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Chinese government media has released a video purported to be that of a Muslim Uighur musician reported to have died in a Chinese detention facility.

The video dated Sunday, shows Abdurehim Heyit saying he is in good health.

Many are questioning the authenticity of the video which follows a call by the Turkish government for the Chinese facilities, which are called "educational", to be shut down.

The Chinese Embassy in Turkey denounced the criticism saying it was "unacceptable".

Many stories from those held at the facilities speak of death and torture in the centers, which have been likened to concentration camps.

China is trying to assimilate the Uighurs into its one party system with sometimes violent reaction from the Muslim minority, that is ethnically Turkish.

Two more things.

There's been a Russian media report in recent weeks claiming that Islamic State fighters from Syria and their families have been airlifted to the Central Asian nation of Turkmenistan, near China.

Also. George Soros spoke at the World Economic Forum in Davos last month about the challenge of China.

The ISIS holdouts are under assault from the US backed Kurdish forces in eastern Syria in what is reported to be the final assault to take the Islamic State out.

International media are in the area and have reported on the evacuation of some 20-thousand civilians leading up to the military action.

Senator Amy Klobluchar, Democrat Senator from Minnesota, announced her candidacy for President Sunday.    She joins an increasingly crowded field of candidates with the implication being that the large field is designed to split votes so that the insider candidate, former Vice-President Joe Biden, can win the Democrat presidential nomination next year.

(SPECIAL COMMENT:  The media on all sides from the pro-Democrat "mainstream media" to the "alternative media" to the pro-Republican "conservative media" etc. etc. will all help to beat up the candidates so Biden ends up being the winner of the contest.    But you never know.   The media obviously didn't want Donald Trump to get the GOP nod in 2016 and they lost out)

Politics in Israel and Supreme Court Justice Hanan Melcer, chairman of the Central Elections Committee, ordered a probe into the recent Likud Party primary voting Sunday night.

The order comes after Israel's "Channel 12" found irregularities in the vote count for the primary of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's party to select the list of candidates for the April 9th General Election.

In some localities more votes were cast for candidates than party members eligible to vote in those places.

The comptroller of the Likud party came out Sunday night to call for a recount of votes in the primary election citing irregularities.

And here at home Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Bill and Hillary, critical of Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota following her attack on Republican House Leader Kevin McCarthy.

McCarthy was threatening action against Congresswoman Omar for her anti-Israel statements.

Omar tweeted back:

"It's all about the Benjamin's baby"

In a follow up Twitter exchange she responded with "AIPAC" meaning that the American Israel Public Affairs Committee was funding McCarthy who was attacking her.

AIPAC does not directly fund candidates but it's donors do.

Chelsea Clinton's response to Omar's blast at Republican McCarthy echoed others saying that Omar was making an anti-Semitic statement.

In part Chelsea Clinton said this:

"We should expect all elected officials, regardless of party, and all public figures not to traffic in anti-Semitism"

The Battle of Brexit.

Prime Minister Theresa May is promising "meaningful votes" in Parliament on Brexit.

Her initial deadline was Wednesday but she still has nothing to put on the table as the calendar moves closer to the date May has insisted will be the date of the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Late developments include a letter setting out the Labor Party's view of Brexit from its leader Jeremy Corbyn and a conciliatory response from Mrs. May.   Its been suspected that she may try to get the Labor Party with her so she can get the votes to overcome the Conservative members who will not support her notion of Brexit.

"Mr. Brexit" Nigel Farage has been looking for a new political home since he left UKIP last year and now he says a new political party is ready to contest European Parliament elections later this year if Brexit is not delivered by March 29th and the UK is kept in the EU.

Farage says that the "Brexit Party" is ready to go now, recognized by the Electoral Commission in the UK.

Farage has tweeted:

"I sincerely hope that this prospect is recognized by both the Conservative Party and the Labour Party as a threat"

But there is a response to Mr. Farage from the United Kingdom Independence Party, UKIP.

Gerard Batten, UKIP leader and Member of European Parliament from London, says that Farage is protecting the Conservative Party Establishment by launching a new party that will split votes and help the Tories retain power.

Batten urges voters to stay with the "party of Brexit" UKIP.

Batten tweets that Farage's party would be:

"an Establishment safety valve to dupe the voters"

Farage left UKIP after UKIP reached out to bring in bloggers and activists like Sargon of Akkad and Tommy Robinson.   Farage denies he's being a "snob" and looking down his nose at working class people with his opposition to those activists being involved in UKIP.

Interim Venezuelan President Juan Guaido calling for volunteers to help bring humanitarian aid into the country after the Maduro government blocked a bridge from Colombia to stop aid deliveries.

The United States is pushing for a United Nations Security Council resolution formally calling for free and fair elections in Venezuela monitored by international observers.

Russia is opposing the notion and pushing for a resolution against foreign interference in Venezuela.

The latest on Alexandre Benalla.  Benalla is a former bodyguard for French President Emmanuel Macron who lost his job after video emerged of him dressed as a riot policeman beating up protesters on May Day.

France's Interior Minister Christophe Castaner is saying the Benalla Affair is not an "affair of the state".   His attempt to distance the government from Castaner comes after new media revelations at the end of January about Benalla's contacts with a reserve police officer who is involved in President Macron's "En Marche" political party.

There have been other controversies involving Benalla's using a diplomatic passport and communicating with President Macron through encrypted messages after he lost his job.

In Spain a large crowd of tens of thousands rallying against the Socialist Party government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez.

The rally called by the main party of the "Right", the Popular Party, and the newer so-called "Reform" party of the right, Ciudadanos or Citizens Party, was in opposition to Sanchez's plan to appoint a person to negotiate with Catalonia.

His action is being labeled treason.

But Catalan leaders, who want independence for the region, aren't planning on getting involved in talks with Sanchez, since he refuses to support sovereignty for Catalonia.

Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orban has rolled out plans for larger families in his country.

Women with four or more children will be exempted from income tax and young couples will be given interest-free loans of 36-thousand dollars that will be cancelled when they have three children.

Orban says his plans defend Hungary's future while Western nations look to immigration as the answer to falling birthrates.

And that's the way it really is on this Monday morning February 11th. 2019.

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