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With restraint being the apparent message from Washington in recent hours, Iran seems to be sending out its own messaging in that vein.

Reuters is reporting that Iran refrained from shooting down a US Navy maritime patrol aircraft with 35 crew members on board before opting to shoot down a US drone Wednesday night.

President Trump tweeting Friday that his decision to back away from attacking three Iranian sites was based on an estimate that 150 would be killed in the attacks.

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton will be in Israel Sunday meeting with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Bolton en route to a meeting in Bahrain next week that will discuss economic aspects of a possible deal between Israel and the Palestinians,   President Trump's "Deal of the Century".

"You expect black people to vote for you"

That was a sample of the response that Democrat Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg got in South Bend, Indiana Friday.

Some residents upset with their city's mayor following the shooting of black man by a police officer last Sunday.   The mayor trying to calm the crowd at a Friday rally saying he was committed to "fixing this".

The murder conviction of a Mississippi man, tried six times in a quadruple murder case from 1996, thrown out by the US Supreme Court in a 7-2 decision Friday.

Curtis Flowers on death row after his conviction in the sixth trial.

Two other trials resulted in hung juries and three times the Mississippi Supreme Court overturned convictions on the basis of prosecutorial misconduct including deliberate attempts by the prosecutor to keep African-Americans off the jury.

Attempts to racially gerrymander the jury by overzealous prosecutor Doug Evans cited in the court's majority opinion written by Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

Evans is free to put Flowers on trial for a seventh time under the ruling.

The US Supreme Court also ruling Friday 7-2 in support of a man in the country illegally over his possession of a firearm.     The majority of the justices saying that United Arab Emirates citizen  Hamid Rahaif  could not be convicted without the government proving he knew of his immigration status.   More from "The Hill".....LINK

Nine are dead after a plane carrying skydivers crashed in Hawaii.   The plane crash northwest of Honolulu on the island of Oahu.

Oregon's Democrat Governor Kate Brown ordering Oregon State Police to round up Republican state senators who "left the building" Thursday to prevent the senate from acting on "climate change legislation".

500 dollar a day fines being imposed on the Republican senators and the Oregon State Police saying they are calling on "out of state" resources to help them round up the senators.

"Oregon Live" offers its interpretation of what the Republicans are concerned about.....LINK

New developments late Friday with a decision to close the Oregon statehouse Saturday.    The Associated Press reporting "a militia threat".    Militia groups reported to be planning a peaceful protest outside the State Capitol in Salem on Saturday and "Oregon Live" reporting that the Three Percent group had offered protection to the Republican state senators.....ASSOCIATED PRESS-OREGON LIVE STORIES

Protesters surrounding government buildings in Hong Kong Friday into Saturday.     The police headquarters and revenue building became protest sites Friday as demands continue for withdrawal of the bill that would extradite Hong Kong residents to the Chinese mainland for prosecution.

They also want protesters arrested in previous demonstrations released and investigations into violent tactics used by police.

The protests wound down Saturday morning.

The AFP news agency reporting that Hong Kong police vow to pursue the ringleaders of the protests....LINK

240 injured including dozens of police in the Republic of Georgia Thursday as protesters stormed into the parliament building expressing  outrage over a Russian parliament member speaking there that day.

Dozens of police among the injured as they used rubber bullets and tear gas against the protesters.

Sergei Gavrilov spoke jn the Georgian parliament as part of a meeting of parliament members from Orthodox Christian countries.

The speaker of Georgia's parliament Irakli Kobakhidze resigning Friday as demanded by the protesters.

Russia's Tass News Agency reports 305 protesters detained by police in the nation of Georgia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signing a decree temporarily suspending airline service with Georgia on Friday night but not taking effect until July.   There's an advisory for Russians to avoid travel there.

Another protest materialized outside the parliament building on Friday night with a more peaceful atmosphere but protesters expressing deep anger towards Russia.

British media abuzz over an incident at the apartment of the top contender to be next British Prime Minister.

Police arrived at the residence of Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds after a "loud argument" was overheard by neighbor.

The police say they checked on the welfare of all in the apartment shortly after midnight on Friday morning and found everyone to be OK.

The neighbor recorded the loud argument and shared the recording with "The Guardian" newspaper.

Johnson the former Foreign Secretary in a contest with current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt to be the next Prime Minister with Conservative Party members voting in the next month.

British cabinet minister Mark Field suspended Friday after he grabbed and pushed an environmentalist activist away as she attempted to disrupt a black tie dinner in London.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has expressed concern over the matter and opposition politicians have called for Mr. Field to be fired.

Field is a cabinet minister in the British Foreign Office.

A special election has been triggered in a House of Commons seat.    In Brecon and Radnorshire petitions gained enough signatures to trigger the election after Conservative Party MP Chris Davies admitted he had submitted false expense claims.

In California Friday a state panel approving pay raises for Governor Gavin Newsom, state legislators and other top elected officials.

A four percent hike in pay set to take effect December 2nd. 

He was fired by the sport of rugby in Australia for expressing his views about homosexuality.

Now Israel Folau is trying to contest his firing before an Australian tribunal.

Folau is asking for donations to help him in a crowdfunding campaign launched Friday.

The BBC has more on this story.....LINK

And that's the way it really is as we come into Newsdump Saturday June 22nd, 2019

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