Thursday, May 18, 2017



Is it a coincidence that a website for discussion among Donald Trump's most loyal supporters went down mid-day Monday this week as the latest slew of assaults against the President of the United States were  launched?

Its hard not to draw sinister conclusions about the latest downing of "Free Republic", its longest ever.

An outside attack or something else?

In recent months signs of self-censorship have appeared on the site including the removal of an entire post, comments and all, one day after its posting.

The Peter Hitchens "Mail on Sunday" column was published right after the alleged "poison gas" attack by the Asaad regime in Syria and the military response to it (Tomahawks launched on a Syrian air base).

The column cited foreign influences on the UK government which pushed the "gas attack" notion. The UK is deeply in debt and dependent on money rich Saudi Arabia, a major promoter of the Civil War in Syria.

A Civil War being fought by jihadists of Al-Qaeda, fueled by the Wahabbi Islam ideology that inspired the 9/11 terrorists.   A Saudi fueled fight that led to the establishment of the Islamic State and all its consequences.

The motives of Saudi Arabia and Israel with Syria and Russia being allies of the Iranian arch-enemy of both nations,figured prominently in the comments that were deleted.

Israel and Russia also figured prominently in the assault on President Trump this week, with a news leak saying Mr. Trump shared Israeli intelligence with Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov during a White House meeting last week.

Trump's friendly meeting with the Russians was an event that needed to be discredited and indeed it was.

There will be a lot of smiles and friendly handshakes as the President of the United States visits Saudi Arabia and Israel in the coming days, but both nations have a common anti-Iran agenda.

President Trump has stepped to the plate with the hand of friendship and commitment to alliances with both nations which had their beginnings back in the 1940's.   An economically troubled and deeply in debt United States will benefit from arms deals worth billions involving Saudi Arabia and Saudi investment in American "infrastructure" but one wonders about the strings?????  Is this enough to keep President Trump from being forced into military actions to push forward the war in Syria?

For the Saudis its a religious-security problem, the need to vanquish the main competitor to its Sunni Wahabbi brand of Islam, Iran's Shia Islam.  For Israel, it is the matter of Iran's nuclear weapons program.

Part of their anti-Iran agenda is the removal of Iranian ally Bashar Assad from power in Syria and the neutralizing of Iran's Hezbollah allies in Syria and Lebanon.

Standing in the way of this is Russia....Russia.....Russia.

Russia must be aggressively confronted into backing down in Syria and Donald Trump does not appear to be taking that route.

So we get the assault on Trump and the appointment of a 'special counsel' to investigate matters related to Trump and Russia.   We get talk of Richard Nixon, Watergate, Impeachment and so on.

Any involvement of RINO politicians, much less the Democrats, seems almost coincidental to me.

They look at power for themselves but there are other forces behind them and their witch hunt against President Trump.

It is in the interests of foreign powers, each invested in the military industrial complex.  One (Israel) a producer of defense weaponry assisted by tens of billions of US taxpayer dollars, plus Saudi Arabia and its Gulf Arab allies, key buyers of defense weaponry produced in the US and Israel (anti-missile systems to counter Iranian missiles).

Each nation determined to take Iran out in the end and determined to remove any obstacles to that end, the most serious one being Russia.

Is a President Mike Pence more amenable to their agenda?  Based on his previous comments about Russia, I would say yes.

Back on Iran, the State Department did extend sanctions relief to Iran this week.

Its insane, truly insane to realize as Rush Limbaugh said on the airwaves when Obama was pushing through the Iran nuclear deal that Senator Bob Corker (Republican) was enabling it with his Corker Amendment in the interest of Boeing selling 85 aircraft to Iran.

Billions for big business, thousands of "jobs for Americans",   But Iran being helped in the end.

But Boeing is already making out at the other end, selling combat aircraft to Kuwait and Qatar in recent months (72).   Those nations potential Iranian adversaries.

Big Business, Big Banks, Corporatism, Uniparty forces with foreign governments in the mix trying to run the show.

And Donald J. Trump is in their crosshairs.


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