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                                 THE FEAR THAT KILLED A PATRIOT

                                                  LaVoy Finicum

"How many years can some people exist before they're allowed to be free..... How many times can a man turn his head and pretend that he just doesn't see....How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky....How many ears must one man have before he can hear people cry.....How man deaths will it take till he knows too many people have died....The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind, the answer is blowin' in the wind."

Peter, Paul and Mary-"Blowin' In The Wind" (1963)   (written by Bob Dylan)


 "Fear Not.....Perfect Love Casts Out Fear"-

                                                      The Good Book

                  "Blowin' In The Wind"  was a song playing all over this country in the summer of 1963 as the protests of the "Civil Rights Movement' spread far and wide causing fear in Washington and a decision to employ the FBI on Dr. Martin Luther King with wiretaps and eventually audio surveillance of his hotel rooms and a 'sex tape' being sent to him in the mail.

                 When Robert LaVoy Finicum joined Ammon Bundy and the others to protest in Oregon at the beginning of this year, they came to 'love thy neighbor' as in the Hammonds (Dwight and Steven), ranchers ordered back to federal prison as terrorists for setting a backfire to protect their property.

                  The Hammonds were the latest in a long string of Western farmers and ranchers subjected to the heavy hand of federal land policy in the West, a policy that just like the racial policies that came to be known as Jim Crow in the South, developed over decades to impoverish people, make them second class citizens, leave them victimized and powerless.

                   Even though they petitioned government officials for redress of their grievances, their petitions either fell on deaf ears or were given the pretense of a response that did not undo the wrongs or prevent new wrongs from being committed.

                    And as their protest began to gain steam at town meetings in the Harney County area, Oregon's governor wrote to Washington demanding 'action' and the FBI obliged.

                    For wanting to do something peacefully, exercising his First and Second Amendment rights, LaVoy paid with his life during what the FBI called a 'traffic stop'.     A 'traffic stop' using the agency's elite "Hostage Rescue Team".

                    Now Oregon officials, whose track record during the protest was that of being willing lackeys of the FBI even to the point of pulling the triggers that killed LaVoy Finicum, have again stepped up to the plate to justify their bloody action

                     They said six shots fired by Oregon State Police including the three that hit LaVoy Finicum in the back were justified by the way he acted.
                     They Oregon officials said they would release more later on including video. Why. not now?

                      The Oregon officials also pointing out firearms were found on Finicum and in the vehicles pulled over.   Of course the facts are that the only firearms used were those used by the FBI and Oregon State Police.   The FBI side fired the first and only shots during the protest.
                    Victoria Sharp, the 18 year old gospel singer who was riding in the truck driven by LaVoy, said she was shot at by the FBI and detractors said it was just 'flash bangs'.   The investigation did reveal that an FBI HRT member did fire off two live rounds at the truck as it came to a stop.   One of them ended up shattering a window.  Victoria Sharp was telling the truth.    Four FBI agents apparently lied to cover for their buddy who used the live ammo and didn't tell anyone he did.   The Justice Department is conducting an investigation into their conduct..
                    When its all said and done, I think the media, government and left-wing activist portrayal of the non violent protestors as  'armed militants', 'armed militia', 'Bundy militia' and so on created an atmosphere of fear in the minds of the general public around the nation and the members of law enforcement deployed into the situation.

                     It was speaker Gavin Seim who said in a video that the  FBI are people who 'came for violence' and on January 26th along US Route 395 they indeed did just that.

                     They fired their shots out of their fear of a 'boogeyman' built in their minds by the "Drama Kings" and "Drama Queens" of leftist political activism, the mainstream media and an ever oppressive and suspicious big government apparatus, the apparatus used to oppress farmers and ranchers in the West.

                      A 'booogeyman' called ''armed militants", "Bundy militia," "armed occupiers" and worse.

                      Indeed, District Attorney Dan Norris of Malheur County, Oregon, said the two troopers who shot LaVoy in the back thought he was reaching for a weapon to use on their fellow trooper standing in front of LaVoy.

                      Or, in other words, there was 'fear' in their hearts.

                      One other note, Jerry DeLemus was denied bail by a federal judge in New Hampshire yesterday.   She had told a courtroom packed with Jerry's supporters on Monday she needed time to consider her decision.   I suspect she, too, was living in fear of the representatives of "We The People" who were in her courtroom.   That's why she waited to deny Mr. DeLemus bail.

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