Monday, January 27, 2020


"the violence being carried out in Idlib, Syria must stop"

Those words from White House spokesman Judd Deere regarding the phone conversation today between President Trump and the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. 

The two leaders said by Deere to be in agreement that the Syrian military operations backed by Russian air power against Al Qaeda and other jihadist forces should cease in northwestern Syria near Turkey's border.

As the Syrian government offensive has gained ground in recent days the Syrian government warning that Turkey is involved in planning to stage a false flag chemical weapons attack.

The Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria says that the jihadist opposition forces in Idlib were plotting "chemical weapons provocations" in the coming days.

Trump and Erdogan also discussing Libya agreeing on the need to get rid of foreign interference and maintain a cease-fire in that county.   Fighting reported in that country in the last few days.

More on this from Turkey's Anadolu News Agency......LINK

And the take on the Trump-Erdogan conversation and the Syrian situation from Russia's Tass News Agency......LINK

A US military aircraft with a crew of "less than 5" crashed today in Afghanistan inside Taliban territory with no details provided on casualties from the crash.   


The Taliban posting video and pictures of a plane with US Air Force markings on it.

The plane appeared to be a Bombardier E-11A jet used for  communications purposes.

And that is now confirmed by the US military....LINK TO BUSINESS INSIDER STORY......with early word it is not believed the plane was shot down.

The  BBC published this story earlier today before the US military statement....LINK

And a story published tonight by "Al Jazeera" in Qatar......LINK

106 are reported dead with 4,515 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in China as of Tuesday morning at 8am local time, 7 pm Eastern time Monday evening in the US.

Italian politics and a strong showing in a Left leaning part of Italy for Matteo Salvini's League with a 43.6 percent vote in the region of Emilia-Romagna.   The mainstream party of the "Left" the Democratic Party, was able to claim a victory with 51.4 percent of the vote but its support in a stronghold was reduced.

The results of the Sunday election enabled the coalition government of the Democratic Party and the Five Star Movement to remain in power in Rome, but points to tough times ahead in future elections.

From Israel a report that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is giving up plans to annex the "occupied territories" of Judea and Samaria.     

The move would come in the face of President Trump's "Deal of the Century" peace plan rolling out this week.    A formal announcement now set for 7 pm Washington time Tuesday,

Israel's Defense Minister Naftali Bennett of the conservative Yamina Party says his support of the "Deal" is conditional on annexation of the territories.

President Trump and Prime Minister Netanyahu meeting at the White House today.

Also meeting the President to discuss the "deal" Israel's leading opposition politician former Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Benny Gantz who leads the Blue and White Party.....YNET NEWS STORY ON GANTZ-TRUMP MEETING

A pardon committee in Russia today approving Israeli national Naama Issachar's request.    She was convicted and jailed on possession of marijuana charges.    Her case a major cause of concern in Israel with her parents joining a meeting of Prime Minister Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin in Israel last week.

The story from "Tass".........LINK

The impeachment trial of President Trump today with former Special Counsel Kenneth Starr saying that impeachment is becoming "weaponized" as he spoke in defense of President Trump.

Starr's work as Special Counsel led to the 1998 impeachment trial of former President Bill Clinton.

Constitutional scholar Alan Dershowitz said that the charges against President Trump are vague and do not meet the criteria for impeachable offenses.

Also part of the impeachment drama the buzz over a leak of a book transcript from former National Security Adviser John Bolton.

Its led some Republicans in the Senate like Mitt Romney and Susan Collins to speak positively of having Mr. Bolton as a witness at the trial.

"Bretibart" reporting that one person who may have been able to get the Bolton book transcript to the New York Times is the twin brother of anti-Trump witness as the House impeachment hearings.

Yevgeny Vindman serves as an ethics lawyer for the NSC.   His brother Lt. Col Alexander Vindman.....BRETIBART STORY

"zero cooperation"

The words of US Attorney Geoffrey Berman speaking outside of the late Jeffrey Epstein's mansion in New York today.

Berman speaking about Britain's Prince Andrew and the Justice Department's probe into co-conspirators with Epstein in sex trafficking of underage girls.

Andrew associated with the convicted child sex offender and accused child sex trafficker had said in November he was "willing to cooperate with any appropriate law enforcement agency".

And that's the way it really is Monday January 27th, 2020/

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