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Former President Bill Clinton has something to say about Monica Lewinsky, a staff shakeup at the White House and a publisher backs away from the memoir of film director Woody Allen but first on this Newsdump Friday.....

Another crackdown on elites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia launched by the country's de facto ruler Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.    High ranking members of the royal family under arrest reportedly for treason plotting a coup...LBC RADIO LONDON NEWS STORY

In 2017 dozens of elite figures in the kingdom were detained at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in a crackdown ordered by bin Salman.....BBC NEWS STORY....

President Trump changing the White House Chief of Staff.    Mick Mulvaney has been the Acting Chief of Staff but will now assume the position of US Special Representative for Northern Ireland.

Replacing him Congressman Mark Meadows of North Carolina.

From northwestern Syria the cease-fire agreed to by the Russian and Turkish presidents yesterday appears to be holding but an incident involving jihadist groups and heavy fighting occurred early this morning.....SOUTHFRONT STORY 

The Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria reports six cease fire violations in all today.....SYRIAN ARAB NEWS AGENCY REPORT....Also two drones launched from the Greater Idlib region aimed at the Russian air base at Hmeimim.   Both destroyed by anti-aircraft fire....SYRIAN ARAB NEWS AGENCY REPORT

In Portland, Oregon today a hearing in the wrongful death lawsuit brought by the family of Oregon Standoff protester LaVoy Finicum.     LaVoy Finicum killed in an FBI led operation January 26th, 2016 along US Route 395 in Harney County, Oregon.

The case mired in legal wrangling by those being sued in federal court trying to get out of the case.   The lawyer representing the federal government saying allegations in the suit are too broad and even "illogical".

Attorney J. Morgan Philpot argued that there is a connection between the FBI agent who led the operation that killed Finicum, the now retired Greg Bretzing, and a fired Bureau of Land Management law enforcement supervisor Dan Love who is alleged to have had a personal amimus aimed at supporters of the family of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy.

Today's court proceeding as interpreted by "OregonLive" reporter Maxine Bernstein.....LINK

In a video posted last Saturday Finicum's widow, Jeanette, previewed today's hearing where those oral arguments were presented......LINK

Former President Bill Clinton commenting on Monica Lewinsky in a new documentary series about his wife Hillary.

His comments include the notion that his sexual relationship with Lewinsky was to:

"to manage anxieties"

Clinton then says:

"It's not a defense, it's an explanation.  It was awful.   I feel terrible"

More on the story from "The Guardian" in the UK.......LINK

Facebook taking down advertising supporting President Trump and Republicans calling it "deceptive".    Facebook says ads featuring an "Official 2020 Congressional District Census" message is confusing and misleading people to believe its the US Census for 2020.....REUTERS NEWS STORY

The coronavirus story unfolding around the world with Israel now reporting 21 confirmed cases...YNET NEWS STORY

In France the number is up to 613 as of Friday night local time.....

197 deaths now reported in Italy.......

And here in the United States the first reported coronavirus case in the state of Pennsylvania as the number of cases continues to increase nationwide with 44 cases in New York state and two of them involving people who attended the American Israel Public Affairs Committee meeting in Washington this week that included high ranking US government officials......RUSSIA TODAY REPORT

President Trump signing legislation to provide 8.3 billion dollars of funding to fight the virus.   The President also taking a tour of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta to see how the effort against the virus is being conducted.

The BBC news blog following the coronavirus story......BBC NEWS CORONAVIRUS BLOG

A US immigration judge ordering the deportation of 94 year old Friedrich Karl Berger, a resident of Oak Ridge, Tennessee.   During World War 2 Berger worked as a guard in a concentration camp.    The judge ordering that Berger be sent back to Germany.....BBC NEWS STORY

A federal judge offering up a 23-page ruling hitting US Attorney General William Barr's handling of the report from Special Counsel Robert Mueller on alleged Russian collusion involving President Trump's 2016 campaign.

US District Judge Reggie Walton is handling a Freedom of Information lawsuit in connection with Mueller's report.   He will be deciding what if any of the redacted parts of the report will be publicly released....CBC NEWS REPORT

In Canada the final blockades by supporters of indigenous rights opposing a natural gas pipeline on sacred land in British Columbia are now down.   But the protesters say they will continue their struggle.....CBC NEWS STORY

OPEC and other oil producing countries reportedly agreed to cut back oil production it was reported early today.    They are holding a meeting in Vienna......TASS NEWS STORY......Later reports say that Russia and Saudi Arabia are unable to reach agreement on a production cut......LATER TASS NEWS STORY

The memoir of film director Woody Allen dropped by Hachette Book Group after several employees walked out.    Allen stands accused of child sexual abuse and  his most prominent critics is his son journalist Ronan Farrow.    Farrow's sister Dylan accuses Allen of sexual abuse when she was seven years old.

Prominent author Stephen King making some pointed comments about the whole matter noting among other things that Hachette published the memoir of Ronan Farrow....DEADLINE NEWS STORY

Pope Francis accepting the resignation of Lyon, France's Cardinal Paul Barbarin.    Barbarin is currently free from jail as he appeals his conviction for failing to report child sexual abuse.

An assassination attempt in Afghanistan today against political leader Abdullah Abdullah.   Gunmen killed two and wounded 18 but Abdullah was able to escape unharmed.....ORISSA POST INDIA NEWS STORY

A suicide attack near the US Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia today with one policeman killed and six wounded, five of them police.  The two attackers on a motorbike blew themselves up.....PRESS TV IRAN NEWS STORY

And that's the way it really is Friday March 6th, 2020.

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