Wednesday, August 30, 2017

BUNKERVILLE STANDOFF:  Judge Navarro's agreement with Cliven Bundy brings us to today's hearing


This morning the five top level (Tier 1) defendants in the Bunkerville Standoff case will be involved in a status hearing along with the two (Tier 2) defendants prosecutor Steven Myhre still wants to prosecute after juries failed to convict them in two trials.

The six Tier 2 defendants were tried first after a previous status hearing many months ago where Cliven Bundy asked US District Judge Gloria Navarro to try the second group which contains no members of his family "so they could be home with their families soon'".

Now four of those six men are home with their families after the first two Bunkerville trials failed to convict them.

The failure to convict the defendants has slowed down the federal government's plans to try three tiers of defendants at a cost that is being hidden from public knowledge but is obviously in the many millions of dollars.

The Tier 3 group which includes Cliven Bundy's son's Mel and Dave likely won't face trial until next year.

Regardless, all of those accused in the two tiers not tried yet have been held without bail for 18 months or more without a trial.   No swift and speedy trials here.

As the Trump Administration settles in and it becomes more obvious that US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has the power over this case and its future track  grassroots patriots, farmers and ranchers who supported the Bunkerville protest against federal overreach are increasingly disturbed.

Sessions comments last month praising Acting US Attorney Steve Myhre for his handling of the case for "standing up and defending the office and the principles of the law" and then claiming "I'm not taking sides in the case" caused dismay among people who voted for Donald Trump for President of the United States expecting a much different tone.

We're soon going to know where the case is going after the hearing set to begin at the federal courthouse in Las Vegas at 830am this morning (August 31st).

While one can only hope and pray for good news, we may just be getting more bad news about a hellbent federal government determined to continue running kangaroo court trials.

Trials where the Constitution is banned (1st and 2nd Amendment defense), defense witnesses are totally banned, where the testimony of defendants in their own defense is cut off as it happens and stricken from the record and so on.

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