Friday, September 28, 2018


"....the very fact that his hearing was in the Old Bailey, the most serious criminal court.....murder and terrorism cases.  Why is a minor matter of civil contempt being heard at the most grave criminal court in the land by the most senior judge...that is alarming....

....that goes to my thesis, that they're trying to break Tommy psychologically, physically and financially"

      Ezra Levant reports from London after delay of Tommy Robinson's retrial 9/27/2018

Tommy Robinson came to court yesterday at the Old Bailey in London with his legal team ready to argue his "civil contempt" case over his live stream video outside a child sex abuse trial involving Muslim defendants.

But the judge opted to delay the trial adjourning the case to an undetermined date, although he mentioned October 23rd as a likely date for his next ruling.

Robinson noted that the state wants to keep the matter "hanging over  me" after he left the courtroom.

The judge noted the "public interest" in the case in the courtroom.

But the system was indeed shocked to see 15-hundred people outside the courthouse supporting Tommy.

That must give them pause as they continue their prosecution and persecution of  him.

They've been able to put many others in jail  for saying the wrong things about Islam or Muslims like Jayda Fransen and Paul Golding.  Others have been fined.

But they're having to come up with some excuse, some reason, something to pin on Tommy Robinson so he can join the list of political prisoners in the United Kingdom.

And so their best option seems to be delay the process to harass and intimidate Tommy Robinson for the moment.

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  1. Who is wearing the black cap, judge? You or the 1500 people outside?