Wednesday, September 19, 2018


"Militants and activists of the White Helmets continue fabricating the sham scenes that will feature the alleged use of chemical weapons inside the Idlib zone of the de-escalation.   The filming of these fakes are already taken place in some Syrian districts. Notably, the organizers forced the Syrians abducted previously in Idlib and Aleppo Governates to take part in the filming."

Russian UN Ambassador Vasily Nebanzya at UN Security Council 9/18/2018

Russia is moving forward with Turkey to clear out a buffer zone in the Idlib region by October 15th.

But the Russians also say jihadists are planning a fake attack using barrels of chlorine they have brought into northern Syria.

And the UN Ambassador added:

"We can see full well some of our partners are using Syria as a bridgehead for triggering a far more serious and dangerous conflict with far-reaching consequences in the entire region."

He said Syria's problems should be resolved peacefully.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said this:

"We have informed our Israeli colleagues, and I have also informed personally the Israeli Defense Minister, that such actions will not be left unanswered by us.."

However President Vladimir Putin speaks of Israel's role this way:

"Looks accidental, like chain of tragic circumstances"

Putin had successfully negotiated a buffer zone in northern Syria with Turkey just hours before that will force jihadist and other opponents of the Assad regime to move their forces further north out of populated areas.

It appears that the sudden appearance of Israeli F-16's for an attack in northern Syria just hours after Putin's diplomatic coup was an attempt to spoil that success and provoke a fight that Israel could play to its advantage to trigger US and allied military intervention in Syria.

The buffer zone agreement is something for Putin to capitalize on and he appears to be moving forward in that direction.   We shall see if the Turks come through with their end of the bargain.

The "Southfront" website reports today that the jihadist groups and others have rejected the buffer zone plan which says they must remove heavy weapons by October 10th and get out completely by October 15th.

It is also very likely, an almost certainty, that Israel will again seek to provoke and the notion of a French role, denied by Paris, reminds us that the Al-Qaeda jihadists have many friends in the Western nations whose financial connections to Gulf Arabs outweigh any moral considerations.

The "White Helmets" and their jihadist associates could also unleash the next "chemical attack" and trigger a France-UK-US military response at any time.

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