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The word from Richmond today is of a peaceful gathering of Second Amendment supporters in the city as local Antifa groups back away from a presence out of fear following the state of emergency and arrests last week involving alleged Neo-Nazis ahead of today's rally.

22-thousand estimated by police to at the rally.   Six thousand in the penned area and 16-thousand outside it.

The main rally in the penned area of Capitol Square ended early this afternoon and the crowd dispersed.   There was weapons ban there that included firearms.

Outside that penned area the crowd carrying in some cases flags on poles and in some cases firearms which would have been banned as weapons stood in attendance at the Second Amendment rally.

A mainstream media chronicle of today's protest in Richmond from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch"...LINK

Iran promising a "final and more effective step" as France, Germany and the UK move away from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear agreement under threat of US sanctions according to Germany's Defense Minister.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman appeared before the media today making the statement.

Later the Iranian Foreign Minister Javad Zarif saying Iran has the option of leaving the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty if France, Germany and the UK end up bringing Iran before the UN Security Council over the JCPOA.

More on this from Iran's "Press TV"......LINK

President Trump's lawyers calling for a quick acquittal by the Senate as he impeachment trial is set to begin tomorrow.    They argue the impeachment by the House is a "dangerous perversion" of the Constitution of the United States.

House Democrats claim that President Trump engaged in "corrupt conduct".

In France train traffic almost back to normal as many unions accept the "compromise" on pension reform that backs away from a specified retirement age of 64.   The pension reform plan is set to move in parliament this Friday.   Its expected to cut retirement benefits for many French workers as it combines 42 different pension plans into a single one.

A comprehensive plan to settle the conflict in Libya agreed to by top level officials from ten nations in Berlin Sunday including China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and United States.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel announcing the plan which will go to the UN Security Council.

The factions fighting each other in Libya, the Government of National Accord and the Libyan National Army have not commented publicly on the deal.  But the Libyan National Army reported not signing off and continuing to cut off oil exports.

More on the plan agreed to by world leaders from "Southfront"......LINK

More on the LNA and its response to the plan from "Southfront"....LINK

The Chinese telecom executive Meng Wanzhou  in a Canadian courtroom today as her extradition hearing began.      The Huawei  Chief Financial Officer under house arrest after she was detained by Canadian authorities for extradition to the US in late 2018.

The US accuses her of violating sanctions against Iran. 

Meng's defense lawyers arguing today that the US is trying to use Canada to enforce economic sanctions Canadians have rejected in order to extradite her.

CBC News reports......LINK

From Canada CBC News previewed the extradition hearing process over the weekend......LINK

There are 139 new cases of the mysterious corona virus in China with its spread confirmed to areas of China outside Wuhan and to the nation of South Korea in addition to cases already found in Japan and Thailand.

Late word is that four have died from the respiratory illness believed to have its origin with the infection of animals at a market in the city of Wuhan.    

Chinese authorities are now saying the virus can spread from one person to another.

A meeting of the World Health Organization's emergency committee set for Wednesday to discuss the virus.

More on the story from the BBC......LINK

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo offering support to the Interim President of Venezuela recognized by the US and 50 plus other nations today.

Pompeo meeting National Asssembly President Juan Guaido in Colombia after Mr. Guaido left Venezuela in defiance of an order for him not to travel.

The government of Nicolas Maduro remaining in power but Mr. Pompeo promising additional US sanctions against it in the future.

Mr. Guaido is on his way to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

And President Trump also headed for that annual gathering of the global business and government elites in Davos.      Among the list of leaders he will meet will be Iraqi politicians who support the United States presence in the country which is now opposed by Prime Minister Adil Abdul Mahdi and a majority of parliament.

Those leaders are Iraqi President Barham Saleh and Prime Minister of the Iraqi Kurdish region Nechirvan Barzani.

The news from Iraq itself includes 3 rockets reported landing tonight in Baghdad's 'Green Zone" near the US Embassy.     Russia's "Sputnik News" with more......LINK

And six Iraqis killed including two police officers today with dozens wounded as the anti-government protests continue in several Iraqi cities including Baghdad. That story from "The National" in the United Arab Emirates....LINK

And that's the way it really is for Monday January 20th, 2020.

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