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"To say that we are closer to victory today is to believe in the face of the evidence, the optimists who have been wrong in the past.  To suggest that we are on the edge of defeat is to yield to unreasonable pessimism .  To say that we are mired in stalemate seems the only realistic if unsatisfactory conclusion.

On the off chance that military and political analysts are right, in the next few months we must test the enemy's intentions, in case this is indeed his last big gasp before negotiations.  But it is increasingly clear to this reporter that the only rational way out then will be to negotiate, not as victors, but as an honorable people, who lived up to their pledge to defend democracy, and did the best they could.

This is Walter Cronkite, Good Night."

Walter Cronkite Commentary-CBS News Special "Report from Vietnam"-2/27/1968

"I have asked for this radio and television time tonight for the purpose of announcing that we today have concluded an agreement to end the war and bring peace with honor in Vietnam...."

President Richard M. Nixon Speech 1/23/1973

Fifty years ago today the three major television networks of the time (CBS, NBC, ABC) were the cutting edge media viewed by millions and having dominance of the audience and virtually no competition in their medium.

They focused on entertainment but their news programs were the leading ones, viewed by millions and influencing opinion.

I tuned into the CBS News program that night to see the war, which was fascinating me as a seven year old child.

The commentary was bit over my head viewing on the monochrome set in the bedroom.  I went into the living room where my father watched it on the color television set.

He was all sold on the notion of getting out of Vietnam.

My anti-Communism was yet to be awakened and my understanding of the policies of the Uniparty politicians who policed the world as envisioned by the Democrat Progressive Woodrow Wilson was not there yet.

The Vietnam War was the new Korean War to begin with, a war to police and get the Communists to a negotiating table from the beginning.   No victory like World War II was intended from its inception with deadly consequences for thousands.

Back to Cronkite's commentary.  Many see it as left-wing propaganda, pro-Communist.  

The liberal news stars of CBS News from this era  like Dan Rather and Roger Mudd  always decried  their "conservative" management when confronted about their biases.

But what were the political views of CBS management.  One interesting insight into that comes from the fact that Prescott Bush, Republican from Connecticut, who was the father and grandfather of future RINO Presidents of the United States served on the board of CBS around 1950.

In his biography of Walter Cronkite published in 2012, historian Douglas Brinkley noted that the CBS management were "Rockefeller Republicans".  Brinkley also outed Cronkite's liberalism as well in the extensive work.

The commentary on the war produced 50 years ago would be a joint venture between Cronkite and
 his "CBS Evening News" Executive Producer Ernest Leiser with the sanction of CBS News President Richard Salant as a sort of "Executive Editor" of the whole enterprise.  

Salant was a right hand man of CBS boss William Paley brought in to replace Fred Friendly, the onetime Edward R. Murrow associate ("See It Now" etc.) who wanted coverage of anti-war Senate hearings on Vietnam to be aired instead of regular programming on CBS.

While Cronkite's commentary would be in line with liberal anti-war interests like those of Eugene McCarthy and Robert F. Kennedy within the Democrat Party who opposed President Lyndon Johnson it would also be in the interests of the Republican Party to defeat the Democrats in the fall election.

And the notions of Cronkite of an "honorable people" who would "negotiate" would be translated by the victor of the 1968 election, Richard Nixon, into the notion of "peace with honor" as Nixon put it.

Of course the media would pounce on Nixon and there would be a war between the two, but that's another story.

One could argue that CBS management got their way in this arrangement as well with the election of a "moderate Republican, Rockefeller Republican" in the end in 1968.

Video links are below.......

Cronkite Commentary on Vietnam 2/27/1968

Nixon Proclaims Peace With Honor 1/23/1973

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Along with the two convicted (Greg Burleson, Todd Engel) and one who pled guilty (Jerry DeLemus), there are a number of Bunkerville Standoff defendants who cut plea deals before all the hidden evidence in the case was revealed and US District Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial dismissing charges with prejudice in the third trial.

This coming Thursday (March 1st) sentencing is scheduled for internet broadcaster Pete Santilli, who was arrested in Burns, Oregon January 26th, 2016 during the Oregon Standoff protest, then jailed until his plea deal was cut last fall.   Santilli pled guilty to the misdemeanor charge of disobeying a federal court order.

Santilli is broadcasting online again with his previous "Guerilla Media Network" rebranded as the "Santilli Broadcasting Network".    Santilli at last word is set for sentencing next Thursday at 8am in Las Vegas.

Blaine Cooper is facing a sentencing hearing on March 8th at 8am.  He also cut a plea deal.

Todd Engel, convicted of two felonies in the second trial, is set for sentencing on March 22nd at 8am but he has filed a motion for a new trial, citing the hiding of evidence proving his innocence by the prosecutors.

There are three other sentencing hearings scheduled later in the year for those involved in plea deals (Scott Drexler April 26th, Brian Cavalier May 3rd and Eric Parker July 12th).

Thursday, February 22, 2018


"....we have withdrawn from the suit placed in the federal court and are relying upon We the People of America to convene a 7th Amendment Grand Jury to examine the crimes and the criminals who have done us harm"

Shawna Cox Statement February 8, 2018

There's word from Gary Hunt's "Outpost of Freedom" blog this week (February 21st) that Shawna Cox, who rode in the truck shot at by the FBI right before driver LaVoy Finicum's murder, is withdrawing the lawsuit filed in federal court in Portland last month.

Cox said that she and Ryan Bundy have decided to withdraw the suit in favor of a ''common law grand jury" to consider who is responsible for the killing of Finicum and attempt to kill herself, Ryan Bundy, Victoria Sharp and Ryan Payne, who were all passengers in LaVoy Fincium's truck.

She cites her belief that the federal government will seek to pay off the plantiffs with money, rather than allow the lawsuit to proceed to a trial where a jury would decide on responsibility and award damages.

She also cites other reasons including corruption in the federal justice system and the need for transparency which federal courts would not allow with proceedings recorded on video and available for public viewing.

Cox believes it is better that an open process happen instead that will further the message of the need to restore the Constitution of the United States.

Her statement lays out plans to create a legal process to use a Grand Jury to indict those responsible for the violent attack that killed LaVoy Finicum and injured Ryan Bundy in Harney County, Oregon on January 26, 2016 and attempted to kill her, Victoria Sharp and Ryan Payne:

"We want 'We the People' to determine who are the guilty and who are the innocent.  We want a Jury of our Peers as the Bill of Rights affords us.  A Government of the People, by the People and for the People.   That's why we have summoned a 'Common Law Administrator' to convene a Grand Jury to indict those people who have conspired against America, for Treason, and their crimes against 'We the People'....."

During the Oregon Standoff protest a number of non-violent initiatives were undertaken including plans for a Grand Jury to investigate the case of the Hammonds and issue indictments against those responsible.

Where this is leading remains to be seen but it was the potential to draw attention to the case of the deadly federal ambush on January 26th, 2016 rather than cause attention to go away like a wrongful death lawsuit settled out of court with cash would.

Indictments by a citizens grand jury of figures like former FBI Director James Comey and even higher ranking ex-Obama Administration figures would certainly cause a stir with many who would like to see them prosecuted for something.

Of course, the wrongful death lawsuit filed by LaVoy Finicum's family in the US District Court in Pendleton, Oregon continues to move forward.

Link to Gary Hunt blog below:

Gary Hunt "Outpost of Freedom" Blog Post 2/21/2018



Ryan Payne had the charges in Nevada dismissed in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff because of the willful withholding of evidence by federal prosecutors.

But Payne was convicted in the second Oregon Standoff trial last year, a trial rigged to ensure conviction of defendants through the limitation of defense evidence by the judge plus the tacking on of misdemeanor charges by prosecutors.      While a jury considered felony charges the misdemeanors were decided by US District Judge Anna J. Brown.

Ahead of next Tuesday's sentencing in Portland, federal prosecutors are seeking a nearly 3 and half year (42 month) sentence for Payne.     They cite his organizing role and his involvement with "militia".

But the federal public defender in Oregon, Lisa Hay, says that Payne should only get a two year sentence.   That kind of sentence would be in line with what others have gotten after being convicted in the rigged second trial.`

Payne was arrested on January 26, 2016 and has been on pre-trial release for about two months in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff case.

Hay has introduced the opinion of a psychologist saying that Payne suffers from PTSD after two combat tours in Iraq and is receptive to treatment.

Payne's actions in connection with the protest were aimed at saving lives the defense argues.

Sentencing is set next Tuesday February 27th in Portland.

Link to "Oregon Live" story below.....

Oregon Live Ryan Payne Story 2/22/2018

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


Billy Graham was part of the conservative movement in 20th Century Protestantism as 'fundamentalist' and 'modernist' divisions split up the major denominations and led to independent churches and para-church organizations sprouting up across the country.

Dr. Graham spent the 1940's as a touring evangelist for Youth for Christ.

Graham preached from town to town.  Tents were erected for evangelistic meetings and he went here, there and everywhere from coast to coast.   A series of meetings were held in my area (York,PA) in 1948.

Then one day a famous man, a wealthy man and a man with a media empire walked into Billy  Graham's preaching in a tent in Southern California.

William Randolph Hearst was near the end of his tumultuous life but gave one more order to those who worked for him.

"Puff Graham"

The power of that publicity allowed Billy Graham to build his own evangelistic organization and move forward reaching out in all directions to all churches while maintaining his commitment to a simple evangelistic preaching of Christ with an altar call.

But the meetings would be in large arenas and stadiums now and involve even celebrities.    In  his 1957 New York crusade Dr. Graham had Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as song leader.

Dr. King and his associates worked with the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association to learn how to organize as King began to build his own movement.

Radio and television were used by Graham, with a weekly "Hour of Decision" radio program first broadcast on the ABC Radio Network in the 1950's.  Evangelistic meetings were recorded for broadcast on television stations in the USA and around the world.

The Billy Graham efforts also included the use of music recordings and motion pictures, produced under the banner of "World Wide Pictures".

"Decision" magazine was published based on the message that Dr. Graham preached to his audiences challenging them to make a "decision" for Jesus Christ.

The liberal forces in Protestantism were none too pleased with Billy Graham and neither were the more conservative elements I associated with in my youth.

The more "fundamentalist" forces saw him as too liberal, working with liberal churches in his evangelistic activities.    I recall broadcasting against Dr. Graham's visits to Communist countries under the auspices of government run churches in the early 1980's.   Those meetings probably drew some of the largest crowds ever when he visited Eastern Europe, in the hundreds of thousands of people.

The "liberal" elements just didn't like evangelism.    The liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America even published a tract for the vestibules of its churches that I saw in the 1970's lumping Bill Graham's evangelism with those of the more conservative elements and denouncing it as incompatible with authentic Christian belief as they saw it.

Dr. Graham's ministry brought him close to world leaders, to the Presidents of the United States in his lifetime including Richard Nixon most prominently at a time of deep trouble and division within the nation as a whole.

In closing, I am reminded of Dr. Graham's call for a turning to Christ, of his remarks that the problems of the world cannot be be resolved 'apart from the person of Jesus Christ'.

The 'decision' to follow Christ as I see it is one in the moment and of the moment, every moment of every day.   Millions came forward at meetings, but it's what happened after the evangelistic meetings that made the difference in lives then and makes the difference in my life and the life of others today.

There is fear, there is lying, there is stealing, there is hatred, there is lust, there is greed and there is murder and the list goes on and on.

The decisions I make and you make in the moments of our lives and making the decisions that Christ would have made himself are the best way I see to remember the life and work of Dr. Billy Graham.



Tuesday, February 20, 2018


There's a redacted version of it in the public domain right now, but Ryan Bundy would like to see full disclosure of a memo written by a Bureau of Land Management agent about the corrupt nature of the federal investigation of the Bundys and their supporters in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff.

His motion to unseal Larry Wooten's letter was filed in US District Court in Las Vegas today (Tuesday February 20th).

Charges have been dismissed against him in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff, but prosecutors want to reverse US District Judge Gloria M. Navarro's dismissal "with prejudice" of the indictments of Ryan Bundy, his brother Ammon Bundy, father Cliven Bundy and Ryan Payne in connection with the April 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch.

Ryan Bundy cites the move of lead prosecutor Steven Myhre and other prosecutors to get the judge to change her dismissal of charges in his motion to unseal Larry Wooten's letter into the public record.

".....I also renew my requirement to unseal the letter of BLM whistleblower Wooten, as there is no valid reason to keep it under seal, particularly, since it is a matter of extreme public interest and in the interest of the proper and legal administration of justice.

In so doing, there will be a complete record more than confirming that the prosecution's motion to reconsider this Court's prior dismissal of the superseding indictment is frivolous and not put forth in good faith, but only to try to insulate them from likely discipline by the now opened ethics and potentially criminal investigation before the Justice Department's Office of Professional Responsibility......"

Ryan Bundy Request For Evidence Hearing On Wooten Memo 2/20/2018

Link to document is below.....

Ryan Bundy Request For Evidence Hearing 2/20/2018


"Well you know when I came back from Vietnam I just had the greatest brainwashing that anybody can get....."

Governor George Romney-"Lou Gordon Show"-September 1967

"@Mitt Romney has announced he is running for Senate from the wonderful state of Utah.  He will make a great successor and worthy successor to @Orrin Hatch and has my full support and endorsement"

President Donald J. Trump endorsement of Mitt Romney on Twitter-2/19/2018

"....There may want to be a lot of people out there that want, want to drink the Trump Kool Aid and to be honest with you I want to drink it, but I don't drink Kool Aid unless the facts show that it's worth drinking and right now the jury's out literally....."

Ammon Bundy on the lack of any positive action or sign from the Trump Administration regarding the Bunkerville and Oregon Standoff cases, a pardon for the Hammonds in Oregon 1/4/2018

What more can one say.  President Donald J. Trump has endorsed the quintessential anti-Conservative, anti-Constitutionalist, Establishment Republican for US Senate.

The Romney family have always been against Conservatives-Liberarians in the GOP like Barry Goldwater, who was plotted against by Mitt's father Governor George Romney in 1964.   George Romney was the Republican front runner for President in 1968 after the 1966 midterm elections, being supported by leading liberal Republican Governor Nelson Rockefeller and advised by Rockefeller's foreign policy advisor Dr. Henry Kissinger (now advising President Trump).

But Romney fell from his perch in the aftermath of the "brainwashing" comment made in 1967.

When Franklin Roosevelt was President in the 1930's he routinely got involved in US Senate primary elections to promote "New Deal" Democrats over those who stood in the way of his agenda, including incumbents.

Its been "Strange" to watch the game play out in Alabama last year with the Trump endorsement of the lobbyist insider Luther Strange in the primary runoff, with the promise by the President to campaign with Roy Moore who won, then the backing away to endorse Moore from a rally without him in the room in nearby Pensacola, Florida.

For those of us who stood by Donald J.Trump when the sex related smear over his Billy Bush interview comment about "grab em by the p****" was all over the media while the Romney's and Ryan's and McConnell's were all running for the tall grass to see his backing off in Alabama for Roy Moore was really disappointing.

It will be interesting to see as we move on towards the US Senate primary this summer in Arizona where President Trump ends up after tweeting positively about Kelli Ward last year.  Now we see a three way race between RINO  Martha McSally, Kelli Ward and Joe Arpaio (pardoned by President Trump last year).    The three way split of the vote seems designed to help McSally (the new Jeff Flake-John McCain) win the race.

Ammon Bundy offered his perspective early this year about the Trump Administration and the Oregon Standoff and Bunkerville Standoff cases he was involved in, not seeing anything positive about the situations coming from Washington.

Since then thanks to a Democrat judge and Harry Reid protégé charges against Bundy and other defendants over the Nevada case were dismissed.

The new US Attorney named by the Trump Administration, Dayle Elieson said:  "We respect the court's ruling and will make a determination about the next appropriate steps."  One of those "appropriate steps" has turned out to be asking the judge to reverse her dismissal of the charges "with prejudice" so the defendants can be prosecuted and put on trial again.    This is seen as a prelude to an appeal of her ruling to a higher court.

Three men remain imprisoned over the Bunkerville case.   Greg Burleson (68 year sentence), Todd Engel (found guilty, appealing for new trial) and last but not least Jerry DeLemus (87 month sentence after guilty plea).  DeLemus appeared with President Donald J. Trump in early 2016 as co-chair of the New Hampshire Veterans Coalition for Trump.   That happened to all three men with the exculpatory evidence hidden by the prosecution.   Why are they not free men, Mr. President?

We honor and respect President Trump.  We voted for him.  But we aren't going to follow in the footsteps of those promised "heaven on earth" by Rev. Jim Jones and given "hell" instead in the jungle of Guyana.  A "hell" that culminated in the passing of the poisoned Kool Aid.

The matters of the economy are vital.   Reduced corporate taxes to 21 percent should help but places like China and Canada still have 15 percent rates.  Investment overseas remains lucrative with large gains for  investors right now.

Austerity type conditions are obvious with a shifting of taxes at the end of last year, not a cut for business and all individuals at the same time.   Even in a flat income tax state like mine (Pennsylvania) once income reaches 125-thousand and the house value goes over 200-thousand the new 10-thousand dollar deduction cap is reached.

Investment in infrastructure (as I noted in a post weeks ago) is leading to higher gasoline taxes later this year of 15-25 cents a gallon.

Little people are hurt by that for sure.

And a quick note that the POTUS is now supporting a gun stock ban now caving to the anti-Second Amendment crowd.


Video Links Below:

George Romney-Lou Gordon Show-Brainwashing Comment

Ammon Bundy with Kelli Stewart on Trump Administration