Sunday, August 27, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF UPDATE:  Eric Parker and Scott Drexler are free and back home in Idaho

After meeting pretrial release conditions, Eric Parker and Scott Drexler made it back home by Friday.

Andrea Parker posted photos on Facebook of her husband at home with their children.

The jury found them not guilty on most charges last Tuesday and was hung on others (four for Parker, two for Drexler) but likely with 11 jurors considering them not guilty.     Ricky Lovelien and Steven Stewart were found not guilty on all ten charges against them and were immediately released to freedom.

Acting US Attorney Steven Myhre in Las Vegas is the lead prosecutor in the Bunkerville Standoff case and he told US District Judge Gloria Navarro that he intends to retry Parker and Drexler for a third time on September 25th.

Myhre's arguments at a detention hearing for Parker and Drexler last Wednesday were emotional and angry.   Trial observer John Lamb described Myhre as having a "mental breakdown" in court and acting in a "childish" way.

At one point he called  Eric Parker a "slithering coward with a gun" and he brought up the t-shirt Parker wore as he left jail enroute to a halfway house the night before "Jury Nullification-No Victim No Crime". 

Myhre railed against Drexler for having camping gear and food in his truck, calling him a flight risk.  

Judge Navarro did rule in favor of releasing Parker and Drexler in the end.

Susan DeLemus posted on Facebook last week urging people to contact the Justice Department to stop wasting taxpayers money and demand that all charges be dismissed related to Bunkerville.

Her husband, Jerry, was co-chair of Veterans for Trump during the New Hamsphire Primary last year.

Jerry DeLemus was then arrested in a dawn raid by federal marshals and charged in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff.  DeLemus pled guilty, then tried to withdraw his plea but failed.

Prosecutors called for a six year sentence but Judge Gloria Navarro tacked on 15 months more in prison for Jerry DeLemus (87 month sentence) .  At sentencing Navarro called him a "bully vigilante".

DeLemus was transferred earlier this month from Nevada to the Fort Devens federal prison in Massachusetts.

Maxine Bernstein at "Oregon Live" retweeted a post from a person who monitors "extremism" linked to a video from Oregon Standoff figure David Fry (found not guilty at his trial last fall) where he spoke about his willingness to join others to do something about US District Judge Gloria Navarro.

The video was posted on You Tube, then removed.   Fry spoke about Judge Gloria Navarro without mentioning her name but saying that the judge in the case (Bunkerville) should be "grabbed by the ankles".

He also spoke:  "Drag her a** out and throw her in a f***ing jail cell".

David Fry has always had his issues but I admire the way he conducted himself in the last days of the siege by the FBI under extreme pressure from the feds.  

He was able to talk to Gavin Seim who helped David keep things nonviolent according to David's convictions with firearms being removed from the campsite occupied by the remaining four protesters.

It was absurd to hear the FBI shouting for David to "put down your gun" when David had none when they moved in on the protesters.

David threatened suicide during the surrender be he got out OK with help from others like Gavin.

He has a history of apparent marijuana use and anti-depressant use and they are not a good combination to live a normal life with as I see it.


  1. How do they try people for a third time, when twice is already double jeopardy?

    1. There are no rule of law,, no Constitution in this case which is why we have to talk about this and not about stuff the media throws at us, including stuff the "alternative media" or "conservative media" dishes out to us everyday.