Friday, February 26, 2016

OREGON STANDOFF:  LaVoy Killer Shield Law Stalled, Not Guilty Pleas From Chained Defendants,  Lawyers Tour Protest Site

"He didn't even carry a gun the entire time"

Lisa Bundy talks about her husband Ammon, charged in the Oregon protest.

It was one month ago today (January 26th) that LaVoy Finicum was shot and killed.

The proposal to allow a judge to withhold the name of the Oregon State Police officer who killed LaVoy Finicum during the FBI led operation last month is stalled in Oregon's State Senate.

"Oregon Live" reports that its likely the bill won't clear the Senate before its current session ends.

"It's a complicated issue, and there's not a lot of time" is the quote published from Senate President Pro Tem Diane Rosenbaum (D-Portland).

While the bill now stuck in the Senate Rules Committee only includes a 90 day ban, its reported opposition to the bill has built up from 'civil liberties and advocates and media groups".

Black Lives Matter in Portland had come out in opposition to the bill when it was in the House.

It appears that grassroots Democrats are putting pressure on their legislators who dominate Oregon's legislature causing some second thoughts about  the 90 day ban.

The investigation into LaVoy Finicum's killing is being conducted by a team from Deschutes County, Oregon (Bend, Oregon area) and was reported last month to be taking four to six weeks to complete.

On Wednesday, ten defendants appeared in a federal courtroom in Portland, shackled in chains.
Defendant David Fry quoted by "OregonLive" as saying;  "Its weird-innocent until proven guilty-shackled up."

Federal prosecutors told District Judge Anna Brown they plan a 'superseding indictment' from a grand jury by early April to put all 25 defendants under a single indictment, instead of separate ones,

They also spoke of a second superseding indictment in 90 days (more people to be charged?).

Judge Brown was quoted by "OregonLive' as being upset saying she wants a quick trial and wants the prosecutors to bring the charges sooner.

Ammon Bundy and the other nine defendants all pled 'not guilty' to the charges against them.

Ammon Bundy's wife Lisa joined defense lawyers at the protest site yesterday, but was denied admission by federal authorities.    She told "The Voice of Idaho" in a video posted last night it was agreed earlier that she would be allowed in to pick up belongings of her family and those of LaVoy Finicum.

The defense lawyers are being allowed to tour the wildlife refuge buildings under FBI supervision.

Lisa Bundy said this about the protest her husband led and is charged for:

 "It all started because we cared about our friends, the Hammonds, and you know we didn't use the lethal force.  My husband didn't even carry a gun the entire time.........He didn't even have a gun and they're saying that you know he's being charged with lethal force or whatever kind of force, carrying a gun and I'm like he didn't even carry a gun the entire time...."

So there you have it, the leader of the 'armed militia' protest in Oregon, the leader of the 'militants' at the wildlife refuge didn't even carry a gun the entire time.

It was Ammon Bundy who said something to the media early on in the protest making a comparison of his actions to those of Rosa Parks in Alabama in 1955?

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