There was no damage or injuries at Libya's only functioning airport.  The airport was reopened days ago after a weeklong shutdown during clashes between rival militia that killed 50 people.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban told the European Parliament he will not give in to blackmail before the body approved a resolution sanctioning him today.   His resolute opposition to taking migrants entering Europe and his crackdown on groups inside the country financed by foreign interests and billionaire George Soros have led to international hostility towards his government.

Speaking up for Orban Tuesday was Member of European Parliament Nigel Farage who said he was being targeted for "standing up to George Soros" and that the EU was acting like former Soviet leader Leonid Brezhnev.

Meanwhile, the European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker says that "extremist" posts must be removed from the internet within an hour with internet providers facing heavy fines if it is not done.   Juncker made his comments in a State of the Union address to the European Parliament.

Almost a million people took to the streets of Barcelona Tuesday to mark Catalonia's National Day and renew the call for independence.   Independence was quashed last fall by Spain's government after a referendum and vote by Catalonia's legislature.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

                                       911 + 17=..........  

"You Tube has banned a number of Syrian state-run and pro-government channels.....The reason provided was that these accounts allegedly violate 'You Tube's  Terms of Service'"


"Around four weeks ago, we knew that British intelligence was working toward a chemical attack in order to blame the Syrian government, to hold Syria responsible"

Virginia State Senator Richard Black (R-Loudoun) quoted by "Washington Post" 9/8/2018    

"We've tried to convey the message in recent days that if there's a third use of chemical weapons, the response will be much stronger"

                                    National Security Adviser John Bolton 9/10/2018

"When it comes once again the debt crisis will come back and hit cause actually national borrowing, corporate borrowing and individual borrowing is even bigger than it was in back in 2008 when we had those huge problems..."

                                       Nigel Farage-"The Nigel Farage Show  9/10/2018

Some 17 years after Al-Qaeda terrorists, 15 of them Saudi Arabian citizens, hijacked four aircraft and killed some 3-thousand people, Saudi backed Al-Qaeda forces are holed up in northern Syria.   There might be 10-thousand of them, even more, along with Islamic State in the thousands and thousands of other fighting opponents of the Assad regime in Syria,

As the Syrian government's military with Iranian units on the ground and Russian air support begin their push against these forces the United States, United Kingdom and France are crying foul.

Back in 2001, there was shock and fear and emotions in our midst,  There was an economic shock from 9-11.

Tough talk came from political leaders along with praise for the heroism of Americans including the "first responders".

Even then with all air traffic officially grounded thousands of Saudi citizens including relatives of the attack's mastermind, Osama Bin Laden, were being flown out of the United States.   Fears of attacks on Muslims were expressed.

Eventually President George W. Bush got around to telling us that "Islam is a religion of peace".

And the United States moved forward driving Bin Laden out of Afghanistan into Pakistan and moving against Al-Qaeda leaders and operatives but also moving into Iraq taking out its leader Saddam Hussein, who had threatened the Saudis and Gulf Arabs with his military moves,

Justifying action there, the "Weapons of Mass Destruction".

The WMD's proved elusive to find in the end but stories were put out saying they ended up in Syria.

The financial problems seemed to be surging up in the aftermath of 9-11.   The United States proved to be a financial bulwark as Europe and the UK bled themselves into debts through two world wars.

But eventually in the 1960's government spending and inflation surged as the double whammy of the Vietnam War and the Great Society was unleashed.

The debts kept growing in all directions from government to banking to business to individuals as the decades went on culminating in the 2008 crisis which plunged the world as a whole into the worst economic conditions since the 1930's.

There was a lot of masking of the problems for political purposes and increased debt all around.

Someone I knew was up to something.  They were globetrotting for money in Asia and also the Gulf region including Saudi Arabia.   Money was collected for a non profit institution and a major corporation.

There were also plenty of young terrorist minded men on the "Arab street".

They were "Al Qaeda" in spirit and ready to fight potentially against Israel, the USA or even the Gulf Arab states including Saudi Arabia.

In retrospect it looks like battlefields were selected for these men to fight on and various governments including Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey got in with their dollars and weapons.

Wars broke out in Libya and Syria.   In Egypt the Turkish backed Muslim Brotherhood deposed President Mubarak but the Egyptian people and army eventually overcame them.

In Libya, US, UK and French military power was employed to help the jihadist rebels oust Muammar Qaddafi plunging Libya into chaos and sending waves of refugees into Europe..

Syria got plunged into a similar chaos with another tide of refugees flooding into Europe.

But eventually Syria got aid and support from Iran and Russia and was able to turn back the chaos created by the jihadist rebels who in some cases morphed into the even more brutal Islamic State.

There were allegations of chemical weapons use in Syria and then President Barack Obama hinted at military action but a deal was cut to remove chemical stocks from Syria and military action was averted.

But the allegations continued and there were incidents duly reported by a group called the "White Helmets", funded by foreign sources.  The "White Helmets" of southwestern Syria were evacuated through Israel when government forces took over the area this summer and ended up being resettled in Germany, the UK and Canada.

Once Donald Trump became President of the United States these incidents continued with a US military response twice to two alleged chemical attacks.  At one point Trump even tweeted "animal Assad" in describing the Syrian president.

One of the big supporters of the opposition to Assad was the late Senator John McCain, who even visited northern Syria having himself photographed with the jihadists.   Just a few months ago as the senator was ill, his protégé, Senator Lindsay Graham, paid a visit to northern Syria.

Its also been revealed in the last week that Israel has attacked Syria 200 times in the last year firing a total of 800 missiles.  Israel sees its actions as being against Iran.  Its also been revealed that Israel funded jihadist opposition groups in southwest Syria until the recent government victory there.

Israel's financial lifeline has always been the United States starting with private donations at its inception to US government aid in more recent years.  During Barack Obama's presidency a 40 billion dollar 10 year infusion of US support for Israel's defense industry was announced.

Toasting employees at Israel's Foreign Ministry last week for the new year, Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said Iran's nuclear program had brought Israel closer to major Arab countries.

The main nation that Israel depends on is 20 trillion dollars in debt and the US has a relationship with another nation going further back than Israel.  President Franklin Roosevelt met the Saudi king on a warship flying back from Yalta in early 1945 and in May 2017 President Donald J. Trump visited Saudi Arabia after Israel doing the "sword dance' with its leaders and getting promises of Saudi investment in American infrastructure and purchases of US weapons.

Its something worth thinking about when we consider what really happened in the aftermath of the horrible events we remember 17 years ago today.


                                          (WILL UPDATE-EDIT THROUGH 530AM)

Good Morning on this Tuesday September 11th, 2018, the 17th anniversary of the Al Qaeda terrorist attacks on the United States.

In northern Syria 10-thousand or more Al-Qaeda fighters, thousands of Islamic State forces and many other opponents of the regime of Syria's President Bashar Assad are under air and artillery attack ahead of a ground offensive.

But the United States, United Kingdom and France are raising an alarm as the military action gets underway.

US National Security Advisor John Bolton says that a "much stronger response" will be directed at Syria if there is any use of chemical weapons.   Bolton says the use of chemical weapons would be the "third use" by Syria's government.

Meanwhile a Republican State Senator from Virginia who visited Syria last week , Richard Black, sees the incidents differently.  Black says:

"I've studied each of these gas attack provocations and with the exception of Douma, every one of them has been carried out by the terrorists, often in conjunction with Turkey or with other foreign intelligence agencies....There never was a gas attack in Douma"

Black says the Douma incident in April of this year was totally staged without using any chemical agents.

While the notion of war crimes in Syria is on the table to justify military action by the US, the US is warning the International Court not to prosecute Americans for war crimes.   National Security Adviser John Bolton says the ICC will be sanctioned if it targets American soldiers for abuse of detainees in Afghanistan.  Bolton called the court "illegitimate".

North Korea's ruler Kim Jong Un wants another summit meeting with President Trump and the White House says its working on the matter.   Kim recently sent a letter to President Trump and Trump offered Kim praise via Twitter last weekend.

President Trump urging residents of the east coast to stay safe as Hurricane Florence approaches.  Currently maximum sustained winds are 140 miles per hour with landfall expected in the Carolinas by Thursday evening.   The storm centered 975 miles away from Cape Fear, North Carolina.

At 5am the National Weather Service issued a Hurricane and  Storm Surge Watch from Edisto Beach, South Carolina to the North Carolina-Virginia border.

Tropical Storm Olivia is some 500 miles east of Honolulu and moving into the Hawaiian Islands in the next 48 hours with maximum sustained winds of 70 miles per hour and heavy rains up to 20 inches that could cause flash flooding.

This Thursday is Primary Election Day in New York and there has been a last minute mailing attacking outsider progressive candidate for governor Cynthia Nixon.    The mailing questions Nixon's support for Jewish people saying she "won't stand strong" for Jews and is silent on  rising anti-Semitism.   It was distributed by the New York Democratic Party.

Nixon is running against Democrat incumbent Andrew Cuomo who is backed by Establishment New York Democrats like Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

In Canada, Ontario Premier Doug Ford is flexing his muscle against the man who beat him in the race for Toronto Mayor, John Tory.   After losing in court on his plan to cut city council seats in Toronto for next month's election from 47 to 25, Ford is calling  a special legislative session Wednesday.

Ford will invoke the "notwithstanding clause" to pass legislation to override the court decision in a case brought by Mayor Tory and other members of the existing city council.

Tory said Ford's move is "contrary to the Charter", Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms, "wrong" and "not acceptable".

Monday, September 10, 2018


                              (UPDATES, EDITING, EXPANSION THROUGH 730AM)

Good Morning, we will have details on what appears to be deteriorating situation in Syria later...

But first we go to Sweden where the anti-European Union, anti-mass immigration Sweden Democrats made gains in yesterday's election, holding the balance of power between the "Left" and "Right" coalitions in Swedish politics.

Sweden Democrats picked up 17.6 percent of the vote, up from 12.9 percent in 2014.

Their leader Jimmie Akesson, speaking at an election night rally, says the party will gain huge influence in the weeks, months and years ahead.

The "Left" bloc finished at 40.6 percent and the "Right" block at 40.3 percent in a proportional electoral system that leaves each group without a majority in the 349 seat Riksdag, Sweden's parliament.

The leaders of the two blocs are already disputing who should lead the next government.  Ulf Kristersson of the Moderate Party, leading the "Right", says incumbent Prime Minister Stefan Lofven of the Social Democrats, leading the "Left", should resign.  But Lofven says he will not step down.

A big issue in the Swedish election was the crime wave resulting from the massive influx of foreign nationals into the country.

Last night in Paris seven people were injured in a knife attack, four seriously, with an Afghan man arrested by police.   Two of the injured were British tourists.  The authorities are not calling the attack a terrorist attack.

In Germany, protesters on the streets again after a German is dead following a fight with foreign born nationals.   Two Afghans were arrested after a German man sustained head injuries in a fight in the town of Kothen.  The man later died of a heart attack.

Russia says that 2 US F-15 aircraft bombed a Syrian village with phosphorous bombs on Saturday.

The attack ignited fires in Hadjin in the province of Deir al-Zor in southern Syria.

There's a report that US coalition forces and their allied militias are planning to attack ISIS in southern Syria, but there are also reports that there is a Russian threat to the US base at Al-Tanf as well.

Meanwhile, ISIS fighters, Saudi backed Al-Qaeda fighters and other opposition forces are facing an impending ground attack by the Syrian government with Iranian ground support and Russian air support.

The offensive is opposed by the United States and other nations on "humanitarian grounds".  Officials of the US, UK and other nations have suggested chemical weapons will be used by Syria and military action is being threatened if that happens.

Russia and Syria contend a false flag chemical attack is coming coordinated by Al-Qaeda jihadists and British intelligence.  The foreign government funded "White Helmets" group has released video in recent days showing Syrians making makeshift gas masks in the area about to come under ground attack.  The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, another foreign government funded group, is reporting that hospitals have been attacked in recent days in the north of Syria.

Shelling and air attacks have been reported in Idlib and Hama provinces over the weekend in operations that are believed to be preparations for the ground assault.

And the later breaking news is that there are reports in mainstream media and elsewhere online in recent hours saying Syria's President Bashar Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas according to US government officials.

Also, there is a "Wall Street Journal" story saying that US military action in retaliation for a "chemical attack" would involve decision making on hitting Russian and or Iranian forces as well in Syria.

The fight is on in the UK ahead of the Conservative Party's conference later this month.   Former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson wrote in the "Mail On Sunday" newspaper that Theresa May's plan for Brexit is a "suicide vest" for Britain with the European Union holding the detonator.

Johnson is expected to challenge May for Conservative Party leadership and the Prime Minister's post at the conference.

The National Hurricane Center says that Hurricane Florence will become a major hurricane as it moves westwards towards the southeastern coast of the United States.   Landfall is expected by Friday somewhere in the Carolinas.   At 5 am Eastern time Florence had maximum sustained winds of 105 miles per hour and was 625 miles southeast of Bermuda.

Also, Hurricane Issac has formed out in the mid-Atlantic and is expected to cross the Lesser Antillies into the Caribbean Sea Wednesday night or Thursday.  Issac had maximum sustained winds of 75 miles per hour as of 5 am Eastern 1230 miles east of the Windward Islands.

In the Pacific Ocean Hurricane Olivia is reported strengthening some 700 miles east of Honolulu with maximum sustained winds of 85 miles per hour.  Its moving west and a Tropical Storm Watch is in effect from Oahu through Maui and the other islands southward to the big island of Hawaii.  Tropical storm conditions are expected in some parts of the islands by tomorrow.

CBS Chairman Les Moonves suddenly resigned Sunday night amid new sexual misconduct allegations involving six women.   Moonves had already been under independent investigation over other sexual misconduct allegations.   He called the latest allegations "appalling". 

But along with announcement is word that Moonves and CBS intend to contribute 20 million dollars to groups supporting the #MeToo Movement.  His resignation under his contract entitles him to 100 million dollars in severance compensation but CBS says that won't be given to him until the result of the independent investigation is known.

Tennis star Serena Williams contention that the penalties imposed on her during the final of the US Women's Open Saturday were sexist are being backed up.  The Chief Executive of the Womens Tennis Association, Steve Simon, says the umpire showed Williams a different level of tolerance for her outbursts than a man would have.   Williams ended up losing the championship match to Naomi Osaka.