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       MARCH ON NEVADA PRISON FOLLOWING                                 BEATING OF  AMMON BUNDY

           PROTEST ENDS, CAMP CLEAN UP, AMMON BUNDY  MOVED                 


                       HARRASSMENT FROM NYE COUNTY SHERIFF'S       

                    DEPARTMENT OF PROTESTORS OUTSIDE PRISON                                                


                               13 HOUR ORDEAL CALLED 'TORTURE'



John Lamb presented a video to end the protest showing the cleaned up Camp Liberty and the sign and jail cell left behind at the campsite near the prison.

Lamb went inside the prison to visit some of the prisoners including Cliven Bundy before he left.

Last night Ammon Bundy was moved into a different section of the prison with the prisoners considered "hardened".

The good news of that situation is that he was released from solitary confinement.


"I'm on my knees" Ammon Bundy said in a phone call this evening from his solitary confinement cell at the prison.  Bundy needs to take that position to hold the phone through a hole in the cell door.

Tomorrow will mark one month of solitary confinement for Ammon after the handcuffing and beating incident at the prison.

Speaking to Gavin Seim with a message for everyone, Ammon Bundy said:

"The more effective we are with promoting truth and freedom the more opposition we're going to get, it's just a fact and we need to realize that that opposition is a testimony to us that we are doing what is right."

Bundy and Seim had a long discussion about those trying to tear down the protest and fundraising efforts associated with the protest.

Ammon Bundy reminded his audience that the tens of thousands of dollars raised during the protest isn't going to protest organizers like Kelli Stewart or Gavin Seim.

Bundy said:  "I talk to Morgan (Philpot-Defense Attorney) a couple of times a week, my attorney and all every 100 percent of those funds that you have, that the people out there supporters have donated have gone to him and they will be used as sacred funds.  It is going to make  a huge difference in this defense and none of it has gone to Kelli or Gavin or anybody else...."


Protests continued over the Memorial Day weekend outside the prison and in the middle of Pahrump as well.

Some hecklers showed up along with some who apparently misunderstood (or may have been intoxicated) the notion of the United States flag hung upside down as a sign of distress.

Old Glory was raised high on a lift outside the prison yesterday on Memorial Day.

Fundraising efforts were held on behalf of the prisoners in Nevada along with others who have been prosecuted and persecuted by government including Navy vet Joe Robertson, jailed for building a pond on his property in Montana.    There's a case for the new congressman, Greg Gianforte, to "smack down".   But it does seem like politicians and government aren't listening at this point to the little people like Joe.

Activist Gavin Seim was handcuffed in a 3 by 3 cell to raise support for Jeff Weinhaus, jailed on Second Amendment grounds in Missouri.


John Lamb, one of the protest organizers, announced yesterday that the protest will continue next week instead of breaking off Monday as had been previously planned.

Lamb said the protest has been an encouragement to the prisoners.   The 19 associated with the Bunkerville Standoff have been helped and others in the prison as well by the protestors outside and their willingness to go into the prison and visit with those held there.

At last night's public meeting, activist and organizer Kelli Stewart explained her involvement with the cause of the prisoners that began during the Oregon Standoff protest last year.

John Lamb also spoke at that meeting about federal control of land, the fining and jailing people for building wells and ponds on their own property.  Lamb also discussed the harassment coming from the prison aimed at the protest.  Eleven complaints about the activities of the protesters were all false, he told the audience.

There's been something of an update on what happened to Ryan Bundy after he was released from the solitary confinement.  His wife Angie posted a video saying that Ryan was released into a section of the prison for rougher, tougher inmates.   The guards are harassing Ryan Bundy and the veteran inmates have let the soft spoken Bundy know he's being singled out by the guards.


A public meeting is being held in Pahrump tonight to talk about abuse at the privately prison there called the Southern Nevada Detention Center, owned by a company that's rebranded from "Corrections Corporation of America" to "Core Civic".

Another rally and march is planned outside the prison tomorrow.

People continue to put themselves into the 3 by 3 shower stall handcuffed like Ammon Bundy was on May 2nd for 13 hours.   They are doing it to raise money for Bundy's legal defense.


Word late yesterday that Ryan Bundy has been freed from solitary confinement at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.

Ammon Bundy remains in solitary some three weeks plus after he was beaten and tortured in a shower stall for 13 hours back on May 2nd.

The protests will continue outside the prison.


Activists Kelli Stewart and John Lamb have stepped up to fundraise on behalf of Ammon Bundy's legal defense fund at the protest in Nevada.

Last night they were handcuffed in a 3x3 cell that resembles the shower stall Ammon Bundy was tortured in earlier this month.

Kelli set a record enduring 10 hours of what Ammon Bundy endured for 13 hours and word from Gavin Seim is that 11,500 dollars was raised because of their live video marathon yesterday.


A march and rally followed by a cookout came down yesterday outside the prison, dubbed "Gitmo, NV" on a sign posted nearby.

Flags were held high including some flags hung upside down as a sign of distress in recognition of the abuse taking place at the prison.

For starters look at the two months plus of solitary confinement for the "political prisoners" like Ammon and Ryan Bundy when other prisoners only get five days for stabbing other inmates with makeshift weapons.

Then go onto the notion of 17 of  the 19 'political prisoners', the men arrested over the Bunkerville   Standoff near Bundy Ranch in April 2014, not having been tried or convicted of any crime and yet still behind bars.

American citizens being treated just like the foreign nationals held without trial at Gitmo in Cuba suspected of terrorism.

Are Americans who defend private property rights considered terrorists by the federal government?


The Stars and Stripes were hoisted high by a lift near the Nevada Southern Detention Center yesterday upside down.  Not in disrespect, but in a sign of distress.  

Activist John Lamb posted a video online reminding viewers that the politicians have failed to respond to continued detention of more than a dozen men without due process like a 'speedy trial' and the abuse of some of those prisoners.

A false complaint was lodged by the prison of a bus being "slapped" by the protestors as it went into the prison leading to a visit from the Nye County Sheriff's Department.

Daily "Jericho Marches" continue at 2:30 pm outside the prison.

Gavin Seim posted a video about the rally planned tomorrow to let the local community and others who show up know the who, what, why etc. of the situation at the prison.

A cookout is planned in conjunction with the rally.

"Camp Liberty" has a mailing address....Camp Liberty (care of John Lamb), 1776 E. Mesquite Ave., Pahrump, NV 89060.   You can sent your support to that address.

20-thousand some dollars have been raised for the Ammon Bundy Defense Fund in conjunction with the protest so far.


In a video posted late yesterday, activist Gavin Seim laid out the scene of the protest, zooming in on the prison and pointing out the new campsite for the protesters, who moved after the sheriff's department told them a private land owner didn't want them there.

But the protesters have found land owners around the prison who support them and at a planned rally and protest this Saturday, they hope to spread the message about torture at the prison and the injustice of holding people for years without their guilt or innocence being proven in trials.

Seim pointed out in his video that the border of the prison has been extended without any knowledge of who owns the land.    He also notes that armed police and prison guards are approaching the protestors who are acting peacefully and have been asked to show up without any firearms.

One question that seems like a good one to ask is are the federal authorities in on this situation at all offering advice or support to the aggressive tactics against the peaceful protesters?


Jeanette Finicum joined the protest march around the prison yesterday, bringing along with her the horse rode by her husband who was killed in the FBI ambush in Oregon last year during the Oregon Standoff protest..

Among those joining her in the "Jericho March" around the prison was Shawna Cox, acquitted by a federal jury in connection with that protest along with the other 'leaders'.

Gina Harden of "Liberty Grows" posted videos from the protest yesterday mentioning that there are 19 Bunkerville Standoff prisoners being held at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.  Prisoners held for over a year and being denied speedy trials.

Meanwhile, two men convicted in the recently concluded first Bunkerville Standoff trial will not be tried again.

Shawna Cox said yesterday that Greg Burleson and Todd Engel will not face trial again.  Maxine Bernstein of "Oregon Live" reported that federal prosecutors indicated the cost of a second trial was a factor.

Of course the federal government got what they wanted by obtaining convictions in the first place.

A new "Camp Liberty" campsite has been established on land owned by someone who supports the protest.


The Nye County Sheriff's Department arrived at the Camp Liberty protest site given its address of 1776 Mesquite Ave.  early Monday afternoon.     A black shirted Undersheriff told protestors that a private property owner near the prison did not want the protest on their land.

They could protest on the public 'right of way' along with highway but the  protest needed to be "permitted"  according to the sheiff's department.

This move comes as the widow of LaVoy Finicum, Jeanette Finicum, is expected at the protest today (Tuesday) as well as activist Gavin Seim, much hated and feared by federal authorities and provocateurs who may be acting as informants for them.

Activist Kelli Stewart has spoken to lawyers and to the same Undersheriff who appeared at the campsite Monday.

He spoke of receiving over 100 'death threats' but Kelli Stewart emphasized that she wan't putting them out and asked anyone attending the protest to come unarmed.  Stewart noted that when sheriff-s deputies approach the protest they hold onto their weapons.  Stewart told the Undersheriff she felt threatened by that behavior, noting that she figured if she reached for her chap stick she would be gunned down.

Kelli Stewart expressed her view that the local authorities are acting to protect the privately owned prison which is important to the local economy, where prisoners like Ammon Bundy and others have been abused.

Ammon and Ryan Bundy remain in solitary confinement at the Nevada Southern Detention Center some two weeks after the beating and torture of Ammon Bundy at the prison.


The Nye County Sheriff has actually looked at the May 2nd video of the torture of Ammon Bundy and conducted an 'investigation'.

On Thursday May 11th she met some family members and showed them the lengthy video of his mistreatment.

Ammon's mother Carol Bundy was said to have been so disturbed by the video she left the room.

Sister-in-law Angie Bundy says "Ammon was treated worse than an animal" in a Facebook posting.

The Nye County Sheriff claimed that  Ammon Bundy is being treated that way becuase he refuses to comply with constant body cavity searches conducted at the prison in the name of preventing drugs from getting in.   She told family members the 'investigation is closed', determining there was no wrongdoing by the prison.

Ammon Bundy supporter John Lamb says that Sheriff Sharon Wehrly compared the privately owned prison to  Walmart and said she has no say over its policies.

An outraged activist Gavin Seim said the low paid guards at the prison are the smugglers of any drugs into the privately owned.prison.

"The guards in our prisons are so low that they want, they want men to stand around and do a striptease for them so that they can feel powerful and they do it in the name of safety and our nation tolerates it in the name of safety. " Gavin Seim shared with his viewers in a video posted Friday.

Ammon Bundy has consistently refused to take his clothes off constantly for the searches and manipulate his body for the searches, always reminding the guards he has not been convicted of any crime, yet remains locked up in the prison.  Bundy told the guards they would have to take off his clothes and conduct the search themselves and that he would not resist them.

Right now Ammon and Ryan Bundy remain in solitary confinement as they have been for more than a week this time around.

Dozens of people are participating  gathering daily at a location called "Camp Liberty" across from the prison and doing a "Jericho March" around the prison.  People take turns being handcuffed and put into a mock 3 x 3 stall like Ammon Bundy was on May 2nd.


Eric Parker called out from the prison yesterday to tell the outside world about the 'investigation' being conducted by the prison owner and the refusal of the political prisoners (those associated with the April 2014 Bunkerville Standoff) to participate in it without their own lawyers and the Nye County Sheriff being present.

WEDNESDAY MAY 10th Update:

Kelli Stewart posted a Facebook video last evening laying out plans for continuous protest over the mistreatment of prisoners at the Nevada Southern Detention Center.

Stewart said the scope of the protest is beyond the mistreatment of Ammon Bundy.

But she reminded viewers about Bundy's mistreatment, saying that additional 3 by 3 cells will be built and displayed with people in them during the protest to remind people about what happened.

Kelli Stewart also laid out how a prisoner can spent 7 days in solitary for stabbing another prisoner, but that Ammon and Ryan Bundy spent some 40 days 'in the hole' because they objected to body cavity searches.

She pointed out Ammoin Bundy's objection to removing his clothes and manipulating his body to comply with the cavity searches as an innocent man, not convicted, yet held in a jail without bail in a place Stewart calls a "concentration camp" and "hostage center".

Some special protest events are planned for next Tuesday May 16th and the following Saturday May 20th.

On the 16th the widow of LaVoy Finicum, Jeanette Fincium will appear.   LaVoy;s horse will be saddled up and ride around the prison.

One other matter was brought up by Kelli Stewart.   Kelli is urging everyone to show up without any firearms for the protest to emphasize the message that there is no violent or threatening intent from the protest..

MONDAY MAY 8th Update:

The protests continued from late in the last week into the new week outside the Southern Nevada Detention Center in Pahrump.

Protestors were talking a mile long trek around the prison, a "Walls of Jericho" march accompanied by patriotic music including the National Anthem.

They caused a big stir at the prison in terms of defensive and angry reactions from a lockdown which was lifted for the weekend and a call to the Nye County Sheriff claiming trespassing on prison property.

The prisoners inside know what's going on outside and it is a lift to their spirits.

Prisoners like Jerry Delemus and Cliven Bundy, among numerous others, received visitors from among the protestors over the weekend.

A "Camp Liberty" has been set up near the prison to house those protesting.

Those who can't protest are being asked to help financially including support for Ammon Bundy's legal defense fund.

More Updates to follow........


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