Saturday, January 12, 2019



Good Morning.

Our top Newsdump story comes with President Trump's announcement of a more secure future for some foreigners working in the United States.

The President says the H1B visas will be reformed and streamlined including offering the foreign workers who are in this country on them a pathway to citizenship.

The partial shutdown of the federal government continues with no agreement yet on funding a barrier on the nation's southern border.

A lawsuit was filed in federal court on behalf of air traffic controllers who are not being paid.

But the case is going nowhere because the federal court system's non-criminal cases are affected by the partial shutdown.

Civil litigation is affected by the situation as well including the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of LaVoy Finicum, the Oregon Standoff protest spokesman gunned down by an Oregon State Police trooper in an FBI led operation three years ago this month.

His widow Jeanette posted a brief video earlier this week.....LINK

The Act 9 of the Yellow Vests protest underway in France today.  Coverage from this blog at this link...BREAKING NEWS-YELLOW VESTS

In an incident separate from the protesters in Paris, four have died following a gas explosion at a bakery.   It is considered an accident by the authorities.

The Battle of Brexit.

Crunch time with Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan opposed by some 100 of her own party's MP's who see it as a fake exit from the European Union.

Conservative Party cabinet minister transport secretary Chris Grayling telling the "Daily Mail" that May's plan is the real deal and rejecting it will  mean the rise of "extremism" in the UK.

Grayling said in part:

"we risk a break with British tradition of moderate, mainstream politics that goes back to the Restoration in 1660"

An Israeli air attack on an arms depot at Damascus airport Friday night.    Syria says its air defenses shot down most of the missiles.   

The 18 year-old Saudi woman who renounced Islam and was fleeing to Australia when Thai authorities under Saudi influence tried to deport her, has found asylum.    Rahaf al-Qunun, who said she would be killed if she was sent back to her Saudi family, has been granted admission to Canada.

Also in Canada outrage over an online video from Manitoba that shows social workers assisted by a security guards and police seizing a newborn baby from its mother.

The indigenous woman was reportedly told by social workers that she had shown up drunk at an appointment, justifying the seizure of the child.

And that's the way it really is Saturday morning January 12th, 2019.

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