Thursday, January 18, 2018


The Coalition of Western Property Owners is holding a meeting in Sanders County, Montana on Saturday with Cliven Bundy as one of the scheduled speakers.

Bundy will speak at 5pm at the Old Paradise School Gym on "Freedom and Property".   Also scheduled to appear at the event are other speakers including Shawna Cox, who participated in the Oregon Standoff protest.    A jury found Cox not guilty when she was tried on felony charges in connection with the protest.

Sanders County is northwest of Missoula, Montana and the "Missoulian" newspaper of that city published a story online late last evening about the meeting.

The news story sought comment and got some feedback from local elected officials and opponents of Cliven Bundy in Montana.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018


"My family's grazed there for 141 years and we have vested property rights deeded with the State of Nevada and the federal government will not recognize them cause they say 'we own the land'.

And so not only do we openly and as loudly as we can say that 'you do not own this land, you do not have the authority to own and control this land' but we also say 'we have rights to this land and you have to recognize them and respect those rights'......

.........It was the same in Oregon the Hammonds were the same way.   They have vested property rights.  The federal government was disregarding them and tromping on them and taking them away and then took it to the next level of prosecution......"

Ammon Bundy speaks with KTVB Boise about Bunkerville and Oregon 1/13/2018

From his home in Idaho last Saturday (January 13th)  Ammon Bundy answered questions from a reporter from KTVB-TV about the Bunkerville and Oregon Standoff protests.

Bundy said that a stand had to be taken in Oregon to draw attention to the case of the Hammonds.

When asked about notions like "militia" and firearms at the protest Bundy noted that he and the others went peacefully to the wildlife refuge on a weekend when no one was around, the refuge was 35 miles out of town out of the way of community life and was the entity responsible for most of the "vindictive actions against the people of Harney County".

He also noted that when the Second Amendment works people "respect each other".

Ammon Bundy also discussed his fleet maintenance business that employed more than 20 people before the Oregon Standoff protest.  Bundy says a lot of national accounts left and that Chase Bank closed his business and personal bank accounts after the protest began.  Now there are four employees and he is hoping to rebuild the business.

He said he had no regrets about the last two years and regarding the federal government that prosecuted and persecuted him, he said this:  "If we allow the federal government to blatantly just disregard the very charter that organized them then what's going to keep them intact on everything else."

Ammon Bundy KTVB Interview 1/13/2018

Monday, January 15, 2018


"We were headed to a meeting that we were invited to in Grant County and we were just going to speak at that meeting and we meant no harm or threatened nobody and....We were literally ambushed.   I was there, you know, I was there.  They came from out of the trees and they ambushed us.   We didn't know who they were.........What did we do that was so egregious and so criminal that they would ambush us on the side of a road going to a community meeting?  Why did they do that?   They murdered LaVoy...."

Ammon Bundy speaks to KIVI-TV Boise about the "Oregon Standoff"  1/12/2018

Reporter Maxine Bernstein of "OregonLive" wrote a lengthy piece on Bunkerville published Sunday January 14th. with word that neither the Bureau of Land Managment in Nevada nor the Department of Interior in Washington have anything to say about recent trial developments, past actions against Cliven Bundy or any future plans regarding him.

Environmentalists are demanding that the feds enforce the court injunction against Cliven Bundy and seize his cattle for grazing on federal "public land".

But Bernstein spoke with retired BLM officials who were disturbed by its actions at Bunkerville in 2014 but who called Cliven Bundy a "trespasser" and or "delusional".

One former official said that local officials and the Nevada Cattlemen's Association should partner with the feds to pressure Cliven Bundy off the land.

Meanwhile, Ammon Bundy sat down with a reporter for Boise television station KIVI for a nearly 75 minute conversation that laid out the Bunkerville and Oregon stories.   Ammon told things you never heard before from either the "Mainstream Media" nor the "Alternative Media" like Fox News or talk radio or "conservative websites" etc. etc. etc.

Its worth watching and it's much more valuable than anything any of the Fox News or talk radio hosts have to say.  When are they having Ammon Bundy on as a guest????????(crickets)..........

Links below:

Oregon Live Story from 1/14/2018

Ammon Bundy Speaks With KIVI-TV

Friday, January 12, 2018


While Cliven Bundy, Ryan Bundy and Ammon Bundy are getting back to normal life as free men, a group of  four men are on pre-trial release facing trial in connection with Bunkerville.   Dave Bundy, Mel Bundy, Joe O' Shaugnessy and Jason Woods are set for trial on February 26th.

US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro says with the evidence being out in the open now, the four are eligible for trial.

But defendant Dave Bundy wants the prosecutors removed from the trial.   His lawyer filed a motion Friday saying that the prosecutors in the case are potential witnesses in his trial.     The prosecutors were berated by Judge Navarro at Monday's hearing dismissing charges "with prejudice" against the three Bundy men and Ryan Payne.

Meanwhile Ryan Payne is in jail in Portland, awaiting a January 23rd detention hearing.   His sentencing in connection with the Oregon Standoff protest is set for February 27th.  Payne was convicted in the second rigged Oregon Standoff trial with defense arguments and witnesses limited by US District Judge Anna. J. Brown.

Greg Burleson has filed a motion for a new lawyer.  Burleson was sentenced to 68 years in prison after his conviction on Bunkerville Standoff charges.   Burleson says that in light of all the evidence hidden during his trial by the prosecution, he wants to appeal his conviction.

Jerry DeLemus, who pled guilty in connection with Bunkerville and was sentenced to 87 months in prison by Judge Navarro, may do something through the legal system but that's not clear yet.

His wife Susan spoke with WMUR-TV in Manchester, New Hampshire Monday after the dismissal of charges against the four other defendants, saying she was contacting lawyers to see if anything could be done in light of the hiding of evidence.

Jerry DeLemus served as co-chair of  Donald Trump's "New Hampshire Veterans Coalition" during 2016's New Hampshire Primary and DeLemus was photographed along with his wife and Mr. Trump during a campaign event.

Susan DeLemus told the "Manchester Union-Leader":  "I want to be guarded about being too excited about this, because we don't know at this point.  But it could mean that he's coming home soon.  We are hoping and praying."


Wednesday, January 10, 2018


"......You don't understand what it's like unless you spend 700 days in one of their prisons.  You don't find out until you stand up against the wall with your face towards that wall and you answer every question every one or they'll  shove your face right into that wall.   That's how they treat people.   That's how they treat 'We the People'   That's not how 'We the  People' of America are going to be treated anymore........"

Cliven Bundy talks about being a political prisoner in the USA at Bundy Ranch 1/9/2018

Cliven Bundy just described the kind of treatment prisoners got in Joseph Stalin's jails but now he is free to talk about it.

Cliven Bundy will be at 400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard in Las Vegas today at 1pm local time to speak outside the office of the Clark County Sheriff and to speak out against the failure of local authority to take a stand against federal authority.   Friends and supporters are urged to be there.

Bad weather cancelled the appearance yesterday but that didn't stop Mr. Bundy from speaking out about how local authority should be managing lands in the West, not federal authority.    It didn't stop Cliven Bundy from talking about his experience in prison and his lack of bitterness towards the federal government..

Bundy expressed his frustration at the notion of any farmer or rancher signing a contract for grazing on federal land.   He said they shouldn't because the federal government should not be recognized as the owner of the land.

He gave credit to his "Heavenly Father" for his journey to freedom.

Videos were recorded at Bundy Ranch of his comments yesterday and those of his oldest son, Ammon and posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube.

Meanwhile, Ryan Payne, the fourth defendant whose charges were dismissed by Judge Gloria Navarro Monday still faces sentencing in Oregon after his conviction in the second rigged Oregon Standoff trial.  

That trial was the first "Bundy related" trial where we saw the prosecutors and judge trying to manipulate what was said and how many witnesses allowed, evidence etc. to ensure convictions of defendants.

At a phone hearing yesterday in Las Vegas, it was agreed that Ryan Payne, currently on a GPS monitor, will surrender himself to federal authorities in Portland by Noon tomorrow.   He will have a  hearing January 23rd with sentencing set for February 27th.

Meanwhile we still have no firm word on what the Justice Department will do in response to the dismissal of charges by Judge Navarro for the four defendants on Monday.  Defense lawyers said in the weeks before her decision they expected an appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Also, Judge Navarro is now indicating that the four men not tried yet over Bunkerville can go on trial February 26th.   With all the evidence now released, she sees no reason that Dave Bundy, Mel Bundy, Joe O'Shaughnessy and Jason Woods cannot go on trial then.

Cliven Bundy Speaks (Prison quote at around 15:55)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018


"I'm not done fighting by any means"

Cliven Bundy speaks as a free man at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas 1/8/2018

Today Cliven Bundy will be outside the office of Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo challenging him and other officials to back his stance that led to the Bunkerville Standoff of April 2014.

Bundy says that state and local officials should back his right to graze cattle, use water and pay fees to Clark County instead of the federal government.

Cliven Bundy says the governor of Nevada along with Clark County, Nevada officials aided and abetted the federal government's violations of his family's rights.

Bundy is holding a news conference outside the sheriff's office at 1pm Las Vegas time.

The consistent message in Nevada at Bunkerville and during the Oregon Standoff from the Bundys has been about state and local governments asserting authority over the land to stop oppressive federal policies that have impoverished rural areas by destroying farming, ranching and other businesses.

Harney County, Oregon's ranchers and logging industry were gutted by federal policies started 50 to 60 years ago.   During the Oregon protest in Harney County it was reported that over 40 percent of the county's workforce is now government employees (many of whom participate in the land control program).

The Bundy Ranch stands alone in Clark County, Nevada after more than 50 of Cliven Bundy's neighbors were driven out of ranching by the Bureau of Land Management 25 years ago on the premise that the desert tortoise was endangered.

Part of the hidden evidence in the Bunkerville case was a BLM document stating that Cliven Bundy's cattle caused no harm to the desert tortoise.

On January 26, 2016 the federal ambush that killed LaVoy Finicum, injured Ryan Bundy and resulted in felony arrests of people who were found not guilty of felonies later that year came as the occupants of the two vehicles were on route to Grant County, Oregon.

They were to be part of a rally there to help organize the people of Grant County to take back their land from federal control.

Monday, January 8, 2018


"It is ordered that the Superseding Criminal Indictment against Defendants Cliven D. Bundy, Ryan C. Bundy,  Ammon E. Bundy and Ryan W. Payne is DISMISSED WITH PREJUDICE"

Signed Order of Chief US District Court Judge Gloria M. Navarro in Las Vegas 1/8/2018

"We respect the court's ruling and will make a determination about the next appropriate steps"

Interim US Attorney for Nevada just appointed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Dayle Elieson 1/8/2018

In the end the Democrat US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro threw out the charges against Cliven Bundy and three other men in connection with the April 12, 2014 Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch,.

In today's court hearing she lambasted both the prosecutors and the FBI for their outrageous conduct in the case.   She said both were involved in "flagrant misconduct" with the prosecutors claiming not knowing about the 3300 pages of evidence favoring the defendants and the FBI claiming they lost it in a missing thumb drive.

Now the Justice Department headed by Republican Jeff Sessions will decide what comes next.

They did not commit themselves to any specific future action with the new Interim US Attorney appointed by Attorney General Sessions, Dayle Elieson, saying "We respect the court's ruling" and adding that a "determination" will be made about "the next appropriate steps".

Sessions praised lead prosecutor Steven Myhre, who is a Republican, during a visit to Las Vegas last July praising Myhre's "leadership" in the case and his "standing for the law" in it, among other things.

Meanwhile, an individual addressing a group of supporters of the Bunkerville defendants, using the names of Donald Trump associate Roger Stone and libertarian advocate Judge Andrew Napolitano asserted the notion of a pardon in connection with the case.

This individual claimed that President Trump is "considering pardoning" those who have pled guilty or have been convicted in connection with Bunkerville.


This video was posted by "Redoubt News" and appeared on the "JGrady" You Tube account.