Thursday, July 13, 2017


"I've got to tell you, it's impressive when you have a tough case, a controversial case and you've got the top guy leading the battle, going to court, standing up and defending the office and the principles of the law.......I'm not taking sides or commenting on the case.  Just want to say that leadership requires, a lot of times, our people to step up and be accountable."

Attorney General Jeff Sessions  Own Words Spoken in Las Vegas July 12, 2017

When Attorney General Jeff Sessions was in Las Vegas on Wednesday (July 12th) he stepped into the Bunkerville Standoff case where many were hoping for a change in attitude from the Trump Administration.

Sessions singled out the Acting US Attorney in Las Vegas, Steven Myhre, leader of the federal prosecution of Cliven Bundy, his sons and others who helped the Bundy Family during the standoff in Nevada near Bundy Ranch.

Reporter Jenny Wilson of the "Las Vegas Review Journal" tweeted:

"Sessions commends prosecutor's leadership on the Bundy case but says "I'm not taking sides or commenting on the case."

Activist Gavin Seim said this on Facebook quoting a "Review Journal" news report that was scrubbed from the Internet:

"He praised Myhre for his work on the "tough case, controversial case, leading the battle of law" in regard to the Bundy Trials.....

Sessions praised a prosecutor who led an effort that got US District Judge Gloria Navarro to ban the defendants in the second trial getting underway this week from using the First or Second Amendments of the Constitution to either defend themselves or in questioning potential jurors.

Former federal prosecutor and Congressman, Bob Barr, told Alex Jones on his show Thursday that the federal government needs to back down from prosecuting the 19 people indicted in the case.

Two of them,by the way, were convicted in the first trial on some charges earlier this year.   Barr also noted that they are being held without bail indefinitely with Jones adding like 'they are in North Korea'.

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