Monday, August 21, 2017


This was the fourth day technically speaking of the jury having the case in the second Bunkerville Standoff trial of four men (Eric Parker, Steven Stewart, Scott Drexler and Ricky Lovelien).

But questions coming from a juror dominated  activities at the courthouse today.

The judge was told that two jurors were biased with one fearful of guns and the other not just biased, but not diligently deliberating.

US District Judge Gloria Navarro questioned the jurors and allowed them to go back to deliberations without being dismissed from the jury.

The defense asked for a mistrial, but Judge Navarro declined.

Observers of the trial sympathetic to the defendants see something happening here which may be positive, resembling what happened in Portland during the first Oregon Standoff trial last year.

That was when the bias of a juror was questioned leading to the jurors removal and eventually a not guilty verdict for all seven defendants.

But  Judge Navarro seems stubbornly determined to see no bias in the jurors or the need to replace them perhaps fearing the possibility of a "not guilty" verdict.

One other point made in videos from John Lamb, Maureen Peltier and Andrea Parker today was that jurors did not tell the truth about themselves on questionnaires which is grounds for a mistrial.

Andrea Parker expressed her view in video posted on the "JGrady" account on You Tube minutes ago that there is a hung jury in the case with two jurors stubbornly biased against the defendants.

The jury left for the day at 5pm.

Back to continue deliberations tomorrow.

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