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"Move the f**k back right now!"

A New York Police Department officer punched a bystander as cops were trying to enforce "social distancing" in the city this weekend after speaking those words.   The officer placed on modified duty following the incident captured on video...9 NEWS AUSTRALIA STORY WITH EMBEDDED VIDEO

Police in Flint, Michigan investigating the killing of a security guard at a Family Dollar store Friday with social media reports saying there was a dispute over a customer not obeying orders to wear a face mask in the store......THE HILL STORY

Israel's High Court heard arguments against an indicted member of Parliament being able to form a government today.    Opponents of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu bringing that petition to the court.   Netanyahu indicted in three separate corruption cases facing trial later this month.

Tomorrow the High Court considering petitions against the power-sharing "unity" government involving Netanyahu's Likud Party and the Blue and White Party of former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz.........YNET ISRAEL NEWS STORY

An exchange of gunfire Sunday morning on the border between North and South Korea.   Gunshots fired from the North into the South from a guard post.   Two shots fired from the South into the North.   The incident at 7:41 am local time, 6:41 pm Saturday Eastern US time....US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says its believed that the shooting was accidental.


A Russian Military Police patrol intercepted and blocked a US military convoy in northeastern Syria Saturday.     Talks were held to end the incident which brought additional US armored vehicles into the area with coalition warplanes flying overhead.     The Russians believed to be reacting to US blockage of a Russian patrol in the area recently......SOUTHFRONT STORY (WITH VIDEO EMBEDDED)

In a preliminary decision a German regulatory agency is refusing to give the Nord Stream 2 project a waiver that would allow larger quantities of natural gas to be imported into Germany.  The Nord Stream 2 would bring Russian natural gas directly into Germany.    It is opposed by the United States, which has imposed sanctions to stop the project from being completed......TASS NEWS AGENCY STORY

"the world has changed"

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett offering his view of the coronavirus situation at Berkshire Hathaway's annual shareholders meeting last night.

Buffett said the company had been wrong to invest in America's top four airlines and that all stock in them had been sold......BBC NEWS STORY

Islamic State attacks this weekend on Popular Mobilization Units militia in Iraq.   The operation by IS was described as coordinated and large scale.  10 PMU members killed in the attacks......SOUTHFRONT STORY.....PMU units are  Shia Muslims supported by Iran and one of their leaders believes outside help from the US and Saudi Arabia is enabling Islamic State which is also called "Daesh" to renew its offensive capabilities......PRESS TV IRAN STORY

The intelligence agencies of five English speaking nations, commonly called "Five Eyes", have compiled a dossier that reportedly documents a possible Chinese cover-up related to Covid-19......ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS STORY.....The network of intelligence agencies have worked together over the years on a variety of matters with the network being used to help compile the "Steele Dossier" that claimed connections between President Trump and Russia in 2016.....SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS BLOG POST

Today US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo spoke of "enormous evidence" that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese lab......AFP NEWS REPORT PUBLISHED BY AL ARABIYA SAUDI ARABIA

The coronavirus story around the world today as interpreted by BBC News on its blog........BBC NEWS CORONAVIRUS BLOG 5/3/2020

The coronavirus lockdown in the city of Naples, Italy has dramatically changed life there.    BBC reporter Mark Lowen spoke to residents of the city.......VIDEO LINK

In other news.......

The Venezuelan regime of Nicolas Maduro says that its police and military forces thwarted a "sea invasion" of the country by "terrorist mercenaries" early this morning trying to enter the country from Colombia    Its being said that eight were killed and two captured including an agent of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.......SPUTNIK NEWS RUSSIA STORY....Colombia's government says that the dictatorship ruling Venezuela is trying to distract from internal problem.....SPUTNIK NEWS STORY 2

That's the way it really is Sunday May 3rd, 2020.....

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