Saturday, February 4, 2017

                 More Reflections on the Oregon Standoff

                     The Oregon Standoff was led by a man described as 'charismatic' by those who had contact with him during the time of the protest and before it.     Ammon Bundy said he took his stand to 'love thy neighbor' as in the Hammonds.   Dwight and Stephen Hammond were jailed as terrorists for a second time by the federal government because of a backfire they used to protect their land from a brush fire.

                     Bundy cited Dr. Martin Luther King as an example for his protest.   When he was arrested, no weapons were found on Bundy.  He never carried a weapon during the protest.  

                      When one reflects on the end of the Oregon Standoff and the days leading up to it one recalls the 'leadership' of David Fry, inspired by his relationship with LaVoy Finicum.   David stepped up to the plate with his ability to use the latest technology and keep the protest alive in spite of FBI attempts to shut it down.

                      David communicated with Gavin Seim, an activist I've come to appreciate in the last year, a modern day "John the Baptist" stirring up a ruckus that may lead him down the same pathway the original one in the Good Book did.    

                      Crazy people you say.   Martin Luther King had 'crazy people' around him, people like Bayard Rustin and Jack ("Hunter Pitts") O'Dell.  Men reviled as Communists,  Rustin derided for his sexuality.   He was arrested for 'cruising' a mens room.

                       Dr. King himself had 'issues' like his patronizing of members of the world's 'oldest profession' (two at a time).  But you know, what makes Martin Luther King a great man in my humble opinion was his refusal to patronize the members of  what Ronald Reagan characterized at  'the second oldest profession profession in the world ' that 'bears a close resemblance to the first'.

                       King gave politicians no quarter.  He wanted more than speeches from them.  His actions at Birmingham in the spring of 1963 changed the course of history and made him an enemy of politicians, even as many rushed to honor him or get their picture taken with him.

                       When John F. Kennedy's widow referred to MLK as a 'despicable man' who 'arranged for orgies' in an early 1964 recorded interview she was listing the enemies of her husband, those she suspected of being behind his death.

                       Ammon Bundy launched a protest in Oregon on January 2nd, 2016 that would be objected to by politicians of both major political parties.   All Republican presidential candidates called for it to end.

                       Joining in that chorus of opposition were the III Percenters-Oath Keepers-Pacific Patriots Network organizations but they did some strange things like  show up at the protest heavily armed.

                       Ammon Bundy asked them to leave and they set up a "perimeter" which they promptly abandoned right at the moment of the FBI ambush on January 26th almost abandoning their positions with perfect timing you might say to allow the FBI side to move into them.

                       Lets get back to David Fry, a man who looked strange because of his mixed race parentage (his mother is Japanese) and who can honestly be said to have 'issues'.    His internet postings before and after the protest and  his jailing as well as his suicide threat as the FBI siege ended and David was ready to come out.

                       One thing was clear, though.   David saw the protest as being in the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King, a non violent action.   This was revealed during the trial and David Fry communicated his non violent intentions when he contacted Gavin Seim to literally 'get the truth out' in the face of the Pacific Patriots Network allegation that David and the other three protesters left were intent on violence.

                      David's message was clear to Gavin,  "PPN is compromised".

                       They were compromised.  FBI informants?????  Maybe some but my sense of that crowd that echoed the GOP presidential candidates in opposition to the protest was that they were 'fronting' for political purposes associated with the Republican Party.

                      Conservative, Patriot artificial turf.

                      As one who sees the Republicans as the party of fake Conservatism and the Democrats as the party of fake Progressivism with both just tools of the big corporations and banks and their desire for a world economic-political system,  that is my sense of them.

                      The Uniparty I call them, the Globalists they are called, too.  My vote for Donald Trump was based on my sense he was not 'one of them' but beyond him our political system is pathetic begging for a third party that means it on issues and isn't faking it like R's and D's.  God as I understand God is better than our pathetic cadre of elected officials 99 plus percent of them.   That is great comfort in the midst of this insanity.

                     I was really impressed when I heard David interviewed online a few days after the FBI siege began when he spoke of 'right wing media' and 'left wing media' arousing anger among people to cause division so the people really running things can get their way.

                     It looks like the Democrats have a cadre of ex-military Progressive, Liberal artificial turf  of their own, those veterans including Representative Tulsi Gabbard who pledged to protect protesters in North Dakota opposing the DAPL pipeline.    They were AWOL when the federal, state and local authorities moved in on the Leftist protest camp last week.

                     Getting back to Oregon, I really appreciate the work Gavin Seim did online as witnessed by hundreds of thousands, if not millions when the FBI launched its aggressive, tough guy assault on David and the other three protesters camped in the parking lot.

                      The whole episode reminded us again who the militants were, who those with violent intentions were during the Oregon Standoff and it was not Ammon Bundy and those the federal government deemed 'leaders' of the protest at their trial including David Fry.

                       Their acquittal by a jury of their peers on felony charges spoke volumes of truth about this protest ignored by the federal government, government and law enforcement in general, political activists under the influence of the major political parties and the media serving the interests of the above mentioned Uniparties.

                       Any future protest must be in the 'tradition' of Birmingham in 1963, a protest planned beyond the earshot and knowledge of informants, a protest not influenced or subordinated to the interests of a major political party or its operatives-front groups who claim to be 'on your side'.

                        Even more importantly a protest in a spirit of peace and serenity, sanity and sobriety.
                        A protest that is focused on 'loving thy neighbor' as Ammon Bundy put it.   May God help those who find themselves to be the future Ammon Bundy's, Lavoy Fincicum's, David Fry's etc. etc. etc.



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