Monday, May 28, 2018


"Freedom of speech is being violated all over Europe and also in Britain.  The lights of freedom are going out."

"Party of Freedom" leader Geert Wilders speaks outside the British Embassy in Holland

"But an armed state militia, dressed for combat with its face set in a rigid frown and its hands ever reaching for gun, club or handcuffs, such as we now have, is a stranger to the people.  And as well as making us look like a foreign despotism, it will fail in its task."

Peter Hichens "Mail On Sunday" column  5/19/2018 on British police

Protests against the arrest of Tommy Robinson have been held in Australia's two major cities, Melbourne and Sydney, according to radio station 2GB
German politician Petr Bystron has taken action today to push for political asylum for Robinson in Germany.   His Twitter page in German is linked below and includes an "Asylum for Tommy Robinson, Journalism Is No Crime" poster auf Deutsch.

Indeed, Robinson's supporters note that he was reporting and live streaming from outside the courthouse in Leeds Friday to draw attention to the covered up trials of 29 Muslims  (27 men and 2 women) accused of sexually abusing young girls and forcing them into prostitution and operating as a gang on an "industrial scale".

These situations are happening in town after town, city after city in the UK with authorities sometimes covering up or refusing to intervene.

Robinson was acting as a 'citizen journalist' when seven coppers of the new "scowling army of the state" British police forces  (See Peter Hitchens column link for that quote and more) grabbed him and hauled him off to the paddy wagon.

Canadian libertarian activist Ezra Levant went live on Rebel Media at 12 Noon Eastern today to report more details on his case.

A lawyer was assigned to him for the summary trial last Friday and his regular lawyer was not there.
Levant called what happened last Friday to Robinson a "drumhead trial" a summary trial without due process.

Levant says that Tommy Robinson's family will meet with him in prison tomorrow along with his lawyer.

The judge handling the kangaroo court was Judge Geoffrey Marson QC who also imposed the ban on any reporting in the United Kingdom of what happened in his courtroom last Friday.

For the third day in a row, protesters have appeared at Downing St. in London outside  Prime Minister Theresa May's residence gates.   The protesters shouted 'shame on you' with large numbers of the state's "scowling army" in attendance.

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