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OREGON STANDOFF: David Fry's messages from jail,  Just say no to antidepressants, His protest story

"A year ago we were all fascinated by the horrible crash of a Germanwings A320 jet, brought about by its suicidal pilot

But now that the likely explanation has come out, there's almost total silence.  Could this be because that pilot, Andreas Lubitz, turns out to have been taking a gigantic dose of 'antidepressant ' pills, among whose known side effects are terrifying dreams, suicidal behavior and 'severe thoughts of suicide'?

Just as nobody pays any attention to the presence of benzoaizepines and amphetamines  in the flat of the San Bernadino mass murderers, or the use of 'antidepressants' by at least one of the Columbine school killer (the other shooter's medical records, absurdly, are sealed) nobody wants to know about this either.   Time we did"

                                                           Peter Hitchens-"Mail On Sunday" column- 3/13/2016

"Do I not have the right to treat my own problems of stress, anxiety and depression with my own herbal remedies?   They prefer that I use FDA approved prescription drugs which time and time again have been proven to be awful.   The vast majority of serial killers and mass murderers have been taking these FDA approved drugs.   Most of these prescription drugs even state in their commercials and warning labels of the increased chance of suicide and leave out the increased chance of a murder rampage killing spree......"

                                                          David Fry-Arrested Oregon protestor phone call 3/5/2016

David Fry was the last protestor to come out (2/11/2016)  of the FBI siege of "Camp Finicum", the encampment out in the open at the parking of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge (renamed the Harney County Resource Center during the protest).

Fry was suggesting that he should end his life during a conversation that lasted more than an hour but he finally walked out asking everyone to shout "Hallelujah" as he did.

The mainstream media reporting on David Fry early in the Oregon Standoff focused on his previous drug arrest record (marijuana) and his crazy tweets.

But he served a role of value in the protest, being a line of communication to the outside world including the live account of an FBI assault on the encampment during the evening of February 10th.

Now David Fry is in jail awaiting trial for his role in the protest.   A judge has refused to release Fry citing issues like his mental health and previous arrest record.

Speaking from jail in a phone call posted on You Tube, Fry spoke against the the idea of prescription antidepressant drugs being administered to him.

There is controversy over their use, but its a muted controversy.

No doubt this is because there are people used to prescribing them in the medical profession and a pharma industry profitable and flush with cash for media power and political power.

In 2004 the Republican Party gave pharma an infusion of support with the expanded Medicare program for prescriptions (Medicare Part D).    Hundreds of millions in taxpayer and national debt support for the sale of pharma products.

Then came the Affordable Care Act and its individual mandate that everyone get medical coverage including prescription plans plus expanded Medicaid for the poor.

It all added up to another big infusion of financial support for the pharma industry.   Their stocks have soared in recent years, outperforming others.

But that leaves us with acts of mass murder being committed by people who used antidepressants like the pilot who crashed his plane in French Alps in March 2015, killing 150 people.

Its something we need to talk about more and we also need to ask more questions about.

David Fry made a new phone call from jail last weekend with a thank you to all those supporting him.    "Thanks to all those who have been sending letters", Fry said.   He listed dozens of people who have sent letters and other things including a person from Sweden.   Fry prayed in his call and laid out why he went to the protest in Oregon and what he believes about the state of the world

Fry said that on January 3rd he checked the news after a month and after praying.   ",,,,,for the the first time in my life I saw a genuine attempt at changing this nation.   People had taken over a federal building peacefully and occupying it exercising their First and Second Amendment rights."   This led Fry to make the journey to Oregon and join the protest, a protest he said was not about destroying things or killing people.

Fry recalls shouting out to LaVoy Finicum and hugging him when they first met.  Finicum asked him if he knew about computers and thus began David Fry's involvement in the high tech aspects of the protest.

I wish David Fry the best in his life, a sober and sane life, a life of peace and serenity.   I also wish him a life without mind altering and dangerous 'medication' in his body.

His mailing address in jail

David Lee Fry  SWIS ID#795444
11540 NE Inverness Drive
Portland, OR 97220

(You must put a return address on your mail)

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