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OREGON STANDOFF: What the latest wave of arrests tell us

OREGON STANDOFF:  The latest wave of arrests, Loretta Lynch(ed) Voy?,More Arrests,Ammon Bundy Message

I don't have all the angles covered, I'm sure others do, but there are some things we can take away from the latest arrests on charges related to the Nevada confrontation in 2014 when supporters of rancher Cliven Bundy got his stolen cattle back from the Bureau of Land Management.

Many of the people arrested on Nevada charges were also present in Oregon and some of them were already jailed for the recent protest in Oregon.

First  to New Hampshire where Gerald DeLemus was arrested for his involvement in the 2014 standoff at Cliven Bundy's ranch in Nevada.  DeLemus is married to a New Hampshire state legislator, Susan DeLemus, and is the co-chairman of Veterans for Trump.   DeLemus went to Oregon during the protest in January and sent video reports also saying he wanted to negotiate an
 end to it.

Two dozen people quickly showed up a few hours after his arrest when he appeared in court.
They sang "God Bless America" and DeLemus blew kisses at them.
Perhaps we will see some public pushback against the arrest waves in the "Live Free or Die" state.

Todd Engel  was also arrested for Nevada activities, but played an important role in Oregon where he scoped out the FBI and other law enforcement activities in Harney  County. On January 23rd Engel warned protest leader Ammon Bundy of FBI action within 2 to 3 days, a tragically accurate estimate.

Engel also participated in a January 24th conversation (along with Stewart Rhodes, president and founder of Oath Keepers) with LaVoy Finicum.  In that conversation, posted online after LaVoy's killing, they urged that the protest move to a safer location where there was a "Constitutional Sheriff" who could deputize protection fpr them.   "OregonLive' speculates the protestors may have been intending to move into Grant County seeking the protection of Sheriff Glenn Palmer.  LaVoy told the authorities right before they killed him that  he was seeking a meeting with Sheriff Palmer.

Eric Parker of Hailey, Idaho, another one of those arrested,  was photographed in a crouched position aiming his firearm at federal agents from the Bureau of Land Management at the Nevada standoff in 2014.

Gavin Seim's video posted late Thursday March 3rd alludes to the public obsession with presidential candidates and debate while its much more important that they take a Constitutional position and if they don't, they aren't worth supporting.

Now that a prominent Donald Trump supporter  has been arrested, there was some speculation as to whether Mr. Trump would wade into it.  But there's been no sign of it so far.  The GOP presidential candidates to a man all called for the protest to end in Oregon back in January.

But perhaps there's something to be gleaned from Mr. DeLemus who was in the 'fight' back in 2014 and was more passive during this  year's protest in Oregon and apparently more interested and involved in supporting a political candidate who comes off as a tough guy who's going to change things.

A  Nevada state legislator who supports Ted Cruz spoke of Ted as being concerned about federal land policies in the West, but also a 'law and order kind of guy'.

The 'law and order' of Jim Crow and Bull Connor used against the farmers, ranchers and protestors etc, etc, out West is not a 'law and order' rooted in justice.

The filthy system of EPA, BLM, OSHA and the list goes on alphabet soup federal control of Western farmers and ranchers has developed over the last 50 years just like the filthy system of racism developed in the South at the end of the 19th Century and the beginning of the 20th.

It disenfranchises farmers and ranchers of economic opportunity just as sure as the racist system did in the Old South.  And sometimes it even goes beyond that with murders like those that happened in those times.

I guess one could say that LaVoy Finicum was 'lynched' with bullets by a "Lynch Mob" (a pun).

A week before he was killed Oregon Governor Kate Brown released a letter to US Attorney General Loretta Lynch demanding action against the protest.    Indeed, one could say if so inclined on a sign or on a shirt that "Loretta Lynch(ed) Lavoy".

Some 50 events are scheduled today across the country to remember LaVoy's murder.

Gavin Seim expresses his concern over more arrests and violence from federal authorites in his Thursday night video on You Tube.

Thinking out loud and remembering Mr. Engel's conversation with LaVoy, perhaps the protection of a Constitutional Sheriff and local officials willing to proclaim a 'zone of refuge' may be an idea 
That may need backup from hundreds of 'deputized' people.

I've heard the FBI is talking to people who end up getting arrested later.   Maybe it would good for video cameras to be around those who face arrest with video sent to a remote location so records of any arrests can be preserved like that famous Associated Press photographer's picture of the SWAT Team member facing the child Elian Gonzalez in Miami back in April 2000.

Late word posted from "Call of Duty Goddess" on You Tube that a message from Ammon Bundy in jail is coming on the"Citizens 4 Constitutional Freedom" website.  The C4CF website is mobilizing nationwide support right now.

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