Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Reporter Maxine Bernstein of "Oregon Live" tweeted last week that Washington DC lawyer Rob Cary has been admitted to the defense of FBI Agent W. Joseph Astarita.

Astarita is accused of lying about the two shots he fired in the direction of Oregon Standoff protestor LaVoy Finicum at a roadblock that was part of a "felony traffic stop" aimed at arresting the leadership of the non-violent protest.

Finicum was fleeing his truck as Astarita's shots were fired and ended up being shot dead by Oregon State Police who felt "threatened" by his actions.

Cary represented former US Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska in a high profile corruption case and authored a book "Not Guilty: The Unlawful Prosecution of US Senator Ted Stevens".

Earlier this month US District Judge Robert E. Jones in Portland issued a "protective order" to ban the FBI agents defense lawyers from sharing documents because they name FBI agents and Oregon State Police troopers.   Assistant US Attorney Paul Maloney said "threats" have been made against law enforcement involved in the killing of LaVoy Finicum.

"Oregon Live" has also reported that the Oregon shooting team from the Deschutes County Sheriff's Ofiice and the US Justice Department's Office of Inspector General are investigating the four other Hostage Rescue Team agents who were present at Finicum's killing who may have tampered with evidence from the shooting scene.

Astarita's trial is set for August 29th in Portland.

W. Joseph Astaria remains employed by the FBI in an administrative capacity.

Meanwhile, a video has been posted showing vandalism of the memorial at the place where LaVoy Finicum was killed along US Route 395 in Harney County, Oregon.   The poster of the video on  Facebook (Tony Atencio-32K views) says a fire was lit at the site in what he called a controlled burn suggesting "destruction of evidence" at the site.

This would not be the first time memorials to LaVoy Finicum have been vandalized-destroyed there.

Thursday, July 13, 2017


"I've got to tell you, it's impressive when you have a tough case, a controversial case and you've got the top guy leading the battle, going to court, standing up and defending the office and the principles of the law.......I'm not taking sides or commenting on the case.  Just want to say that leadership requires, a lot of times, our people to step up and be accountable."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions  Own Words Spoken in Las Vegas July 12, 2017

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Las Vegas on Wednesday (July 12th) he stepped into the Bunkerville Standoff case where many were hoping for a change in attitude from the Trump Administration.

Sessions singled out the Acting US Attorney in Las Vegas, Steven Myhre, leader of the federal prosecution of Cliven Bundy, his sons and others who helped the Bundy Family during the standoff in Nevada near Bundy Ranch.

Reporter Jenny Wilson of the "Las Vegas Review Journal" tweeted:

"Sessions commends prosecutor's leadership on the Bundy case but says "I'm not taking sides or commenting on the case."

Activist Gavin Seim said this on Facebook quoting a "Review Journal" news report that was scrubbed from the Internet:

"He praised Myhre for his work on the "tough case, controversial case, leading the battle of law" in regard to the Bundy Trials.....

Sessions praised a prosecutor who led an effort that got US District Judge Gloria Navarro to ban the defendants in the second trial getting underway this week from using the First or Second Amendments of the Constitution to either defend themselves or in questioning potential jurors.

Former federal prosecutor and Congressman, Bob Barr, told Alex Jones on his show Thursday that the federal government needs to back down from prosecuting the 19 people indicted in the case.

Two of them,by the way, were convicted in the first trial on some charges earlier this year.   Barr also noted that they are being held without bail indefinitely with Jones adding like 'they are in North Korea'.

Monday, July 10, 2017





The courtroom activities resumed in Las Vegas Monday July 10th at the federal courthouse with Judge Gloria Navarro trying to rig the second trial for four defendants whose trial ended in a mistrial earlier this year.

She ruled to prevent the defense from questioning potential jurors about the US Constitution and to prevent the defendants from explaining why they showed up armed at the standoff as in exercise of their First and Second Amendment rights.  


Some personalities arrived in the courtroom on Tuesday.  Judicial activist Larry Klayman and former Congressman and federal prosecutor Bob Barr.  Courtroom observer Andrea Parker noted that the judge and federal marshals were more "on their toes" and careful in their actions in the presence of the two men.

The slipshod actions of both Judge Navarro and federal marshals and their hostility towards the defendants and those supporting them in the courtroom seemed to be less so during the hours both men were present.    

Parker has reported on and shown the tough approach in the name of "security" at the courthouse.


US Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Las Vegas today and he "commended" the proseuction in the Bunkerville trials and added that he was "not taking sides" in the case.

This was the cause of great consternation among supporters of the defendants who responded by saying "Sessions is not on our side".

Jury selection was completed in the afternoon in what  was described as a "Soviet style rigged process in Judge Gloria Navarro's courtroom with "males" and "ethnics" being deliberately excluded from the jury and the judge riding roughshod over defense lawyers objections to the jury selection process.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Jason Patrick, one of those convicted in the rigged process of the second Oregon Standoff trial, was denied pre-sentencing release by US District Judge Anna Brown in Portland last week.

Brown described Patrick as "insolent" among other things in her comments during  a hearing last Friday.   In response, defense lawyer Andrew Kohlmetz said that if Patrick deserved to remain in jail based on Brown's comments, then Marcus Mumford should be in jail, too.

Kohlmetz was referring to  Ammon Bundy's defense attorney in the first Oregon Standoff trial. Marcus Mumford was tackled, tased and arrested right after the seven defendants in that trial were acquitted last fall.

While the federal prosecutors decided to drop charges against Mumford, the chief judge of the US District Court in Oregon, Michael Mosman, launched an effort to disbar Mumford from practicing in federal court in Oregon.

The same federal judge appointed for the criminal case brought and dropped against Mumford, US District Judge John Coughenour of the US District Court in eastern Washington state, will decide on the disbarment of Marcus Mumford.   

Coughenour has ordered that Mumford be provided with a transcript of the first Oregon Standoff trial in order to defend himself.  And yes, we the taxpayers are paying for this consequence of the endless prosecution-persecution of Mr. Mumford.

Meanwhile the current US Attorney in Oregon, the one appointed by the Obama Administration in December 2015, remains in place.   Billy Williams was not asked to resign by the Trump Administration and serves as "Acting US Attorney."

Williams has asked Judge Brown to jail California blogger Gary Hunt until he agrees to remove posts from his "Outpost of Freedom" blog that outed FBI informants in the Oregon Standoff Case.  In his written argument to the judge, Williams said that "Hunt and others who might seek to emulate him need to be deterred".

Williams claims Gary Hunt has published "protected material" but as Hunt has pointed out his ability to out FBI informants was based on redacted federal documents released to the public and interviews with people involved in the protest.

Judge Brown has set an August 23rd date for a hearing.  That's Wednesday August 23rd at 130pm at Federal Court in Portland.  

The first of the defendants convicted in the  second Oregon Standoff trial will be sentenced soon.

Thursday, May 18, 2017



Is it a coincidence that a website for discussion among Donald Trump's most loyal supporters went down mid-day Monday this week as the latest slew of assaults against the President of the United States were  launched?

Its hard not to draw sinister conclusions about the latest downing of "Free Republic", its longest ever.

An outside attack or something else?

In recent months signs of self-censorship have appeared on the site including the removal of an entire post, comments and all, one day after its posting.

The Peter Hitchens "Mail on Sunday" column was published right after the alleged "poison gas" attack by the Asaad regime in Syria and the military response to it (Tomahawks launched on a Syrian air base).

The column cited foreign influences on the UK government which pushed the "gas attack" notion. The UK is deeply in debt and dependent on money rich Saudi Arabia, a major promoter of the Civil War in Syria.

A Civil War being fought by jihadists of Al-Qaeda, fueled by the Wahabbi Islam ideology that inspired the 9/11 terrorists.   A Saudi fueled fight that led to the establishment of the Islamic State and all its consequences.

The motives of Saudi Arabia and Israel with Syria and Russia being allies of the Iranian arch-enemy of both nations,figured prominently in the comments that were deleted.

Israel and Russia also figured prominently in the assault on President Trump this week, with a news leak saying Mr. Trump shared Israeli intelligence with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a White House meeting last week.

Trump's friendly meeting with the Russians was an event that needed to be discredited and indeed it was.

There will be a lot of smiles and friendly handshakes as the President of the United States visits Saudi Arabia and Israel in the coming days, but both nations have a common anti-Iran agenda.

President Trump has stepped to the plate with the hand of friendship and commitment to alliances with both nations which had their beginnings back in the 1940's.   An economically troubled and deeply in debt United States will benefit from arms deals worth billions involving Saudi Arabia and Saudi investment in American "infrastructure" but one wonders about the strings?????  Is this enough to keep President Trump from being forced into military actions to push forward the war in Syria?

For the Saudis its a religious-security problem, the need to vanquish the main competitor to its Sunni Wahabbi brand of Islam, Iran's Shia Islam.  For Israel, it is the matter of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Part of their anti-Iran agenda is the removal of Iranian ally Bashar Assad from power in Syria and the neutralizing of Iran's Hezbollah allies in Syria and Lebanon.

Standing in the way of this is Russia....Russia.....Russia.

Russia must be aggressively confronted into backing down in Syria and Donald Trump does not appear to be taking that route.

So we get the assault on Trump and the appointment of a 'special counsel' to investigate matters related to Trump and Russia.   We get talk of Richard Nixon, Watergate, Impeachment and so on.

Any involvement of RINO politicians, much less the Democrats, seems almost coincidental to me.

They look at power for themselves but there are other forces behind them and their witch hunt against President Trump.

It is in the interests of foreign powers, each invested in the military industrial complex.  One (Israel) a producer of defense weaponry assisted by tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars, plus Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies, key buyers of defense weaponry produced in the US and Israel (anti-missile systems to counter Iranian missiles).

Each nation determined to take Iran out in the end and determined to remove any obstacles to that end, the most serious one being Russia.

Is a President Mike Pence more amenable to their agenda?  Based on his previous comments about Russia, I would say yes.

Back on Iran, the State Department did extend sanctions relief to Iran this week.

Its insane, truly insane to realize as Rush Limbaugh said on the airwaves when Obama was pushing through the Iran nuclear deal that Senator Bob Corker (Republican) was enabling it with his Corker Amendment in the interest of Boeing selling 85 aircraft to Iran.

Billions for big business, thousands of "jobs for Americans",   But Iran being helped in the end.

But Boeing is already making out at the other end, selling combat aircraft to Kuwait and Qatar in recent months (72).   Those nations potential Iranian adversaries.

Big Business, Big Banks, Corporatism, Uniparty forces with foreign governments in the mix trying to run the show.

And Donald J. Trump is in their crosshairs.

Friday, May 5, 2017

       MARCH ON NEVADA PRISON FOLLOWING                                 BEATING OF  AMMON BUNDY

           PROTEST ENDS, CAMP CLEAN UP, AMMON BUNDY  MOVED                 


                       HARRASSMENT FROM NYE COUNTY SHERIFF'S       

                    DEPARTMENT OF PROTESTORS OUTSIDE PRISON                                                


                               13 HOUR ORDEAL CALLED 'TORTURE'



John Lamb presented a video to end the protest showing the cleaned up Camp Liberty and the sign and jail cell left behind at the campsite near the prison.

Lamb went inside the prison to visit some of the prisoners including Cliven Bundy before he left.

Last night Ammon Bundy was moved into a different section of the prison with the prisoners considered "hardened".

The good news of that situation is that he was released from solitary confinement.


"I'm on my knees" Ammon Bundy said in a phone call this evening from his solitary confinement cell at the prison.  Bundy needs to take that position to hold the phone through a hole in the cell door.

Tomorrow will mark one month of solitary confinement for Ammon after the handcuffing and beating incident at the prison.

Speaking to Gavin Seim with a message for everyone, Ammon Bundy said:

"The more effective we are with promoting truth and freedom the more opposition we're going to get, it's just a fact and we need to realize that that opposition is a testimony to us that we are doing what is right."

Bundy and Seim had a long discussion about those trying to tear down the protest and fundraising efforts associated with the protest.

Ammon Bundy reminded his audience that the tens of thousands of dollars raised during the protest isn't going to protest organizers like Kelli Stewart or Gavin Seim.

Bundy said:  "I talk to Morgan (Philpot-Defense Attorney) a couple of times a week, my attorney and all every 100 percent of those funds that you have, that the people out there supporters have donated have gone to him and they will be used as sacred funds.  It is going to make  a huge difference in this defense and none of it has gone to Kelli or Gavin or anybody else...."


Protests continued over the Memorial Day weekend outside the prison and in the middle of Pahrump as well.

Some hecklers showed up along with some who apparently misunderstood (or may have been intoxicated) the notion of the United States flag hung upside down as a sign of distress.

Old Glory was raised high on a lift outside the prison yesterday on Memorial Day.

Fundraising efforts were held on behalf of the prisoners in Nevada along with others who have been prosecuted and persecuted by government including Navy vet Joe Robertson, jailed for building a pond on his property in Montana.    There's a case for the new congressman, Greg Gianforte, to "smack down".   But it does seem like politicians and government aren't listening at this point to the little people like Joe.

Activist Gavin Seim was handcuffed in a 3 by 3 cell to raise support for Jeff Weinhaus, jailed on Second Amendment grounds in Missouri.


John Lamb, one of the protest organizers, announced yesterday that the protest will continue next week instead of breaking off Monday as had been previously planned.

Lamb said the protest has been an encouragement to the prisoners.   The 19 associated with the Bunkerville Standoff have been helped and others in the prison as well by the protestors outside and their willingness to go into the prison and visit with those held there.

At last night's public meeting, activist and organizer Kelli Stewart explained her involvement with the cause of the prisoners that began during the Oregon Standoff protest last year.

John Lamb also spoke at that meeting about federal control of land, the fining and jailing people for building wells and ponds on their own property.  Lamb also discussed the harassment coming from the prison aimed at the protest.  Eleven complaints about the activities of the protesters were all false, he told the audience.

There's been something of an update on what happened to Ryan Bundy after he was released from the solitary confinement.  His wife Angie posted a video saying that Ryan was released into a section of the prison for rougher, tougher inmates.   The guards are harassing Ryan Bundy and the veteran inmates have let the soft spoken Bundy know he's being singled out by the guards.


A public meeting is being held in Pahrump tonight to talk about abuse at the privately prison there called the Southern Nevada Detention Center, owned by a company that's rebranded from "Corrections Corporation of America" to "Core Civic".

Another rally and march is planned outside the prison tomorrow.

People continue to put themselves into the 3 by 3 shower stall handcuffed like Ammon Bundy was on May 2nd for 13 hours.   They are doing it to raise money for Bundy's legal defense.


Word late yesterday that Ryan Bundy has been freed from solitary confinement at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.

Ammon Bundy remains in solitary some three weeks plus after he was beaten and tortured in a shower stall for 13 hours back on May 2nd.

The protests will continue outside the prison.


Activists Kelli Stewart and John Lamb have stepped up to fundraise on behalf of Ammon Bundy's legal defense fund at the protest in Nevada.

Last night they were handcuffed in a 3x3 cell that resembles the shower stall Ammon Bundy was tortured in earlier this month.

Kelli set a record enduring 10 hours of what Ammon Bundy endured for 13 hours and word from Gavin Seim is that 11,500 dollars was raised because of their live video marathon yesterday.


A march and rally followed by a cookout came down yesterday outside the prison, dubbed "Gitmo, NV" on a sign posted nearby.

Flags were held high including some flags hung upside down as a sign of distress in recognition of the abuse taking place at the prison.

For starters look at the two months plus of solitary confinement for the "political prisoners" like Ammon and Ryan Bundy when other prisoners only get five days for stabbing other inmates with makeshift weapons.

Then go onto the notion of 17 of  the 19 'political prisoners', the men arrested over the Bunkerville   Standoff near Bundy Ranch in April 2014, not having been tried or convicted of any crime and yet still behind bars.

American citizens being treated just like the foreign nationals held without trial at Gitmo in Cuba suspected of terrorism.

Are Americans who defend private property rights considered terrorists by the federal government?


The Stars and Stripes were hoisted high by a lift near the Nevada Southern Detention Center yesterday upside down.  Not in disrespect, but in a sign of distress.  

Activist John Lamb posted a video online reminding viewers that the politicians have failed to respond to continued detention of more than a dozen men without due process like a 'speedy trial' and the abuse of some of those prisoners.

A false complaint was lodged by the prison of a bus being "slapped" by the protestors as it went into the prison leading to a visit from the Nye County Sheriff's Department.

Daily "Jericho Marches" continue at 2:30 pm outside the prison.

Gavin Seim posted a video about the rally planned tomorrow to let the local community and others who show up know the who, what, why etc. of the situation at the prison.

A cookout is planned in conjunction with the rally.

"Camp Liberty" has a mailing address....Camp Liberty (care of John Lamb), 1776 E. Mesquite Ave., Pahrump, NV 89060.   You can sent your support to that address.

20-thousand some dollars have been raised for the Ammon Bundy Defense Fund in conjunction with the protest so far.


In a video posted late yesterday, activist Gavin Seim laid out the scene of the protest, zooming in on the prison and pointing out the new campsite for the protesters, who moved after the sheriff's department told them a private land owner didn't want them there.

But the protesters have found land owners around the prison who support them and at a planned rally and protest this Saturday, they hope to spread the message about torture at the prison and the injustice of holding people for years without their guilt or innocence being proven in trials.

Seim pointed out in his video that the border of the prison has been extended without any knowledge of who owns the land.    He also notes that armed police and prison guards are approaching the protestors who are acting peacefully and have been asked to show up without any firearms.

One question that seems like a good one to ask is are the federal authorities in on this situation at all offering advice or support to the aggressive tactics against the peaceful protesters?


Jeanette Finicum joined the protest march around the prison yesterday, bringing along with her the horse rode by her husband who was killed in the FBI ambush in Oregon last year during the Oregon Standoff protest..

Among those joining her in the "Jericho March" around the prison was Shawna Cox, acquitted by a federal jury in connection with that protest along with the other 'leaders'.

Gina Harden of "Liberty Grows" posted videos from the protest yesterday mentioning that there are 19 Bunkerville Standoff prisoners being held at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.  Prisoners held for over a year and being denied speedy trials.

Meanwhile, two men convicted in the recently concluded first Bunkerville Standoff trial will not be tried again.

Shawna Cox said yesterday that Greg Burleson and Todd Engel will not face trial again.  Maxine Bernstein of "Oregon Live" reported that federal prosecutors indicated the cost of a second trial was a factor.

Of course the federal government got what they wanted by obtaining convictions in the first place.

A new "Camp Liberty" campsite has been established on land owned by someone who supports the protest.


The Nye County Sheriff's Department arrived at the Camp Liberty protest site given its address of 1776 Mesquite Ave.  early Monday afternoon.     A black shirted Undersheriff told protestors that a private property owner near the prison did not want the protest on their land.

They could protest on the public 'right of way' along with highway but the  protest needed to be "permitted"  according to the sheiff's department.

This move comes as the widow of LaVoy Finicum, Jeanette Finicum, is expected at the protest today (Tuesday) as well as activist Gavin Seim, much hated and feared by federal authorities and provocateurs who may be acting as informants for them.

Activist Kelli Stewart has spoken to lawyers and to the same Undersheriff who appeared at the campsite Monday.

He spoke of receiving over 100 'death threats' but Kelli Stewart emphasized that she wan't putting them out and asked anyone attending the protest to come unarmed.  Stewart noted that when sheriff-s deputies approach the protest they hold onto their weapons.  Stewart told the Undersheriff she felt threatened by that behavior, noting that she figured if she reached for her chap stick she would be gunned down.

Kelli Stewart expressed her view that the local authorities are acting to protect the privately owned prison which is important to the local economy, where prisoners like Ammon Bundy and others have been abused.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy remain in solitary confinement at the Nevada Southern Detention Center some two weeks after the beating and torture of Ammon Bundy at the prison.


The Nye County Sheriff has actually looked at the May 2nd video of the torture of Ammon Bundy and conducted an 'investigation'.

On Thursday May 11th she met some family members and showed them the lengthy video of his mistreatment.

Ammon's mother Carol Bundy was said to have been so disturbed by the video she left the room.

Sister-in-law Angie Bundy says "Ammon was treated worse than an animal" in a Facebook posting.

The Nye County Sheriff claimed that  Ammon Bundy is being treated that way becuase he refuses to comply with constant body cavity searches conducted at the prison in the name of preventing drugs from getting in.   She told family members the 'investigation is closed', determining there was no wrongdoing by the prison.

Ammon Bundy supporter John Lamb says that Sheriff Sharon Wehrly compared the privately owned prison to  Walmart and said she has no say over its policies.

An outraged activist Gavin Seim said the low paid guards at the prison are the smugglers of any drugs into the privately owned.prison.

"The guards in our prisons are so low that they want, they want men to stand around and do a striptease for them so that they can feel powerful and they do it in the name of safety and our nation tolerates it in the name of safety. " Gavin Seim shared with his viewers in a video posted Friday.

Ammon Bundy has consistently refused to take his clothes off constantly for the searches and manipulate his body for the searches, always reminding the guards he has not been convicted of any crime, yet remains locked up in the prison.  Bundy told the guards they would have to take off his clothes and conduct the search themselves and that he would not resist them.

Right now Ammon and Ryan Bundy remain in solitary confinement as they have been for more than a week this time around.

Dozens of people are participating  gathering daily at a location called "Camp Liberty" across from the prison and doing a "Jericho March" around the prison.  People take turns being handcuffed and put into a mock 3 x 3 stall like Ammon Bundy was on May 2nd.


Eric Parker called out from the prison yesterday to tell the outside world about the 'investigation' being conducted by the prison owner and the refusal of the political prisoners (those associated with the April 2014 Bunkerville Standoff) to participate in it without their own lawyers and the Nye County Sheriff being present.

WEDNESDAY MAY 10th Update:

Kelli Stewart posted a Facebook video last evening laying out plans for continuous protest over the mistreatment of prisoners at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.

Stewart said the scope of the protest is beyond the mistreatment of Ammon Bundy.

But she reminded viewers about Bundy's mistreatment, saying that additional 3 by 3 cells will be built and displayed with people in them during the protest to remind people about what happened.

Kelli Stewart also laid out how a prisoner can spent 7 days in solitary for stabbing another prisoner, but that Ammon and Ryan Bundy spent some 40 days 'in the hole' because they objected to body cavity searches.

She pointed out Ammoin Bundy's objection to removing his clothes and manipulating his body to comply with the cavity searches as an innocent man, not convicted, yet held in a jail without bail in a place Stewart calls a "concentration camp" and "hostage center".

Some special protest events are planned for next Tuesday May 16th and the following Saturday May 20th.

On the 16th the widow of LaVoy Finicum, Jeanette Fincium will appear.   LaVoy;s horse will be saddled up and ride around the prison.

One other matter was brought up by Kelli Stewart.   Kelli is urging everyone to show up without any firearms for the protest to emphasize the message that there is no violent or threatening intent from the protest..

MONDAY MAY 8th Update:

The protests continued from late in the last week into the new week outside the Southern Nevada Detention Center in Pahrump.

Protestors were talking a mile long trek around the prison, a "Walls of Jericho" march accompanied by patriotic music including the National Anthem.

They caused a big stir at the prison in terms of defensive and angry reactions from a lockdown which was lifted for the weekend and a call to the Nye County Sheriff claiming trespassing on prison property.

The prisoners inside know what's going on outside and it is a lift to their spirits.

Prisoners like Jerry Delemus and Cliven Bundy, among numerous others, received visitors from among the protestors over the weekend.

A "Camp Liberty" has been set up near the prison to house those protesting.

Those who can't protest are being asked to help financially including support for Ammon Bundy's legal defense fund.

More Updates to follow........

Monday, May 1, 2017




(Special Update:  Wednesday May 3rd AM:  Acting US Attorney Stephen Myhre has decided to retry the six men with four of them facing all the counts against them for a second time.    The two convicted defendants,  Greg Burleson and Todd Engel will be tried on the counts they were not convicted of in the first trial.  

The decision to retry the defendants comes under the auspices of the US Justice Department and the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Judge Gloria Navarro had set a June 26th retrial date  for the six.)  

In the end only two of the six defendants in the first Bunkerville Standoff trial were found guilty.   Each faced ten charges with Greg Burleson convicted of eight and Todd Engel of two.

U.S. District Court Judge Gloria Navarro declared a mistrial on the rest of the charges where the jury was unable to reach a verdict, then scheduled a new trial on those charges for June 26th.

But according to observers of the trial, Navarro had told the jurors they could not convict on the last eight charges against each defendant without convicting them of the first two conspiracy charges.



The two defendants found guilty were not convicted on those first two charges.

So how could Judge Navarro "accept" the verdicts from the jury.


Thursday, March 30, 2017


Gary Hunt was arrested in northern California today.  Hunt's "Outpost of Freedom" blog published posts outing informants in the Oregon Standoff case.   The federal government has been trying to get him to take down the posts.   Hunt did not appear in court in Portland for a contempt hearing after being given an order to take his posts down.

Hunt said on his blog that he does not recognize the authority of a court in Oregon since he posts from California.

The end game for James Comey's FBI and the Acting US Attorney in Oregon appointed by the Obama Administration, Billy Williams (NOT REMOVED BY THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION)  is to compel Gary Hunt to remove his blog posts.

Hunt made his posts based on redacted government documents and interviews with people involved in the Oregon Standoff.  From that he uncovered who the informants were.in the case.

Gary Hunt noted in blog posts earlier this year that the federal government raised no objections when informants like Mark McConnell, Terri Linnell and Fabio Minoggio were revealed in the first Oregon Standoff trial.   So why should they care about his revelations of informants.

The violation of Constitutional Rights is all over Oregon from matters related to land and due process and here the First Amendment's freedom of speech and freedom of the press.

No word yet on when Hunt will be brought to the courtroom in Oregon to face the judge for the contempt hearing.

Friday, March 24, 2017


As Judge Gloria Navarro continues to run roughshod over a rigged trial for the first six men acccused in the April 2014 2014 standoff near Bundy Ranch, we are reminded of the Oregon Standoff trial last fall and the spirited defense of Marcus Mumford.

A defense that convinced a jury to acquit all seven defendants with federal marshals tackling, tasing and arresting Mumford in the courtroom right after the verdicts were announced.

This led the judge in that case, Anna J. Brown, to meet with jurors and find out why they acquitted.

The way she and the federal prosecutors ran the second trial, tacking on misdemeanor charges, rejecting numerous defense witnesses, the judge making herself the jury on the misdemeanor charges all pointed us in the direction the first Bunkerville Standoff trial would take in Nevada.

Its been quite a show with defense lawyers being constantly told to shut up and defendant Todd Engel now being told  he cannot defend himself in the case.  Instead a standby lawyer who's fallen asleep in court and doesn't know the case is supposed to defend him.

On Wednesday, word came out that defendant Gregory Burleson was an FBI informant.  His defense lawyer's Thursday questioning of an FBI agent focused on how Burleson was plied with alcohol before  an interview.   Terrence Jackson asked if Burleson was being 'fed drinks' with the FBI reply being 'we offered'.

Jackson also brought up Burleson's diabetic condition with the FBI saying they were aware of it.  Much attention was focused on Burleson's health a few  weeks back when he required medical treatment for apparent dehydration in the courtroom.   He's reportedly going blind.

The defense lawyers for the other defendants are deeply troubled by the revelation that Burleson was an FBI informant and are making agruments to the judge to no avail.   Burleson was in on the defense strategy of the other defendants along with his lawyer.

As activist Gavin Seim noted in a video post the other day, this seems to beg for a mistrial but no such move is coming from Judge Gloria Navarro.

One other interesting development is that the lead prosecutor at this trial,  Steven  Myhre is now the Acting U.S. Attorney in Las Vegas.   The  U.S. Attorney appointed by former President Obama resigned at the request of the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

This reminds us all of the need for the Trump Administration to act in the interests of justice in both the Oregon and Nevada standoff cases.

For starters, how about freedom for the ranchers jailed as terrorists for setting some grass on fire in Oregon-Dwight and Steven Hammond.   The reason Ammon Bundy led a peaceful protest in Oregon marred by government violence that took the life of LaVoy Finicum, who sought freedom for the Hammonds.

Monday, March 6, 2017

               Second Oregon Standoff Trial Updates

                                          The Misdemeanor Verdicts

                Eleven Charges Spread Over Four Defendants With Nine "Guilty" Verdicts

                                             Wednesday March 22nd AM

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown came down with mostly guilty verdicts for the four defendants who were already convicted by a jury of felony charges in the Oregon Standoff protest last year.

Jason Patrick found guilty of  three charges: trespass, tampering with government vehicles and equipment, destruction of government property.

Duane Ehmer found  guilty of trespass, tampering with government vehicles and equipment, not guilty of removal of government and private property.

Darryl Thorn found guilty of trespass and one count of tamperng with vehicles and equipment, not guilty of another count of tampering with vehicles and equipment.

Jake Ryan found guilty of trespass and tampering with vehicles and equipment.

Defense lawyer Andrew Kohlmetz described the misdemeanor charges as 'throw away charges' in cast the others didn't stick."

                     Judge To Announce Misdemeanor Verdicts On Tuesday

                                                Saturday March 18th AM

U.S. District Judge Anna Brown will announce the misdemeanor verdicts in the second Oregon Standoff trial on Tuesday.

A 3:30 pm hearing is set in court for Brown to announce the verdicts after she asked the defendants if they wanted to hear the verdicts in person instead of her issuing them in writing.

This word comes from tweets by "Oregon Live" reporter Maxine Bernstein.

Brown will also discuss ''release conditions" for Jason Patrick, one of the four convicted in the second trial.

                      Federal Judge Drops Charges Against Marcus Mumford

                                                 Thursday March 16th AM

Its now official.  A federal judge has dropped the charges against Ammon Bundy's lawyer, Marcus Mumford.

U.S. District Judge John Coughenour from the western district of Washington state, who was brought in to handle the case in Portland, issued a three sentence order yesterday.

The charges are 'dismissed without prejudice' meaning the federal government could bring them back later.

Mumford was tackled, tased, arrested and charged last October 27th at the end of the first Oregon Standoff trial.   The assault on Mumford came moments after Bundy and six other defendants were acquitted of all charges.

Mumford wanted the paperwork from the federal government to confirm their detainer on Ammon Bundy for Nevada charges over the Bunkerville Standoff in 2014.  Instead of producing the paperwork, they attacked Mumford.





Federal Prosecutors Want Charges Dropped For Ammon Bundy's Lawyer In                                                               First Trial

                                                  Monday March 13th PM

At the end of the first Oregon Standoff trial last fall Marcus Mumford, who was Ammon Bundy's lawyer, was tackled, tased and arrested by federal marshals as he argued before U.S. District Judge Anna Brown about Bundy's status after his acquittal.

Federal charges were filed against Mumford with trial set for next month.

Now federal prosecutors from Washington state called into the case have asked a Washington state federal judge to drop the charges against Mumford.   They are asking for the charges to be dropped 'without prejudice'.  That means they could be refiled in the future.

Michael Levine, Mumford's defense lawyer, told "Oregon Live" he didn't know what prompted the federal government's decision.  He's waiting for the judge to finalize matters saying "It's not over until it's over."

       Blogger Gary Hunt and Defendant Duane Ehmer Post New Messages     

                                                 Monday March 13th AM

There have been new posts from both blogger Gary Hunt and Duane Ehmer regarding the blog posts on FBI informants at the Oregon Standoff protest.

Last night Ehmer corrected a statement he made in a February 5th Facebook post regarding Hunt "'working with our lawyers" in the second trial.

Ehmer said in his online post last night which is republished in full in Hunt's latest post at "Outpost of Freedom" blog this morning, said:  "Gary hunt writing did help expose informants but he had no direct contact with anyone from the defense team.  I have never found direct contact with anyone from the defense team".....I was wrong on Feb. 5 and am sorry for the grief I have caused him".

Hunt himself says the Oregon federal court has zero jurisdiction over what he has posted on his blog and so he felt no obligation to show up for a hearing there last Friday.

Hunt said his showing up there would have made him subject to arrest.

Some quotes from his post this morning:

"This tribulation began when the U.S. Department of Justice 'Demand' that I Cease and Desist publishing a series of articles exposing informants, both inside and outside the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge during the occupation of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge during the occupation by those seeking a 'Redress of Grievances' (First Amendment).  The Letter also wanted me to return information that I had obtained without any illegal act on my part.  And, in a somewhat ridiculous (impossible) Demand, that remove the articles from my website 'and any other website'.

However, I have no more control over 'any other website' than the Justice Department has over me."....

I can understand that the US Shysters, seeing this is adversarial, want to 'find dirt', to justify the exclusion of fact that don't suit their objective.  Heck, we have seen that through the last two Malheur trials--every effort to exclude that which might dispute, or interfere with, their desire for a conviction, or in my case, to be incarcerate for 'contempt of court'.

The FBI, however, is not a private tool of the US Shysters.  It is supposed to be part of a functional government, whose purpose is to serve its creator, the People.  When those powers become so misdirected, as they have in this instance, we can easily see that the government has decided to serve itself, not the People--that, in fact, we have become subject to a police state, every bit the same as the old  U.S.S.R., East Germany, and Hitler's Third Reich."

We'll see what the federal government does next to suppress Mr Hunt's online activities.....


                      More Details On The Split Verdicts For All Defendants

                    Arrest Warrant Sought For Blogger Who Outed Informants


                                                   Saturday March 11th AM

While the jury found two of the defendants, Jason Patrick and Darryl Thorn guilty of a "conspiracy" charge, the other two defendants, Jake Ryan and  Duane Ehmer were acquitted.

But Ryan and Ehmer were found guilty of depredation of government property for using an excavator at the refuge.

Thorn found guilty of possessing a firearm on federal property, Patrick and Ryan acquitted of the same charge.

U.S. District Judge Anna Brown will be coming down with her written verdicts on misdemeanor charges against the four defendants probably next week.

All guilty verdicts could end up being appealed to the one and only Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, the next higher court.

So watch out for further developments.

Also the US Attorney for Oregon, Billy Williams, who supervised the prosecution-persecution of the Oregon Standoff protesters was not one of the 93 US Attorneys asked to resign yesterday by the new Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

In a video posted yesterday activist Gavin Seim, supporter of the Oregon Standoff protest said "this malicious prosecution against these final four was brought by the Donald Trump Administration, not the Obama Administration".

Meanwhile, Judge Anna Brown has taken under advisement a request from federal prosecutors for an arrest warrant for blogger Gary Hunt.

Hunt posted a number of stories about FBI informants at the Oregon Standoff protest drawing the ire of federal prosecutors who claim he was interfering with their case.

Hunt did not appear yesterday at a show cause hearing for an injunction against his blog posts regarding informants.

In recent posts at his "Outpost of Freedom" blog, Hunt said that Brown's court in Oregon does not have jurisdiction over his blog posts from his northern California home.

Split Verdicts Come Down Friday,  Blogger Hunt Does Not Appear At Hearing

                                                   Friday March 10th PM

Jason Patrick and Darryl Thorn found guilty,  Jake Ryan and Duane Ehmer  not guilty.

Meanwhile,  blogger Gary Hunt was not in court in Portland this afternoon when a hearing was held on the federal government's attempts to shut down his blog posts exposing FBI informants in the Oregon Standoff case.

                                         Deliberations Continue Friday

                                                       Friday March 10th AM

The jury considering the felony part of the charges against four men in the second Oregon Standoff trial  is resuming its deliberations at  8:30 am Portland time.

This will be the third day of deliberations.

One of the defense attorneys, Jesse Merrithew, tweeted yesterday: "I'm betting on a hung jury at this point".

Developments related to the trial should be posted on the Twitter feed of "OregonLive-Portland Oregonian" reporter Maxine Bernstein.

                                                Put That In Writing

                                              Thursday March 9th AM

The story from the second Oregon Standoff trial Wednesday was the story of getting details into writing.

The jury deliberating the felony charges wanted a transcript of the trial for their use.   

U.S. District Judge Anna J. Brown "demanded" as activist John Lamb phrased it in a video that the federal prosecutors come up with written evidence to prove the misdemeanor charges against the four defendants.

She conducted her 'bench trial' of the four men yesterday.

And Judge Brown says she will issue a written decision on the charges next week.

                              Two Tracks and "Fear" At The Trial

                                                 Wednesday March 8th AM

The second Oregon Standoff trial will take two tracks today with the jury deliberating the felony  charges against the four defendants while U.S. District Court Judge Anna J. Brown conducts a bench trial on misdemeanor charges against the four defendants.   She will decide the innocence or guilt of the four in what is seen as a rigged process to 'get' the defendants.

It will be interesting to see if any guilty verdicts are appealed to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and what that famous-infamous court will have to say.

A employee at the wildlife refuge testified as a rebuttal witness for the prosecution yesterday speaking of 'fear' because of the protest.

Perhaps the real fear in the courtroom is with the defense lawyers, who are said to be conducting a timid case by supporters of the defendants.   They aren't Marcus Mumford, who led a spirited defense in the first trial representing Ammon Bundy.

But Mumford's tackling, tazing and arrest by federal marshals in the courtroom right after the acquittal may have had an intimidating effect on the defense lawyers in the second case.

                                                Tuesday March 7th AM

                 A slew of witnesses testified Monday as the defense began to wrap up its case.

                  B.J. Soper of the Pacific Patriots Network testified about his recollections of the December 29th meeting cited by prosecution witness Blaine Cooper as the beginning of a conspiracy to protest at the Malheur National Wildlife refuge.    Soper and the Pacific Patriots Network regularly denounced the protest even as they claimed to be trying to help.

                  But in the testimony, Soper said the notion of a 'takeover' of the refuge was presented without any plans being discussed among those at the 10-15 minute meeting.
                   Blaine Cooper's father,  Stanley Hicks Sr., disputed testimony his son had given on behalf of the prosecution.    Hicks said his son is "prone to lie when it serves his purpose".

                   Jeff Banta, acquitted in the first trial. testified about the military training given by FBI informant Fabio Minoggio.  Banta said on the stand that Minoggio "was basically kind of seeing how we reacted under pressure".

                    The defense expected to rest its case today with prosecution rebuttal witnesses, then the final arguments.

                     What will happen after that is that the jury decides the felony charges while U.S. District Court Judge Anna Brown has reserved to herself the verdicts on misdemeanor charges that have been tacked onto these four defendants.

                      Brown met with the jurors in the first trial afterwards in an apparent attempt to find out for herself and pass onto the federal prosecutors the reasoning as to why the jurors didn't convict the seven defendants on the felony charges.

                      She and the prosecutors appear to be rigging this trial so they get the defendants on  some charges.


                    (More to Come)

Monday, February 20, 2017

               The Trials Continue In Oregon and Nevada

      Federal Prosecutors In Oregon Get Help From The New Attorney General

                                        The Arguments In The Nevada Trial

               A jury was picked in Portland last week, 12 jurors and 4 alternates to hear the charges against the four defendants in the second Oregon Standoff trial.

               Unlike the first trial, more than felony charges are on the table.   Misdemeanors have been attached to the felonies and they will be decided by Federal District Judge Anna Brown, not a jury.

               The opening arguments begin Tuesday February 21st at 10am.

                Federal prosecutors want to use "evidence" they didn't in the first trial.    Last week they asked the new Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, to give them permission to subpoena former Oregon Public Broadcasting reporter John Sepulvado.

                Sepulvado interviewed Ryan Bundy for a Jan. 9, 2016 broadcast and with both Ammon Bundy and Ryan Bundy set to testify for the defense bringing the reporter in to tesify may be designed to hurt the defense case and convey the notion of a violent, extreme protest going on last year.

                Sessions granted permission for the subpoena to be issued.  There are concerns about the reporter being forced to reveal notes about his work or offer opinions about his interview.   The state of Oregon has a shield law for journalists.   There is no federal law to shield journalists.

                Meanwhile there's a trial of six men going on in Nevada, the first of three for numerous men accused in the Bunkerville Standoff near Bundy Ranch in April 2014,

                Federal prosecutors began to make their case last week depicting the protesters as threatening, menacing and intimidating.

                The defense counters that the protesters came there to help the Bundy's get their cattle back, exercising their First and Second Amendment rights.

                 A video has been released as trial began, showing aggressive actions of Bureau of Land Management agents against Ammon Bundy and others during the standoff.   Body cam video with angry comments from federal agents is also part of the 30 minute video.

                On the Saturday morning when the cattle were returned to the Bundy's, the prosecutors say the protesters were threatening but the defense says they came there with the understanding that a peaceful transfer of the cattle was taking place, only to find BLM agents raising their weapons at the protesters.

                Outside the federal courthouse in Las Vegas last week a supporter of those on trial, Gavin Seim, was attacked when a man named Doug Knowles tried to jerk Seim's camera around as he was sending out a live video report.

                Knowles is associated with a group known as "The Oath" who claim to care about the Oregon and Nevada cases but end up attacking people who support the accused like Gain Seim, Kelli Stewart, John Lamb and others.

                The activity of Mr. Knowles reminds me of thugs in a totalitarian state like Venezuela where red shirted thugs have routinely harassed opposition protesters for a decade or more.

                Last week President Donald Trump met with the wife of jailed Venezuelan opposition  leader Leopoldo Lopez.    Trump sent out a tweet that included himself, VP Mike Pence and Senator Marco Rubio pictured with Lillian Tintori.  The president called for the release of Lopez from jail.

               It was a good thing Mr. Trump did, but there are good things to be done in this country regarding those accused in Oregon and those accused and imprisoned in Nevada, including Jerry DeLemus,   DeLemus was the co-chair of Veterans for Trump during the New Hampshire primary last year, now he's jailed in connection with the standoff at Bunkerville in 2014.

              Mr. Sessions involvement in backing up the prosecutors last week does not send a good sign about the direction of the Trump Administration in these cases.

               It has been pointed out that pardons and so on can't be granted until after convictions in court and so on.  One thing clearly within President Trump's authority right now would be action regarding the Oregon ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, sitting in a federal prison for over a year now.   They were sent back there to serve  five year mandatory sentences as terrorists.  Their crime was setting a backfire to protect their land.

               The Hammond's were the reason for the Oregon Standoff protest last year.

Saturday, February 4, 2017

                 More Reflections on the Oregon Standoff

                     The Oregon Standoff was led by a man described as 'charismatic' by those who had contact with him during the time of the protest and before it.     Ammon Bundy said he took his stand to 'love thy neighbor' as in the Hammonds.   Dwight and Stephen Hammond were jailed as terrorists for a second time by the federal government because of a backfire they used to protect their land from a brush fire.

                     Bundy cited Dr. Martin Luther King as an example for his protest.   When he was arrested, no weapons were found on Bundy.  He never carried a weapon during the protest.  

                      When one reflects on the end of the Oregon Standoff and the days leading up to it one recalls the 'leadership' of David Fry, inspired by his relationship with LaVoy Finicum.   David stepped up to the plate with his ability to use the latest technology and keep the protest alive in spite of FBI attempts to shut it down.

                      David communicated with Gavin Seim, an activist I've come to appreciate in the last year, a modern day "John the Baptist" stirring up a ruckus that may lead him down the same pathway the original one in the Good Book did.    

                      Crazy people you say.   Martin Luther King had 'crazy people' around him, people like Bayard Rustin and Jack ("Hunter Pitts") O'Dell.  Men reviled as Communists,  Rustin derided for his sexuality.   He was arrested for 'cruising' a mens room.

                       Dr. King himself had 'issues' like his patronizing of members of the world's 'oldest profession' (two at a time).  But you know, what makes Martin Luther King a great man in my humble opinion was his refusal to patronize the members of  what Ronald Reagan characterized at  'the second oldest profession profession in the world ' that 'bears a close resemblance to the first'.

                       King gave politicians no quarter.  He wanted more than speeches from them.  His actions at Birmingham in the spring of 1963 changed the course of history and made him an enemy of politicians, even as many rushed to honor him or get their picture taken with him.

                       When John F. Kennedy's widow referred to MLK as a 'despicable man' who 'arranged for orgies' in an early 1964 recorded interview she was listing the enemies of her husband, those she suspected of being behind his death.

                       Ammon Bundy launched a protest in Oregon on January 2nd, 2016 that would be objected to by politicians of both major political parties.   All Republican presidential candidates called for it to end.

                       Joining in that chorus of opposition were the III Percenters-Oath Keepers-Pacific Patriots Network organizations but they did some strange things like  show up at the protest heavily armed.

                       Ammon Bundy asked them to leave and they set up a "perimeter" which they promptly abandoned right at the moment of the FBI ambush on January 26th almost abandoning their positions with perfect timing you might say to allow the FBI side to move into them.

                       Lets get back to David Fry, a man who looked strange because of his mixed race parentage (his mother is Japanese) and who can honestly be said to have 'issues'.    His internet postings before and after the protest and  his jailing as well as his suicide threat as the FBI siege ended and David was ready to come out.

                       One thing was clear, though.   David saw the protest as being in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, a non violent action.   This was revealed during the trial and David Fry communicated his non violent intentions when he contacted Gavin Seim to literally 'get the truth out' in the face of the Pacific Patriots Network allegation that David and the other three protesters left were intent on violence.

                      David's message was clear to Gavin,  "PPN is compromised".

                       They were compromised.  FBI informants?????  Maybe some but my sense of that crowd that echoed the GOP presidential candidates in opposition to the protest was that they were 'fronting' for political purposes associated with the Republican Party.

                      Conservative, Patriot artificial turf.

                      As one who sees the Republicans as the party of fake Conservatism and the Democrats as the party of fake Progressivism with both just tools of the big corporations and banks and their desire for a world economic-political system,  that is my sense of them.

                      The Uniparty I call them, the Globalists they are called, too.  My vote for Donald Trump was based on my sense he was not 'one of them' but beyond him our political system is pathetic begging for a third party that means it on issues and isn't faking it like R's and D's.  God as I understand God is better than our pathetic cadre of elected officials 99 plus percent of them.   That is great comfort in the midst of this insanity.

                     I was really impressed when I heard David interviewed online a few days after the FBI siege began when he spoke of 'right wing media' and 'left wing media' arousing anger among people to cause division so the people really running things can get their way.

                     It looks like the Democrats have a cadre of ex-military Progressive, Liberal artificial turf  of their own, those veterans including Representative Tulsi Gabbard who pledged to protect protesters in North Dakota opposing the DAPL pipeline.    They were AWOL when the federal, state and local authorities moved in on the Leftist protest camp last week.

                     Getting back to Oregon, I really appreciate the work Gavin Seim did online as witnessed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions when the FBI launched its aggressive, tough guy assault on David and the other three protesters camped in the parking lot.

                      The whole episode reminded us again who the militants were, who those with violent intentions were during the Oregon Standoff and it was not Ammon Bundy and those the federal government deemed 'leaders' of the protest at their trial including David Fry.

                       Their acquittal by a jury of their peers on felony charges spoke volumes of truth about this protest ignored by the federal government, government and law enforcement in general, political activists under the influence of the major political parties and the media serving the interests of the above mentioned Uniparties.

                       Any future protest must be in the 'tradition' of Birmingham in 1963, a protest planned beyond the earshot and knowledge of informants, a protest not influenced or subordinated to the interests of a major political party or its operatives-front groups who claim to be 'on your side'.

                        Even more importantly a protest in a spirit of peace and serenity, sanity and sobriety.
                        A protest that is focused on 'loving thy neighbor' as Ammon Bundy put it.   May God help those who find themselves to be the future Ammon Bundy's, Lavoy Fincicum's, David Fry's etc. etc. etc.



Saturday, January 28, 2017


               Federal Judge Anna Brown has ruled she will hear evidence on misdemeanor charges and decide verdicts for seven people facing trial next month for the Oregon Standoff protest.

                  Brown's ruling yesterday (Friday January 27th) claimed "significant uncertainty in the law" prevented her from allowing a jury trial on the minor charges tacked onto the felony charges the seven defendants will face.

                   Defense lawyers were reported by "Oregon Live" as saying they want a federal magistrate to hear the misdemeanor charges because that's the standard procedure for such offenses.

                   The "Oregon Live" story published by reporter Maxine Bernstein went on to say:

                   "Defendants and their lawyers were dismayed by the ruling.

                    Andrew Kohlmetz, standby lawyer for defendant Jason Patrick said ' It's very important for Mr. Patrick to have a jury of his peers make those decisions.   He's frankly not happy.'

                    Matthew McHenry, who represents defendant Sean Anderson, argued in court papers that a jury verdict that 'reflects the judgement of the public and the defendants' peers' would provide a  'more satisfactory and acceptable resolution' to the defendants and the public.

                     He also argued that one jury trial would be more efficient and that prosecutors are trying to avoid a repeat of the across-the-board acquittals in the first trial.

                    'Finally, the defendants believe the government's strong desire for a bench trial stems in large part from the jury acquittals in the first trial.  The government should not be aided by this Court as it attempts to take this case out of the hands of a jury of the defendants peers,' McHenry wrote"

                   It looks like the judge is trying to help railroad the second group of Oregon Standoff defendants.

The "Oregon Live" story location is below:


                   (Since "Free Republic" has again suspended me from posting  repeating the allegation of 'sidebar violation' placing "Oregon Standoff" stories as "Front Page News" in their forum, this story is posted here)



Monday, January 23, 2017

                       LAVOY FINICUM REMEMBERED 

                 "I should have been a cowboy, I shoulda  have learned to rope and ride"-                                                       Toby Keith-Should've Been A Cowboy (1993)

                 " It's time we stop, hey what's that sound everybody look what's going down"                                                Buffalo Springfield-For What It's Worth (1966)


It's been one year (January 26, 2016) since the FBI executed a 'felony traffic stop' against non violent protestors along Route 395 in Harney County, Oregon that led to the death of Robert "LaVoy" Finicum.

Finicum was a rancher, a cowboy, a defender of Constitutional rights and a believer in the Constitution of the United States.

He was a husband and father, including care for four foster children who were living at his ranch when the protest began,

LaVoy came to Oregon and was one of the leaders of the Oregon Standoff protest over the second time mandatory sentence jailing of Oregon ranchers Dwight and Stephen Hammond as 'terrorists'  for lighting a backfire to protect their property.

Early in the protest LaVoy encountered David Fry, who had driven all the way from Ohio to join the protest.  Fry recalls an exciting meeting and a hug.   LaVoy's death would inspire David to continue the protest after Finicum's death and the arrest of its leadership.

Fear and paranoia were driving forces in the federal government's response, reflected in the media reports about the 'armed occupation' of the refuge.    The people on the refuge were often unarmed and to the extent they were armed, they carried weapons only for self-defense.

The armed militia types that showed up were either FBI informants or in the case of one group of Idaho III Percenters who rolled into the Oregon Standoff protest site a few days after it began, were asked to leave by the unarmed leader of the protest, Ammon Bundy.

It was obvious trouble was coming a week or so ahead of time when letters from Oregon Governor Kate Brown were published.    The letters to federal authorities in Washington were demanding "action".

It was obvious these letters were the pretext for violent action against the non violent protest.

My expectations were that FBI action might even start the weekend before the fateful evening of Tuesday January 26th.

FBI informant Mark McConnell was sending GPS information on Ammon Bundy's location that weekend.  McConnell was hanging with Brandon Curtiss of the III Percenters as a stark picture of a massive FBI buildup was presented to Ammon Bundy, a scary picture, maybe one designed to end the protest.

McConnell ended up being the driver of the vehicle Ammon Bundy was in and was able to stop the vehicle to deliver Bundy into the hands of the FBI.

But LaVoy Finicum was driving the other vehicle and decided to keep moving up the road to reach the town of John Day in Grant County where the meeting was scheduled for the evening to discuss Constitutional rights.

As LaVoy's truck came up against the roadblock on Route 395 and went into the snowbank, FBI agents from the "Hostage Rescue Team" opened fire.   Two rounds were fired with one hitting the top of the truck.

LaVoy Finicum exited the truck with his hands up and began to move away from the truck when he was shot in the back by an Oregon State Police officer.

The investigation done by Oregon authorities exonerated their own police but uncovered the FBI agents coverup of their shooting, which the Justice Department said it was investigating last year through its inspector general's office.

The story is that LaVoy Finicum was acting evasive and was said to have been reaching for his pocket.   He was exercising his Second Amendment right by carrying a pistol.

One thing is obvious, that if law enforcement says it feels threatened by someone,  there is a 007 "license to kill".    Members of law enforcement are more quickly and easily exonerated than individual citizens who might be in a similar situation,

There have been massacres of law enforcement in the last year perpetrated by crazy, insane militant people.   That is wrong.

Just as the Black Lives Matter crowd often live in an ideology that says 'women', 'minorities', 'LGBTQ' or 'immigrants' are special honored classes of people, we cannot create a special class called 'law enforcement' who can kill people at will when they are fearful of or perceive to be threatening.

All of us are equal and the same in the sight of our Creator.  God is no respecter of persons.

This is the United States of America, not the Soviet world of George Orwell's "Animal Farm" where some were 'more equal than others'.

Law enforcement wasn't even dealing with insane perps in the case of Ammon Bundy, LaVoy Finicum or the other leaders of the Oregon Standoff protest.    They did not deserve to be herded into an ambush which led to LaVoy's murder and injury to Ryan Bundy.

The ''armed militant occupation" at the Malhur National Wildlife Refuge was a nonviolent protest and no one fired shots.    David Fry acted in the last days of the protest to remove firearms from the campsite he and the three others used in the parking lot.   It was ludicrous for the FBI to be telling him to lay down his weapon as they assaulted the protest,  since he and the others had none.

The federal government lived in a fantasy world in regards to this protest driven by fear and false notions that the protest leaders were violent and extreme.

If there is a protest needed in the future, let the spirit of non-violence prevail even more so than it did at the Oregon Standoff.

God Bless LaVoy's family and may they find justice in the days and months ahead.

Thursday, January 12, 2017



                             GARY HUNT GIVEN 24 HOURS TO COMPLY

U.S. District Court Judge Anna J. Brown ruled from Portland, Oregon yesterday that blogger Gary Hunt in California has 24 hours to remove posts he made at his "Outpost of Freedom" blog about FBI informants in the Oregon Standoff case.  The 24 hours start when Hunt is served by an FBI agent.

Hunt told "Oregon Live"  last night after Brown's ruling earlier in the day that an FBI agent had called him about serving him the order.  Hunt said he is consulting with lawyers and that he wouldn't now how to remove the posts if he decided to do so.

There have been no updates from Hunt on his blog regarding Judge Brown's order.  Earlier posts are showing on his blog right now including those about the informants.

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Monday, January 2, 2017


                    "I love those dear hearts and gentle people who live in my home town because those dear hearts and gentle people will never, ever let you down.  They read the Good Book from Friday till Monday, that's how the weekends go....there's a place I'd like to go and its back in Idaho where your friendly neighbors smile and say hello......"

                                                         Bing Crosby "Dear Hearts and Gentle People"  (1949)

                      Singer Bing Crosby had a ranch in northern Nevada and built a summer home in Idaho and had great affection for the rural Western way of living as expressed in his 1949 recording.

                       It was out of this way of living that  Ammon Bundy came, growing up on his father's Nevada ranch and moving to Idaho;
                        Ammon's heart was moved by the plight of ranchers Dwight and Steven Hammond, ordered back to federal prison to serve a mandatory five year sentence as terrorists for lighting a backfire to protect their land in Harney County, Oregon.    Their imprisonment followed many years of federal restrictions on the use of their land for farming and ranching by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

                       Ammon Bundy was moved to take the action described in the "Good Book" simply as "Love thy Neighbor".

                       And in deciding to occupy the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge one year ago today Ammon Bundy did more than speak the words of God, he took the actions of God.   That's something I find really hard to do because it  involves giving of one's self sacrificially.

                       For Ammon Bundy and others, their actions one year ago would be sacrificial including arrest, imprisonment, trial and for one man, LaVoy Finicum, the ultimate sacrifice.

                       The Oregon Standoff protest leaders did not carry guns at all during the protest (as revealed at the trial where they were acquitted) and Ammon Bundy even referred to Dr. Martin Luther King as an example.   Firearms were around the site of the protest, but only in a Second Amendment self-defense capacity and they ended up never being used by the protestors.

                        Some people who like to show off and shoot off firearms did show up at the protest.   Among them the FBI informants    There were others who had strong political opinions and echoed Republican Party leaders who opposed the protest to begin with.

                         Just like Dr. Martin Luther King would run into opposition from Democrat leadership like John F. Kennedy trying to stop or curtail Civil Rights protests in the early 1960's, the Republican politicos were quick to oppose the Oregon Standoff protest and call for it to be shut down.  All of the Republican presidential candidates called for the protest to end at its beginning.

                         But the protest continued even after the leaders were arrested on January 26th lasting 41 days in the end.

                          A lot has happened in the last year.    From his jail,  Ammon's father  Cliven Bundy endorsed Donald Trump.    The Bundy Family and their supporters hope President Trump will take action to free prisoners and right wrongs that have been done to farmers and ranchers by the federal government through its "Bureau of Land Management" and the rest of the alphabet soup of federal regulatory agencies.