Monday, December 28, 2015


You may know me from posts on Free Republic.  You may know me from other places.  You may not know me at all.  But here I am.  Posting to new people with a new perspective.

Business as usual politics from 'mainstream' political parties deceives us all in the United States and around the world.

Politicians of the Clinton, Bush types and beyond, almost all of them in the big parties do what the big money tells them to do without any regards for meaningful policies that will make anyone on the Left or the Right happy.

Its no wonder people at the grassroots level in the United States are drawn to the Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

People in the United Kingdom look to UKIP, in France they are drawn to the National Front, in Greece they follow Syriza on the Left or the Independent Greeks on the Right.

I hope to discuss in my posts how the large parties use and exploit people of all kinds, all races, all political philosophies, all religions, all sexual orientations and identities, etc. etc. to use them as pawns to obtain political power.

I  will also post about violence and terrorism, looking for patterns of addiction in violence and terrorism.

Drug arrests are often in the background of terrorists, including the possession of  prescription drugs

The mass killer at Planned Parenthood in Colorado used pot.

Regarding the Charlie Hebdo terrorists and the possession by some of child pornography, London's mayor Boris Johnson referred to them as 'porn addicted losers'.

There are also 'drug' connections in the lives of those who end up in deadly situations with law enforcement that lead to unrest in the large cities of the United States.

There are lots of other things to post about, too.

Welcome to all.........