Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Court documents have been filed by Acting US Attorney and lead prosecutor in the Bunkerville Standoff case, Steven Myhre, ahead of the third Bunkerville Standoff trial set to begin with jury selection on October 10th.

Myhre states his intention to add various "experts" to testify at the upcoming trial of five key defendants and two defendents found not guilty on most charges after their first two trials.

A photograph and video "expert" will testify as to who was holding weapons in the pictures and videos presented at the trial.

Social media "experts" will testify about the meaning of You Tube videos and Facebook posts related to the standoff protest.

Another witness will testify about the meaning of "public lands".

The government will have plenty of time and "experts" to use at great expense to the taxpayers, but will the defense be allowed to present its case or will it again be censored by Mr. Myhre with the connivance of Judge Gloria Navarro.

On October 15th another "Stand" event will be held in Las Vegas with Cliven Bundy's wife Carol and political activist Roger Stone at The Veil Pavilion.   Tickets to the event will go on sale soon.

Stone says he will again call upon President Trump to pardon the 19 people arrested in connection with the Bunkerville Standoff. 

Thirty-eight Republican legislators from Idaho have written a letter to Attorney General Jeff Sessions with a copy being sent to President Trump demanding bail for Idaho residents jailed in connection with Bunkerville like Ammon Bundy and Ryan Payne (two of the man facing trial next month).

The jailing of the Bunkerville defendants without bail as if they were terrorists is absurd.

My sense of the people involved in these protests like the Oregon Standoff and the Bunkerville Standoff before that is that we are dealing with people who have the mentality of Billy Jack (violence used in self-defense) and the life experience of Mahatma Gandhi (non-violence responded to by authorities with violence). 

A few crazy groupie types that did show up included a large number of people who were actually informants for the FBI.

If this country is going to jail people like Billy Jack or Mahatma Ghandi as if they were terrorists,, its just more proof we aren't a free country, that our country needs people to raise their voices for Constitutional freedom and standards.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions claim he isn't taking sides in the case after praising the leadership of the Constitution wiping Steve Myhre in this case is beyond belief.

The federal government's intention in these cases is to separate fiction from fact and perpetrate a sinister notion of humble and simple people defending property rights against the forces of big government that have gone far from the limitations imposed by the founders in the U.S. Constitution.

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  1. There's only one stoplight in our entire rural Appalachian county, 4-digit population. 'Round here, the Fish and Game fools have learned that they can't win a jury trial, should they ever apprehend a serious-enough accused violator. Think the Idaho feds'll ever similarly catch on?