Friday, November 10, 2017


"Limbo lower now.  Limbo lower now.  How low can you go?........You'll be a limbo star.  How low can you go"

Chubby Checker-"Limbo Rock" (1962)

In the campaign for the December 12th Special Election for the US Senate seat in Alabama, I fully expected Judge Roy Moore to be demonized as a child molester and or abuser of animals and more.

So the dirty smear attack of the last 24 hours comes as absolutely no surprise.

It was as predictable as the sun rising in the East.

Last year we were subjected to the sexual allegation assaults on Donald J. Trump culminating in the "grab *****" story.

This allegation goes a little beyond that, a sort of Anita Hill on steroids allegation of some sexual assault in 1979 on a 14 year old girl  and the that three other girls aged 16 to 18 were approached by Moore and taken out on dates where he kissed them.

Moore was quick to denounce the Democrats for smearing him but its worth noting that Republicans were on cue cutting him down as well just like they cut down Donald Trump when he was trashed last year in a similar way.

This kind of allegation comes amid the flood of allegations sweeping the entertainment industry in the wake of "Harvey Weinstein".

Some may have thought the "Weinstein Matter" would be some of intramural fight among the kind of people many of us dislike, but it has only opened up the floodgates for allegations here, there and everywhere.

A decade or so ago across the Atlantic allegations surfaced that a deceased BBC radio and television host, Jimmy Saville, had been involved in sexual abuse of countless children leading to a flood of allegations inside the BBC and beyond in the entertainment industry and politics.

Some men were tried and went to jail like entertainer Rolf Harris, singer of  the song "Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport" in the early 1960's.   Harris was sentenced in his eighties to three years in prison for molesting a teenage girl in a swimming pool decades ago.

Caught in the swirl of allegations were a former Prime Minister, Edward Heath, and a former Church of England bishop, George Bell.   Both men were investigated after their deaths.

Allegations of child abuse were also leveled against one of the UK's most popular and renowned entertainers, Sir Cliff Richard.   Richard who identifies strongly as a Christian was put through almost two years of scrutiny before prosecutors found "insufficient evidence" involving  the allegations of four men who claimed he assaulted them in their youth.

Roy Moore is being targeted because  of a  "target rich environment" in the present circumstances in the US just like the one in the UK in the last decade.

One other thought which opens a boatload of worms is this.   Every January we have a national holiday honoring a man who I admire for the struggle he waged with the political machine of the Democrat Party in the 1960's.

He was spied on by the FBI in retaliation for his success and exposed as a man who engaged in orgies with prostitutes.   Four FBI technicians quoted Dr. Martin Luther King as saying "I'm f***ing for God" for author Taylor Branch.

When Donald Trump was trounced on sexual allegations last year, I noted that we are all sinners in regards to sex, in thoughts, words and deeds.

I guess if we've all been wrong when it comes to sex and we have been just like Jimmy Carter ("In my heart I have lusted after women" as stated to "Playboy" in 1976) perhaps walls should be erected on our nation's borders (how ironic) and the whole nation declared a prison.

I don't ignore the need for some criminal justice to be applied to wrongdoing, but I do note Roy Moore's denial of the allegations and hope we will get in behind him from President Trump on down in the days ahead.

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