Tuesday, March 10, 2020



The markets and the coronsvirus in the news but first politics tonight and the Democratic Party contests in the race for President.....

The Democrat Party Establishment's crushing of Bernie Sanders moving forward with three wins for Joe Biden in Mississippi, Missouri and Michigan.   Three other states with voting today North Dakota, Idaho and Washington.

The story of tonight with a live blog and results from National Public Radio......LINK

In other political news President Trump making his endorsement in the Republican runoff for the US Senate in Alabama.   Trump choosing former Auburn football coach Tommy Tuberville over the former US Attorney General Jeff Sessions.   The runoff election three weeks from today March 31st.

The winner facing Democrat Doug Jones in November.

The Jerusalem District Court has rejected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's request for a 45 day delay in his corruption trial set to start next Tuesday.  Netanyahu had asked for the delay citing a lack of materials being provided by the prosecution......JERUSALEM POST NEWS STORY

The head of US Central Command in the Middle East said today that air defense systems are being deployed to Iraq to protect US forces from attack.   In early January the Al-Asad airbase in western Iraq attacked by Iran with over 100 traumatic brain injuries inflicted on US troops.....SOUTHFRONT NEWS STORY

Wall Street opened moving upwards today at around 3 percent but later at mid-day the uptick slowed to just over 1 percent but in the end there was nearly five percent move upwards....MARKETWATCH

President Trump travelling to Capitol Hill to meet with Republicans in Congress today.

The markets calming today with Japan's stock market and European markets also rising with a rise in oil prices of eight percent after yesterdays 30 percent drop.

Tonight the official count on coronavirus in the USA is 761 cases with 27 deaths but those numbers expected to move upwards as more extensive testing continues to spread across the United States.

More than 9-thousand may be infected with the coronavirus in the United States according to what researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center are saying.     Using what they say are "conservative" methods the researchers believe their work:

"suggests that the opportunity window to contain the epidemic of Covid-19 in its early stage is closing"

They are estimating anywhere from 1,043 to 9,484 infected in the US as of March 1st, nine days ago.

More on this from 'US News and World Report'......LINK

The nursing home in Washington state where at least 13 patients have died from the coronavirus has a third of its staff (some 70 people) out sick but no test kits to check if they have the coronavirus.   The facility has asked various government agencies for the test kits but have not received them....SEATTLE TIMES NEWS STORY

Congressman Mark Meadows, the incoming White House Chief of Staff, in self-quarantine.  Meadows may have come into contact with someone who later tested positive for coronavirus...THE HILL NEWS STORY

"We are the very beginning of this epidemic"

The words of French President Emmanuel Macron as he toured an ambulance facility today.

The latest count in France is 33 dead and 1,784 infected.

Italy reporting 631 deaths from coronavirus as of Tuesday evening......

As of Thursday all foreign nationals entering Israel will be subject to a 14-day quarantine.  58 cases have been confirmed in the country.

The latest worldwide statistics show that more than four thousand have died from Covid-19.

The BBC News blog on the coronavirus today......LINK

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan meeting with the NATO Secretary General in Brussels asking for additional assistance because of the situation in Syria where Turkish forces have been fighting alongside jihadists opposing the Syrian government.

Erdogan's message is of a humanitarian crisis on the Syrian border......TASS NEWS AGENCY REPORT

The United States dropping plans to purchase additional Iron Dome missile defense batteries from Israel.   Difficulties in integrating the Iron Dome into existing US air defense systems said to be behind the move.    The Israeli maker of the Iron Dome refusing to provide the US military with the weapons system's "source code"......ISRAEL NATIONAL NEWS REPORT

President Trump will not be traveling to Russia in May for the 75th anniversary parade celebrating victory in World War 2.    That word today from Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.....TASS NEWS AGENCY

That's the way it really is Tuesday March 10th, 2020.

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