Saturday, December 16, 2017


"We have an unconstitutional land agency, a federal agency and its not just the land agency.....coming down inside the states and literally putting its people in fear and forcing the states into undue obedience, forcing us the people into undue obedience. 

And when we allow that to happen and we don't hold them accountable and we have no way to hold them accountable and why?    Why don't we have a way to hold Dan Love accountable?   Why don't we have a way  to hold these people accountable?  

Because they're outside of the authority that they're acting, they're usurping it.  There's no way to hold them accountable......"

Ammon Bundy 12/14/2017


As the revelations from a Bureau of Land Management agent, Larry Wooten, have oozed out in the Bunkerville Standoff case, one is reminded in its passages revealing hatred for the Bundy's with epithets, pornographically altered pictures, a "kill list" of Bundy family members and supporters and so on of the kind of hatred that leads to murder.

The kind of hatred that killed three civil rights workers near Philadelphia, Mississippi in 1964, that killed other civil rights leaders from Martin Luther King to Medgar Evers.   Yes, the kind of hatred that killed LaVoy Finicum alongside an Oregon road on January 26, 2016 during the Oregon Standoff protest.

When Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was freed from from the Georgia State Prison by the intervention of John F. Kennedy, Democrat presidential candidate in the fall of 1960, King was grateful to Kennedy.

But once Kennedy became President of the United States and there was no change in the racial situation, Dr. King became a thorn in the side of the Democratic Party's political machine, which was a union of Jim Crow segregationists and pro-integration black and white voters in the North.  

Speeches supporting racial equality were made, but concrete actions were not taken.

What's been happening with federal lands since Donald Trump became President of the United States is truly stunning with former Republican Congressman Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke proclaiming victories in Donald Trump's name when he decided to scale back Barack Obama's designation of three areas as "National Monuments".

This Republican administrator of federal lands thinks its a great victory "Making America Great Again" when he decides to do only 15 percent or even more of what Obama was going to do,

That's the way the swamp works, the Democrats go the wrong way in  high gear, the Republicans do in in a lower gear.

Donald Trump is one man isolated by the whims of public opinion and the swampland that forms an oversized "moat" around the White House.

After 2400 people were arrested in Birmingham in the spring of 1963, including 1100 children and a large contingent of six and seven year olds whose May 2, 1963 march into police lines helped change the course of history, President Kennedy faced the shift in public opinion that forced him to sign civil rights executive orders and support a civil rights bill, actions he was previously unwilling to take.


Friday, December 15, 2017


Acting US Attorney Steve Myhre, the lead prosecutor in the Bunkerville Standoff case, got a closed door hearing today where he tried to get G. Morgan Philpot, defendant Ammon Bundy's defense lawyer, sanctioned over the information that has leaked out about federal misconduct in the Bunkerville case.

In the end US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro mildly admonished Philpot asking that what happened not happen again.

The 18 pages of documents from Bureau of Land Management investigator Larry Wooten was disseminated in multiple directions yesterday.    Maxine Bernstein of "The Oregonian/Oregon Live" in Portland, Washington state legislator Matt Shea appearing on "Redoubt News" and blogger Gary Hunt at "Outpost of Freedom".

Hunt's blog post contains disturbing passages regarding pornographically altered images of the Bundy's in a federal office and the "locker room talk" among federal agents handling the case.

We should know more early next week about the direction this case is going and if the evidence issues will prove to be the udoing of the prosecution of the Bunkerville defendants currently on trial or facing trial.

The injustice done to those already tried with some found guilty, those who pled guilty, those who were jailed without bail etc. etc. will still be left on the table.

Gary Hunt Outpost of Freedom Blog Post


"The discovery clearly shows that the prosecutor Steven Myhre  did everything he did, he could to cover up there were snipers.....He even had BLM agents come back in a year later and re-clarify their testimony to say they didn't act as a spotter, they didn't act as a sniper...."

Defendant Ammon Bundy in Facebook video 12/14/2017

Prosecutors in the third Bunkerville Standoff trial face a deadline today (Friday December 15th) to submit their arguments regarding evidence withheld from defense lawyers.

The defense will have until Monday to respond to the prosecution arguments.

Judge Gloria Navarro is considering violations of "Brady" evidence rules and whether those violations will mean an amended trial or a mistrial.

The whole process though is going in outside of public view in sealed motions, arguments and closed door hearings.

The "Las Vegas Review Journal" along with Battle Born Media, a company that owns weekly newspapers in Nevada want the process to be opened up to public view.

A motion filed by them Wednesday says that:  "There is insufficient basis to maintain certain motions and transcripts under seal in this case and to continue to close hearings to the public."

A state legislator in Washington, Matt Shea, released information from behind the closed door process going on Nevada.    A Bureau of Land Management investigator Larry Wooten is saying that the Bureau of Land Management operation against the Bundy Ranch was aggressive in nature, with snipers involved, and comments about causing harm to the Bundy's and those supporting them during the protests in April 2014 that led to the April 12th standoff.

An 18-page document dated November 27th was prepared by Wooten and obtained by the "The Oregonian/OregonLive"  and news story written by Maxine Bernstein has been published in recent hours.

Ammon Bundy, one of the third trial defendants,  spoke as quoted above in a video released on Facebook late last night.

Bundy revealed details of the military style operation launched against Bundy Ranch with drones operating at high altitude and cross hairs and marks on aerial pictures.    He spoke of pictures of Cliven Bundy, his father and other members of the family with X's over them on the wall of an FBI office.

He said that the US Attorney's office and lead prosecutor now Acting US Attorney in Las Vegas, Steven Myhre, actively worked to get witnesses to change their testimony to cover up the presence of snipers around Bundy Ranch and the protesters in the area.

Ammon Bundy urged his viewers to focus on the problem of federal control of the land through the Bureau of Land Management and other agencies and not be distracted by revelations of wrongdoing by the federal government.

He said more needs to be done to restore matters to their rightful and Constitutional place.

Bundy was echoing the message he delivered in eastern Oregon during the Oregon Standoff  protest early last year when he urged  local people to organize to retake possession of the land from the federal government through their local county government.

When one sees how deep the deep state and swamp is in Washington, when one realizes that federal control of land is as entrenched as ever in the West as Jim Crow racial policies were in the South, one recalls Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and his efforts to end the injustice.

The Republican politician now heading the Department of the Interior, Ryan Zinke, proclaims a great victory when he says plans by Barack Obama to turn large tracts of land into national monuments will be scaled back.

Shouldn't the plans be reversed, turned back 100 percent for starters........

We need more than politics to "drain the swamp" and "Make America Great Again".

At best President Trump is isolated in the White House while bad policy continues.

Ammon Bundy offers us hope and a way forward.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro has relaxed the home detention pre-trial release of three defendants in the third Bunkerville Standoff trial.

In response to a request from Ryan Bundy, Judge Navarro agreed that Ryan, his brother Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne will be free subject to a 9pm to 5am curfew.

Ryan Bundy has also notified the court that he and the other two defendants out on 'pre-trial release' will freely communicate with each other.

Meanwhile, a group called Battle Born Media has filed an emergency motion with the court demanding the release of sealed motions in the case and an open hearing process on the violations of evidence rules by the prosecution.

The closed process now underway over the "Brady violations" by the prosecution in the case will determine the future course of the trial, if any.  Judge Navarro is expected to make her decision next week.

Also, activist Gavin Seim is linking on his Facebook page to a place where documents related to the case, evidence from the case is being leaked.


A Senior US District Judge from Washington state, John C. Coughenour, has quashed a move by Oregon Standoff defense attorney Marcus Mumford to remove himself from the disbarment process against Mumford.

The top federal judge in Oregon, Michael Mosman, is seeking the disbarment of  Mumford from the federal court in Oregon over his behavior in the first Oregon Standoff trial.

The disbarment move follows the decision by the federal government to dismiss criminal charges against Marcus Mumford, who was tackled, tased and arrested after the not guilty verdicts were read out on October 27th last year.

The federal marshals who descended on him as Mumford argued before a judge for the paperwork confirming that his client, Ammon Bundy, was to be held on charges related to the April 2014 Bunkerville Standoff in Nevada  claimed Mumford was threatening them.

Judge Coughenour agreed to a request by federal prosecutors to drop the criminal charges after Mumford's lawyer asked for communications between the marshals.

Mumford's legal assistant and other defense lawyers said the federal marshals in the courtroom were antagonistic towards him.

Judge Coughenour in his quashing of Mumford's motion for him to recuse himself, wrote of Mumford trying to delay the disbarment proceeding against him.

Coughenour had previously rejected a motion by Marcus Mumford to change the record of the trial, another indication that the judge is hostile to Mumford.

A full evidentiary hearing on the disbarment of Marcus Mumford from Oregon's federal court is set for next month  (January 8th and 9th) in Portland.


Tuesday, December 12, 2017


"the real purpose of the Declaration why they did what they did and why we need to follow their example.   'We have explored the temple of royalty and found that the idol that we have bowed down to has eyes that see not, ears that hear not our prayers and a heart like the nether millstone but we have this day restored the Sovereign to whom alone all men alone ought to be obedient, he reigns in Heaven and with a perpetuous eye beholds His subjects assuming that freedom of thought and dignity of self-direction which He bestowed upon them, from the rising to the setting sun may His Kingdom come'.

Now I'll tell you something, in this country we have explored the temples built by the Democrat and Republican Party in this country and found that they have idols that do not hear us and do not see us.   We need to move forward with a vision that they had to recognize God, recognize He's on His throne and He is and cares for this country......"

Roy Moore speaks at a campaign rally the eve of the Special Election 12/11/2017

I was the greatest of religious hypocrites and zealots, using God's name in vain.

I'm not a better than you religious hypocrite and zealot anymore, but by God I do believe in the Higher Power.

I am a drunk whose sobriety and sanity depends on God and so I acknowledge the Higher Power.

Roy Moore may not see God the exact same way you or I do, but he is dead on target about politics as usual and about the role of God in society.

I for one believe it is good to acknowledge God as I understand God.

He is the man of the hour.

And with the results now coming in and with the media declaring Doug Jones the winner and President Trump offering congratulations along with Roy Moore not ready to concede in lieu of absentee and overseas ballots, its a good time to reflect some more, be thankful to God, kind and loving to others and avoid being like the lynch mob that went after Judge Moore.   The mob who's ultimate target for elimination is the President of the United States.

I consider Mitch McConnell and his ilk to be part of the picture but even more so I ponder Mitt Romney's involvement in this undermining of Roy Moore with the sin of commission and Mike Pence's undermining Roy Moore with the sin of omission.     I have no power over their approach.

Romney's hostility to Moore calling him a "stain" is in direct proportion to his affinity for the gay marriage forces who sought to prevent a religious freedom bill from being signed in Arizona in 2014.  A bill to protect those with religious convictions who opposed same sex marriages.

Romney joined forces with John McCain and Jeff Flake in getting then Governor Jan Brewer to veto the bill.   The National Football League was said to be instrumental in that push.

A similar situation would unfold in the state of Indiana in 2015 with pressure on then Governor Mike Pence from big business and sports business forces like Tim Cook of Apple.  Pence caved on the religious freedom bill there to protect gay marriage dissenters.

Its amazing how Mike Pence spent days in Alabama with Luther Strange during the primary runoff trying to defeat Roy Moore, but did not do anything like campaign in Alabama with Roy Moore for the special general election.

Pence is really at the end of the day the RINO point man in Washington, ready to step in when and if the mob that got Roy Moore's head on a plate puts President Donald Trump's head on one as well.

Some say that the witch hunt about sexual misconduct has an ultimate target living at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington DC.   I strongly suspect they are dead on target.

Congratulate Doug Jones, Mr. President but needless to say those who pushed him over Roy Moore want to get you next.

There are so many delusions I find freedom from when I recover from drunkenness and gain sobriety.

One great delusion is not one caused by drugs or alcohol but one caused by politics.   My political intoxication was living in the delusion of one party being "Conservative" and the other "Liberal".

Its a delusion shared by all kinds of people on both sides fighting each other when we are all just pawns for big business and big banking forces that buy both major parties, that worked together to keep Roy Moore out of the US Senate, who want our great nation to be watered down into a world system.

The Corporatists see low-wage workers moving across borders and rendering them irrelevant in the end.

Their feigned love for social justice and or LGBTQ people and the list goes on is just a sham so they can delude people into being willing partners in a low wage labor scheme where the elites win and the little people lose.

Brexit and Donald Trump stand in their way and both must be vanquished in the end, make no mistake.

But for now lets love God, lets love humanity especially those we want to angry with because they are different from us and lets speak truth about the way things really are in this world.



Monday, December 11, 2017


US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro decided that the third Bunkerville Standoff trial could not continue today.    Navarro sent the jury home so a review of evidence could be conducted.

She said the prosecution had displayed "coyness" about evidence and cited 14 pieces of evidence including emails from the fired Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love, who led their operations around Bundy Ranch in early 2014.

Also in the evidence under question is a map detailing the position of government agents in and around Bundy Ranch that would reinforce the defense case and rebut the prosecution's contention that defendants saying they were surrounded by snipers was false.

There's also in the evidence a report saying the FBI  made suggestions to the BLM about handling the situation and indicating that the BLM ignored them.

Bret Whipple, Cliven Bundy's defense lawyer, says he hopes to have the charges dismissed before the jury returns.

Judge Navarro has asked for a response from the prosecution by Friday to a defense motion to dismiss the case.

The defense will then have until Monday to respond to the prosecution.

Judge Navarro allowed a 90 minute public session before the closed session began that will review the 14 pieces of evidence under question.

Navarro spoke of "double jeopardy" in the case and her courtroom statements led mainstream media to bring up the notion of  a mistrial in the case.

Supporters of the defendants like John Lamb see an opening to Judge Navarro dismissing the charges "with prejudice" meaning the charges could not be refiled.

Lamb said in  a video posted today that seven violations of federal evidence rules (Brady violations) were identified in court today.

Lamb said there are more violations that have not been publicly revealed yet.

During the public session Lamb observed the behavior of the lead prosecutor in the case.

 Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre's hand was "shaking at times" as he sat silent in the courtroom, according to Lamb.    The prosecutors were asking for the judge for more time to file their response to the defense motions.

Ammon Bundy spoke outside court today.  He has been released on home detention in the case.

"what we're fighting for is to maintain these principles of freedom that have built up this country the whole reason we have our freedom in the first place.   That's what we're defending....

...we're defending the rights and liberty of the people and not of just this country but of the countries but of all countries that are influenced by the United States and use the United States as an example......"

Ammon Bundy speaking outside federal courthouse in Las Vegas-12/11/2017

Ammon Bundy spoke about his father who chooses to remain in jail until he is truly free and not on "home detention" with GPS monitoring attached to his ankle.   Ammon says his father is holding up well and is strong.

The final decision on whether this trial will go forward or whether there is a mistrial will come next week, the week before Christmas.

That's perfect timing for a controversial decision which could upset the supporters of the defendants or the left leaning elements like the Southern Poverty Law Center and environmentalists who are monitoring the trial in opposition to the defendants.

Further developments between now and then will lead to further posts.