Friday, June 22, 2018


"We may be leper populists, but I take the lessons from those who open their own ports.  Welcome thousands of migrants and then we can talk"

Italian Deputy Prime Minister-Interior Minister-League Party leader Matteo Salvini

"One day he said he doesn't want to offend Italy, the next he talks about leprosy"

Italian Deputy Prime Minister-Labor Minister-Five Star Movement leader Luigi DiMaio

Speaking in France Thursday French President Emanuel Macron spoke of a "leprosy" of anti-EU feelings spreading in "neighboring countries", an apparent jibe at the new government in Italy 

Italy is taking active measures to stop migrant boats including plans to seize boats to determine their status.

The new Five Star Movement-League coalition government intends 100-thousand early deportations of migrants with additional deportations up to 500-thousand eventually.

League leader Deputy Prime Minister-Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said Friday that Mr. Macron is :

" a polite young man who drinks too much champagne"

Salvini also said that Macron should:

"give us the number of his port authority, and the next ten migrant boats can go to Marseilles"

Five Star Leader Luigi DiMaio noted:

"The real leprosy is the European hypocrisy of some States who push back migrants at (the French-Italian border at) Ventimiglia and then moralize about how to manage them".

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