Monday, January 6, 2020


Millions on the streets of Iran's capital Tehran today paying their respects to General Qasem Soleimani assassinated in a US drone strike early Friday morning in Baghdad on order of President Trump.

The coffins of Soleimani and others killed in the US attack before Iran's top leaders led by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei for a funeral ceremony where prayers were offered up.    Khamenei seen at one point in tears.

Soleimani's daughter Zeinab speaking at one point saying:

"Crazy Trump, don't think that everything is over with my father's martyrdom"

She said that her father's name is now "shaking the nest" of enemies including "Zionism" and "Takfirism"  (Sunni Islamic terrorism rooted in Saudi Arabia like Al Qaeda and ISIS) and the "order of hegemony" (World Order led by the United States).

A live video steam of the events in Tehran today from RT-Ruptly......LINK

A story published by Iran's "Press TV"......LINK   The BBC's version.....LINK

And among those who have paid their respects to the family of General Qasem Soleimani is the Rabbi of Tehran.    "Israel National News" has more...LINK

Well, the political debate in Washington has been shifted away from impeachment with the focus now on President Trump's Iran policy.      The President says he is acting within the law.

Democrats are questioning his actions and proposing "war powers" legislation to limit it.

But getting back to impeachment for a moment the former National Security Adviser John Bolton now saying he is willing to testify as part of the impeachment process.

There's been talk of having witnesses at a Senate trial of President Trump. 

Bolton was fired by the President but had this to say on Twitter last Friday following the drone strike that killed General Soleimani.....

"Congratulations to all involved in eliminating Qassem Soleimani......."-LINK TO FULL TWEET

In Germany police shooting dead a Turkish man who tried to attack them with a knife.   The prosecutor's office for the town of Gelsenkirchen says the attacker was on a list of people being monitored for ties to "militant groups".

The Associated Press quotes local media as saying that the man was shouting "Allahu Akhbar" as he approached the police.

"New Censorship, New Dictatorships"

The headline of a special fifth anniversary issue of  French satirical magazine "Charlie Hebdo" is marking the January 7th, 2015 Islamic terrorist attack on its offices that killed 12 people.

The terrorists censorship has given way to new censors, the magazine's editor writes in the special issue.

The magazine's cover features a smartphone with the logos of major social media companies.

It's content  decries "tweets informers" and "political correctness" pointing to "new gurus of formatted thought".

The Los Angeles County District Attorney's office filing rape and sexual assault charges against movie mogul Harvey Weinstein today.     The cases involve two women who say they were assaulted by Weinstein in 2013.

These charges came on the first day of a rape and sexual assault trial for Weinstein in New York City.    Jury selection underway with the opening arguments expected in two weeks. 

Weinstein arrived at court as he has for pre-trial appearances using  a walker.   He was helped up the front steps of the courthouse.......VIDEO LINK

In Libya Turkish military forces reported arriving to support the United Nations endorsed Government of National Accord.    They are said to include electronic warfare and air defense elements.   Turkey says its acting in a supporting role with Turkish proxy forces who have been fighting in Syria  reported to be providing the combat forces of the Turkish intervention.

The opposition Libyan National Army leader Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar declaring a jihad on the Turkish intervention.  A LNA  source tells Russia's "Sputnik News" that LNA forces are making advances in the key city of Sirte.

Russia one of the nations along with Egypt and the United Arab Emirates backing the Libyan National Army.

"Southfront" reports on the Turkish intervention.....LINK

And finally are US troops leaving Iraq or is the US staying in Iraq or this just a distraction.   

The US pulled out of Syria last year but really ended up staying.

I don't know what the truth heck maybe another pretend withdrawal this time from Iraq like was done in Syria last year.

 The story is out there and lets allow Iran's "Press TV" to tell us about the story.....PRESS TV STORY-CONFLICTING REPORTS EMERGE OF 'US MOVEMENT OUT OF IRAQ'

And for now that's the way it really is Monday January 6th, 2020.

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