Thursday, March 3, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF: How You Can Help The Imprisoned Patriots, The Real III Percenters, The "Mess"

"What can I do to help the patriots?  Lets talk about that, I'm going to give you three things right now that you can do to help the patriots"

                                                Gavin Seim in his "How to HELP the Oregon Patriots" video 

Gavin Seim, who helped the protestors in Oregon communicate with the outside world during the FBI siege, is out with a new video on how the rest of us can help the those who are now prisoners in Oregon and charged in connection with the protest.

He makes three points:

1.   "Get The Narrative Straight And Stop Deceiving Ourselves"

"Lets stop with the false patriotism, the false bravado, the flag waving you and know this attitude of "well we're America so we're better, we're the greatest and least we're still free," We're not,  We're not still free, we're not a nation of liberty anymore, we' re not even a nation of law anymore, friends.
Our government acts with impunity and they do whatever they want and they have declared war on the law, on liberty, on the people of this nation......Our patriots brothers and sisters, they are prisoners of war and we need to step up............we need to start straightening out that narrative, not only in our own minds, but on the news articles calling these guys 'terrorists' out the truth and let that truth spread.and teach it to your neighbors to your children and to the world.......the message is liberty, its loving your neighbor as yourself, its justice.....we need to step up, we need to get on our knees to appeal to Heaven we need to restore liberty.

2. "Start Showing Up"

"Show up and visit them in the prisons, show up at the rallies, show up in the courtroom, show up by sending them letters and making sure they know they are not forgotten.....Ammon, Jon Ritzheimer, David Fry, Pete Santilli and the list goes on and on and on.....when you are in jail they are mentally abusive, you feel alone and isolated and helpless, that's the goal, they want to break you and I can tell you that our guys in jail are going through a lot of abuse, it's not always slap you around physical abuse, but make no mistake it is abuse.......start showing up in any capacity you can."

3. "Start Giving"

"Our patriots, they went down to Oregon, they loved their neighbor (the Hammonds), they stood up  up for the Constitution and the rule of law  and what did the government do?   They murdered LaVoy Finicum, they assassinated him on the side of the road, they locked our patriots in cages.  We need to start putting it on the line.  They put their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor on the line.....we need to start giving of our fortunes, supporting them for legal fees and their families.....and patriots, I always see them saying "Oh we'll be here when the time comes, oh we'll be there for you" and then the time comes and the word 'money' is mentioned and they flee, they scatter in every direction or they say 'Oh, well I'm sorry, I've got a new house payment and I just bought a new boat and there's the car, there's the vacation and we're going to the game this weekend, so sorry I really can't be there for you , I can't really give any money'.   Stop making excuses.  We either step up for liberty or we are not for liberty."

Seim has set up a "" location to help support the prisoners.....a link to support information is available at

Blogger Gary Hunt ("Outpost of Freedom") recently wrote No.11 in his series "The Burns Chronicles" reflecting on the protest in Oregon and how things worked back in 1775 for the "III Percenters" of that.time.  "III Percenters" hearkens back to the 3 percent of the population who fought in the Revolutionary War.    When the time of crisis came at Concord and Lexington, thousands came to the 'scene of the action' within a short time.

Hunt noted that this did not happen in Oregon.

Hunt's last paragraph goes like this:

"As I reflect on those who wear the III% badge and otherwise do not intend to serve the cause, rather,only to serve themselves, their families, and their team, I am reminded of those who receive and award simply for being there, not realizing that to wear the III% badge calls for the courage, conviction, and commitment--that which the real III% of 240 years ago had."

Perhaps the massive expenditure of political energy and investment in political parties and political personalities distracted people from considering the crisis in Oregon with the Hammond's return to prison  and the need for justice in that situation.

During the protest it was called the "Harney County Resource Center" but now its back under federal government control as the "Malheur National Wildlife Refuge".  

The latest reporting from "OregonLive" reporter Les Zaitz focuses on cleanup at the refuge and the 'mess' made during the protest according to the manager of the facility.   However, the news reporting includes word that 'no major damage' was done during the protest.  Papers were said to have been in disarray and floors dirty.

There's also reporting about a threatening atmopshere for federal employees in Harney County in the days before the protest began just after the beginning of the new year.  That's what some employees told the media and similar statements figure in documents filed by federal prosecutors.

A little pretrial propaganda for potential jury consumption?

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